How to debug FM used in event type linkage?

Hi experts,
I have actived below linkage by tcode SWETYPV.
and I find the Receiver Function Module is PUR_ORDER_CREATE_VIA_SD_EVENT, can we debug this function module?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Richard,
Can you give us  more details about the issue?
Actually we cannot debug the receiver function module when the event is occured. The reason is, its a background process.
As far as i know, its not possible to debug the receiver function module.
To check the event trace, use the transaction SWEL. It will show you whether the action triggered the event or not?

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  • Hai how to debug smartforms using SFTRACE .

    how to debug smartforms using SFTRACE .

    Go to the FM of the Smartform and in the main Program of the FM keep a break point. Whenever the Form is triggered which will stops at that break point, from there you can debug.

  • Business objects and event type linkages...

    Hi Experts,
    Im a bit confused with business objects (swo1) and event type linkages(swetypv). Ive learned that business objects are used to trigger events and so how does event type linkages related to business object? Do I need to create business object or should I just search/look for the appropriate object needed?Please kindly explain to me the process or steps in using business object and event type linkages in related with idocs.

    Business objects neednot have to be created if your are fine with the standard method they have used in or the events yre available for you. If you need to cusomize it then you have to copy it to a subtype. Then do your modifications in it. Event type linkages are used to say which event is active for a Workflow. And if you want to trigger a Workflow based on certain conditions then you have to use either this or Start of Condition. The Error handling of workflow is also handled by Event Type Linkage. So whenvever you create a event linkage for a workflow you get an entry in Event Type Linkage.
    Hope this would have thrown some light on you.

  • Event Type Linkages - No receiver type

    We had an issue in our production server where users's were getting the "ambiguous workflow" error.  We found the culprit to be an additional entry in the Event Type Linkages (SWE2) that had NO recever type.  After we opened up the client, and removed the entry, the error went away.
    I know it's possible to enter a new entry in this table despite the erorr requiring the receiver type.  However, since this is a production box, access to data is extremely locked down, and there is not a way to directly modify this transaction. 
    Any ideas how this additional entry could have appeared?

    Hi Rick!
    Did you guys move any workflows from test/quality system to the production system? Usually, when we create starting events in workflows (using SWDD or PFTC), Event type linkages gets a new record and a transport gets created for the same. So it may have happened that a transport could have moved to Production with those changes.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any clarifications.

  • Event  type linkage through SWETYPV

    Hi All,
           I have query, in the event type linkage (SWETYPV), if the receiver type is other than the standard task or the workflow template, then how it can be used? Like in one of the standard settings
    Object Type: BUS2005 ,Event: DELETED, Receiver Type: SUBSCRIBE, ..
    I wanted to know how this Receiver type(SUBSCRIBE) is linked with the event and the sub sequent receiver function module. Please help.

    the object key will be passed through receiver function module via parameter OBJKEY on IMPORTING.
    function sgossub_rec_fb_send_mail.
    *"*"Lokale Schnittstelle:
    If the receiver type is a workflow or task, receiver functional module SWW_WI_CREATE_VIA_EVENT_IBF will use that receiver type as a workflow or task to trigger.
    For SUBSCRIBE receiver type, receiver type is just a text. Actually you can put anything there

  • Event type linkages

    hi gurus ,
    been contemplating with event type linkages(SWETYPV).I'll be using this in connection with IDOC.
    Basically my requirement is to have a custom outbound IDOC and will be trigger upon creation/updates of sales order.
    My question is how does the event type linkages works?where would I populate the table?what is the role of receiver/check FM in event type linkages.
    Please help.

    Hope you have opened another thread for this?
    Event Type Linkages are created through SWE2 and will be populating in SWETYPECOU, SWETYPEENA tables.
    Receiver is something which handles when an event occurs. Example when and IDOC ends in an error there should be someone to process this or some should be intimated. The receiver decides on who has to be intimated. Check Function Module are used to trigger based on condition. You define the procedure or do your check to see if the receiver has to be started if yes then set subrc as 0 else 4. So when 4 the receiver will not be triggered.

  • Event Type Linkages: Status "1 errors"

    we got an error in Event type linkages. One event type is on error and it can't be manually switched back to "No errors" because it's not modifiable.
    The error occurs all of the sudden, the workflow could be triggered properly before.
    Did anyone got an idea of what I can do?
    The BOR type and event seems to be okay. The workflow too. Only the event background job wasn't running, but I restarted him.
    Anyway I got this error.
    Thank you in advance!

    with event job, you mean the event queue? this job isn't used that much anymore only in specific cases does it serve a purpose.
    What you can do is go to transaction SWEQADM to see which events are in error, also check there who the workflow administrator is. This person/position/whatever should've received a message about the event being stopped.
    To fix it you could activate the event-->wf linkage in a transport and import that in production, or in severe cases ask basis / authorization to open the production client for changesand reactivate the linkage. But only do that when you have found out the cause.
    There is probably a valid reason why you want to stop the workflow whenever an error occurs in the event.
    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

  • Managing event type linkages

    Hi, folks! I need your experience for a moment.
    Could you tell me how could I know if a particular event type linkage of any business object type (say BUS2032) is activated or not in run-time, thru abap code?
    Hope it was clear enough.
    Thank you very much, people!

    Little note: the option I am talking about and I want to handle, we can find it in the transaction SWETYPV.
    Regards, friends.

  • Event type linkage automatically deactivated - Urgent help

    I activated the Event type linkage for a PR approval Workflow template (a copy of WS00000038) using t-code SWETYPV, however the Event type linkage got automatically deactivated by the system. I have try to activate again for few times, same thing happen got deactivate automatically, any one have encounter this problem before, please help - Urgent.

    Hi ,
    The mandatory Import parameter might be missing in event container. Event will be deactivated automatically because of these type of errors .
    Please check if you are passing all mandatory import parameters.
    Pls let me know if it worked.

  • How to submit commandLink using onkeypress event?

    Hi all,
    I have problem in submitting a commandLink using onkeypress event.
    Assume a <h:inputText/> along with a cmdLink for searching by key
    words.I tried the following code inorder to submit cmdLink.
    My Code :
    function setClick(event)
         var key;
         key = window.event.keyCode;
         key = event.which;
                             document.forms['SummaryForm']['SummaryForm:_idcl'].value='SummaryForm:asinFilterSubmit'; document.forms['SummaryForm'].submit(); return false;
    <h:inputText id="asinFilter"
    <h:commandLink id="asinFilterSubmit" action="#{}">
    so the above code will perform the search by keyword while pressing enter
    key,its working well in IE browser,but in mozilla browser the input field
    always retains the first character of keywords while selecting a keyword using keyboard and hitting enter key.
    are the keywords,if choose vocab keyword using keyboard and hit enter key,the search results are produced only for the character ' v ' not for ' vocab ' because the input keyword ' vocab ' gets changed as ' v ' in the input text
    while pressing enter,its working fine in IE.
    can any one help me out?
    Pls dont suggest onkeyup instead of onkeypress as i my requirement does not allow it.
    Thanks in advance,

    This would work with plain html and javascript: : Chapter 15.1.5.
    The handleevent javascript method can be used to redirect events.
    Maybe you can pretty much use the same with JSF. You have to getElementById, deriving the link element, and call the handlevevent method on it. Give it a try :)

  • Event Type linkage and settings of Event Administration Queue

    Hi friends,
        I have a scenario where there is an event linkage activated for a business object event, when i have checked the details of this type linkage then i found that
    1 -  ENABLE EVENT QUEUE check box is not clicked.
    2 -  BehaviorUpon Error Feedbak was set as System presetting.....
    And In Event Administration Queue>BasicData>ReceiverErrorFeedback = DeactivationOfLinkage
    So here my doubt is will the System deactivate the linkage if any error ll occur even if
    ENABLE EVENT QUEUE check box is not clicked ?
    Thanks Dev
    Edited by: Dev on Nov 28, 2008 12:23 AM

    Check out these links.
    these links will answer all your queries.
    If you still have any queries let me know

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    To use getGraphicsEnvironment, you must convert your HTML with the HTMLConverter -- this will tell the browser not to use the native JVM to run your applet but to use a Java plugin to run the applet. If you cannot find HTMLConverter in your system, you may have to download it from Sun's web site.

  • How Configuring Channel to use Mail Event Generator with a "String" Message

    I would like use a Mail Event Generator to receive String message.
    The BEA example is :
              <channel name ="SampleEGEmailChannel" messageType="xml"           qualifiedMessageType="oagpo:PROCESS_PO_007"           qualifiedMetadataType="eg:EmailEventGenerator"/>
    How change this example to accept messageType="string" ?
    Thanks for your help !!

    Thank you for your help :-)
    In fact I try to use messageType="string" and try to remove the qualifiedMessageType (but to uses Email Generator you must keep qualifiedMetadataType attributes ) and It has not worked.
    Why ? Because I haven't restarted the server.
    Conclusion: When you have problem, think to restart integration server !!

  • Hi, how to debug IDOC using se37.

    Hello experts:
           Thank you in advance for all your replies.
           I tried to debug the function IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDCHG like the following in our company(because the structure of IDOCS this morning are totally wrong):
          1   I set some breakpoints at  IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDCHG .  
          2  modify a PO with me22n and an IDOC was created because the MESSAGE(on the menu bar) showed that an IDOC is created .
          3 the program didn't stop at where I set the breakpoint.
          Is there anything wrong how I tried to debug?
           couldn't thank you more.
    Best regards.

    To debug IDOC,289483,sid21_gci1268508,00.html

  • How do you effectively use if,for, type loops in TestStand. Do you have to use the goto command or is there a way of writing actual c type code (perhaps using the statement step in teststand) with the variables allready declared.

    Thank you

    I assume your loop is more than just one step. You should use the 'Loop Options' for a single step.
    For looping on a group of steps, you can place them all in a sub sequence and then set the 'Loop Options' for the 'SequenceCall' step to set up your looping conditions. Pass values to and from the sub-sequence by Parameters.
    You can keep the loop inline with the rest of your sequence by using 'Goto' or using 'Goto destination' in the Post Actions tab of the condition step.
    Using a sub sequence will keep it easier to read and maintain.

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