How to delete other files(yellow color code) from the hard drive, how to delete other files from the hard drive

how can i delete the yellow color code items from my hard drive? What are these other files anyway? I wanna save some memory space from my storage.

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    I have a Ipad 1 bought in US and i'm currently in India. My ipad screen has some issues. The screen is displaying some rainbow color codes both horizontal and vertical. Could you please advice on the course of action.

    OK.  Now it's getting ugly.  You need to do a Restore without reloading from the backup.
    IF you choose to follow my advice, here are some cautions.  Make absolutely certain that all apps, music, movies, etc. are present in the iTunes library.  Also make absolutely certain that all "regular" data, such as pdf files, Word files, etc. are present and accessible somewhere on the computer's hard drive.  Be aware that you will probably lose all game data (scores, etc.).  Finally, be forewarned that it is a bit tedius recreating all your folders and putting each app where you want it.
    When the Restore finishes, remember NOT to load from backup.  However, do a normal "sync."  Then, rearrange your apps on the iPad.

  • Why won't the color code I am trying to use from a windows machine work on my Mac? Code: PMS7409

    Hi I'm an intern at a telecommunications and management company who are about to release an update on their website and server screens. My job is to create the new graphics and remake the presentation layers. I am also assigned to create a business card template, which is where my question comes. I am give a color code, from a Windows OS, and try to input that code into Photoshop CS6. That color code won't appear. It's a deep orange and the code I am being told is; PMS7409. I'm not sure thats a code (atleast on the Mac), but I haven't used a Windows OS in so long I don't even know if Windows has their own color coding system or what. Can someone help me out and tell me if this is me, my boss, or we're missing something and I'm going to look like an idiot?

    Definitely not a colour code for mac, the only thing I suggest you do is if you get the code on your windows version is to get the other values i.e
    instead and input those into it rather than the #colour code (Hue, Sat, B, R, G B) etc.
    Also ... Colour codes are 6 figures long i.e the one displayed and also black #000000 and white #ffffff
    however the one you gave is 7!
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  • How can I convert a pages color document to a PDF Black and White doc.

    How can I convert a pages color document to a PDF Black and White doc.  Or, covert the color to B&W in a new doc?

    > How can I convert a pages color document to a PDF Black and White doc.  Or, covert the color to B&W in a new doc?
    The general idea is that you colour correct photographs once, archive, and convert with or without colour changes. The archived photograph is unchanged - or we would be colour correcting the same photographs again and again and again.
    If you have a photograph with a corrected exposure, you can open the photograph in the Apple ColorSync Utility, apply a colour space conversion to a grayscale appearance using the preinstalled ICC profile, save the photograph under another name, and place that in your pagination.
    If you have a paginated document with corrected exposures, and any such non-scalable bitmap or scalable spline graphics as you have chosen to add, you can render the pagination as a whole to PDF through the same ICC profile, carrying out the same colour space conversion on any and all objects.
    Caveat: If you intend the pagination for certain processes, in particular offset lithography, then you are probably  expected not to render the type to grayscale, but rather to render it to single ink solid black. No software can determine what printing process you intend, you have to understand a bit about printing, and how to set up general colour space conversions in software. Ask your prepress provider, and if the answer is not prompt and proficient, pick another provider.

  • How can i fix a 4280 error code when trying to burn cd's on itunes

    How can I fix a 4280 error code when trying to burn cd's on itunes for windows? Model drive is drive D: TSSTcorpCDRWDVD TS-H492C

    Did you by chance find out a solution with your problem?     I am having the same issue with the same drive.    I even uninstalled iTunes and completely reinstalled it.
    Thank you for any help anyone can offer.    I'm not having any luck finding answers on the net.     Thx.

  • Not able to checkout Files using Java Code and SAP BAPI  from DMSServer

    Able to download / checkout the files using T-Code SE37 (BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2).
    But when same RFC is executed from Java, it alsways says -
    Message ::::::::Document LGL/10000000003/000/00 does not exist
    My inputs in Java Code is as below -
    import java.util.*;
    //CREATED ON - 10-APRIL-2010.
    public class BapiDocCheckOutview {
         public static void main(String args[]){
    JCO.Repository repository=new JCO.Repository("AraSoft",mConnection);
    JCO.setMiddlewareProperty("jco.middleware.allow_start_of_programs", "SAPFTPA");
    JCO.Function function=repository.getFunctionTemplate("BAPI_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUTVIEW2").getFunction();
                        //End of get function.
                     System.out.println("Before execution1");
                     if(function !=null){
                   JCO.Field DOCUMENTTYPE = function.getImportParameterList().getField("DOCUMENTTYPE");
                    JCO.Field DOCUMENTNUMBER = function.getImportParameterList().getField("DOCUMENTNUMBER");
                    JCO.Field DOCUMENTPART = function.getImportParameterList().getField("DOCUMENTPART");
                    JCO.Field DOCUMENTVERSION = function.getImportParameterList().getField("DOCUMENTVERSION");
                    JCO.Field GETSTRUCTURE = function.getImportParameterList().getField("GETSTRUCTURE");
    JCO.Field GETCOMPONENTS = function.getImportParameterList().getField("GETCOMPONENTS");
    JCO.Field ORIGINALPATH = function.getImportParameterList().getField("ORIGINALPATH");
    JCO.Field GETHEADER = function.getImportParameterList().getField("GETHEADER");
    JCO.Field PF_FTP_DEST=function.getImportParameterList().getField("PF_FTP_DEST");
    //JCO.Field PF_HTTP_DEST=function.getImportParameterList().getField("PF_HTTP_DEST");
                          System.out.println("Here Setting Values Inside Structure ::DOCUMENTFILE");
    JCO.Structure DOCUMENTFILE=function.getImportParameterList().getStructure("DOCUMENTFILE");
                          //JCO.Field GETCOMPONENTS = function.getImportParameterList().getField("GETCOMPONENTS");
                          //JCO.Field GETHEADER = function.getImportParameterList().getField("GETHEADER");
    If anyone have an Idea on what I have missed out...
    Please do advice me.

    To update in the initial requirement, I have added (prefixed, zeroes) in Document No., doing that, now the  application is able to find the document, but not able to transfer the same from DMS Server to my local Machine, always giving the following error -
    Type ::::::::E
    Message ::::::::File d:\dms\z_IPI_PRASHANT01.doc cannot be created
    Please let me know, if some services needed to checked in SAP System or some more information to be provided in RFC.
    Dear Experts
    Any advice on this. Still not able to download the documents from DMS Server.
    I have also added few more code in my Java program -
         private int use_sapgui;
         public void setSapGui(int use_sapgui){
              use_sapgui = 2;
    PLease help !!
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    Further to my earlier Mail, while checking the Trace suing SM59 in ECC System I got  the following Error -
    Trace file opened at 20111010 142232 India Standard Time, SAP-REL 701,0,134
    ======> cannot open SAPGUI
    ABAP Programm: SAPLSYSE (Transaction: )
    User: IPI_PRASHANT (Client: 220)
    Destination: SAPFTP (handle: 3, , )
    SERVER> RFC Server Session (handle: 1, 43220900, {5D1DF3E0-ACBD-F11F-8EA0-00A0D1
    SERVER> Caller host:
    SERVER> Caller transaction code:  (Caller Program: java)
    SERVER> Called function module: RFC_START_PROGRAM
    Error RFCIO_ERROR_SYSERROR in abrfcpic.c : 1742
    FUNCTION: 'exec_sapgui'
    cannot open SAPGUI
    PROG =sapftp erpdev sapgw00 43232164 IDX=4
    Can someone help me in getting this sorted out.
    Thanks N Regards
    Edited by: Prashantroy on Oct 10, 2011 2:32 PM

  • How do you change a background color in Lightroom 4.4 ?

    Hi ..please how can you make a background color change in Lightroom 4.4  [email protected]

    If you are talking about the surrounding background of the photo while in Library Loupe View or in Develop, that you can select among 3 levels of gray, black or white in the Preferences / Interface settings.
    If you are talking about the photo itself, you need to be a bit more specific about what you'd like to do.

  • How do i fix an audio error code 25974?

    how do i fix an audio error code 25974?

    Typically this can be caused by an out of date driver or one that is not fully compatible with the version of OS X that you are using...
    So, which Audio Interface are you using and are you using the latest drivers for that Audio Interface.. and are those drivers compatible with your version of OS X?

  • How can I update without getting Error Code: A12E1

    How can I update without getting Error Code: A12E1

    This may indicate a process on your machine is preventing the install from succeeding. Please try rebooting your machine and attempt the update again.
    ARe you using a windows machine or Mac?

  • How to delete "Other" partition in yellow color that appears when I connect my devices to the laptop, it's a giant one (4 GB)

    Hello, I would like to know how to delete the yellow partition named "Other" (in italian "Altro") that appears when I connect all my devices to the laptop. This partition in Ipad comes with 4 Gb that for an instrument of 16 seems a bit too also because it far exceeds anything else. So far not been able to find useful information and is a very common problem. Thank you.

    Thank you very much, but it's not so simple. I read somewhere in this same forum that:
    I quote: "That large of "other" is corrupt data. Try restoring your phone from backup first, followed by syncing your content back to the phone. If restoring from backup does not fix things, you will have to restore as a new device to get rid of it. There is no way to directly delete it, other than restoring your phone."
    First of all it's terrible, (but we know that itunes is very far to work properly, it's a store) and how many times a day we should make a restoring? and if it does not have we to buy another device? I cannot believe that there aren't other solutions.

  • Who took a pee on Foxfire Start page; how get rid of yellow color?

    Yellow background color on start page appeared suddenly a few days ago. Want to return to white screen. How?

    I'm not using the about:home page, but I see this yellow color as well when inspecting the page.
    It is caused by this CSS rule:
    <pre><nowiki>body.background-4871 {
    background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #FEE885, #FCDE3F) repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent;
    You can see that if you right-click on the page and open the Inspector.
    Add code to the <b>userContent.css</b> file.
    <pre><nowiki>@-moz-document url(about:home){ body.background-4871 { background:none !important; }}
    The customization files userChrome.css (user interface) and userContent.css (websites) are located in the <b>chrome</b> folder in the Firefox profile folder.

  • Error Code-50 when trying to copy or delete files on external hard drive

    I am in process of backing up large HD video files from one external hard drive to another using Carbon Copy Cloner software.  I get this error message:  "This file or folder is sitting on a bad section of hard disk media and is unrecoverable. Delete this item (i.e. in the Finder) and restore it from a known good backup, then try the backup task again."
    I have tried to delete that folder in Finder and I get error code-50, it won't delete. 
    I tried to delete individual files within folder - error code 50.
    I tried to "replace" folder with good copy from other external hard drive.  Error code-50
    I tried to "repair disk" in Disk Utility application and I get error message "cannot unmount disk." 
    NOTE:  the files in this folder are .m2ts format, from an old PC.  I converted then into .mov but want to retain originals. 
    NOTE:  I was successfully able to copy the folder from a 3rd external hard drive to the backup disk without a problem (which makes me think it's not the files/folder but has to do with the actual disk.), but cannot fix it on the original (source) disk.
    Bad disk?
    Bad files?
    How do you fix a "bad section of a hard disk"? 
    Might reformatting the entire disk fix the "bad section"?
    Any advice welcomed and appreciated!
    Thank you!

    Error -50 paramErr  Error in user parameter list
    Can there be any external hard disks - if so How is/are it/they formatted ? Must be Mac OS Extended (hfs) if used for Video.
    UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most but not for VIDEO.
    What this means in Your situation is above me.
    • free space on internal boot hard disk? How much ?
    Video codec
    • streamingDV, AIC etc. (not .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv etc as they are containers not codecs)
    • in what format ? .jpg, .bmp, .tif, else ?
    • from where/what format ? iTunes, .avi, .mp3, .aiff, else ?
    The "" file
    Many users has not observed that there are TWO libraries.
    • Library - at root level
    • Library - in user/account folder - THIS IS THE ONE to look into
    from Luke Burns
    I fixed the problem.. but it was very, very strange. I had a very long section for credits and set the line spacing to 1.0.. for some reason this caused it. I removed it, and it worked fine. I put it back, and I couldn't preview or play the video.
    I don't know why that could cause that big of a problem, but it did..
    You need more free space on your hard drive.
    After phone support from apple I ended up creating a new project and adding all 117 clips back in individually till I found out what clips flagged and would not allow me to export. I had 3 I deleted and replaced and everything works now 1hr after tedious work....
    Where do Your material come from
    • Camera
    • External hard disk
    • USB-memory
    And all are connected so that iMovie can find it ?
    Yours Bengt W

  • Can I color-code file types?

    I'm a Mac newbie. I carried over some Windows files I have been working on for years. They were made by different versions of a layout program (PageMaker 6.5 -> PageMaker 7.0 -> InDesign CS5.5), and so have different file extensions.
    I see how to color an individual filename, but would like to assign one color to all files with the same extension to facilitate bringing them all up to date. Can I do that?

    Yes you can color code based on extensions. Open a Finder window and hit command+F - this is a search window that can be populated according to your searching criteria and can also be saved to later consulting (it would live in the sidebar should you decide so). Click on the little drop down menu presently labeled as Type and choose other; type extension on the now blinking cursor besides the magnifying glass to narrow your options, choose file extension and "ok" your selection. Now fill the box with the desired extension (no dots necessary) and select all, do your color coding and you're done.

  • How to delete request in yellow traffic light?

    Hi experts:
    I created one infopackage yesterday to load the vendor text from our DEV source system. Its update mode is "Initialize Delta Process". When I right click on the infopackage and select manage, I see this request is still in yellow and 'Request has a yellow traffic light in the monitor - Cannot be deleted.' And when I go to Data selection I got the information: "Init. select. for field name  currently running in request ***".
    Does anybody know how to delete the request still in running or in yellow traffic?
    Another thing is when I double click on the infopackage a warning message will pop up with: " Assign a language field to IOBJ 0LANGU; danger of short dump". Do I need to take care of this warning?
    Thanks to everyone for your time in advance~

    Make the request forcefully into RED and then delete it, you can do it in RSMO or goto Obejct and Manage and then Click on YELLOW color Ball and then it will popup one window there make to red and delete it.
    The reasons for Yellow
    Check the DataSource in RSA3, if it is working fine and able to see the data in RSA3, there is no problem in DS level, then checl the Mappings and any routines in BW for that DS, if this is also fine then check the below options.
    See Dumps in ST22, SM21 also.
    Check RFC Connection between ECC and BW systems, i.e. RSA1-->Source System->Right Click on Source system and Check.
    You must have the following profiles to BWREMOTE or ALEREMOTE users.So add it. Bcoz either of these two users will use in background to get extract the data from ECC, so add these profiels in BW.
    And also check the following things.
    1.Connections from BW to ECC and ECC to BW in SM59
    2.Check Port,Partner Profiles,and Message Types in WE20 in ECC & BW.
    3.Check Dumps in ST22, and SM21.
    4.If Idocs are stuck i.e see the OLTP Idoc numbers in RSMO Screen in (BW) detials tab see in bottom, you can see OLTP Idoc number and take the Idoc numbers and then goto to ECC see the status in WE05 or WE02, if error then check the log else goto to BD87 in ECC and give the Idoc numbers and execute manually and see in RSMO and refresh.
    5.Check the LUWs struck in SM58,User Name = * (star) and run it and see Strucked LUWs and select our LUW and execute manually and see in RSMO in BW.
    See in SDN
    Re: Loading error in the production  system

  • Coloring code in an includes file

    Does anyone know how to change the color of the coding in an includes file. Right now when you open one everything is black.

    It all depends on which file type extension you saved your include as.  If you save your include file as .xml, .php or .html for example, it will take on whichever code color choices you have defined in your Preferences for that file type.
    Edit menu > Preferences > Code Color.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

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    Pretty new to FCE, but I have an OK grasp of it. I created a sequence which included several .ipr LiveType files. I decided I wanted to change the font. I entered FCE, right clicked on the media element for the title. LiveType opened up. The titling