How to disable field validation when block is in query mode ?

we use Jdev 11g TP3 and implemented a button to set a block of input fields in query mode.
Some of this fields are mandatory.
When performing an execute operation this mandatory fields are validated and the JS error message pops up.
In query mode this fields must not be mandatory !
How to disable the validation of those mandatory fields when the block are in query mode?

Hello Peter,
A little correction to Chris' suggestion, it should be:
<af:inputText value="#{bindings.<your field name>.inputValue}"
                    label="#{bindings.<your field name>.hints.label}"
                    required="#{!bindings.<your iterator name>Iterator.findMode && bindings.<your field name>.hints.mandatory}">
...etc...The only difference is the removal of the ? : operator since it isn't required and represents both an additional parsing and processing effort. Go micro-optimization!
~ Simon

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    Points will be rewarded if its helpful.

    If you want to disable the row then you can use
    in pbo module create a module in side loop,
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    Hi Daniel,
    By blank do you mean that the screen is black? Is it gray? Is it blue? The word "blank" is vague when trying to determine and isolate startup issues.

  • How to disable xml validation

    I'm trying to write an SVG parser using Xerces. The problem is that when the SVG file contains the doctype tag <!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.0//EN" "">my program throws the following exception:
    etc.If I remove <!DOCTYPE> tag, it works fine. According to what I read here, it's necessary to disable XML validation. The Xerces API documentation says that there is a method setValidation() in org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser but I can't locate it. Moreover, I don't see any org.apache.xerces.framework package in Xerces supplied with NetBeans 5.0 nor in Xerces 2.8.0 downloaded from (the XMLParser class available to me is located in org.apache.xerces.parsers).
    My question is simple:
    How to disable XML validation if the setValidation() method is not avaliable
    how to make the setValidation method available to my program?
    I'm really confused :(
    Here is the code:
    package svgviewer;
    import org.w3c.dom.*;
    import org.w3c.dom.traversal.*;
    import org.apache.xerces.parsers.*;
    public class SVGFileParser {
        public void parse(String filename) throws Exception {
            File file = new File(filename);
            DOMParser parser = new DOMParser();
            parser.parse(file.toURL().toString()); //exception is thrown if doctype tag is present in the svg file

    You're solving the wrong problem here. Turning off validation won't help, because DTDs don't only do validation. Even non-validating parsers have to read the DTD in case it contains entity definitions, for example.
    If you want to stop the parser from looking for the DTD then you write a EntityResolver and apply it to the parser. The EntityResolver should be just like the one in the example in the API docs except it should return new InputSource(new StringReader("")).

  • Bypass Required Field Validation when needed in PDF Dynamic Form

    I faced a tricky situation, where some fields are required, but we need to allow bypass required (mandatory) validation rule when saving the form, and require to fill such fields when submitting the form. In other words, provide flexible control when to turn On / Off this feature.
    I wanted to implement a flexible solution, and I will post my findings here. Appreciate your feedback for improvements.
    1. Mark rquired fields as required.
    2. Specify "Empty Message" as "This field cannot be left blank", or similar.
    3. Specify "Validation Script Message" as "This field must have a proper value before submit", or similar.
    4. Create a Global Form Level Variable something like "StopTotalValidation" and default as "1" means by default, Turn Off Validation for some cases.
    5. For the fields which require this type of control, add the script (to be defined later) on the "validate" event:
    6. Create a Script Object "myTools" and add the following script:
    function initStringFunc() {
    //call this function on Document Initialize
    String.prototype.trim = function() {
        return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,"");
    String.prototype.ltrim = function() {
        return this.replace(/^\s+/,"");
    String.prototype.rtrim = function() {
        return this.replace(/\s+$/,"");
    String.prototype.isEmpty = function() {
        return (this == null) || this.trim() == "";
    function setNodeProperty(theNode, theProperty, newValue) {
       if (theNode[theProperty] != newValue) {
            theNode[theProperty] = newValue; 
    function isNodePropertyEmpty(theNode, theProperty) {
        var result;
        if (theNode == null || theNode[theProperty] == null) {
            result = true;
        } else {
            result = theNode[theProperty].isEmpty();
        return result;
    function disableTotalValidation() {
        StopTotalValidation.value = "1";
    function enableTotalValidation() {
        StopTotalValidation.value = "0";
    function isTotalValidationOn() {
        return StopTotalValidation.value != "1";
    function isTotalValidationOff() {
        return StopTotalValidation.value == "1";
    const conRequired = "(required)";
    function validateForRequiredField(theFld) {
        // Bypass Required Field Validation when Global Validation is Off.
        var result=false;
        if (theFld) {
            if (theFld.mandatory && theFld.mandatory == "error") {
                if (myTools.isNodePropertyEmpty(theFld, "rawValue")) {
                    myTools.setNodeProperty(theFld, "rawValue", conRequired);
                if (isTotalValidationOn()) {
                    if (isNodePropertyEmpty(theFld, "rawValue") || theFld.rawValue.toLowerCase() == conRequired.toLowerCase()) {
                        result = false;
                    } else {
                        result = true;
                } else {
                    result = true;             
        } else {
            result = false;
        return result;
    7. Now, on the click of "Save" button call the function "disableTotalValidation()" and on the click of "Submit" button call the function "enableTotalValidation()".
    I have just finished implementing the above solution, and as per my initial testing, it is working fine.
    I will post this to my Google Docs workspace, and provide updates their.

    Hi Tarek,
    I see what you mean in relation to clarity if you used the form variable approach. It was only a suggestion. Like so many things in LC, there is more than one way to finding a solution to a problem.
    The triple equal sign (===) is testing if the condition is equal, but to a higher standard. It is testing if the values are identical to each other. For example if you were testing if a textfield was empty, with Equality (==) you might have this:
    if (this.rawValue == null || this.rawValue == "") {
         // Some script
    If you use Identity (===) you can do the same thing with less script:
    if (this.rawValue === null) {
         // Some script
    It is also useful when testing the value of an object, but also the type (eg string, number, Boolean).
    Lastly, it can be used for non-identity (!==).
    In relation to createNode() etc, apart from John's blog, it is covered in the LC documents: Look for the scripting guides and the guide to the XML Form Object Model.
    Good luck,

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    How to disable the validity of a particular Role
    which is assigned to 100 users. (disabling the role of change the validity of the role )
    at present am doing manually, by entering into each user and changing the validity of the role

    > How to disable the validity of a particular Role for 100 users, in a single ...
    ... shot?
    Assign a reference user to the 100+ users and create events in the factory calendar which assigns and removes the role from the reference user only.
    The downside is that it is not scalable for many of the same concepts at the same time, because a dialog user can at one logon time only have one reference user assigned to them.

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    So, How can I have use this  feature in others apps such as Google Chrome, Mail, Safari and so on.
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    nobody can help me ?

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    I agree with Faisal. When you shutdown your WL server while the application is running, the thing is when you start your server again, it would automatically start the application with it. Now if the application was down when you shutdown the server, it _the application_ won't start with the server.
    So it depends on the application last state, when you start your server.

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    Hi forum members,
    is it possible to set the value of a textfield when a form is in query mode?
    In our form you can enter query mode with F7 and execute the query with F8.
    When you go back to query mode with F7 and then press F7 again, the search criteria of the past query appears.
    Now in our form there is an alternativ search, that can be executed in query mode with F9. A different search canvas appears then with a more detailed search.
    When I go back from that canvas to the initial canvas, change to query mode with F7 and try to get the last search criteria with F7, not the last search criteria (from F9 search) appears, but the first one (F8 search).
    I have tried to copy the search value into an invisible textfield and then copy it back to the search field when F7 is pressed after the alternative search canvas was closed.
    Instead of appearing in the search field, a new record is created in background.
    Is there any other way to set the value of a textfield in query mode?

    Hi Craig,
    thank you for this hint.
    Unfortunately it does not solve my problem.
    My goal is to fill the search fields with values when they are in query mode.
    I try to explain it step by step:
    Step 1
    - In my Form I change to query mode with F7.
    - I fill a search field, e.g. Name: TIGER.
    - Then I execute the search with F8.
    - Record is displayed in the block
    Step 2
    - I press the F7 Button to change to query mode again
    - Now when I press F7 again, the search values from the last search (TIGER) appear (I think it is a standard forms functionality, isn't it?)
    - I execute the search with F8
    - Record is displayed
    Step 3
    - Again I change to query mode with F7
    - I fill the search field (this time Name: SCOTT)
    - Now advanced search is executed with F9
    - A special search canvas opens over the form with result records and more detailed information to the result
    - I close the search canvas
    Step 4
    - Again I change to query mode by pressing F7
    - I want to get the search value from the last search (SCOTT) by pressing F7 again
    - Value from the first search appears (TIGER)
    My goal is to save the search value from step 3 anywhere (in a variable or copy field or something) and get it back in step 4 when the form is in query mode.
    It seems to me that it is not possible to fill fields that are in query mode, is that right?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Force exit form when I am in query mode.

    I have created one button just launch Exit_Form built_in. Ok my forms exit, but when I stay in query mode, I need to click at button twice, first to abort query, the second time to exit form. How can I configure that to close my form automatically?
    I have tried Abort_Query folling Exit_Form, but does not work as well.
    Thanks all.

    In the trigger that contains the EXIT_FORM check for if you are in ENTER_QUERY mode. If you are issue two EXIT_FORM otherwise one.

  • How can we disable info area when we're opening query ??

    Dear All,
    It's regarding authorization in query designer.
    I've already created roles .. So if user's opening the query, they can see their authorized query in roles group.
    But ..
    When they're opening the query, they also can search the query by info-area. When they search the query by info-area, they can see all query.
    My question is:
    1. How can we disable the feature to seek the report by info-area ??
    2. Do you know what the authorization is for maintaining part ??

    Hi Niel
    You can try the S_RS_FOLD authorization object.
    With this authorization object, you can deactivate the general view of the 'InfoArea' folder. Then only the favorites and roles appear in the BEx open dialog for queries. The view of the InfoAreas is hidden.
    Defined fields
    The object contains a field:
    SUP_FOLDER:  Hide the file view if the field is set to 'True' ('X'). If both 'True' and 'False' is selected ('All Values'), the value 'False' is valid, meaning that the 'InfoAreas' file is not hidden.
    Hope this helps.
    Edited by: Gaurav on Oct 13, 2008 6:01 AM

  • HOW TO DISABLE CPU behavior when no battery inside macbookpro ?

    I realized, when i do not have the abttery inside the macbook, what i do not fotne, to save chargecycles, that my cpu wil not go above 1ghz. i observed this with the use of the coreduotemp application, wich can be free downloaded and monitors temperature and cpu speed of your macbook. i wrote to the developper, and he confirms that observation, so it is not an software bug.
    First, i invite you to test this on your macs and report, and secound i would like to have a solution, i bought this mac for power, not for slow power.
    maybe someone knows how to disable this behavior, thx

    If your MBP is consistently running at 80°C or higher, there is probably a problem with it... My machine idles around 54°C (when connected to an external monitor -- less without) and maxes around 75°C when the processor and GPU are being pushed (i.e. video intense gaming).
    Additionally, the MBP's battery is not Lithium Ion -- it is Lithium Polymer -- and is designed to be used IN the laptop. You are worrying about nothing (or next to nothing); even if your theory is correct, you are perhaps talking about a 5% decrease in the overall lifespan of the battery...if you think that is worth the possibility of data loss, then I guess running without the battery is for you...
    However, you will not be able to disable the down-throttle of the CPU speed.

  • How to disable some color when printing separations in Ai CS6-CC (JS)

    Hello Everyone!
    Configuration: Win 7 Pro x64, Illustrator CS6x64-CCx64, default printer PDF.
    When printing separations from Illustrator CS4 following script prints all colors except Cyan (as was intended).
    But when printing from CS6-SS disable the color is not possible - all colors are printed without exception.
    var adoc = activeDocument;
    var o = new PrintOptions();
    o.colorSeparationOptions = new PrintColorSeparationOptions();
    o.colorSeparationOptions.colorSeparationMode = PrintColorSeparationMode.HOSTBASEDSEPARATION;
    o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList = adoc.inkList;
    for (var i = 0; i < o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList.length; i++) {
    if (o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList[i].name == 'Process Cyan') {
      o.colorSeparationOptions.inkList[i].inkInfo.printingStatus = InkPrintStatus.DISABLEINK;
    If you check, you have inkInfo.printingStatus Cyan changed to "InkPrintStatus.DISABLEINK".
    Why it is printed and how to disable?

    Hi saaiful,
    Thank you for posting your question. window. will print header and footer.
    Here are some solutions I found after researching your issue:
    *take a screenshot and create a page that is printable []
    *Target to another window then print: []
    Hope this helps.

  • How to turn off validation when compiling Packages...!

    How do I turn off the validation when compiling Packages in SQLPLus?

    I'm guessing at what you're after here, but maybe this?
    ME_XE?create or replace procedure one
      2  as
      3  begin
      4     null;
      5  end;
      6  /
    Procedure created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.73
    ME_XE?set feedback off
    ME_XE?create or replace procedure one
      2  as
      3  begin
      4     null;
      5  end;
      6  /
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.61

Maybe you are looking for

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