How to disable iMessage for a single contact?

Hello apple communites, I have a simple and hopefully simple to answer question..
I am curious as to how to disable iMessaging for a single contact.  My sister when she got her phone number originally had an iPhone, she has since gotten an android and kept the same phone number.  However I am running into issues with text messages to her, my phone still thinks she has an iPhone and continues to send every text as an iMessage, resulting in a failed message.  I can easily hit the "send again as a text message" option and the message/picture sends as normal.  I however find this a bit fustrating, and have tried everything I can think of to attempt to disable this.  However all the online tutorials I can find regarding disabling iMessage turns the feature off completly, I don't wish to do that. 
I have attempted to completely delete, (including all existing all texts and call history), and then re-add the contact, but that does not work either, my iPhone still attempts to send messages to my sister as an iMessge. Any help, if any, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your sister needs to disable iMessage on her iPhone if the iPhone is still available if she hasn't already done so.
If she has, does she have iMessage enabled with the same Apple ID on another iOS device or on a Mac as was used to activate iMessage on her iPhone?

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    I switched from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S3. When my wife who still has an iPhone 4 tries to text me it still sends the message as an iMessage and I NEVER receive the text on my Galaxy S3. It still shows the little blue bubble next to my name when starting a new text thread. So I checked with about 4 other iPhone users that text me on a regular basis and I'm not receiving any of their messages either.
    If the iPhone users turn off iMessage the text comes right through. However I dont expect all the iPhone users on my contact list to turn off the iMessage feature just so they can text me.
    I no longer have my old iPhone. I traded it in at Best Buy so there's no way of going back in the phone to change any settings. The iPhone was wiped of all data and settings anyway before I traded it in.
    I took my wifes iPhone and deleted my contact. Then I added it back. Still shows my name as iMessage. I took my e-mail address out of my contact entry on her phone and it still shows my name as iMessage.
    I logged into "Apple Support - My Support Profile" to try to unregister my device as suggested in another forum but I can't get past the "enter your purchase date" page. It was a refurbished iPhone and the date I purchased the device didn't work. Theres no way I'll ever get the original purchase date since I wasn't the original buyer of that iPhone.
    Any suggestions?? This is an urgent matter as I NEED to receive text messages from my wife and other iPhone users. My wife is willing to turn off iMessage on her iPhone but I don't expect everyone else to.
    I need to find out how to unreigster my old iPhone completely from iMessage.... or find out how to disable a specific contact on my wife's iPhone from using iMessage.

    If you still have an iPhone handy and have the SIM card you used for the phone, then temporarily put your SIM into the other phone and go into Settings and turn of iMessage. If not, the only alternative that I know of is the Support profile, However, you may what to search the More Like This section on the right side of the thread to see if any of the entries there have a green checkmark meaning they are answered.

  • How do i disable iMessage for a single contact who no longer has an iPhone?

    I have a contact who has switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy and my default messaging is iMessage.  In order to get a message to send to her, I have to send the message, then manually resend it as a text message.  Is there a good way to permanently change this so that the default for this contact is no longer iMessage?

    I'm looking for a solution on my end that does not require action by the other person.  The person has deregistered from imessage pursuant to Apple's suggestions (  However, the problem remains.  I've deleted the contact from my phone and reentered as not an iphone, and I still cannot text them.  Apple's policy/practice is hindering the use of another company's product. 
    Here's where I have a problem with it: (1) The average user doesn't know he has to actively opt out of a service that he didn't actively opt into; (2) it strikes me as a policy that discourages a consumer's free choice (to stop using apple products) by imposing undue and overly burdensome steps to using the full services of another--totally unrelated--company unfettered by some obscure lingering roadblock imposed through a previous business relationship; (3) although Apple offers a service (which did not work in our case), the average user is probably unaware, and therefore, the person who switched services does not necessarily realize that others cannot contact them despite their efforts; and (4) I assume and hope that the 'great minds' at Apple can figure out how to automatically opt non-users out of the imessage service just as it automatically opts in users. 
    I did not mean insane in the literal sense, more the colloquial.  However, I did mean unconscionable.  Without going into extensive detail of any number of reasonable hypothetical situations, what if there was an emergency and the person who purchased new services from another company is unable to receive an emergency message?  Say they were unable to receive a phone call because they are in and out of service coverage areas and the only chance of reaching them with an emergency message is via text that will go through when they briefly enter a coverage area?  That, in my opinion, is an example of how this is an unconscionable business practice.   

  • How to disable iMessage for certain contacts

    I was wondering how to disable iMessage for certain contacts!

    Try deleting the phone number from the persons contact and then re-entering it as a new number.
    You don't have to delete the entire contact.
    Worked for me.

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    How to disable iMessage for an old Apple ID which is only used for AppStore?
    I used my old Apple ID for iMessage and AppStore Apps. Now I'm using my iCloud Account (second Apple ID) on my Mac as iCloud and iMessage Account.
    New Apple ID - iCloud & iMessage (**** thing that I can't use my okd Apple ID for iMessage and another for iCloud) on new Mac
    Old Apple ID - AppStore, iMessage days ago
    So now how to disable the iMessage function for my old Apple ID which isn't used anymore?
    Thank you!

    Yeah the problem is that I want to be reachable by:
    *new apple id
    *mobile number
    *old apple id
    *mobile number
    Problem - if I set in Settings => Messages => Receive at:
    *new apple id
    *mobile number
    Others still can see my old apple id as "iMessage" although it isn't used a iMessage anymore. So how to disbale iMessage function for that?

  • How do you change iMessage for a single contact?

    When trying to message someone that was an iPhone user but changed to a HTC phone, for some crazy reason, iMessage is still the default how can the on contact be changed?

    To disable iMessage for a former iMessage contact, two things need to happen in succession:
    1) the iPhone user must RECEIVE an SMS message from that contact, and
    2) the iPhone user must SEND an SMS message to that contact
    (not necessarily in that order)
    It should also be noted that if the contact ever sends an iMessage again, your iPhone will revert back to using iMessage until the above two steps are repeated.

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    How i do?
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    Swiping down from the midle of the screen will open the search window on its upper section.

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    I assigned you points for good answer on my preavious mail)
    . Actually my real problem is a transported the SAP script form “znalepke2” , printer definition ”nale”
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    R3TR SCPD 1403(as the device type uses this character set)
    R3TR TABU TSP08 (All entries)
    R3TR TABU TSP1D(All entries)
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    I need to temporary disable ipv6 address of lo0 (which by the way is not but ::1) for testing development purpose..

  • Way to disable vibrate for a specific contact's incoming calls only?

    My iPhone is not jailbroken, so I am unable to use iBlacklist to black or ignore incoming calls. So instead I've edited the contact in question to have a silent ringtone.
    However, in general I prefer to have both ring and vibration on for all incoming calls, since I'm often in loud areas where I can't hear the ringtone.
    But the reason that I want to block this particular contact is because it calls me at all sorts of weird hours, thus the vibration wakes me up. So not being able to disable vibration for this contact in addition to the ringtone is a problem for me.
    Is there any way that I can not only make the ringtone silent, but also disable vibration for this specific contact - and only this contact? Perhaps some app, or a setting that I'm unaware of?

    Check with your carrier. Many have the ability to block calls from certain numbers. Many do have a cost associated with them though.

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    Target Name=xxxx
    Target type=Database Instance
    Occurred At=Dec 24, 2010 1:21:00 AM EST
    Message=Tablespace UNDOTBS1 is 99 percent full
    Metric=Tablespace Space Used (%)
    Metric value=99
    Tablespace Name=UNDOTBS1
    Notification Rule Name=Database E-Mail Notifications
    Notification Rule Owner=SYSMAN

    You should post in the grid control foruma.
    But just go to databases, select your database, metric and policy settings, find the tablespace metric, edit and exclude the undo tablespace.

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