How to display infotype as iview in portal?

Hi All,
  I have a requirement where i have to display a infotype in portals.
For this i created transactional iview( tcode:pa20) but i must not display the selection screen for the employees.
When the Employees login and click the link, they should be able their salary structure(infotype:9004) directly.
How to go abt this.

first of all you'll need the Netweaver Developer Studio (NWDS). then you can decide either to develop with PDK an iView or you can create a webdynpro application.
In both cases you'll need additionally an remote-enabled function module (RFM) or bapi that reads your infotype.
another possibility (if you have already ECC6.0), you can write a webdynpro for abap application.
kr, achim

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  • How to Display infotype in Portals?

    Hi All,
      I have a requirement where i have to display infotype.
    For this i created transactional iview( tcode:pa20) but i must not display the selection screen for the employees.
    When the Employees login and click the link, they should be able their salary structure(infotype:9004) directly.
    How to go abt this.

    check your other post: How to display infotype as iview in portal?
    kr, achim

  • How do i add an iView to portal in Visual Composer 7.1

    hello all,
    how do i add an iView to portal in Visual Composer 7.1.
    any documents related to it, will be very helpful.
    thanks in advance.
    Santhosh Guptha N

    Hi Santhosh,
    [Here|] you go.
    Good Luck,

  • How to create Task Wizard iView in Portal Component

    Hi All,
    I want to customize the Create Request for Nomination which is in Task Wizard iView (portal content/portal users/standard portal users/ Wizard)
    This iView created in Webdynpro application. I want to create this iView in portal component. kindly help me to develop.
    I seen the createTask API for webdynpro in
    anybody know the create Task API for Portal.

    Need to do custom develop


    Hi All,
    I am haveing Links of BW Report i have to display those reports in portal
    How can i achive this except URL IVIEW??
    I want to know that is theare any inbuilt template of Iview or any othere method to display thease reports in portal??
    Any help will be highly appretiated.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Vinit Soni

    Hi Vinit,
    After looking into ur BW url , i think u r not using webtemplates.
    u can follow below steps
    Creating an BEx Web Application iView :
    1.Right-click on the iViews folder, and choose New → iView. The iView Wizard displays.
    2.Select iView template – create an iView from an existing iView template radio button.
    3.Choose Next.
    4.In the iView Wizard, select BEx Web Application iView radio button.
    5.Choose Next.
    6.Enter a name, iView ID and iView ID Prefix.
    7.Choose Next.
    8.Choose SAP BW2.x/3.x radio button from Version.  
    9.Choose Next.
    10.Select the SAP BW system alias SAP_BW and in the BEx Web Application Query String, copy the query id from the URL of your desired query from the string text &INFOCUBE onwards (for example, &CMD=LDOC&INFOCUBE=0MKTG_C01&QUERY=ZMKTG_C01_Q7001).
    11.Choose Next.
    And also maku sure u have configured WAS settings in system object u have created
    Hope this helps u

  • How to display a particular transaction over portal as per its id

    we have a requirement like this...
    we have already developed some 200 iviews and the corrosponding pages...
    now we want to develope an application either in web dynpro or pdk that we will upload over portal. that application will be having an inputfield for entering transaction number and a search button.
    on the click of button our application must be able to search and display the corrosponding transactional iview already developed
    plz guide on how this is possible

    I don't think message input text allows to set URI property and it is available with MessageStyledText.
    So if you want to achieve your requirement then you can take two items one message text input and other one as messageStylesText then if it is readonlymode then hide input text and render MessageStyled text and viceversa.
    In this case you will be able to display links in case of Readonly text.
    Reetesh Sharma

  • How to display related links iview in content area?

    I have created Related links, but they are opening in a separate windows even though I have set the attribute of the iviews to "open in portal content area".
    Please let me know how I can display the iviews of the Related links in the content area.

    Hello Ashwini,
    I don't think you have changed the property at the right place.
    Open the iview for which related link is added. Now from the drop down box at the top right select Related Link. The related link editor will open which will show the related link iview. Select the iview and click the EDIT button at the bottom. The related link iview will open. Now Change the "Launch in new WIndow" property.
    When you add an iview as reletd link to some other iview, a delta link is created and added to the iview.
    This will solve ur problem.

  • How to display the user in a Portal page?

    This is certainly a qyestion many of you have come across:
    What is the best way to display the portal username in a portal page?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    From a dynamic page, you'll want to call:
    For info on how to print out other information from their profile, you'll want to review the documented API calls at:

  • How to Display DMS document in Enterprise Portal

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario as described below.
    I have a workitem which goes to user in his/her UWL  for  execution. When  this  workitem gets  executed  it  displays an Adobe Interactive form.
    Iin this  Adobe form i am giving links to DMS(Document Management System)  documents. So  when this link is clicked the related DMS document files should  get  displayed.
    Thru BAPI i m able to get DMS document number its  Object Links and  details of the  files (PDF,DOC,XLS etc..) attached to it.
    But I am not able to display this attached files on my enterprise portal. I debugged in R/3 and found out standard Function Modules which are used to display this attached  documents of DMS and wrap them in RFC and called this RFC when user   clicks link on Adobe Form in EP.
    The problem I m facing is this RFC is not able to display the attached document files of DMS document on Portal front end. it gives error as u201CException condition "NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI" raised., error key: RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE"
    The reason behind why it is running successfully in R/3 is, it gets  front end as SAPGUI but  while we execute it thru portal it does not get frontend type as SAPGUI cause  portal always runs in Browser not on SAPGUI.
    So, Is there any way to display this DMS document files on Enterprise Portal?? Or  is it  possible using Knowledge Management?? Or any other standard  BAPI or FMs which can be used for the same  purpose??

    Hi Steelman,
    You have to create a new iview and include it in the page that youhave created.
    There are many types of iviews that you can create.
    Please refer these link
    Revert back for further queries.

  • How to display .lvm filename in data portal?

    When I drag a .lvm file to the data portal, it lists it as 'LabVIEW_Data' rather than the filename that I dragged there. When I drag another .lvm file it lists it as 'LabVIEW_Data2'. How can I get it to display the filenames that were dragged there instead of a generic 'LabVIEW_Data'?

    Hi Dewey,
    Unzip the below attached two VBScript files somewhere on your hard drive where you're willing to leave them.  Then run the "Custom LVM Load.VBS" in DIAdem SCRIPT.  Now drag a new LVM file into the Data Portal.  You should see the Group take on the name of the LVM file.  The custom load event only renames the Group if the channels in that last Group were loaded with the "LVM" DataPlugin.
    You can configure your DIAdem to always start with the "Custom LVM Load.VBS", declared as part of DIAdem's launch cycle, by editing the "Start Script" field in the "General Settings" dialog and then saving the settings prior to shutting down DIAdem.
    Ask if you have further questions,
    Brad Turpin
    DIAdem Product Support Engineer
    National Instruments
    Custom LVM ‏1 KB

  • SOLUTION - How to display a BLOB content in Portal Report

    Courtesy of Kelly Wong:
    1. Every time a record of the file information is inserted into the
    PORTAL30.WWDOC_DOCUMENT table while you inserted a record to the blob
    field in a portal form that you created.
    [The fact that a file uploaded appears in the WWDOC_DOCUMENT table is actually a side-effect of Forms file upload, this may change in a future version. However this example gives a pretty good solution to the problem - Dmitry]
    2. If you describe the PORTAL30.WWDOC_DOCUMENT table, you will find
    that a few of the columns are: NAME, FILENAME, MIME_TYPE, BLOB_CONTENT,
    CREATOR, etc.
    3. I created a pl/sql procedure that takes a NAME parameter.
    The code of the procedure is as follows:
    CREATE OR REPLACE Procedure get_url
    url varchar2(100);
    url := '/pls/portal30/docs/'| |v_filename;
    portal30.wwv_redirect.url(p_url =>url);
    4. I then created a portal report, select NAME, FILENAME, MIMETYPE,
    CREATOR fields from PORTAL30.WWDOC_DOCUMENT. (remember, no BLOB_CONTENT
    field is selected!) My select statement is:
    SELECT '<A
    HREF="scott.get_url?v_filename='&#0124; &#0124;name&#0124; &#0124;'">'&#0124; &#0124;filename&#0124; &#0124;'</A>' filename,
    from portal30.wwdoc_document
    where creator = 'KELLY'
    You can see that I am passing in "NAME" instead of "FILENAME" into the
    get_url procedure because the it needs the "NAME" info to display the
    Actually, the content in the NAME column is something like:"563.TXT",
    and the content in the FILENAME column is "F15675/IPORTAL_LOCAL.TXT".
    The hyperlink can be either on the NAME or FILENAME field, as long as
    you pass in the content of "NAME" into the procedure.
    And it should be fairly easily to substring the FILENAME to show only
    "IPORTAL_LOCAL.TXT" if the client doesn't like to see the number
    That is, when I click on the link, I am able to see my file in a new
    browser window.The only drawback in this scenario is if there is a link
    from your document to a portal component (form/report), it may not link
    to the form/report. If there are links in the document link to other
    document (html, txt, etc.), it will be no problem. It just open the
    document in another browser window.
    Please feel free to give me any comment on this and post it to the forum
    if needed. I just don't want to search for the original questions in
    the forum and attach the reply to it.

    Is this method working also for portal 3.0.9?
    I can't get it to work.
    Is there a way do put a link to download the content of a blob field inside a report in version 3.0.9 that comes with iAS
    Thank's in advance

  • How to Create in XML  iview in portal EP 7.0 ?

    Hi Experts,
    hi am create in Xml iview but it's not created, plz send the pdf files in details plz
    Regards & Thaks

    Hi chandu,
    This is the link for creation of xml iview.
    This can be done found right click iview->apply Template->XML iview u can find it there .
    If you have doubts plaese refer the following link while cretion .
    The main use of this xml iview is it provides an option for transporting the data from portals to differnt applications.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to make KM document iView use portal theme / styles

    We're in the process of upgrading our NetWeaver Portal to 7.4 and trying to improve it wherever possible.
    We have numerous home pages which appear as the first landing page when a menu item if selected.
    These pages are stored as HTML files in KM and rendered as KM Document iViews.
    Is there an easy way of making these pages use the portal theme?
    Currently we link to our own CSS file which means there can be differences in appearance and if a user selected a different theme (e.g. high contrast), these pages would not change.
    I don't see any iView properties that could help.
    I did wonder whether we could use Web Page Composer but from a quick test this needs some work to set it up before I can evaluate further.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Is HTML Filter for Portal Stylesheets used for the repository where you are storing the HTML documents? Can you view the source of a document rendered by the KM Document iView? It should have a reference to the portal style sheet.

  • How to call Java WebDynpro iViews from Portal (Portal Content Directory)

    Hello everybody,
    I am trying to call a Java WebDynpro iView, which was created within the Enterprise Portal and is stored in the portal content directory (pcd).
    I have created an HTML-iView in VC, where I have put in the pcd-link into the default-url field (pcd:portal_content/ This iView is calling the cProjects WebDynpro Application. But after I run my model, the portal page is running and running, but nothing happens.
    I did the same with transactional iView, which was also created in the Portal before. I have also created an HTML-iView in VC, where I have put in the pcd-link into the default-url field (pcd:portal_content/IBU_content/SAP_for_Service_Provider/ This is working fine!
    What I also tried is to call another VC-Model with an HTML-iView. Here I have put-in into the default-url field the pcd-location of my VC-model (pcd:portal_content/IBU_content/SAP_for_Service_Provider/ This is also running fine!
    Now I do not understand the difference between this three objects. There are all iViews within the portal but the WebDynpro iView is not callable through a HTML-iView in VC.
    Could you help me in this case? Your help is very appreciated!
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

    Hi Marcel,
    when you mean the preview within the portal, yes, it is working fine.
    URL is not the way to solve my problem. I am working with IDES-Systems. This is our Demo System within SAP. I have to build my VC-Model in a Master IDES-System which will be transported than into the other IDES-Systems. The URL of the WD is not the same in the other systems. It is changing depending on the several Sysems. But the pcd-location is in all systems the same. Therefore I have to specify the pcd-location of the application.
    Is there a restriction with WD within VC?
    If we can do some kind of a netmeeting, I can show you my problem exactly.
    Thank you.

  • Problem in displaying smartform as pdf in portal

    Hi all,
    We  created a smartform and we are displaying as a pdf in portal.Everything is fine and pdf  is coming.But there is arabic data in the form .
    Some of the arabic data is coming perfectly.
    But some data is coming in Japanese or chinese and some data is coming like
    F,D'! 9(/'D1-EF (F 5'D- 'D3JA 叉â
    Department 'D%/'1) 'D9'E) DDEH'1/ 'D(41J).
    Please let me know what could be the problem.
    Thanks and Regards,

    hi Rajesh.....
    Could you explain me how 2 display SMARTFORM as PDF in portal..... please.....
    I have the requirement as follows.....
    By pressing a button the smartform must be generated.....
    SO what must be the RFC o/p from ABAP.... I am ABAPER basically
    and what the portal guys must do.....

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Not able to view the web report..

    hi, I have sap bw 3.0b and WAD installed. I am able to create a report in WAD and when i try to generate the web report, IE opens with an url starting as http://xxx.yyy..... If my understanding is correct to view these WAD reports in my workstation I