How to display pdf file in windows phone 8 silver light application?

I am developing windows phone 8 silver light application . For my app I want to display pdf files . Is there any default controls to display pdf files ?
I don't want to display using launchers , I want to display with in the app.
any help,

Probably this should give you a fair idea : How to view PDF file inside an Windows Phone application?

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  • How to upload pdf file from windows cell phone?

    How to upload pdf file from windows cell phone?

    You can do this in steps.. First use the built in method for uploading a file into the flows files object, Next you would copy the file out to an Oracle built directory on your UNIX box using utl_file.put_raw..
    Here is a link to show you how to upload files in an APEX application []
    And here is a link to show you how to use utl_file.put_raw.. [], item is towards the bottom of the screen..
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • How to display Pdf file in iPad site

    How to display Pdf file in web page which can able to view in iPad safari?

    You can't really.
    You need to use DHTML in the swf-wrapper HTML file, usually a
    division wrapped iFrame, and load the PDF into the iFrame as an
    overlay to the Flash.

  • How to print a grid from windows phone 8.1 application

    Hello ,
    I want to print a grid from a windows phone application.
    For tablet I can print using this namespace:
    using Windows.Graphics.Printing;
    using Windows.UI.Xaml.Printing;
    But they are only for Tablet.
    Please suggest a solution of printing from windows 8.1 phone application.

    Hi waqar.haider.confiz,
    >>How to print a grid from windows phone 8.1 application                                 
    As far as I known, in Windows Phone 8.1 app it does not have such API for us to print a grid. I will recommand you submit this feature request on this
    UserVoice forum.
    Best Regards,
    Amy Peng
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  • How to display pdf file with java code?

    Hi All,
    i have a jsp pagein that page if i click one icon then my backing bean method will call and that method will create pdf document and write some the content in that file and now i want to display that generated pdf document.
    it should look like you have pressed one icon and it displayed pdf file to you to view.
    java code below:
    FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ExternalContext ec = fc.getExternalContext();
    HttpServletResponse resp = (HttpServletResponse) ec.getResponse();
    resp.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "filename=\"" + temppdfFile);
    ServletOutputStream out = resp.getOutputStream();
    ServletUtils.returnFile(temppdfFile, out);
    and above temppdfFile is my generated pdf file.
    when i am executing this code, it was opening dialog box for save and cancel for the file, but the name of the file it was showing me the "jsp file name" with no file extention (in wich jsp file i am calling my backing bean method) and type is "Unknown File type" and from is "local host"
    it was not showing me open option so i am saving that file then that file saved as a pdffile with tha name of my jsp file and there is nothing in that file(i.e. empty file).
    what is the solution for this. there is any wrong in my code.
    Please suggest me.
    Thanks in advance

    public Object buildBarCodes() throws Exception
    File bulkBarcodes = null;
    String tempPDFFile = this.makeTempDir();
    File tempDir = new File("BulkPDF_Files_Print");
    bulkBarcodes = File.createTempFile
    (tempPDFFile, ".pdf", tempDir);
    //bulkBarcodes = new File(tempDir, tempPDFFile+"BulkBarcode"+"."+"pdf");
    Document document = new Document();
    FileOutputStream combinedOutput = new FileOutputStream(bulkBarcodes);
    PdfWriter.getInstance(document, combinedOutput);;
    document.add(new Paragraph("\n"));
    document.add(new Paragraph("\n"));
    Image image = Image.getInstance(bc.generateBarcodeBytes(bc.getBarcode()));
    FacesContext facesc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    ExternalContext ec = facesc.getExternalContext();
    HttpServletResponse resp = (HttpServletResponse) ec.getResponse();
    resp.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline: BulkBarcodes.pdf");
    ServletOutputStream out = resp.getOutputStream();
    ServletUtils.returnFile(bulkBarcodes, out);
    return "success";
    This is my action method which will call when ever i press a button in my jsp page.
    This method will create the barcode for the given barcode number and write that barcode image in pdf file
    (i saw that pdf file which i have created through my above method, This PDF file opening when i was opening manually and the data init that is also correct means successfully it writes the mage of that barcode)
    This method taking the jsp file to open because as earlier i said it was trying to open unknown file type document and i saved that file and opended with editplus and that was the jsp file in which file i am calling my action method I mean to say it was not taking the pdf file which i have created above it was taking the jsp file

  • How do I run Adobe Reader to display pdf files in Windows 8?

    I'm confused! Where is the executable for adobe pdf reader in windows 8? I want to launch it from powershell to display a pdf file. It used to be trivial in windows 7 but now the adobe pdf reader is an app and I cannot find the executable using the task
    Can someone help me launch it from cmd.exe or powershell_ise to display a pdf file?
    I just downloaded and installed the Adobe PDF reader and I cannot execute the reader c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe. I get no error messages and no GUI display. What is going on?
    siegfried heintze

    As far as I know, that Windows 8 has a reader by default, it seems like it is Microsoft Reader. It could used to read PDF file. And I have not ever use powershell to manage to use it.
    The  PDF reader is a Modern UI app; we cannot run Modern UI apps on the desktop. So I don't think powershell could manage it.
    Yan Li
    Cataleya Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to display pdf file in flex application

    I am Ibran, I am using Flex4.5, in that i want to display a pdf file like images.
    How can i do it please anyone tell me.
    I have used navigateToURL(url),but this was going into navigation and i can't see my textfield and buttons.
    So without this  navigateToURL(url) how can i display a pdf file in flex without navigation so that i can see my textInputs and buttons.

    Flash does not have the ability to load/display/manipulate PDF files, so you can't open it directly in the flex application.  With clever HTML and javascript, you can make it appear that it is in the same window, but it will actually be in a separate window/div in the browser.  And yes, this has always seemed absurd to me that Adobe doesn't support PDF's......

  • How to display PDF file in OAF page

    Hi All,
    I have an requirement to display a PDF file in OAF page. The PDF file will be stored in custom location in unixbox and when the user clicks on the hyperlink from OAF page, the PDF file should be promted to open or save the file in the local system.
    The pdf file will be stored in $XBOL_TOP and I am not sure on how to link the file directory path from OAF page.
    Please share some information on how to achieve this logic.

    Did you find a way to do this.
    Please advise.
    Edited by: user452458 on May 11, 2010 6:53 PM

  • How to display PDF file in IE itself?

    hi friends,
    I am displaying payslip as PDF format in IE. in my system it's showing in IE it self.
    But the same thing when i executed in other system the PDF file is opening seperatly instead of opening in IE.
    How can i overcome this problem.
    Any solutions plz....

    If you dont mine can you give me the steps or i sit possible to make IE settings dynamically when ever users executed this applicaiton.

  • How to display pdf-files out of a blob

    we want to use pdf to publish our enterprise-informations (jobs, press release...) in the intranet.
    How can a display a pdf-file with Portal that was saved in blob?
    Ralf Schmitt

    Not entirely. At least we came to the conclusion it doesn't make (much) sense to block the save option of PDFs if you want to allow printing them
    Anyway; there is of course another possibilty: you could always write your own java bean PDF reader; there are plenty of java PDF libraries available:
    Open Source PDF Libraries in Java
    The easiest way would be to choose one which can open a PDF from a URL and render it; I would retrieve the image via mod_plsql using WPG_DOCLOAD and simply use the PDF library to render the PDF. No tempfiles anyway, and if you don't implement it there is also no save button.

  • How to display pdf file on curve 8520..

    y is pdf file not displayed on curve 8520.. how to make it happen

    Hi and Welcome to the Forums!
    For the time that a PDF remains an email attachment, you can render it on the BB. Once detached or otherwise not an email attachment, the attachment service no comes into play...and you require a 3rd party app to render it. There are several. I suggest you search AppWorld and other search sources, compare the various alternatives, and select the one that best meets your needs. You will likely find the DataViz apps as well as BeamReader and perhaps others.
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
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  • How to display PDF file, inside the SWF file or flash exe file

    I  have create the application for Employee details using flash actionscript 3.0
    This application is to view the organization employee details, iam using the tree component in this application,
    the tree component is to get the dada via xml file, this xml file save in the remote server ,
    I display the PDF file inside the swf file to using " StageWebView" class . Then i goto Publish Setting to change the  player Adobe Air 2.6 and run the flash file using
    ctr-l + Enter . It is work correctly the PDF file is Displayed inside the Swf Output. But I Publish this file to exe . then i run the exe it is not working .
    The application is run The xml data is onely get and displayed the Tree component then i click the tree item employee name the xml data in not display and the pdf file is not open .
    Pls Help...................

    hi i need to display the pdf file inside the swf file or flash exe file .
    I use the navigateToURL class this is open the pdf file on the browser. I want to display the pdf file in the swf window .
    Please suggest.

  • Cannot view certificate protected PDF file on Windows Phone device

    I have a certificate protected PDF file that I need to view on my Windows Phone 8.1 device. I can install the certificate on it without any problem, but when trying to open the file with the official latest version of Adobe Reader app, it says something like 'some features in this file is not supported in this version of Adobe Reader' and won't open the file at all.

    you can contact the customer service..

  • How to Display PDF File on Oracle Report 10g

    i have a PDF File on the server,
    also i need to display this file into rdf report.(Embed the PDF file into Report)

    Dear Inol,
    I have the same problem I want to embded a PDF, word Doc OR Image in report 10g.
    And I put the read from file property YES and File Format OLE2
    and it doesnt work by run_web_report by repport server. while in run report layout it works.
    And my report server on the same Pc "The file path on the same server". or you can say that im working on the server where the path of the file exists and it doesnt work also.
    So what do you think that i have to do to solve this problem.\
    by the way i try to Genarate the report to a file in spacefic path then open it. and it didnt work also.
    any help will be apreciated.
    thanks in advance.

  • How to display PDF file in a apllication server? challenging question  !!!!

    Hi friends
    I have a requirement. I have a screen there are few buttons in the screen. The purpose of the buttons is , when the user clicks the button it should open pdf files , jpg files which are kept in a application server.  How to achieve this. If sample code is available then it would be of great help
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Raj
    Have you had a look at sample report SAP_PDF_VIEWER_DEMO already?
      data: my_pdf_viewer     type ref to cl_gui_pdfviewer,
            my_main_container type ref to cl_gui_custom_container,
            entry1(100) type c,
            entry2(100) type c.
      data: okcode type sy-ucomm.
      include pdf_demo_event_receiver.
      data: l_event_receiver type ref to lcl_pdf_demo_event_receiver.
      set screen 100.
    *&      Module  pbo_0100  OUTPUT
    module pbo_0100 output.
      set pf-status 'STATUS100'.
      set titlebar  'TITLE100'.
      " running down the pbo for the first time,
      " create the controls and their containers
      if my_main_container is initial.
        create object my_main_container
            container_name = 'CUSTOM_CNTL'
            cntl_error     = 1
            others         = 2.
        if sy-subrc <> 0.
        " create PDF Viewer object
        create object my_pdf_viewer
            parent              = my_main_container
            cntl_error          = 1
            cntl_system_error   = 2
            others              = 3.
          if sy-subrc <> 0.
            "could not create PDF Viewer
        data: view_buttons_active type char01.
        if my_pdf_viewer->acrobat_vs_reader = ''.
          view_buttons_active = 'X'.
        " create SAP toolbar for PDF Viewer
        call method my_pdf_viewer->create_toolbar
            tool_buttons      = 'X'
            view_buttons      = view_buttons_active
            cntl_error        = 1
            cntl_system_error = 2
            others            = 3.
        if sy-subrc <> 0.
          "could not create toolbar
        create object l_event_receiver.
        set handler l_event_receiver->on_document_saved for my_pdf_viewer.
        set handler l_event_receiver->on_viewing_finished for
        if not my_pdf_viewer->html_viewer is initial.
          call method my_pdf_viewer->open_document
              "url = 'http://p34198/iissamples/default/ReadMe.pdf'.
              url = 'C:\tmp\Reader.pdf'.  " NOTE: wrong URL -> use 'file:///C:\tmp\Reader.pdf' instead
    endmodule.                 " pbo_0100  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  pai_0100  INPUT
    module pai_0100 input.
      case okcode.
        when 'EXIT'.
          leave program.
        when 'LOADURL'.
          call method my_pdf_viewer->open_document
              url = 'http://p34198/myweb/Devfaq.pdf'.
        when 'EVENT'.
          entry1 = l_event_receiver->entry_field1.
          entry2 = l_event_receiver->entry_field2.
    endmodule.                 " pai_0100  INPUT

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