How To: Display Special Characters, Not Boxes?

Okay, here's a question. I searched the FAQs, the support pages, and used the search forum option and came up with nothing, so here I am.
I have CDs that are from other countries, namely Japan. The bands names and song titles are written in Kanji (the symbols rather than letters written out).
When I import the songs to iTunes, the kanji characters show up as little squares instead of the actual characters.
However, when I copy the song title or band name and then paste into a messenger window or Word or a browser search bar, it shows up just fine.
To me, this says the information is still there, just not displaying correctly in iTunes. And since I can see it in other applications, my computer can obviously read the character set.
As it stands right now, and in past releases of iTunes, I have to decide which "four square" song is the song I wish to listen to. (When there are 20 "four square" songs by the same "two square" artist, all roughly 3 minutes in length, it gets a bit difficult to figure out which song is the one you're wanting.)
Side note - On my iPod, it doesn't show up as boxes, but rather as funky symbols that are not in any way kanji. Like an A with a degrees sign over the top of it and various $%*# symbols instead of the Kanji.
So, the question is, is there a solution to this or at least somewhere I can enter the question as an "I need support" question?
I found places to report everything under the sun except for iTunes or the iTunes store. Very... disturbing...
Thank you for your time and I hope someone at least has a suggestion!
~Dark Avenger
Dell Inspiron 5100 - Windows XP

Have a look at Tom Gewecke's User Tip and see if it contains a solution to your problem.

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  • How to display special characters in Script...

    hi all,
    Can any one tell me how to display special characters in script...
    how to write in text element
    thanks in advance,

    Hi Prashant ,
      What special characters would you like to include .
    There are a set of characters / icons /symbols that can be included in Script , for that open a window in edit mode and in the menu there will be an option called Insert  , here you can find a lot of characters/symbols that can be included .

  • How to display special characters in APEX Classic Report column

    Ref: Thread: How to display newline characters as new lines
    Version: APEX 3.2
    I have created an classic SQL Report with one of the columns being a decode that gives a value 'Post'(the value should be highlighted in Red) on one condition and 'Pre' on another. I have followed the advice given in the page (URL provided above) , i.e. I have changed Strip HTML to 'No', changed Display as to 'Display as text (escape special characters, does not save state)'. I have also passed this value back to the same page to be stored in a page item each time a link (another column in report) in report is clicked. I have tried passing it as #DEADLINE# and \#DEADLINE#\. The issue I face is, instead of the value being highlighted in Red, it gets passed back as a string holding the value 'Post'. Is there any way I can get this to display as it should without the Strip HTML being changed to 'Yes'.
    Thanks very much.
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    876651 wrote:
    Thanks for your response.
    I am trying to display a page item that is derived from a report column based on a click on the URL link (*view >*>)
    This page item (here, it is Manager_ID) should ideally be highlighted when a particular condition is satisfied (achieved using a DECODE in the report).
    But it is not displayed like it should be.
    I do not want the value to be displayed along with the html tags as a string.
    I want the html tags to take effect and highlight the value within it.
    Initially, I had set Strip HTML to Yes and the value was returned without any highlighting .
    So I changed it to 'No' and and it contained the html tags.
    I am not sure what setting in APEX Report Attributes can help me achieve that effect I want.None of the report settings are relevant. They affect the rendering of the report and none of the columns you were changing the properties of were actually rendered.
    You can't pass HTML and CSS around in URL parameters.
    I suggest you pass *2* values in the column link: the MGR ID and a simple class or colour value computed by the DECODE in the report. I've suppressed the first version of the report and created a new one that does this:
    decode(dept.deptno, '30', 'c00', '000') highlight The link column now passes the MGR ID and the HIGHLIGHT colour (red when the condition is satisfied and black when it is not).
    I created another hidden and protected page item <tt>P0_HIGHLIGHT</tt> as the target for the highlight value, and used the Pre/Post Element Text properties of the <tt>P0_G_MGR</tt> to wrap it in a <tt>span</tt> whose colour is changed using the <tt>P0_HIGHLIGHT</tt> value as a subtitution string:
    <span style="color: #&P0_HIGHLIGHT.;">Having done that, I still don't really get the requirement here. I'm sure that given the full picture I'd be using a completely different approach...

  • How to display special characteds in OBIEE reports?

    How to display special characters/multi lingual characters in OBIEE reports? Could you please let me know were all I need to make the changes in OBI so as to see the similar set of characters that being saved in database.
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: user9353498 on Mar 17, 2010 3:55 AM

    I believe it depends on your database type. If your database query supports it, OBIEE should not have any problem.
    I think there are only 2 constraints which might stop OBIEE from displaying special characters.
    1) OBIEE internal javascript which does not allow special characters
    2) Database type which does not allow special characters in query.
    If you can take care of these 2 reasons, then it should be possible.
    However, experts can shed some more light on it.

  • Display special characters

    i'm displaying usernames in our application, but i'm not sure
    how to display
    special characters correctly.
    When using the labels htmltext property, it only recognized
    html style tags, but
    no html encoded special character like &uuml; for the
    german character ü.
    The encode string is simply displayed literally: &uuml;
    Anyone knows how to display those special characters
    correctly ?

    Try one of the NSString "stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding" methods.

  • How can I display special characters of NonEuropean languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.) using import string mechanism

    I would like to translate the User Interface of my application to French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
    When I put special characters in the import string file they showed up as ? (question mark)
    The import strings file includes the following parameters for each string: font, text, size and style. (but no field for script)
    In order to use a unicode font such as Arial I need to select a french script. But this option is not supported bu LabView (As far as I saw)
    A) Is there a font which is directly German/ French etc and not regula font + script parameter?
    B) Are there another required step
    s for special characters support? (When I put speciual characters in the import string file the showed up as ? question mark)

    This was discussed last week in this group- read the previous messages.
    Look for the thread "Foreign Languages in Labview"
    And recite the mantra
    ActiveX is good
    ActiveX is holy
    All Hail Bill
    Those who claim otherwise are heretics and not to be trusted
    Actually, in this case the non-ActiveX suggestions may be good.
    talia wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    > How can I display special characters of NonEuropean languages (French,
    > Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese.) using import string
    > mechanism

  • Webservice: Special characters not displayed correctly

    I'm facing a problem when retrieving informations via a webservice. I'm able to use it and data is retrieved but when there are special characters into the response they are not displayed correctly. Repsonse of the webservice is XML formatted.
    It seems to be a charcter set problem, strange thing is that the response is ISO-8859-1 formatted, this charset should normally display special characters like (é à ...) correctly.
    In my code I simply use an if_http_client object to use the webservice.
    pv_result = pv_http_client->response->get_cdata( ).
    Xml repsonse :
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
    <![CDATA[Eetcaf�/Steakhuis Baskent]]>
    Should be Eetcafé
    How can I specify a charset for the response object?
    I did the same in .NET, where I can bypass this issue specifying the charset like this.
    Dim reader As New StreamReader(oResponse.GetResponseStream(), System.Text.Encoding.Default)
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Edited by: dom___35 on Dec 21, 2009 3:30 PM

    I soved this by using get_data function of response object. Then converting this into ISO-8859-1 charset.
    See code below.
    DATA :  lv_encoding   TYPE abap_encoding,
              lv_conv       TYPE REF TO cl_abap_conv_in_ce,
              lv_x_string   type xstring.
      lv_x_string = pv_http_client->response->get_data( ).
        lv_encoding = '1100'.
        lv_conv = cl_abap_conv_in_ce=>create(
                              encoding = lv_encoding
                                 input = lv_x_string ).
        lv_conv->read( IMPORTING data = pv_result ).

  • [SOLVED] urxvt does not display special characters

    Okay so I've been scouring the internet, Googling my face off. I am an intermediate linux user, first-time Arch user (just came over from Mint and love it). Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I am unable to get urxvt to display special characters. E.g.:

    displays in the terminal as:
    Relevant informations...
    !color0 (black) = Black
    !color1 (red) = Red3
    !color2 (green) = Green3
    !color3 (yellow) = Yellow3
    !color4 (blue) = Blue3
    !color5 (magenta) = Magenta3
    !color6 (cyan) = Cyan3
    !color7 (white) = AntiqueWhite
    !color8 (bright black) = Grey25
    !color9 (bright red) = Red
    !color10 (bright green) = Green
    !color11 (bright yellow) = Yellow
    !color12 (bright blue) = Blue
    !color13 (bright magenta) = Magenta
    !color14 (bright cyan) = Cyan
    !color15 (bright white) = White
    !foreground = Black
    !background = White
    !URxvt*termName: rxvt-256color
    URxvt*termName: rxvt-unicode
    URxvt*transparent: true
    URxvt*depth: 32
    URxvt*shading: 70
    URxvt*saveLines: 12000
    URxvt*foreground: #BABABA
    URxvt.font: xft:terminus:pixelsize=11:antialias=false
    URxvt*scrollBar: false
    URxvt*borderLess: false
    URxvt*inheritPixmap: true
    URxvt.urlLauncher: google-chrome
    URxvt.imLocale: en_US.utf8
    URxvt*color0: #000000
    URxvt*color4: #005577
    URxvt*color6: #89b6e2
    URxvt*color7: #cccccc
    URxvt*color8: #555753
    URxvt*color12: #0075A3
    URxvt*color14: #46a4ff
    URxvt*color15: #ffffff
    Output of locale and locale -a:
    [dusty] [~]
    $ locale
    [dusty] [~]
    $ locale -a
    I don't believe it's a font issue, as those characters display fine in a text editor using Terminus.
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    Nisstyre56 wrote:Did you install "rxvt-unicode" or just "rxvt"? I'm sorry, but I have to ask
    stlarch wrote:Check the wiki page for locale.
    Read over it ten times. The only thing that looks remotely helpful is the section on "My terminal doesn't support UTF-8" ... it then tells me to use rxvt-unicode, which I am using. Feel free to point out something that may be obvious to you. I'm pretty oblivious at times.

  • [Solved] TTY doesn't display special characters correctly

    Hello everyone.
    I want to set my system language to german. I followed this tutorial: … .BCber_HAL
    Everything works good except that my TTY can't display special characters. Example:
    The is " not showing correctly at the bottom. However, the german umlaut ä works (as you can see).
    I have already searched the arch forum. The only thing i have found is setting DAEMON_LOCALE="yes" in rc.conf. However, these post are already quite old and don't solve the my problem (as öäü are working). Additionally, Arch has stopped using rc.conf.
    So, what causes this problem and how can i solve it?
    Here are my configs:
    locale -a
    Note that i am running Arch as guest in a VirtualBox.
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    I'm pretty sure you have to specify font and font map in vconsole.conf
    like so:
    If that doesn't help it could be this.
    If so try to load settings manually, I can't test German setup, but for Polish I could do this to get national characters:
    loadkeys pl
    setfont Lat2-Terminus16 -m 8859-2
    that requires to be root/sudo
    note that -m 8859-2 part is quite important
    actually got all German symbols to be displayed correctly, though I do not know if they are assigned for right keys for obvious reasons
    loadkeys de-latin1-nodeadkeys
    setfont Lat2-Terminus16 -m 8859-2
    read read topic in then link to hopefuly fix why settings are not loaded on boot
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  • How to export special characters into an XML file?

    Dear experts,
    We read files from our customers and save data into our customized table without any character changed, including some address fields. In those address fields, some special characters (not in our code page) are also kept. When we want to write these address fields into an XML file or flat file, the special charcters become "##" or not readable, can anyone help us to solve this issue?
    Question1: How to write special code to an external file?
    Question2: how to use 'CALL TRANSFORMATION' from an internal table to an XML file?
    Your answer is highly appreciated!

    Hi Joanne.
    Please check the below link.
    Before that u have to create one transformation program in STRANS tcode for using it in call transformation statement.
    Hope it will be useful.

  • How to restrict special characters for a specific column

    Dear gurus,
    i have a table emp with a field field_1
    in this particular field_1 is an address column where data can be like '12 st first floor' but suppose mistakenly user has entered the data as '12 st first floor & ' it should be restricted (not using trigger but can this be possible by using constraints )so for this how can we restrict the special characters not to get entered into the column.

    Another way of doing it.
    drop table test_table;
    create table test_table (col varchar2(50));
    alter table test_table add constraint chk_address check (NOT regexp_like(col, '[[:punct:]]+'));
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text' col from dual);
    1 rows inserted.
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text!' col from dual);
    Error starting at line 20 in command:
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text!' col from dual)
    Error report:
    SQL Error: ORA-02290: check constraint (FDL_DEV.CHK_ADDRESS) violated
    02290. 00000 -  "check constraint (%s.%s) violated"
    *Cause:    The values being inserted do not satisfy the named check
    *Action:   do not insert values that violate the constraint.
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text House#32' col from dual);
    Error starting at line 23 in command:
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text House#32' col from dual)
    Error report:
    SQL Error: ORA-02290: check constraint (FDL_DEV.CHK_ADDRESS) violated
    02290. 00000 -  "check constraint (%s.%s) violated"
    *Cause:    The values being inserted do not satisfy the named check
    *Action:   do not insert values that violate the constraint.
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text
    (with new line)' col from dual);
    Error starting at line 26 in command:
    insert into test_table
    (select  'some text
    (with new line)' col from dual)
    Error report:
    SQL Error: ORA-02290: check constraint (FDL_DEV.CHK_ADDRESS) violated
    02290. 00000 -  "check constraint (%s.%s) violated"
    *Cause:    The values being inserted do not satisfy the named check

  • Can Apple TV display special characters in movie chapter names?

    I have an Apple TV 2.0.1. I have encoded my own movies with descriptive chapter names, imported them into iTunes, and synced them to my Apple TV. Does the Apple TV have the ability to display special characters (ó, û, etc.) in movie chapter names? The movies play fine and in iTunes the chapter names are all displayed correctly. I also have an iPod Touch 1.1.4 and it can display the chapter names with special characters fine as well. When playing the movies on Apple TV, only the chapters that have special characters in them display nothing at all for the chapter name. All the other chapters display fine.

    Welcome to the  Discussion Forums.
    I can't really confirm your observation one way or the other, I don't use chapter names. I suspect though that your observations are correct. Unusual characters can often cause issues in a variety of ways, illegal characters in your filenames for example can cause the video not to be found at all or in some cases simply not play. If you are using ie instead of safari for example the  in my welcome my well not display properly whereas others will clearly see it as an apple symbol.

  • How to remove special characters while typing data in edit cell in datagrid in flex4

    Hi Friends,
    I am facing this problem "how to remove special characters while typing data in edit cell in datagrid in flex4".If know anyone please help in this

    Removes any characters from
    @myString that do not meet the
    provided criteria.
    CREATE FUNCTION dbo.GetCharacters(@myString varchar(500), @validChars varchar(100))
    RETURNS varchar(500) AS
    While @myString like '%[^' + @validChars + ']%'
    Select @myString = replace(@myString,substring(@myString,patindex('%[^' + @validChars + ']%',@myString),1),'')
    Return @myString
    Declare @testStr varchar(1000),
    @i int
    Set @i = 1
    while @i < 255
    @TestStr = isnull(@TestStr,'') + isnull(char(@i),''),
    @i = @i + 1
    Select @TestStr
    Select dbo.GetCharacters(@TestStr,'a-z')
    Select dbo.GetCharacters(@TestStr,'0-9')
    Select dbo.GetCharacters(@TestStr,'0-9a-z')
    Select dbo.GetCharacters(@TestStr,'02468bferlki')
    perfect soluction

  • How to print Special Characters in Sap-Scripts

    How to print Special Characters in Sap-Scripts

    if u want print special characters we can use hot codes i.e '  '  (single inverted commas). in between these hot codes insert u r special characters.
    write    '    [email protected]#$%^&*( )  '.
    for the above write statement output is
    output is   [email protected]#$%^&*( )

  • Displaying special characters in ALV report.

    Hi Experts,
    Can we display special characters in ALV reports? Special characters such as tick mark.(Like in character map(Font Bookshelf  Symbol 7) of windows ).
    I tried with icons in ALV report, I was able to display tick icon in the ALV report, but when we export the report in to a excel, the icons comes in as Hexadecimal code.
    Can any we display special characters like tick in ALV report or display the icons in excel aswell?
    I will be gratefull for the <urgency reduced by moderator> response.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on May 10, 2011 10:26 AM

    I think it is possible to do so.
    Please check this link.

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    the wait is over! 2.4 RAW Compatibility update includes Canon G10. what are your impressions? what Aperture settings yield best results? how do they compare to Camera RAW and DPP?

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    What is the best way to handle a user placing a $ sign in a numeric field. The numeric field(unit_cost) exists in an updatable report. When a $ sign is entered, the following error occurs: Error in mru internal routine: ORA-20001: Error in MRU: row=