How to display table data without  using ALV  and table element.

        Its possible to display table data without using ALV  and table element.
       Every time i am fetching data based on (customer,status) fields and displaying these data in my output using alv
       (every time i am fetching single row data ),
       But problem is alv occupying more space in the output , i want to display data part only i dont want field names,
       settings and header data etc..things.
      Give solution to  display data part..

Does you mean that you need ALV without default Function Toolbar...? If this is the case, the easy solution would have been to use Table Element rather. But, if you need to use ALV only without Function Toolbar, you can do away with that as well.
In that case, after calling GET_MODEL, you need to add few more lines of codes to achieve your goal. Those lines are --
* Standard Filter Function setting to FALSE
* Standard Filter Function setting to FALSE Ends
Here as you can easily notice that LV_VALUE is instantiated on CL_SALV_WD_CONFIG_TABLE. Now, using this LV_VALUE, you set standard functions as False to dis-allow their display.
Hope this answers your query.
Kumar Saurav.

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    Let the servlet ask your business tier to provide the data, then stuff it into beans, and pack those into the Session instance. Then forward the request to the JSP, let the JSP get those beans and display them.

  • Display Nested table data in an ALV format

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    REPORT  yh_alvtreedemo1.
    TYPE-POOLS : fibs,stree.
    DATA : t_node TYPE snodetext.
    DATA : it_node LIKE TABLE OF t_node,
           wa_node LIKE t_node.
    DATA: t_fieldcat    TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
          fs_fieldcat   TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.
    DATA:w_repid LIKE sy-repid.
    *Internal Table declarations
    DATA: BEGIN OF fs_scarr,
            carrid LIKE scarr-carrid,
          END OF fs_scarr.
    DATA:BEGIN OF fs_spfli,
            carrid LIKE spfli-carrid,
            connid LIKE spfli-connid,
         END OF fs_spfli.
    DATA:BEGIN OF fs_sflight,
            carrid LIKE sflight-carrid,
            connid LIKE sflight-connid,
            fldate LIKE sflight-fldate,
         END OF fs_sflight.
    DATA:BEGIN OF fs_sbook,
            carrid LIKE sbook-carrid,
            connid LIKE sbook-connid,
            fldate LIKE sbook-fldate,
            bookid LIKE sbook-bookid,
         END OF fs_sbook.
    DATA:t_scarr LIKE TABLE OF fs_scarr,
         t_spfli LIKE TABLE OF fs_spfli,
         t_sflight LIKE TABLE OF fs_sflight,
         t_sbook LIKE TABLE OF fs_sbook.
      PERFORM get_data.
      PERFORM build_tree.
      PERFORM display_tree.
    *&      Form  get_data
    FORM get_data .
      SELECT carrid
             FROM scarr
             INTO TABLE t_scarr.
      SELECT carrid
              FROM spfli
              INTO TABLE t_spfli
              FOR ALL ENTRIES IN t_scarr
              WHERE carrid EQ t_scarr-carrid.
    ENDFORM.                    " get_data
    *&      Form  build_tree
    FORM build_tree .
      CLEAR: it_node,
      SORT: t_scarr BY carrid,
            t_spfli BY carrid connid,
            t_sflight BY carrid connid fldate,
            t_sbook BY carrid connid fldate bookid.
      wa_node-type = 'T'.
      wa_node-name = 'Flight Details'.
      wa_node-tlevel = '01'.
      wa_node-nlength = '15'.
      wa_node-color = '4'.
      wa_node-text = 'Flight'.
      wa_node-tlength ='20'.
      wa_node-tcolor = 3.
      APPEND wa_node TO it_node.
      CLEAR wa_node.
      LOOP AT t_scarr INTO fs_scarr.
        wa_node-type = 'P'.
        wa_node-name = 'CARRID'.
        wa_node-tlevel = '02'.
        wa_node-nlength = '8'.
        wa_node-color = '1'.
        wa_node-text = fs_scarr-carrid.
        wa_node-tlength ='20'.
        wa_node-tcolor = 4.
        APPEND wa_node TO it_node.
        CLEAR wa_node.
        LOOP AT t_spfli INTO fs_spfli WHERE carrid EQ fs_scarr-carrid.
          wa_node-type = 'P'.
          wa_node-name = 'CONNID'.
          wa_node-tlevel = '03'.
          wa_node-nlength = '8'.
          wa_node-color = '1'.
          wa_node-text = fs_spfli-connid.
          wa_node-tlength ='20'.
          wa_node-tcolor = 4.
          APPEND wa_node TO it_node.
          CLEAR wa_node.
    ENDFORM.                    " build_tree
    *&      Form  display_tree
    FORM display_tree .
          nodetab = it_node.
      w_repid = sy-repid.
          callback_program      = w_repid
          callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'
          callback_gui_status   = 'SET_PF'.
    ENDFORM.                    " display_tree
    *&      Form  pick
    *      -->COMMAND    text
    *      -->NODE       text
    FORM user_command    TABLES pt_nodes         STRUCTURE seucomm
                                 USING pv_command       TYPE c
                             CHANGING pv_exit        TYPE c
                                      pv_list_refresh  TYPE c.
      pv_list_refresh = 'X'.
      IF pt_nodes-tlevel = '03'.
        CLEAR t_fieldcat[].
        SELECT carrid
               FROM sflight
               INTO TABLE t_sflight
               WHERE connid EQ pt_nodes-text.
        fs_fieldcat-col_pos = 1.
        fs_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CARRID'.
        fs_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Airlinecarrier'.
        fs_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
        fs_fieldcat-hotspot = 'X'.
        APPEND fs_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.
        CLEAR fs_fieldcat.
        fs_fieldcat-col_pos = 2.
        fs_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CONNID'.
        fs_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Connection No'.
        fs_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
        fs_fieldcat-hotspot = 'X'.
        APPEND fs_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.
        CLEAR fs_fieldcat.
        fs_fieldcat-col_pos = 3.
        fs_fieldcat-fieldname = 'FLDATE'.
        fs_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Flight Date'.
        fs_fieldcat-key = 'X'.
        fs_fieldcat-hotspot = 'X'.
        APPEND fs_fieldcat TO t_fieldcat.
        CLEAR fs_fieldcat.
        w_repid = sy-repid.
            i_callback_program = w_repid
            it_fieldcat        = t_fieldcat[]
            t_outtab           = t_sflight.
    ENDFORM.                    "pick
    *&      Form  set_pf
    *       text
    FORM set_pf.
    ENDFORM.                    "set_pf

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  • How to display the data of CJ2C(T-CODE) using web dynpro abap

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        How to display the data of CJ2C(T-CODE) using web dynpro abap.
        CJ2C used to display a Gantt Chart.

    Create a Value attribute (resource) of type Resource, bind it with the property of File Upload UI element.
    On action place the code and Deploy the application
    byte[] bytes = new byte[ 1024];
    FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream( new File( <path in server>));
    InputStream in = true);
    int len;
    while( ( len = bytes)) > 0)
         out.write( bytes, 0, len);
         Vinod V

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    If you forgot your Apple ID password
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    Hold down power and home for 10 seconds and release power but keep holding down home. iTunes will say your phone is in recovery mode so you can restore it.

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    So I have web app JSF (IceFaces framework) + JBoss all Crystal Report working perfectly. So I have page with Crystal Report tags (e.g.
    <bocrv:reportPageViewer reportSource="#{crystalReport.reportPath}" ...
    in this report I have table with some data (data from DB) and I want to display this data on one page. Unfortunately now this data are moving to the next page and unfortunately I even donu2019t know how switch to the next page (I see only info e.g. 1with 2).
    So how to display this data on one page if its impossible how to torn on pagination.

    So I canu2019t do this, I canu2019t display all data on one page (until Iu2019m using JSF tags)?
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    how to display retrieved data from oracle database on web page,Does anyone can give me an simple example?

    I use JRun tags but you can use Oracle tags or just JDBC... First u need to install jdbs connection and set e connection by using JMC (For JRun) named nomad.
    U can also try the link below for JRun tags..
    <%@ page import="java.sql.*,javax.sql.*,java.text.*,allaire.taglib.*" %>
    <%@ taglib uri="jruntags" prefix="jrun" %>
    <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-9" %>
    <title> Test Page </title>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-9">
    <jrun:sql datasrc="nomad" id="q1">
    select empno,
    from emp
    order by ename
    <table border = 0 cellpadding = 3 cellspacing = 1>
    <jrun:param id="q1" type="QueryTable"/>
    <jrun:foreach group="<%= q1 %>">
                   <td> <%= q1.get(1) %> </td>
                   <td> <%= q1.get(2) %> </td>

  • How to display another window by using Check box

    Hi Friends,
    I have one doubt in Webdynpro with java. How to display another window by using Check box?
    For Exam My requirement is I am getting BAPI from ECC System. So I have to go given input details in first view and output details in Second View. So in Second View I will taken Table that data will displayed in rows. each and every row first check box is available.
    Here Select Check Box of particular row then click Edit button. That row data will be displayed in one popup window.
    empid, name, sal ,firstname, last Name
    empid, name, sal ,firstname, last Name
    empid, name, sal ,firstname, last Name
    Suppose I have to select check box in First Row Click on EDIT button That row data will be displayed in another popup window here customer will change details depending up requirement click on SAVE Button that update data will saved in ECC System.
    How to display another window by using Check box?

    Hi Vijay
    Your question is not clear enough to give an answer. Do you have some difficulties with the code for opening a popup-window? There are many-many examples in the forum how to open/close a popup.
    Or you do not know how to bind the popup opening with clicking a check box? Just put the code in the onSelect event handler of the check box.
    BR, Siarhei
    Edited by: Siarhei Pisarenka on Mar 11, 2010 10:55 AM

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