How to dynamicly create a field name AND access it

I am trying to build a code block that will access what amounts to a table structure inside a table. I have 38 occurances if a set of 3 fields. (Source system had an internal array/occurs clause that was converted for our ODS into individual fields) I am returning a single row as a row type and have addressability to all fields. What I am trying to avoid is coding my logic block 38 times, 1 for each occurance.
FOR X IN 1 .. 38 LOOP
V_CAT_CD_X := 'CAT_'||X||'_CD';
End Loop;
The following is the display of the correctly built field:
--> Loop Cat CD: CAT_1_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:1
--> Loop Cat CD: CAT_2_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:2
--> Loop Cat CD: CAT_3_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:3
--> Loop Cat CD: CAT_4_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:4
My problem is that my row cursor PP1 is addressable hardcoding PP1.CAT_1_CD or PP1.CAT_2_CD ect, however I am having problems using my created string to access the field.
What do I need to do to gain accessability via this method?
I do have the ability to select the column names from the system tables but even then, I am lacking addressability to my ROW type using the selected field name.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for:
SQL> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf
  1  declare
  2  my_cur SYS_REFCURSOR;
  3  v_rec mytest%rowtype;
  4  cursor c1 is select column_name from all_tab_cols where table_name = 'MYTEST';
  5  v_sql_stmt VARCHAR2(1000) := NULL;
  6  BEGIN
  7  v_sql_stmt := 'SELECT ';
  8  FOR I IN c1 LOOP
  9  v_sql_stmt := v_sql_stmt||I.column_name||',';
10  end loop;
11  v_sql_stmt := RTRIM(v_sql_stmt,',');
12  v_sql_stmt := v_sql_stmt||' FROM mytest';
13  open my_cur for v_sql_stmt;
14  LOOP
15  FETCH my_cur INTO v_rec;
17  dbms_output.put_line(v_rec.a);
19 close my_cur;
20* end;
SQL> /
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
SQL> Edited by: AP on Nov 17, 2010 5:29 AM

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    <cfparam name="sr" default="1">
    <cfoutput group="ft_id" query="oompa2">
    <select name="">
    <OPTION value="">select...</OPTION>
    <OPTION value="#ft_id#_#fs_id#">#ft_options#</OPTION>
    <cfset sr=#sr# + 1>
    But when zgen1 has a value (in this case "Apples") I can't figure out how to dynamically test for the presence of a value for each dropdown. I have dynamically created the field names (cfset xvalue="") to test against. However this creates a value of FORM.zgen1, FORM.zgen2, FORM.zgen3 as it loops when I want it to be Apples, Organic, Domestic.
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    Three selects related type code was not the way to go - because I need each filter to be independent. I created a custom tag that argues the state for each separately up to ten filters.

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    Please let me know how to get the field names and values in the program for dynamic selections .

    You have to read the itab <i>pnpdynse</i> in your Program to obtain the Dynamic Selection values. This itab has a deep structure.. you can set a break point in one of the events before <b>get pernr</b> & in the debug mode, you will able to display the itab <i>pnpdynse</i>.. you can then identify how to get the values into your code..

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    There is no provision in WD for getting screen coordinates and then placing the UI element.
    You to add the UI element to layout editor and based on the layout type it will add the UI element to respective position.
    I would advice not to create dynamic UI elements( instead you can create them statically and then play with visibility status through context binding ). This will be more effective way and less error prone. This is also recommended practice.
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    In the WDEVENT parameter of the action handler you can find the event id.
        lv_selected  type string.          "Selected tab value
    ***Structure and internal table for the Events and messages
        lt_events type WDR_EVENT_PARAMETER_LIST,
        ls_events type WDR_EVENT_PARAMETER.
    ***Field symbols
      field-symbols: <fs_value> type any.   "Attribute value in events table
    ***Move the event table to lt_events
      lt_events = wdevent->parameters.
      read table  lt_events into ls_events with key name = 'SAVE'.  "Button Id
      if sy-subrc eq 0.
        assign ls_events-value->* to <fs_value>.
        if sy-subrc eq 0.
          lv_selected  = <fs_value>.
        endif.                 "IF sy-subrc eq 0.
      endif.                 "IF sy-subrc eq 0.

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    You can select the field which field name and table you want to know, just press F1 button, one more window will open. There you need to select the technical information icon, then you will get the required field name and its table.
    V. Suresh

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    Is there any way i can do it.
    Points will be rewarded for all useful answers.

    Hi All,
    I got some output values from the legacy system with me but need to know whats the actual field name and table name to which i need to transfer these values. How can i do it, since which theres is not field name or despcription given for the data.
    Is there any way i can do it.
    Points will be rewarded for all useful answers.
    Hi Abuser,
            now u have legacy data. now u want to do upload this data from legacy to r/3 by using one sap transaction. yes ok na..
      first of all u want to know the data is relevant to the which transaction...
       without knowing the transaction u cant trasfer the data..
    then open transaction put cursor on i/p field and click on f1
    and find out the field name & table..
    this is one method to find the field name and table name.

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    if it is the same field and it is set to can grow you just need to make sure you put space between by inserting a section below

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    Hi All,
    I got some output values from the legacy system with me but need to know whats the actual field name and table name to which i need to transfer these values. How can i do it, since which theres is not field name or despcription given for the data.
    Is there any way i can do it.
    Points will be rewarded for all useful answers.

    if you know the transaction code you use to post the uploaded data in SAP, you just need to do BDC recording in using transation SM35. Record the whole process and create a program from the recording... and you wont even need to know the tables and field names-- almost everything will be done for you....
    All you need to do is replace record data with upload data.
    You can also try to look for a standard Function Module / BAPI which can do the processing for you and provide it with a table containing the upload data ...
    Reward points if useful

  • How set dynamically created query in GridControl?

    How set dynamically created query in GridControl?
    Thank you

    If your dynamic query is based on an Entity object, then you can probably use RowSetInfo setQueryInfo method.
    The argument to this method is a 'Query' object. There are three flavours provided in the oracle.dacf.dataset
    defines an updateable SQL query based on a predefined BC4J View Object.
    Creates a view object based on an arbitrary SQL statement.
    Creates a View Object from an Entity Object and additional SQL clauses. The View Object will have
    that Entity Object as its sole Entity Object base.
    If in your application you are able to specify the name of the entity, then you can use the QueryInfo method to define your
    query. Please try the following.
    SessionInfo si = ....
    void runDynamicQuery()
    RowSetInfo rsi = new RowSetInfo();
    AttributeInfo ai = new AttibuteInfo(..);
    si.addChild( rsi)
    rsi.setQueryInfo( new QueryInfo( ...../* include entity name */ .... ));
    Hope this helps,

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    Bottom line is all these issues would go away if I could figure out how to get a skype name.

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