How to edit the content.opf  file of a FXL EPUB?

I'm exporting a fixed layout epub and I cannot find out where the content.opf file is and how to edit it.  I'm trying to do the same thing that was done here: Indesign CC 2014 Fixed Layout export
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've googled to no end!

Please follow these steps to edit your EPUB:
1. Download Sigil
2. Open your EPUB in this editor.
3. In the book browser view on your left, look up for content.opf file. Edit this file and save your EPUB.
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  • How to edit the web.xml file

    hi friends,
    i have been working with netbeans for webapplications so far therefore its not ever been requerd to edit the web.xml file that automatically done by IDE itself.
    now, i am just trying to deploy the servlet and jsp's externally without using any tool and i found a requrement to map the servlet and jsp in web.xml file. when i try to edit inside this file it seems noneditable, nothing gonna change. i have an alternate to do this is firstly copy the content of this file into txt file and after making the requred changes overwrite this file in .xml formate to orignal web.xml file.
    am i going in right way?? please help me

    open it in a text editor and modify it.

  • How to edit the setup.ini file of the Adobe Reader X MUI?

    Hi everyone.
    I discovered today that is is possible to edit the setup.ini file of the Adobe Reader X MUI  10.1  installer (multilingual)  in order to customize the installation. I stil have some questions about this.
    1. I would like to make a custom installation of Reader X in german, english, french and spanish. Is this possible? I want to leave out all other languages from my installation..,.
    2.  I would like to edit the ini file to make an automatic update of my Reader, by installing all the patches (10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 and 10.16). Is this possible?
    I patched my Reader manually, but when I install only the 10.15 and 10.16 updates, some functions are still missing (signature toolbar and add text function) so I suspect the patches are not-cumulative.
    Can anyone on the forums show me the right codes for doing this? How can I get a 4-language upgraded Reader X?
    Sincerely yours.
    K. Adam.

    See the docs:
    The admin guide tells you what updates are cumulative (all 10.x quarterlies) and how to set the lang via the cmd line. However, check out the Wizard Guide and download the free Wizard to customize your install and .ini as needed. Much easier.

  • How to edit the contents of spools generated by smartforms

    Hi All,
    I am developing a print form using print work bench & smartforms.
    There is a requirement to generate both preprinted forms (contains only datas) and Non-preprinted forms (contains u2026 data + layout + colors + picturesu2026etc) using a single smartform.In which the non-preprinted part should only get converted into pdf & preprinted should only be get printed.
    For this I am making a replica of the first two pages of non-preprinted into preprinted format in the same smartform(total 4 pages).
    Here I am able to extract & save the non-preprinted part from the spool into PDF.
    After the above process, I want to edit the spool content, & then sent to printer.
    But clueless about editing the spool content...
    ( for eg:- delete the first two pages of content in the spool & print the rest)
    So my question is u2026.
    -Is it possible to edit the contents of spool generated by smartforms u2026 ?
    (Is it possible to copy the content of existing spool ,edit, save it into new spool  and delete the old one. )
    Any solutions / suggestions u2026 ?
    Thank you for your attention.
    With Regards,

    Hi Niki,
    Thank you for your time & suggestions....
    Niki wrote:
    > try to control it in smartform itself.....(above idea will not work).
    > try this ...
    >  from ur driver program pass a variable to identify o/p is preprinted forms or non-preprinted forms
    Yes, I got your point... I even tried this option also.
    First of all the user want both(preprinted-hardcopy & non-preprinted pdf) form in a single process, so that data integrity is maintained both in hardcopy & soft copy.
    Even if I negotiate tha above requirement....
    The problem is , I am using Print WorkBench , not an user-defined driver program.Inside printworkbench , the smartform is mentioned.
    The process is as follows...
    ea40/ea60(isu billing transaction) -> Printworkbench ->smartforms -> spool -> printer(preprint part) / pdf(non - preprint).
    Hope u understand my limitations....
    Still expecting a solution...

  • How to edit the core.css file

    All the fonts in my Apex app are too small, and I mean all the fonts, for the interface too. So, I did a bit of research and found it is probably the core.css file that has been adjusted, trouble is I do not know how to change it. Even installed Microsoft Office Sharepoint to do the editing but I cannot locat the file, or rather I can but I cannot seem to be able to edit the file. I think the file can be found here but when I try to access this site from sharepoint it prompts me for username and password for the address and does not accept what ever I enter. Any advice welcome.

    I do not recommend you change Apex css files.
    Create your own theme and change css file on that.
    Or add your application page template header style that overwrite font size like
    <style>*{font-size:40px!important}</style>When you try login to xdb where is all images,css and js files use SYSTEM user.
    And Apex related question you should post to Application Express Forum
    Oracle Application Express (APEX)

  • Hi i am using oracle 10g how to view the content of the stored procedure or trigger ?

    Hi i am using oracle 10g .How to edit  the content of the stored procedure or trigger ?

    jklopkjl wrote:
    Hi i am using oracle 10g .How to view the content of the stored procedure or trigger ?
    query ALL_SOURCE
    SQL> desc all_source
    Name                                      Null?    Type
    OWNER                                              VARCHAR2(30)
    NAME                                               VARCHAR2(30)
    TYPE                                               VARCHAR2(12)
    LINE                                               NUMBER
    TEXT                                               VARCHAR2(4000)

  • Dreamweaver and PhoneGap: How to Edit the Application Manifest for an Android app

    I successfully created an Android app using dreamweaver cs6 and the PhoneGap build service.  I submitted the app and it is live in Google Play.  The only problem is that the app is requiring all kinds of permissions from users that are not necessary for the app.  The app requires Internet access, but it does not require access to the camera or the user's contacts, etc.  I understand that this information is held in the Application Manifest file, but I don't know where that file is.
    Can you help me figure out how to edit the Application Manifest file for my android app?

    To edit permissions, you do so in the config.xml file. After making changes, you can directly upload on or from within Dreamweaver.
    See this page for info on customizing config.xml:

  • How open and edit the coherence.xml file?

    How can I open and edit the coherence.xml file?
    I cannot find the coherence.xml file in the coherence.jar package.
    Thank you,

    If you are intent on changing the coherence.xml file, then you could use the JAR command (that comes with Java) to extract the coherence.xml file from coherence.jar and the later repackage the coherence.jar file using the udpated coherence.xml file, e.g.:
    C:\java\opt\coherence-331\lib>jar -xvf coherence.jar tangosol-coherence.xmlextracted: tangosol-coherence.xml>
    Instead of using JAR, on Windows you can associate the .JAR, .WAR and .EAR extensions with WinZip and use it to access / modify the contents of JAR files.
    However, the suggested approach is as follows, and does not include any changes to the tangosol.jar file:
    The tangosol-coherence-override-dev.xml file can be found in the coherence.jar file. After editing this file (in this case to define a unique value for the port system-property value for the multicast listener), save the file and add it to the server's classpath. When the server is executed, the values in the tangosol-coherence-override-dev.xml file will override any corresponding settings in the tangosol-coherence.xml file.Peace,
    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence

  • How to edit the nbu file when the mobile device is...

    How to edit the nbu file when the mobile device is not connected?
    That software that is available in the nokia site “nokia phone browser” is not useful! Why?
    It is not working unless the mobile device is connected (attached)
    It is quite slow when editing the contacts! (attached)
    Then why the nokia doesn’t offer a simple software that enable us to edit and explore the content of our nbu files?
    Is there some workaround in this regard?
    Is there some software the can edit the nbu files?
    Thank you for the help,
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    when serializing the DOM, use this: transformer.setOutputProperty(OutputKeys.DOCTYPE_SYSTEM, scrReg.dtd");
    Merry Chrasmas too ;-)

  • HT1438 How do you edit the content of i cloud?

    How do you edit the content of i cloud?

    The feature is not supported in Pages.
    See these earlier discussions of similar questions:
    Re: Compare documents in Pages as you do in MS Word
    Re: can you do document compare in pages, can you do document compare in pages
    Re: App to compare two pages files?
    Dale Gillard offers some useful comments in the last linked discussion.
    Requests for feature enhamcements or additions should be made via the Feedback channel. You'll find Provide Pages Feedback in the Pages menu in Pages '09.

  • How to read the contents of attached files

    I am designing a Form using LiveCycle Designer 8.0
    User can attach the file through "Attachments" facility provided on Adobe  Reader.
    The requirement is to attach 3 documents and post it to SAP system using Web services.
    I am using the following code(which i got from this forum only) to find the number of files user has attached.
    d =;
    n =  d.length;"Number  of Attachments: "+n);
    //Displaying  the names of the Attached files
    for( i =  0; i < n; i++ )"Name  of the file: "+d[i].name);
    My problem: is how to read the contents of the attached files so that I post it to SAP using Web services
    Thanks in advance!!
    Taha Ahmed

    In order to read the content of the Redo Log files, you should use Logminer Utility
    Please refer to the documentation for more information:
    [Using LogMiner to Analyze Redo Log Files|]
    Kamran Agayev A. (10g OCP)
    [Step by Step install Oracle on Linux and Automate the installation using Shell Script |]

  • HT5177 How can two people edit the same FCPX file? One company, so both people/computers share the same license. Example: I work on revision A and my boss takes it and makes revision B and gives it back to me using two separate computers.

    How can two people edit the same FCPX file? One company, so both people/computers share the same license. Example: I work on revision A and my boss takes it and makes revision B and gives it back to me using two separate computers.

    Have the project, events and media on one drive which is common to both macs.
    You can download FCP X to both macs using the same Apple ID that it was purchased with.

  • How to read the content of a text file (by character)?

    Good day!
    I'm back just need again your help. Is there anyone knows how to read the content of a text file not by line but by character.
    Please help me. Thank you so much in advance.
    package int
    Reads the next byte of data from the input stream.
    An InputStreamReader is a bridge from byte streams to character streams: It reads bytes and decodes them into characters using a specified charset. The charset that it uses may be specified by name or may be given explicitly, or the platform's default charset may be accepted.

  • Help on how to read the content of an XML file from the payload

    I have a receiver channel / mail adapter, that sends e-mails with a XML attachment.
    I’m trying to write a Bean, that should make it possible to rename the attached XML file dynamically.
    In the Bean I want to read the content of the attached XML file, it could be the “order number”.
    The filename should then be “Order number”.XML.
    <u><i>Can anyone help me with how to read the content of the XML file from the payload.</i></u>

    check this:

  • How to get the content in embed swf file in Swf Loader on run time

    How to get the content in embed swf file in Swf Loader on run time
       private var SWFSRC:Class;
    <mx:SWFLoader id="_swfloader" source="{SWFSRC}" />

    Hi Flex harUI,
    Throw the error.
    Access of undefined property content

Maybe you are looking for

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