How to effectively detect the session expiration in the portlet (JSP pages)

In a web application using weblogic personalization server, I want to
monitor how many users are currently logged on the system.
It can be detected when a user logs on(by clicking sign on button), and logs
off (by clicking the sign off button).
I want to know how to detect the sign off event when the session
automatically expires (in this case, the user does not click the sign-off


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    You may use Win_Api_Environment API call to get windows version.
    I have sample code on my home PC if you need code send mail at [email protected]

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    Thanks for the response.
    So are you saying that it is not possible or not easy to detect the typed value data type of a node? In past years, I have had experience with converting based on what looks like a number and it is impossible to safely assume something is a number just because it looks like one. For example a Product ID could be: 14E1 which many routines would detect as a scientific notation number. This is why I need to be able to detect the data type.
    But I am no Schema expert, but my understanding of schema is that simple types have standard designations. I think it is something like xsd:string or xsd:number, etc. But no matter what parser I look at them all seem to be implemented the same way and I can't figure out with any of them how to detect the datatype and then parse it appropriately. But it should be possible since it is written into the schema.
    Since I'm using Jdev I'm hoping that the Oracle XDK can do this, if not does anyone know of any good parsers that can? I'm having trouble even locating validating parsers. Aside from Oracles all I could find were IBMs and Xerces which both seem to be based on the same thing anyhow.
    Help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated since I have been struggling with this seemingly simple task for a long time.

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    Hi there
    Try the "Application Instance Close?" Event.
    Best regards
    CL(A)Dly bending G-Force with LabVIEW
    famous last words: "oh my god, it is full of stars!"

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    Right mouse click the song and select "Get Info", go to option tab and check both Start Time and Stop Time.  Type in the Start and Stop time then click OK

  • How do I set the default welcome page for PUBLIC user

    i'm using -
    Oracle 9i Database
    Oracle 9ias Portal Release 2
    QUESTION => how do I set the default welcome page for the PUBLIC user.
    i did the following to achieve this -
    1. logged into portal
    2. clicked on builder
    3. clicked on administer tab
    4. selected PUBLIC user in the Portal User Profile portlet
    5. went to the preferences tab
    6. in the default home page selected a custom page group
    7. logged out of portal
    8. open a new browsere session
    9. type the portal URL and i get the login page ....??
    i'm unable to understand this behavior ... shouldn't i be getting the page group that i set for the PUBLIC user in step 6 above ....
    the second QUESTION is => when the user logs out he/she should see the PUBLIC page set in step 6 above ... but, instead the user sees a page that is as follows -
    Partner Application Name Logout Status [Logout Status]
    Oracle Portal (portal) logout status
    The SSO Server (orasso) checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
    so, how can i set the default page for the PUBLIC user and also a page when he user logs out.
    ideas anyone ....?
    thanx a bunch.

    The sequence of operation you are doing to set the home page for public users is correct. You are getting the login screen as the "custom page group" selected as "home page" has not been granted to public.
    Also, while logging-out, it is normal behaviour to get the screen where it shows the list of partner applications from where user has been logged-out. When you click on "Return" button, you will get to the "home page" set above.
    Hope it clarifies the things.

  • How can i hand the RowSet to the next jsp page

    In a jsp page, I get a RowSet as the following:
    <input type="hidden" name="result" value="<%=ds.getRowSet()%>">
    I want to handle with this RowSet in the next jsp page, so
    I do in the next jsp page as the following:
    <% RowSet rowset = (RowSet)request.getAttribute("result"); %>
    But I was told null error. How can i hand the RowSet to the next jsp page.Help. Thanks a lot!

    Hello Charles,
    I did the registration in the same way as in the JDeveloper 3.2.3 (see follows)
    // make sure the application is registered
    oracle.jbo.html.jsp.JSPApplicationRegistry.registerApplicationFromPropertyFile(session , "ReefBC_BCPackage_BCPackageModule");
    The argument ReefBC_BCPackage_BCPackageModule is a property file ( After some tries, I can still use it in JDeveloper 9i R2. The reason to keep it is that there would be a lot of migration work of javabean calling if I change it to <job:DataWebBean..>. But I am wondering, do I initialize two application modules when I use registerApplicationFromPropertyFile() and <jbo:ApplicationModule..> in the same page.
    The problem in doStartTag() is found after I post "", by tracing into the <jbo:ApplicationModule..> after calling the OrdHttpUploadFormData. HtmlServices.getRequestParameters sends back an exception, that breaks the running of the program. It was temperorily solved by extending the ApplicationModuleTag. If <jbo:..> could use the application module initialized by registerApplicationFromPropertyFile(), I guess it may be a better workaround.
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    I am getting session expired message when click on page menus. I am getting an error saying that "page you are trying to access is no longer active". Please help me in this.

    When you display the results of you search, is your Servlet writing the HTML out to the screen or is a JSP doing the display?
    If the Servlet is doing the work, and you POST to it, you will get that message everytime in IE, and you will get a "repost data?" popup in Netscape. That is because POST data comes up once on the request, and Netscape (i think) is the only browser that remembers the POSTed parameters. You should be able to quick fix this by changing the initial communication with the Servlet to a GET -OR- by having JSPs do the display of the results.
    Let me know if you need further help or explaination.

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    but always launching new pop-up window(Browser).
    How can I open the EP login page in the only one window(pop-up)?
    Could anybody help me by giving suggestion and codding?

    if you want to redirect the root of portal system (http://portal/) to the login page, edit the
    file and change the body tag as follow:
    <body onload="location.replace('irj/portal' +"></body>

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