How to encode Panasonic HDC-TM700 footage for Final Cut Pro?

How may I encode Panasonic HDC-TM700 footage for Final Cut Pro? It is 1080p/ 50 fps (in Europe)....

I have not bought the camera yet so I cannot try. I have heard that the footage is not suppose to be supported that easily since it is 28 MBS "Avchd?" format. However people seem to be able to edit it in Imovie....

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  • How do I revert to original footage in Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.9, for some reason I have lost some audio in my timeline and would like to start again but cannot get the original footage?

    How do I revert to original footage in Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.9?
    For some reason I have lost some audio in my timeline and would like to start again but cannot get the original footage?
    Only the edited version which is no good without the audio?
    Please  Help

    What format is your problem clip? Are there wave forms visible in the section without sound?
    Right click on the clip in the event broswer and choose Reveal in Finder; open the clip in Quick Time to confirm that there is sound throughout at that stage of your workflow.

  • How do I import HDR-AX2000 footage onto Final Cut Pro (FCP)?

    Does anybody know how to import footage from Sony HDR-AX2000 onto Final Cut Pro? Thank you so much for your help in advance.

    I figured it out! I'll post an answer here so if anybody needs help, they can follow the steps below:
    1. Connect camcorder to Mac using the USB cable that came with the camcorder and mount it on your computer desktop (Just follow the instructions on your camcorder screen).
    2. Copy the ENTIRE folder from the memory card to the desktop by dragging the folder to the desktop.
    3. Final Cut Pro > File > Log & Transfer (NOT Log & Capture)
    4. Click on "Add Volume" in the upper left corner of the window and select the "AVCHD" folder from the copied folder.
    5. Drag media to the window below or click on "Automatic Transfer."
    That's it. You should have all the imported clips in your Browser window now.

  • How to work efficiently with HDV footage in Final Cut Pro 6

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to Final Cut & Mac. I have worked with Final Cut Pro 5 on my Powerbook G4 two years ago. But when I moved to HD, I switched to a PC with Adobe Premiere. Recently, I made the move back to Final Cut as I had problem with the stability of both Premiere 2.0 and CS3. I am really happy with it so far. In Premiere, I used the Cineform codec which performed very well. I also got a license for their MAC codec but unfortunately, I still have to capture under Windows.
    Since I have not worked with HDV on the Mac before, I have a few questions which I hope people on these boards can answer.
    1) How does Final Cut Pro 6 handle native HDV?
    2) Is it beneficial to convert to Pro Res 422 (in terms of quality, but also in terms of editing speed, rendering time, in favor of processing speed etc.)
    3) Which Pro Res 422 setting is advised? I will be capturing HDV through firewire and then recompress to Pro Res 422. The Canon XL-H1 squeezes 1080i into 1440x1080. So I figured I need the 1440x1080 setting. There are two options: normal and (HQ). The HQ files are around 4-times bigger then the native HDV file. The normal setting results in files around 2-times bigger. Coming from HDV, do I see the difference between normal and HQ?
    4) What systems are recommended so I can work efficiently? i.e. how to setup the scratch disks. I currently have the applications installed on Disk 1, all scratch disks on Disk 2 + 3 (RAID 0) and final results on Disk 4.
    I have the following system setup:
    - Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core (2.66Ghz)
    - 5GB of RAM
    - ATI X1900XT 512MB
    - Harddisks:
    -1- Western Digital 750GB SE
    -2- Western Digital 500GB RE2 (member of "VIDEO" - raid 0)
    -3- Western Digital 500GB RE2 (member of "VIDEO" - raid 0)
    -4- Western Digital 500GB SE
    - Two Dell 2407 FWP 24" LCD monitors
    Thanks for your help and don't feel obliged to answer all questions, I am already happy if one of them is answered!!

    1) How does Final Cut Pro 6 handle native HDV?
    Just like FC5.... no worries
    2) Is it beneficial to convert to Pro Res 422
    Just like the Cineform codec you will benefit from an all i-frame codec when working with titles and graphics. I wouldn't recommend capturing native then converting to ProRez as this will take an extremely long time. Many have found editing native up until the compositing then dropping the sequence into a ProRez timeline to render. I prefer to uncompress the HDV with hardware into a capture card and transcode on capture in real time. Depending on the flavor of HDV and the equipment you use you can probably find a method for this. I shoot run & gun field work on to tape, then with the deck I can export via HDMI and together with another product from Convergent Design it is converted to HD-SDI in the a Kona LHe into FC. The benefit for me is the all digital decompression from 1440x1080 4:2:0 to a 1920x1080 4:2:2 uncompressed HD-SDI signal to use anyway I need to. As to which level of PR I can't comment but I have used the lower level and it looks great. As to raid setup I can recommend to help you add two - four more drives internally for unbelievable speed and expanded storage space you will want. The owner (Syed) will give you all the support you need to take advantage of the Mac Pro capabilities for a low cost high performance raid solution. Sounds like you have a great setup in mind, you may want to look into the Kona LHe capture card for capturing and monitoring and a Convergent Design product like the HD-Connect SI or MI depending on the deck you are using. If you need broadcast quality monitoring look into the Matrox MXO.
    Good Luck

  • How do I bring Sony F3 footage into Final Cut Pro?

    Would love some help here.
    I know the file are supposed to work well in FCP, however i dont have the plug ins.
    I tried to convert the files to pro res 422 using mpeg streamclip, but that didnt work either.
    would love some advice,

    The F3 records XDcam to sxs cards?
    I believe you need Sony XDCam Transfer 2.12 available here:
    Once you install it, in FCP you go to the File > Import menu and choose XDcam. It will launch XDCam transfer and will put the clips in your project.
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  • How can I import DVD footage in Final Cut Pro X

    I want to edit a showreel of my own work in Final Cut Pro X (version 10.1.4). A lot of my old footage is only available on DVD. I need to get this footage into Final Cut Pro X but don't know how to do this. There are programs to convert DVD to DV but I don't know which one to use, and how to use them.

    The script provided by MPEG Streamclip worked for me.
    But there is an alternate way, which is basically doing by hand what the script does.
    The actual component that is needed is stored inside an archive file in the inside the package. This file needs to be copied to a place where the system can see it.
    Here are detailed instructions. Be sure you fully understand before putting any files in the Library folders, as described below. No guarantees, but if followed correctly I believe this works.
    1) Double-click the .dmg file.
    2) Inside there are two folders. Open the one that says "For Quicktime 6.4 or later..."
    3) Control-click the QuickTimeMPEG32.pkg and choose "Show Package Contents".
    4) Copy the file "Archive.pax.gz" somewhere else on your mac - I will use the Desktop as an example.
    5) Double click the copy of "Archive.pax.gz" on your desktop. It will expand and create a folder on the desktop called "System".
    6) Inside the folder called "System" is a folder "Library" and then "Quicktime", with a single file called "QuickTimeMPEG2.component".
    This is the file that MPEG Streamclip needs!
    7) I suggest you place this file in your own user's Library. To do this, hold down the option key and select Library from the Go menu in the Finder. There, if it does not exist already, create a folder "QuickTime" and copy the component there. This should work.
    Note: the script actually places the component in a different location - one which I think should not be messed with (inside /System/Library).
    I think it should work in the user's Library, but if not I would put in /Library (the Library at the root of the drive) before trying the location above.

  • How do I set up my Sony HDR-FX1000 to import footage to Final Cut Pro 7, I get an error message.

    how do I set up my Sony HDR-FX1000 to import footage to Final Cut Pro 7, I get an error message "attempt to capture video without a video device selected. Please select a video device in your capture presets and try again."

      1. Make sure you have the camera connected via Firewire (i link)
    2. The Camera is turned to "play" and, if you are capturing HDV,  in the camera menu, it is set to i link "OFF"

  • How do I import avchd sony cx700 camcorder footage into Final Cut Pro?

    I've recently bought a Sony CX700 camcorder, but can't transfer the footage using the Log and Transfer window. Does anybody know how to import AVCHD footage into Final Cut Pro?

    You use the log and transfer function.

  • How do I order vouchers for Certification Exams for Final Cut Pro?

    how do I order vouchers for Certification Exams for Final Cut Pro?  This is for an Educational Institution.
    Rufus Chaney

    I am at the district office of a school district.  One of our high schools is an Apple Authorized Training Center with a Certified Instructor.  The instructor is asking for vouchers for his students in order to complete he exams.  We would also like to like to make them available to oher schools within the district.

  • Why is there no disc for Final Cut Pro X, is there one coming, and how do I transfer the program to a new machine from the download?  Thanks!

    Why is there no disc for Final Cut Pro X?
    Is there one coming?
    Can and how do I move the downloaded application from my old machine to a new computer?

    You purchase FCX in the Mac App Store, there is no disc. You can reload past purchases under your account within the app store. You should also be regularly backing up your system

  • New Canon EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro

    Just thought your would like to know. From
    Canon today announces the latest update for EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro – the company’s custom-developed software application that provides quicker and easier editing of EOS Movie footage in Apple’s Final Cut Pro software suite.
    Launching to coincide with the start of the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro version 1.2 will make the importing of EOS Movie files even easier, allowing users to transfer files from any folder, without needing to mirror the folder structure on the camera itself.
    The update also enables smoother importing from Canon’s EOS 7D, EOS 5D Mark II and EOS-1D Mark IV models, allowing users to import footage without requiring the THM file generated by the camera.
    Originally launched in February 2010, EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro is designed to quickly and seamlessly convert EOS Movie footage from Canon’s leading range of EOS DSLR cameras to Apple’s high-quality ProRes 422 codec. The plug-in allows users to convert footage at approximately twice the speed of Apple’s standard conversion, creating a smoother workflow for the rapidly growing number of videographers shooting HD video content on DSLR cameras.
    EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro version 1.2 will be available to download for free from 25th April 2011.

    And I just spent over an hour yesterday explaining to a client how utterly essential it was to maintain the exact folder structure for proper log & transfer:/
    If I say that once a day to students, I say it a thousand times.
    On top of that I just started Carbon Copy Clone today with all my updates in my editing lab. Not the end of the world but it's a little time consuming on 80 stations. Oh well.

  • What is the recommended set up for Final Cut Pro re: Scratch Disks etc

    What is the recommended set up for Final Cut Pro with regards to Scratch Disk etc.
    I have a lot of projects and at the moment they are all over the place on various external HDDs etc.
    I just bought a new Firewire 800 External HDD and want to get everything straight but I'm not quite sure where to start...
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank You

    Media Manager (available from the File menu bar item) will consolidate all elements of your project together with a linked copy of the project file to a single folder in a location of your choice. There are various options to leave out unused footage, include handles etc. Safest way is to copy the files. Delete the originals when you are sure the copy works.
    The user manual has a detailed description of how MM works.

  • Red footage with Final cut pro X

    I am intersted in going for Red Scarlet so I want to know how well does editing Red footage work on Macs with FCPX with out the Red Rocket card? I have an iMac i7 but will have to switch to a Mac pro and get a Red Rocket card if it doesn't work well on an iMac. ns-for-final-cut-pro-7-and-fcpx

  • Hi I shoot on a canon 5d mk11 and I record my audio on an external device yet when I open up my footage in final cut pro x I can't find my external audio files only the ones attached to the clip which are off the camera mic

    I shoot on a canon 5d mk11 and I record my audio on an external device yet when I open up my footage in final cut pro x I can't find my external audio files only the ones attached to the clip which are off the camera mic

    What device?
    What format?
    How are you importing it?
    Can you find the external audio with Finder?
    Where is your destination file when you import it?

  • Can I add a secondary location for Final Cut Pro Documents?

    Hi Guys,
    I'm working on a large project which has taken up most of my 2tb hard drive which I use for my final cut pro documents (capture scratch, render files etc). Is it possible if I plug in another hard drive to use that as a secondary location for final cut pro documents as I have other (smaller) projects which I could be uploading and working on in the mean time? If so, how is this achieved and what are the pros / cons?

    Sure -- go to Final Cut Pro menu on your menu bar and select System Settings.
    The first tab is SCRATCH DISKS -- that's the term too -- not secondary folder for FCP Documents.
    Change it there.
    It has been a while since I've had to deal with this, but FCP used to not remember (feature or bug??) a project's original scratch disk location and if you change it for ONE project it will be changed for ALL future AND past projects... until you change it back.
    Now, that in itself isn't a BAD thing. All that that means is that if you continue to capture material into that old project it will now put it over here instead of over there. Also, other things like render files and such which won't really matter much unless they do... and now you've got stuff spread over a coupla drives.
    FCP's projects don't care. They've already mapped where they need to go to get the video and render files it needs. Move your Scratch Disk 33 times... won't make a difference to the browser and timeline. -- UNTIL you remove one of the important drives. THEN red lines galore! Un renders, missing files... messy messy messy!
    Much better to start and finish a project in scratch disk. Makes for easy cleanup. Kinda like cooking thanksgiving dinner (American??) in 5 houses at once.
    Good luck,

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