How to erase a early 2008 iMac Hard drive when the screen is dead

My early 2008 iMac's Graphics Module has died for the third and last time. I want to erase the Hard Drive before I offer it up for sale as parts or just re-cycling. But with the Graphics Module dead it will not boot up, therefore no display. So how do I erase my data and restore to a clean OS?

Make sure that your old Mac will boot into disk mode then buy this Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter

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  • How to erase a Macbook Pro Hard drive when the screen is dead

    I have a Macbook Pro (2007) with a dead screen and a motherboard issue. Just bought a new macbook and i was planning on transfering the hard drive over and selling my pro on ebay for parts, Is there anyway i can securely delete my data from the computer without seeing it on the screen before i decide to sell it?

    Be sure your dead Mac isn't covered by this program:
    If it is, you can get a free repair, and it would be worth a lot more on EBay.
    Good luck!

  • How to access my hard drive when the system does not work

    how to access my hard drive when the system does not work

    Startup - Gray, Blue or White screen at boot, w/spinner/progress bar
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  • HT1436 I have two hard drives on my G5(2004). How do I get to choose which hard drive is the start up disk when I turn on the computer? Is it the shift key I hold down?

    I have two hard drives on my G5(2004). How do I get to choose which hard drive is the start up disk when I turn on the computer? Is it the shift key I hold down?

    depending on which model of G5 and  OS installed will depend on whether a key command will work
    alt   at start up may  work, if it does not, use the start up disc setting in;  
    apple menu > system preferences > system  > start up disc
    of course, the second drive must have a compatible OS installed for it to be able to boot.

  • 2008 iMac hard drive quit.

    My 2008 intel iMac hard drive quit.  All I get is a flashing folder with a question mark on it.
    Should I send it to Apple for a new hard drive and can they transfer my files onto the new
    HD.  Or can I do this myself?

    I know... I can't figure out why it won't.  I've even tried multiple keyboards to be sure... It stays on the gray screen longer than usual, and goes to the missing file icon.

  • How to run itunes off an external hard drive using the new itunes

    I have windows 8.  I installed the new itunes and I want to know how to run itunes off an external hard drive. 
    thank you for your help.

    Same way as before, hold down shift as you start iTunes, Choose or Create a library.

  • 2008 iMac Hard Drive Replacment Trouble

    I am replacing the hard drive in my 2008 iMac with a WD 1TB drive and I'm having trouble with installing Snow Leopard. I ordered a fresh full copy of snow leopard from Apple and am trying to get it installed but my imac won't accept the disc. I'm not entirely sure if there's a disc inside the machine but I can get the OS X disc about 3/4 the way into the slot so I don't think there's anything stuck in there.
    If I can't get it into the drive I guess I'm stuck unless anybody can help me with different install options. Right now when I boot the computer and hold down C I get a flashing folder icon with a question mark. I need help big time!

    Yikes, you can't erase or format the drive while booted from it, but try this...
    Open System Preferences>Accounts, unlock the lock, click on the little plus icon, make a new admin account, log out & into the new account.
    Remove the original account without saving it, then in Diak Utility, Secure erase Free Space.

  • How to free space on an imac hard drive

    My imac is showing that the hard drive is full however, I have tried several times to delete files, movies, and pictures to free space and its still shows zero space is available. Yesterday i freed 4.4GB and this morning when I turned it on its back to zero space available. Any ideas on what the problem could be would be appreciated.

    Do you use the mac's mail application?  If you do open up finder, then go to the menu bar and click go, then hold down option, and a hidden folder called "library" should appear in the drop down box.  Click it.  Find a folder called mail and click once on the folder "mail" then press and hold command and click the letter "i" on the top right of this little window it will give you a size, how big is it?

  • How can I wipe my imac hard drive if the imac is not recognising my keyboard

    I fell into the same trap many others have with installing Windows via bootcamp & not setting up the hard drive formatting properly. So I've got a "Disk error. Press any key to restart message."
    I've tried pressing command to get it to boot into OS and using 'c' to get it to boot from the OS cd. But my mouse and keyboard are not being recognised so these don't work.
    I'm thinking that there must be a way to wipe the hard drive so I can reinstall OS. I thought it may work to connect it to another computer in target disk mode, but the iMac won't recognise me pressing T. Would anyone know whether there is any other way I can wipe the hard drive or otherwise get OS back running?

    If your keyboard is a wireless one, wait until the startup chimes sound and then immediately press the appropriate key.
    If your keyboard is a non-Apple one, then startup commands may not be embedded. In this case, using an Apple keyboard should work, such as the original one that came with the machine.
    The key to hold down to bring up Startup Manager during booting is the Option key, not the Command key.

  • How do I re-partition my iMac hard drive?

    Originally partitioned my 1TB internal to 250GB/750GB. Now it seems I need more space for my boot partition. I've used Time Machine to BU. So do I have to completely erase, booted from my Snow Leopard install disks, partition like I want to, and then use my Time Machine BU to re-install all my stuff? Will it recognize my new partition and put each BU disk into its' proper place?

    It depends on which partitions are where, and which ones you want to keep/move/change.
    With Disk Utility, you can expand a partition without erasing it if it's not the last one on the drive.
    So if the diagram shown by Disk Utility when you select the top line for the drive, then the Partition tab shows partition A on top and B on the bottom, you can delete B and expand A to fill the drive. Then click the plus sign at the bottom to split the expanded A, and set the sizes as needed. Then you'll only have to restore B.
    It's not quite the same thing, but there are a couple of screen prints in #6 of Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum), that should give you the general idea.
    But if the partitions are arranged the other way, yes, you must completely erase and repartition.
    I'd strongly agree with Thomas that you should have a second backup before starting this, just in case something goes wrong. It's unlikely, but does happen on occasion.
    I'd also agree that in most cases OSX works much better with OSX, apps, and data in a single partition; Apple's engineers spend lots of time optimizing it to do just that. There are exceptions, of course, but one big pot is usually better than two small ones.
    To restore your boot partition, see #14 in the FAQ; to restore a data-only partition, see #15.

  • How can I restore my iPod touch data to a new hard drive when the old one crashed

    My computer crashed and I want to put the contents of my iPod Touch back on the new hard drive. How do I do this without accidentally Syncing and copying over my data? The vast majorioty of the music on my iPod is my own from DCs I own.

    You should probably disable the autosync functionality first by going to Edit -> Preferences, clicking the Devices tab, and enabilng the prevent iPods,iPhones, and iPads from automatically syncing option.
    Next, authorize the new computer with your iTunes Account.  In iTunes, choose Store -> Authorize This Computer and enter in the correct credentials.
    If possible, either copy a backup file from your old computer to your new one or create a new backup of your iPod in iTunes before letting it sync.  To do this, right->click on your iPod Touch from under the Devices section in the left hand pane of iTunes and choose Backup. You might also want to take a look at this article to see what it all included in the backup.
    Now onto synced content such as music, videos, photos, etc.  For iTunes purchases you can copy them back into iTunes by choosing File -> Transfer Purchases.  For all other nonpurchased iTunes content, see this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering different software availbable to assist you with this task.
    Once the backup has been made and all other synced content such as music, videos, and photos are back in your iTunes library, restore your iPod from that backup you made earlier.  Here is more on backing up and restoring your iPod.

  • How do I transfer files from my hard drive to the MacBook?

    I am a new Mac user and I transferred all of my files that were on my PC to an external hard drive in order to transfer them to the macbook.  However once I plugged in the hard drive to my mac, I don't understand how to transfer my files over.  There's no "My Computer" on a Mac so I don't know how to do it. Step by step instructions please!  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    milkaballet wrote:
    Once yes but I turned it off! Oh no! Whats next?
    It sounds like you got a prompt like this:
    Clicked Use as Backup Disk, then got this one:
    and clicked Erase.  If so, your data has been deleted (not actually erased, regardless of what the message says, although if a backup got started, some of it may have been erased).
    But first let's find out what's actually what.
    Open the Disk Utility app (in your Applications/Utilities folder).  Click the top line of the drive, similar to this:
    then click the line for the volume (indented under the main one):
    Report back with the Partition Map Scheme from the first one, and the Format for the second.

  • How do I move data from old hard drive to the time capsule?

    Hi ,
    I got the Time Capsule a couple days ago and have been backing up my Macbook pro's data. I have an old Lacie 160G external hard drive with data I'd like to put into the time capsule. The only way it can do that now seems like I have to transfer the data from the Lacie to my mac ...then backs it up automatically to the Time Capsule.
    However, my 256G of space on my mac is about to be full !
    The time machine automatically puts my Lacie hard drive as excluded from being backed up and the button - (to remove it) doesn't work when an external hard drive is connected to the Macbook. Right now, my trust in the time capsule is not superb. I've tried intentionally to delete a video file on my Macbook and then see if I could retrieve it . I've had one fail/error and one success. Since one failed I have not dared to delete anything.
    So..the plan is to delete files on my Macbook and then import data from my Lacie to my Macbook...and pray the time capsule will save everything?
    Can anyone with experience tell me how to use the time capsule correctly?
    Thanks in advance!

    The TM should be able to include the LaCie if it is formatted HFS+. If it isn't then no .. TM cannot backup.
    On Yosemite the simple fact is TM is working poorly.. we are awaiting a patch or 6 to fix some of the issues.. but it is being extra flakey.
    This is just a very personal opinion but I purchased Carbon Copy Cloner a couple of years ago.. very good purchase.. Easy to use.. reliable.. can backup network drives and disks that are not HFS+ formatted.. plus it can make a bootable clone.. It can backup separately your internal drive and your external drive to different sparsebundles on the TC.. I reckon for $40.. it is well worth it.
    Otherwise you are stuck with the Yosemite / TM bugs.. good luck with those..
    And more so the fact that TM is simply limited in its ability.
    At least create a disk image on the TC and copy manually the files from the external drive into it. You do not need to copy the files to the Mac to do this..
    But I think I would be buying another decent sized external drive.. 160GB drives.. sounds ancient..
    How to use data and backups properly on a TC.
    Q3 here.

  • How do i transfer data from a hard drive to the airport extreme

    2 part question...(#1) I do not have a home based Mac/PC. I would like to know how I transfer all my data from iTunes to the Airport Extreme base? I need to free up space on my Mac book Pro, and I don't want to carry a portable hard drive around with me. (#2) After the data is transferred, will I be able to access it on a Apple TV?

    The airport extreme has no data storage.  Where do you want the data to go?
    Does this help:

  • How do i clear movies off my hard drive ? the storage is almost full and i can't clear it ?

    how do i clear movies from the hard drive on my macbook ?

    Hi gpzjamie,
    If you need to free up space on your Mac by deleting the movies you've downloaded from the iTunes Store, then please follow the directions below for help with deleting movies.
    Mac or PC
    Open iTunes.
    From the Library pop-up menu, choose Movies.
    Click Movies in the navigation bar.
    Click the movie you want to delete.
    Press Delete on your keyboard.
    In iTunes 11 or later, the movie cover art will remain visible, but a Download  icon will appear on it to allow you to download the item again (in countries that support this).
    How to delete content you've downloaded from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, or Mac App Store - Apple Support
    Have a good one,
    Alex H.

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