How to EXIT the while loop in Event response section?

I'm writing a program to grab image using a NI card. The application uses the Event structure. When the GRAB button was pressed, it snaps image continually by putting the SNAP function in a while loop. Is there some way to exit the while loop?(Note :The while loop was put in the GRAB IMAGE event response section.)

edit this event-case AND uncheck "lock front panel until the event case for this event completes".
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  • How do i exit a while loop using event handler

    I have an event handler structure within which i run a while loop for a particular event. I would like to interrupt the execution of this while loop as soon as another event occurs, even if the while loop has not finished execution. I have tried so many ways, the best i could get is exiting one itteration after the new event occurs which is no good for me.
    Any suggestions???

    Instead of having a task while loop in an event case, put your task while loop in parallel with the loop surrounding the event structure. When the event which should start the task occurs, you can signal the start of the task while loop. You could use local variables of references to start/stop the loop when an event occurs. You could also use notifiers instead of variables to pass signals to start/stop the while loop. In general you should have a while loop for the event structure, and a parallel while loop to do the tasks. The parallel loop is controlled by variables or notifiers which are set in the event cases.
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  • How to stop a while loop of event structure from a main vi

    sorry for my english
    I have to stop a subvi from my main vi, the subvi contains a while loop and an event structure so I need to stop this loop while directly from my main vi I have tried global variable but it did not work
    any help please or example !!!   
    Go to Solution.
    stop a while loop and event structure from main vi.png ‏16 KB

    IYED wrote:
    sorry for my english
    I have to stop a subvi from my main vi, the subvi contains a while loop and an event structure so I need to stop this loop while directly from my main vi I have tried global variable but it did not work
    any help please or example !!!   
    If this is an example of how your code looks, I'd clean it up before the developer who has to work on it next hits you over the head with his LabVIEW Style Book. 
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  • How to exit from while loop

        I want to exit from loop if error is encountered.

    Hi Sonu,
    This is not a question related to the SDK. This is more of a coding question you should probably try something like StackOverflow or MSDN forums for that next time.
    Regarding your question it depends on the language you are using. If you are using c# you can use the keyword "break;" inside an if that checks for the error. In VB you can use "Exit For" or "Exit While".
    Best regards,
    Pedro Magueija

  • How to stop a while loop when using tab control

    How do you use a tab contol to stop what is happening on one tab when you switch to another tab?  In the test example I attached, I have a while loop nested inside a case structure controlled by the tab control.  When I tab to page two the elapsed timer starts but when I switch to another tab it does not stop.  I can't come up with an easy way to stop or exit the while loop when I change tabs. 
    Thank you
    tab ‏24 KB

    I played with it a little more and came up with this fix.  This fixes it but is not tied to the changing tabs as I was looking for.  Is this just too many nested loops and a bad idea?
    tab control fix ‏26 KB

  • How to code a parallel 'for loop' and 'while loop' where the while loop cannot terminate until the for loop has finished?? (queues also present)

    I've attached a sample VI that I just cannot figure out how to get working the way that I want.  I've labeled the some sections with black-on-yellow text boxes for clarity during the description that follows in the next few sentences.  Here's what I want:
    1) overall -- i'm intend for this to be a subVI that will do data acquisition and write the data to a file.  I want it to use a producer/consumer approach.  The producer construct is the 'parallel for loop' that runs an exact number of times depending on user input (which will come from the mainVI that is not included).  For now I've wired a 1-D array w/ 2 elements as a test case.  During the producer loop, the data is acquired and put into a queue to be delt with in the consumer loop (for now, i just add a random number to the queue).
    2) the consumer construct is the 'parallel while loop'.  It will dequeue elements and write them to a file.  I want this to keep running continuously and parallel until two conditions are met.
          i. the for loop has finished execution
          ii. the queue is empty.
       when the conditions are met, the while loop will exit, close the queue, and the subVI will finish. (and return stuff to mainVI that i can deal with on my own)
    Here's the problems.
    1)  in the "parallel for loop" I have a flat sequence structure.. I haven't had time to incorporate some data dependency into these two sequential sections, but basically, I just care that the "inner while loop" condition is met before the data is collected and queued.  I think I can do this on my own, but if you have suggestions, I'm interested.
    2)  I can easily get the outer for and while loops to run sequentially, but I want them to run in parallel.  My reasoning for this is that that I anticipate the two tasks taking very different amounts of time. .. basically, I want the while loop to just keep polling the queue to get everything out of it (or I suppose I could somehow use notifiers - suggestions welcome)...  the thing is, this loop will probably run faster than the for loop, so just checking to see that the queue is empty will not work... I need to meet the additional condition that nothing else will be placed in the queue - and this condition is met when the for loop is complete. basically, I just can't figure out how to do this.
    3) for now, I've placed a simple stop button in the 'parallel while loop', but I must be missing something fundamental here, because the stop button is totally unresponsive.  i.e. - when I press it, it stays depressed, and nothing happens.
    suggestions are totally welcome!
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    I'd actually like to add a little more, since I thought about it a bit and I'm still not quite certain I understand the sequence of events...
    altenbach wrote:
    zskillz wrote:
    So i read a bit more about the 'dequeue element' function, and as I understand it, since there is no timeout wired to the dequeue element function, it will wait forever, thus the race condition I suggested above can never happen!
    Yes, you got it!
    As I've thought about it a bit more, there's a few things that surprise me... first, the reason the 'dequeue element while loop' errors is not because there's nothing in the queue, it's becaues the queue has been released and it's trying to access that released queue...   However the problem I have is this --- Even though there's no timeout wired to the dequeue element, I still would think that the while loop that contains it would continue to run at whatever pace it wanted -- and as i said before.. most of the time, it would find that there is nothing to dequeue, but once in a while, something is there.  however, it seems that this loop only runs when something has been enqueued.  the reason I say this is illustrated in the next code sample MODv2 that's attached below.  I've added a stop button to the "queue size while loop" so the program runs until that is pressed.  I've also added a simple conditional in the "dequeue while loop"  that generates a random number if it a button is pressed... but this button is totally non-responsive... which means to me that the "dequeue while loop" isn't actually continuously running, but only when an element is added to the queue.  this still seems almost like the 'dequeue while loop" waits for a notifier from the queue telling it to run.  can you explain this to me? because it is different from what I expect to be happening.
    rasputin wrote:
    I tried to open your VIs but it doesn't work. LV
    is launched, the dialog box (new, open, configure...) opens and then...
    nothing. Not even an error message. I guess it isn't a problem of LV
    version or a dialog box would appear saying this. Could you, please,
    send a image of the code?
    Hi Rasputin, I'm using LV8.  I assume that was your problem, but who knows.  I've attached a pic of of altenbach's solution since it's what I needed.
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  • Exit a while loop inside an event case

    Hi All, I have a multi-page program. One of it is used to read some analog signal via a USB block continuously.
    What I want is when clicking this page, this while loop is activated. Then we can monitor the data. When we click other pages or "Stop" button, this while loop will be terminated. And we can use the other pages to do something else.
    Right now I got difficuties in stop the while loop. I do not want to stop the running of the whole program, just want to jump out of this while loop then do other operation.
    Could anyone give me some advise how to do it? Thank you very much! 

    Hi RavensFan, thank you for your reply.Actually this is not my real code  because the original one is very very compliacted.
    In real code, the tab control you see in inside the bigger while loop, that loop makes the whole program work.
    And as what I pointed, the purpose is when I click this tab (if we do not want it to trigger, we can place another "START" button to trigger), an internal while loop inside begins to run. This while loop keeps showing the real time analog signal.
    And if I do not want to use this "real time monitoring" function, I want to click somewhere (or doing anything else that can work) to jump out of this internal while loop and keep on using some other functions of the program.
    Could you advise about that? Thank you very much! 

  • How do I store 4 hours of data and get it out of the "while loop" into a spreadshee​t file for documentin​g purposes? "See additional Text for additonal info"

    What a have is a VI that uses the following SUbvi's, starts with FP OpenVI, then FP Create TagVI, into a "While Loop" which contains a FP ReadVI outputting data into a Index ArrayVI outputting to a Display (DBL). This shows the output of a FP-AI-100 monitoring a 9v battery. I have to monitor this battery for a 4 hour period my problem is storing the 4 hours of data and getting it out of the "while loop" into a "Write to Spreadsheet File VI" all I seem to accomplish is just one data sample which I get into a spreed ship file with no problem. I just can't get 4 hours worth. By the way this is my first VI and I'm self
    trained so have mercy.

    I figured it out thanks.
    John Morris
    Glendinning Marine

  • How do I store 4 hours of data and get them out of the "while loop" into a spreadsheet file for documenting purposes? "See additional Text for additonal info"

    What a have is a VI that uses the following SUbvi's, starts with FP OPENvi, then FP Create Tagvi, into a "While Loop" which contains a FP READvi outputting data into a INDEX ARRAYvi outputting to a Display (DBL). This shows the output of a FP-AI-100 monitoring a 9v battery. I have to monitor this battery for a 4 hour period my problem is storing the 4 hours of data and getting it out of the "while loop" into a "Write to Spreadsheet File vi" all I seem to accomplish is just one data sample which I get into a spreed ship file with no problem. I just can't get 4 hours worth. By the way this is my first VI and I'm sel
    f trained so have mercy.

    I figured it out Thanks.
    John Morris
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  • How to get the loop sequence time (i) out of the while loop in the sub-vi to the main vi?

    I tried to search for the answer but no much luck.  My situation is that I used a sub-vi containing a while loop in my main vi. Now I need to see the while loop sequence number (i) from that sub-vi in my main vi.  In the sub-vi I have the indicator to show this loop sequence flawlessly, but that's inside the loop itself.  If I use this indicator as a terminal in the sub-vi, I can only see the last sequence number in the main vi after the loop finished its execution.
    Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks.

    Hi nobody,
    well easiest (but error prone) way is to use globals to move data from subvi to main vi. You can also give the reference of the main vi indicator to the subvi to write to a "value" property node. You can also use queues, and there are other techniques too
    Best regards,
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  • How to control the tab control using event structure?

    I am using tab control and event structure in the program.
    When i run the application event is not happening for the active page.
    When user switches from active page to the other page then event is taking place for all pages
    So, how to get the event trigger for the active page when the application is started
    For more clarification i am attaching the code "Test Control Tab using Event"
    Test Control Tab using Event ‏52 KB

    You have a basic misunderstanding of dataflow. Maybe you should start with some tutorials or study some of the examples that ship with LabVIEW.
    The event structure belongs inside the while loop, and not vice versa. RIght now, the event structure only runs exactly once and never again.
    If the stop is pressed first, the VI will stop. Game over.
    If the tab control is changed (from any state to any other state!), the inner loop will spin forever as fast as the CPU allows, either executing one or the other case. It just reads the tab terminal to decide which case to execute. Changing tab never triggers any events. The VI is trapped inside the event until stop is pressed to stop the VI.
    you were closer to a reasonable program in the other thread:
    Have you tried execution highlighting? Maybe things would become more clear of you do.
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  • Can we place Analog in Read(AI-RE​AD) Vi inside the while loop for high sample rate like 22ks/s?

    I am using E-series Card for data acquisition.My requirement is to sample the channel, and check the 10 samples for certain condition.both at a time.What should be done can we place the AI-READ vi inside for or while loop for this purpose?

    Yes, you can include the AI inside the while loop, you would just need to specify the number of scans to read for every iteration of the loop. Then, after AI has read the data, you can do what ever kind of manipulation of the data you would like, before the next iteration of the loop. The one thing to watch out for is what ever manipulation of the data you do, be sure that it doesn't take to long whereas the buffer holding the data starts to back up. That can be checked by looking at the scan backlog output of the AI, which will tell you how many scans have been acquired but haven't been read into your program.
    Hope this helps!
    Steven B.
    Applications Engineering, NI

  • Using a DAQ value in a location outside of the While Loop it is placed in

    I am writing a program that records the speed of a car and then is supposed repeat the action through the use of an actuator.  I was able to write the program to the point where I am saving the data into a .txt file and will be able to read it back out.  My problem is that I need to use a dbl value that I am calculating from the output of a DAQ Assistant block that is contained inside a while loop in another part of the program to compare current speed vs. recorded speed then output an action.  Everytime I try to draw a connection outside of the while loop, the actual value is not read outside of the loop.  I cannot put the other part of the program into the while loop because the while loop only performs every .1 to 1 second and I need the output to the actuator to be a continous string delievered to the serial port.  I also cannot create another DAQ Assistant block that reads the same port outside of the while loop.  I have thought about using a jumper to another input on the input card, but I would prefer not to use the extra space.
    So generally speaking, I'm wondering if there is a way to read a value obtained from a DAQ Assistant block outside of the while loop it is contained in.
    Thanks to anyone that can help!!!

    I am not 100% sure what your problem is but how about writing the red value into the local variable and reading it outside of the loop? Or enqueue the value into the queue and dequeue it in the other loop (Producer/Consumer Structure (Data))?

  • How to stop a while loop in LabVIEW from a C program

    How to stop  a while loop in LabVIEW from a C code

    I think by creating dll you can stop the while loop from your C program.For that you just create dll (Dynamic Link Library) for the VI which has that while loop.
         Anyway can u please explain ur requirement clearly.

  • How to stop a while loop after certain time using Elapsed time vi

    how to stop a while loop after certain time using Elapsed time vi.

    Hi Frankie,
    Just place the Elapsed Time VI inside the WHILE loop, and wire the 'Time Has Elapsed' output to the conditional terminal in the lower right corner (which should be set to 'stop if true' by default).
    In the future, please post your LabVIEW questions to the LabVIEW Forum.  You have a much better chance of getting your questions answered sooner, and those answers can then help others who are searching the LabVIEW forums.  Thanks!
    Justin M
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