How to Export Address Book contacts as CSV file for Gmail?

I wish to export some of my Address Book contacts towards Gmail (which i use through the web interface for now) but I don't want to export vcards as i don't trust big brother Google with all the other data (snail mail, phone numbers, birthdays, etc).
I have tried to do the export through Address Book but found no CSV export option.
I've searched the forum for an answer, but to no avail. Some other (paying) websites claim to offer solutions but the "pay before you see" deters me from using them.
Any tip on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Scripts and software also welcome, if shareware/freeware.

Thanks for your answer, but gmail's help specifically states one can import contacts in CSV format and i was looking for a simple batch solution.
Here is a link to the relevant gmail page (might be in French - am not a "Froguette" for nothing ;)) about importing:
and the one about importing addresses as CSV files:
So my question still stands.
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  • How to export address book contacts to numbers sheet

    I am looking for a way to export my address book contacts from a specific group to a Numbers spreadsheet. Can someone help me with that? I would think it should be a simple task, but I can't seem to find any help for that kind of an operation.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    select the contacts
    switch to Numbers
    You should also make sure, in System Preferences, that Numbers is allowed to access Contact information in the "Security & Privacy" panel:

  • How can I export Address Book contacts to csv then to xcel to create a mailing list?

    It seems to only export to Vcard. No Vcard to csv...

    Export to vCard,
    Go to this URL
    And select .csv as the output

  • How to export Address Book to FileMaker Pro?

    How to export Address Book to FileMaker Pro so mailing labels can be printed.
    FileMaker Pro does a better job at a miniature address book.

    @GeorgeBetty,   I asume that Address Book's built in print functionality doesn't meet your needs. correct?
    The Soliant_vCard_Import_v1.1.fp7 file will come in handy someday... I've got that saved.  Thanks BDAqua!

  • Exporting Address Book Contacts

    I would like to export my address book contacts into an excel spreadsheet in order to THEN import them into Filemaker. Can anyone give me a simple step by step?

    Go to --and scroll down to AddressBookToCSV. I just tested it on 10.5.2, and it will export your address book to CSV format in spreadsheet. Follow the instruction in the dialog box.

  • How to copy address book contacts to Numbers 3

    I updated to OSX 10.9 and Numbers 3.   I can't drag or copy address book contacts to spreadsheets anymore.    Apparently this feature has been removed.   Any work arounds out there?   Any ideas how to do this?   I am utterly dependant on adding Address book contacts to Numbers spreadsheets.

    We feel your pain. Nothing keeps you from continuing to use version 2.3. Just carry on as though nothing ever happened. It's not as though you'll be missing much by not running the latest version.

  • How to export Address Book content as Unicode with applescript?

    I have a problem for exporting address book content. I'd like to export "My Card" to a vcf file and use another application to read it. So I have the following applescript:
    *+tell application "Finder"+*
    *+set theFolder to folder "TemporaryItems" of folder "Caches" of folder "Library" of home+*
    *+end tell+*
    *+tell application "Address Book"+*
    *+set theVcard to (vcard of my card) as Unicode text+*
    *+set theFile to (theFolder as text) & "myCard.vcf"+*
    *+set theFileHandle to open for access theFile with write permission+*
    *+-- write (ASCII character of 254) to theFileHandle+*
    *+-- write (ASCII character of 255) to theFileHandle+*
    *+write theVcard to theFileHandle+*
    *+close access theFileHandle+*
    *+end tell+*
    OK, now the problem is that if "My Card" has any double-byte characters like Chinese or Arabic, the output file will just hold some question marks ("??"). The code works in Tiger but not Leopard. (Add char 254 and 255 just to make it a UTF16-BE file. So it doesn't really change the result of this script.)
    I started digging and guess here is the reason: in the following statement the "vcard of my card" will always return plain text:
    +*set theVcard to (vcard of my card) as Unicode text*+
    I got this clue from the help of ScriptEditor:
    +*vcard (text, r/o) : Person information in vCard format, this always returns a card in version 3.0 format.*+
    But in Tiger, you can see:
    +*vcard (Unicode text, r/o) : Person information in vCard format, this always returns a card in version 3.0 format.*+
    Any workaround to solve this problem?
    (And if this is not the right place to ask such question, please just let me know.)
    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Calvin,
    Since your code works under OSX10.4 and fails under OSX10.5, the cause would be the change made in AppleScript 2.0.
    Try -
    write theVcard as Unicode text to theFileHandle
    instead of -
    write theVcard to theFileHandle
    The read/write commands in AS 2.0 have been change so that they will always interpret the text in system's primary encoding if 'as Unicode text' is not specified in commands' parameter.
    Unicode Support uide/
    pp. 151-153, 168-169 (of pdf version)
    Commands Reference > read, write
    Hope this may help,

  • Export Public Folder contacts to CSV File using Exchange management Shell

    Hi All
    Is there a command i can run in the exchange management shell to export all public folder contacts (which are in many sub folders) to a CSV file?
    Any help on this appreciated.
    Ben Weinberg
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    Hello Ben,
    Per my knowledge, you cannot use Exchange Management Shell to export the contacts in public folder to csv file.
    If you want to export contacts in public folder to a csv file, you can follow this way to do that:
    Open Outlook and create a Temp Contact Folder
    Move all the contacts to the Temp Contact Folder
    Use Outlook export contacts to csv file .
    Evan Liu
    TechNet Subscriber Support
    in forum
    If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
    [email protected]  

  • How do I use AppleScript to export Address Book contacts?

    Here's what I want to do. I want to execute a series of AppleScript commands which will automatically export every contact I have in my Address Book to a vCards.vcf file (which will be in my Dropbox folder). The reason I want to do this is so I don't have to remember to manually export the contacts every time I change one.
    What are the AppleScript commands I need to run?

    quick&dirty, but it works 8-)
    -- 06.02.2011
    -- quick&dirty script for exporting contacts as single vCards
    --exisiting vCards will not be overwritten by the script, instead new files will 
    --get an index like "John Smith 1.vcf"
    set doThese to getitem_2process(true)
    tell application "Address Book"
    set destination_path to choose folder with prompt "Destination folder for export:"
    repeat with doThis in doThese
    if first name of doThis is missing value then
    set firstname to ""
    set firstname to first name of doThis
    end if
    if last name of doThis is missing value then
    set lastname to ""
    set lastname to last name of doThis
    end if
    if (lastname & firstname) as text = "" then
    set namestring to "nobody.vcf"
    set namestring to (first name of doThis & " " & last name of doThis & ".vcf") as text
    end if
    set namestring to my checknamewith_pdfsuffix(namestring, destination_path, false)
    my writeToFile((destination_path as text) & namestring as text, (get vcard of doThis), false)
    end repeat
    my display_message(((count of doThese) & " contact(s) exported") as text, 3)
    end tell
    on writeToFile(MacFilePathTxt, txt, add2eof)
    --lastedit 18.01.2011
    if add2eof is false then
    do shell script "rm " & quoted form of POSIX path of (MacFilePathTxt as alias)
    end try
    end if
    set RefNum to (open for access file MacFilePathTxt with write permission)
    if add2eof is false then
    write txt to RefNum
    write txt to RefNum starting at ((get eof RefNum) + 1)
    end if
    close access RefNum
    return true
    on error
    close access RefNum
    return false
    end try
    end writeToFile
    to getitem_2process(askwhat)
    tell application "Address Book"
    tell application "System Events"
    keystroke "0" using command down --show address-window not matter what...
    end tell
    if askwhat is true then
    set theaction to button returned of (display dialog "Process all or just selection?" buttons {"All", "Selection", "cancel"} default button {"Selection"})
    if theaction = "Selection" then
    set a to every person whose selected is true
    set a to people
    end if
    set a to people
    end if
    end tell
    on error msg
    error "error on getitem_2process" & return & msg
    end try
    end getitem_2process
    to checknamewith_pdfsuffix(n, D, looped)
    --check if filename exists in D
    -- so if "A File.pdf" exists it names it "A File 1.pdf","A File 2.pdf",...
    tell application "Finder"
    set thefiles to name of every item of (D as alias)
    end tell
    if thefiles contains n then
    if looped = false then
    set n to ((characters 1 through -5 of n) & " 1" & (characters -4 through -1 of n)) as text
    my checknamewith_pdfsuffix(n, D, true)
    set tmp to (last word of ((characters 1 through -5 of n) as text) as integer)
    set tmpcount to (count of characters of (tmp as text)) + 5
    set tmp to tmp + 1
    set n to ((characters 1 through (-1 * tmpcount) of n) & tmp & (characters -4 through -1 of n)) as text
    my checknamewith_pdfsuffix(n, D, true)
    end if
    return n
    end if
    end checknamewith_pdfsuffix
    on display_message(msgTXT, msgTimeout)
    tell application "System Events"
    set isRunning to ¬
    (count of (every process whose name is "GrowlHelperApp")) > 0
    end tell
    if isRunning = true then
    tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
    -- Make a list of all the notification types 
    -- that this script will ever send:
    set the allNotificationsList to ¬
    -- Make a list of the notifications 
    -- that will be enabled by default.      
    -- Those not enabled by default can be enabled later 
    -- in the 'Applications' tab of the growl prefpane.
    set the enabledNotificationsList to ¬
    -- Register our script with growl.
    -- You can optionally (as here) set a default icon 
    -- for this script's notifications.
    register as application ¬
    "Address Book" all notifications allNotificationsList ¬
    default notifications enabledNotificationsList ¬
    icon of application "Address Book"
    --Send a Notification...
    notify with name ¬
    "Status" title ¬
    "Status" description ¬
    msgTXT application name ¬
    "Address Book"
    return true
    end tell
    display dialog msgTXT giving up after msgTimeout
    end if
    end display_message

  • How To Move Address Book Contacts From An Earlier Mac To An IMac?

    I am having zero luck trying to move the multitude of contacts from address books on a G4 (won't open at all with my new IMac) and an Intel MacBook Pro (will open on the PB Pro but I can't copy it or its contracts to disk) to my new IMac with Snow Leopard. Can it be done? Can these records be exported and brought to my IMac for importing? If so, how, preferably in bulk?
    I am going to try to put my Address Book from my G4 back on a G4 (where it will open) and see if I can export any files in bulk, to put on a CD and copy to my IMac for the next step, whatever it may be.
    Anybody have any suggestions how to export and move these records in bulk??? Thanks!

    Greetings Gina,
    If there are no pre-existing contacts in the Addressbook on the computers you are moving your original addressbook to, then you can use the File > Export > Addressbook Archive feature. This will create a self contained copy of all your Addressbook contents. Take this file (Email it, thumb drive it, burn it to a CD, put it on your iDisk, File Share it, etc. etc. etc) to whatever computer you want the addressbook on and simply double-click. It will overwrite (erase) the current Addressbook contents and put your original addressbook in it's place.
    If you DO have addressbook contacts on the other computers that you do not wish to erase then highlight all the contacts in the original addressbook and choose File > Export > vCard. This will make a group vCard of all the contacts. Then take that to the new computers and double-click. This will add all the contacts in. Keep in mind if you already have some of these contacts in your addressbook you will need to get rid of them by going to Card > Look for duplicates and either deleting them or merging them.
    You could also sync the Addressbooks across all the computers using MobileMe if you are a MobileMe member. However I think the export / import options I mention above would be quicker and cleaner if this is your first time moving the information over. (click on the sync section)
    Hope that helps.

  • How to get address book contacts into my LG CX8600?

    Hi all,
    I am brand new at this Bluetooth game, so I need maybe some extra help. I am trying to copy selected contacts from my address book over to my cell. Isync recognizes the device, but says it’s not supported.
    However, when I export a contact as a .vcf file, it gets into my cell..., one contact at a time. This is very tedious, also an awful lot of ‘;;;;’ get inserted, I suppose all the fields that my LG CX8600 doesn’t understand.
    Is there a way to ‘massage’ a number of contacts into one file?

    Most LG phones are not compatible with iSync, as LG does not include the required industry standard syncing protocols in most of their phones. Also LG do not support Mac users with their own syncing software.
    Many phones only support one contact per vCard, so if that's true of the CX8600 then you have no choice but to send them individually.
    If you drag multiple contacts from Address Book to the desktop it will create a single vCard containing multiple contacts, which you can try sending to the phone. It may only see the first one though.
    Also, try changing the vCard format to v2.1 in Address Book preferences. Some phones only support the older format.

  • Deleted Notes in Exported Address Book Contact

    Help, deleted notes when I exported a couple of Vcards. Anyway to get them back? Haven't set up anykind of backup on machine.

    That's been my frustration as well. I wanted to pdf all my contact info to carry with me on a USB key in case I needed something from the Note section. The iPhone truncates the note section to about the first 2,500 characters. So if you have contacts with long Notes you've got a problem. I thought a had a work-around, but pdf'ing the Contacts didn't work because it won't print more than 1 page per contact and prints the partial Note in two narrow columns, truncating the rest of the Note. I can't believe more people haven't complained about this. Before migrating to Address Book (I used Outlook), I made extensive use of the Note section.

  • How to export address book from ibook g4 to iMac Intel?

    Hi, can anyone advise what I need to do to export the contacts in the address book of an ibook g4 running OS 10.4.11 to a new iMac 3.2 GHz Intel iCore 3 running OS 10.6.7? Thank you for your help.

    Hi - on the iBook launch Address Book, click on one of your contacts and then click Command+A to select all contacts. In the Address Book File menu select Export>vCards and save them to disk. If the two Macs are on the same network just copy them across to the iMac, launch Address Book on the iMac and go to File>Import and import the vCards file you copied over. If the Macs aren't on a network copy the vCards file across on a USB stick or email them to yourself.

  • How to copy address book[contacts]

    can sombody guide me on; how to copy and send my contacts from my address book via email

    Yes what?   You never posted which email client you are using.

  • Does anyone know how to export Address Book entries into Excel?

    I need to send someone address book information, and would like to send it in Excel vs. creating a pdf. This way I can remove information categories they don't need (and they'd prefer to get it in Excel). Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this?

    Take a look at this video from Mark Spencer.  It explains the basics of a C4D/Motion workflow.  Again, as Adam states, this does not bring in 3D models from C4D. tion/

Maybe you are looking for