How to fiind the last transport for SapScript

I changed one Sapscript.
It's ready to migration to production.
but before I migrated to production. How to check which transport is the last one in production. (becuase transport no. is not sequence)
In case of problem during migration. the Basis guy can restore it.

Hi Yunfa,
Just check the table <b>E071</b>. It consists information about transport requests.
Give your script name to <b>OBJ_NAME</b> of E071 in Production server then it will list of requests under <b>TRKORR</b>.
Here you can view the last request for script under TRKORR list.

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    How to get the last error for while loop? I just want transfer the last error for while loop, but the program use the shift register shift all error every cycle.

    What do you mean by "get" and "transfer"?
    If the shift register is not what you want, use a plan tunnel instead.
    Typically, programmers are interested in the first, not last, error.
    Can you show us your code so we have a better idea what you are trying to?
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • How to create a transport for sapscript translations

    does someone knows how to create a transport for sapscript translations which can then be released to the other system via SE10?
    In 4.6C when I changed a translation for a sapscript form it created automatically a transport.
    Now in 6.0 it wont!
    Kind regards

    Go through the help.
    in the above example you have to select FORM instead Smartform.
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  • How to get the "last changed by" for a set of function modules?

    How to get the "last changed by" for a set of function modules?
    is there any table to get it??

    See [this|Re: Date of creation of function module] I posted earlier.
    >TFDIR will give you the name of the function group program and the include number.
    >E.g. SAPLZFUNCGROUP Include 01.
    >From this you can construct the include name: LZFUNCGROUPU01.
    >You can look this up in TRDIR to find the creation date (CDAT) of the function module.
    In your case, you need unam and udat.

  • I got a new wireless connection for my mac and cannot figure out how to delete the last connection service I had. Everytime I shut the computer, the network goes back to the other one. I cannot find the file ANYWHERE

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    Under Network Preferences, select the WiFi
    click on "Advanced..." button
    Select the network you want to delete from the list and click on "-"
    Click "Ok"
    Click "Apply"
    Well done ;-)
    You may also want to delete the wireless key from Keychain.
    Open Keychain, seach for the old wifi network name, slect it and click delete

  • How to get the last day of the week?

    i can get the calender week number for any given date using
    SELECT to_char(to_date('04/04/2011','MM/DD/YYYY'),'WW') FROM dual
    can any body tell me, how to get the last day of that week ?
    and the answer should be 04/08/2011(8th april )
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    Hi, San,
    Here's one way:
    WITH     sample_data     AS
         SELECT  DATE '2011-04-04'     AS dt
         FROM     dual
    SELECT  dt
    ,     TO_CHAR (dt, 'WW')     AS week_num
    ,     NEXT_DAY ( dt - 1
               , TO_CHAR ( TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR') - 1
                      , 'Day'
               )          AS end_o_week
    FROM     sample_data;Another way is to use date arrithmetic:
    WITH     sample_data     AS
         SELECT  DATE '2011-04-09'     AS dt
         FROM     dual
    SELECT  dt
    ,     TO_CHAR (dt, 'WW')     AS week_num
    ,     TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR')
          + (7 * CEIL ( (dt - (TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR') - 1))
                / 7
          - 1               AS using_date_arithmetic
    FROM     sample_data;

  • How to get the last day according to fiscal period input in selection scree

    Hello expert
    how to get the last day of fiscal period input.
    the fiscal period inculdes 1-16
    when fiscal period is greater than 12, only calculate the last day of 12nd month
    your solution will be apprecaited, FM existing?
    thank you

    when you give a particular date in any month
    the following fm will give you the last date of that month
    here you can give
    R_FDATE-HIGH  as 01 and month as the period you wnat and year for current year
    concatenates '01'  month year  into r_fdate-high separated by '.'.
    then it will give g_ltdt for that month and year which wil be the last date of that month
            DAY_IN            = R_FDATE-HIGH
            LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH = G_LTDT
            DAY_IN_NO_DATE    = 1
            OTHERS            = 2.
        IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
                  WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
    thanks & regards,

  • How to get the last version of flash in MSI format automatically?

    How to get the last version of flash in MSI format automatically?
    Roberto Neigenfind
    Bravo Tecnologia

    Hi Barbara,
    Flash Professional CS5.5 is a 32-bit application which can be installed on computers with either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.
    You can purchase this by Adobe's backward Licensing policy :
    " Adobe allows program members to order a current-version license but use a prior version. These members can contact Adobe Customer Service to request a serial number for the earlier version if they do not already have one. Prior-version software is available via ESD and can be purchased through standard resellers. The program member must follow all guidelines of the current-version EULA. "
    Please check the doc :

  • How to restrict the last record and not moving to next reocrd

    1) how to restrict the last record and not moving to next reocrd.
    2) Also for the F6 key(for new record).

    When you are on the last record, next-record will create a new one, so that my question is do you want to forbid new record creation.

  • HELP! How te retrieve the last row in MYSQL database using Servlet!

    Hi ,
    I am new servlets. I am trying to retireve the last row id inserted using the servlet.
    Could someone show me a working sample code on how to retrieve the last record inserted?
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    import java.sql.*;
    public class demo_gr extends HttpServlet {
    //***** Servlet access to data base
    public void doPost (HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)
         throws ServletException, IOException
         String url = "jdbc:mysql://";
              String param1 = req.getParameter("param1");
              PrintWriter out = resp.getWriter();
              String semail, sfname, slname, rfname, rlname, remail, message;
              int cardType;
              sfname = req.getParameter("sfname");
              slname = req.getParameter("slname");
              rfname = req.getParameter("rfname");
              rlname = req.getParameter("rlname");
              semail = req.getParameter("semail");
              remail = req.getParameter("remail");
              message = req.getParameter("message");
              //cardType = req.getParameter("cardType");
              cardType = Integer.parseInt(req.getParameter("cardType"));
              out.println(" param1 " + param1 + "\n");
         String query = "SELECT * FROM greeting_db "
    + "WHERE id =" + param1 + "";
              String query2 ="INSERT INTO greeting_db (sfname, slname ,semail , rfname , rlname , remail , message , cardType ,sentdate ,vieweddate) values('";
              query2 = query2 + sfname +"','"+ slname + "','"+ semail + "','"+ rfname + "','"+ rlname + "','"+ remail + "','"+ message + "','"+ cardType + "',NOW(),NOW())";
              //out.println(" query2 " + query2 + "\n");
              if (semail.equals("") || sfname.equals("") ||
              slname.equals("") || rfname.equals("") ||
              rlname.equals("") || remail.equals("") ||
                        out.println("<h3> Please Click the back button and fill in <b>all</b> fields</h3>");
              String title = "Your Card Has Been Sent";
              out.println("<BODY>\n" +
    "<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>" + title + "</H1>\n" );
                   out.println("\n" +
    "\n" +
    " From  " + sfname + ", " + slname + "\n <br> To  "
                                            + rfname + ", " + rlname + "\n <br>Receiver Email  " + remail + "\n<br> Your Message "
                                            + message + "\n<br> <br> :");
                   if (cardType ==1)
                        out.println("<IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/bentley.jpg>");
                   else if(cardType ==2) {
                        out.println("<IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/Bugatti.jpg>");
                   else if(cardType ==3) {
                        out.println(" <IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/castle.jpg>");
    else if(cardType ==4) {
                        out.println(" <IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/motocross.jpg>");
    else if(cardType ==5) {
                        out.println(" <IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/Mustang.jpg>");
    else if(cardType ==6) {
                        out.println("<IMG SRC=/WEB-INF/images/Mustang.jpg>");
         try {
              Class.forName ("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver");
              Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection
              ( url, "*****", "******" );
    Statement stmt = con.createStatement ();
                   stmt.execute (query2);
                   //String query3 = "SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()";
                   //ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery (query3);
                   //int questionID = rs.getInt(1);
                   System.out.println("Total rows:"+questionID);
    } // end try
    catch (SQLException ex) {
              //PrintWriter out = resp.getWriter();
              while (ex != null) { 
         out.println ("SQL Exception: " + ex.getMessage ());
         ex = ex.getNextException ();
    } // end while
    } // end catch SQLException
    catch (java.lang.Exception ex) {
         //PrintWriter out = resp.getWriter();
              out.println ("Exception: " + ex.getMessage ());
    } // end doGet
    private void printResultSet ( HttpServletResponse resp, ResultSet rs )
    throws SQLException {
    try {
              PrintWriter out = resp.getWriter();
         out.println("<head><title>jbs jdbc/mysql servlet</title></head>");
         out.println("<center><font color=AA0000>");
         out.println("<table border='1'>");
         int numCols = rs.getMetaData().getColumnCount ();
    while ( ) {
         for (int i=1; i<=numCols; i++) {
    out.print("<td>" + rs.getString(i) + "</td>" );
    } // end for
    } // end while
         } // end try
    catch ( IOException except) {
    } // end catch
    } // end returnHTML
    } // end jbsJDBCServlet

    I dont know what table names and fields you have but
    say you have a table called XYZ which has a primary
    key field called keyID.
    So in order to get the last row inserted, you could
    do something like
    Select *
    from XYZ
    where keyID = (Select MAX(keyID) from XYZ);
    Good Luckwhat gubloo said is correct ...But this is all in MS SQL Server I don't know the syntax and key words in MYSQL
    This works fine if the emp_id is incremental and of type integer
    select      *
    from      employee e,  (select max(emp_id) as emp_id from employee) z
    where      e.emp_id = z.emp_id
    select top 1 * from employee order by emp_id descUday

  • How to change the text Transport id code in sus

    How to change the text Transport id code in sus while creating ASN
    Please advise.

    SE80---> BSP APPLICATION with SRMSUS ---> views -->asn >>
    On the right hand side in the details ---> search for
    replace the above with the following
    there is no entry available for invoice number , only the above two are available.
    save the changes
    activate the changes

  • How to determine the "Last Value" in exception aggregation

    Hi gurus,
    I have a KeyFigure with an exception aggregation -Last value- by time.
    I report on a multiprovider ("containing" a infocube and a realtime infocube with BPS-InputLayout). I can correct separate Items with this BPS-Layout. So, at the end I have 2 values for one item.
    So, by these facts, my report shows the the last value for the specific KeyFigure, but I expected that both values (the value in the infocube and the correction via BPS)are sumed up.
    As this is due to the exception aggregation not the case, I could "overwrite" the normal value in the infocube with the BPS.
    But SAP determines the normal value in the Infocube as "Last Value", not the one in the correction cube, which is entered via BPS.
    How does SAP determine the "last value" as I can´t see any date...
    Thanks in advance!

    Thank you for your answer...
    I got the soltion by myself.
    I thought, Last Value means the last Value, depending on the time, but in my opinion the function last value should be called "Greatest Value".
    All figures with the same value for the reference characteristc are aggregated anyway.

  • How to find the creation date for a released requests..

    Hi friends ,
    In se09 tcode , we a date which represents the last changed date .. Now , for a particular Released request i want to find out the Creation date for it . How can i find it . I checked the tables like E070create there also we have requests that not released yet , i have also checked se03 and other tcode and a fn mo dules like TR_READ_GLOBAL_INFO_OF_REQUEST .
    So how to find the creation date for a released requests. Iam waiting for ur inputs..
    Thanks in advance..

    Did u found the way to get the request creation date?
    I also need the same information.
    This needed for audit it is must.
    Please help me in this.
    Best regards,

  • Sir,how to find the last DML operations

    Please tell me how to find the last DML Operations at least minimum 30 queries.
    Thanks in advance,

    Shared Pool is a memory location in SGA that contains SQL Statement that are submitted to Oracle for execution. This area is common to the entire database. Its not specific to user.
    So what ever Unique SQL statement that is submitted to the SQL Engine will be available here. Shared Pool has a size limit. That is defined by the parameters SHARED_POOL_SIZE and SHARED_POOL_RESERVED_SIZE. So when the Shared pool becomes full the data needs to be removed from it. That is done in FIFO basis.
    Oracle provides a visibility to this area through dictionary view V$SQLAREA. So this view will not only contain the SQL executed by you but also by every one. Even the one executed by oracle itself.
    So in my opinion what you are asking is not possible to get. You must have some logging mechanism in your application to get this information.

  • How to identify the last changes made in the smartform ?

    Hi Form Experts,
    My smartform's General attribute shows that there is some change performed 2 months back, Which is not reflected in my production server.
    Could any one advice how to track the last performed changes in the system, I did not find version management for smartforms.

    1.Go to smartforms->give formaneme>display>Utilities>Forminformation.
    2.Go to smartforms->give formaneme>display-->General attributes.
    If helpful reward with points(Don't forget).
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