How to filter a spark datagrid using a checkbox?

Hi i want to know how can i filter a spark datagrid using  a check. I have a column by the name status on the datagrid, which can be active or inactive. When i check the checkbox i should be able to see all the records and when i uncheck it i should only be able to see all the records with the status ACTIVE...

Then, try to add another attribute in your SELECT VO statement, which truncates the original date_and_time field:
   SELECT.... TRUNC(DATE_AND_TIME) as truncated_dateAfter that, put reference to that attribute in the filter facet, as follows
         <f:facet name="filter">
                  <af:inputDate value="#{vs.filterCriteria.TruncatedDate}" id=.../>
         </facet>Do not forget to add the TruncatedDate attribute in the <tree...> binding in the pageDef, along with others VO attributes. Do that manually.

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  • How to resize the spark datagrid collumns based on the headertext?

    Hi friends,
         I am using spark datagrid for displaying the tablur data in my application, when i setting the dataprovider property of the datagrid, it displays the content exactally what i expeceted.
    but the widht of the collumns are based on the content of the dataprovider, i am not able to see the full collumn name in the datagrid's header. I want to display the full collumn name to the users without setting the collumn width explicitly because the data are dynamically returned from the server. could you pls give me some ideas to acheive this...?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Karthikeyan Subramain,
    You can make use of typicalItem proberty to set the column width.
    Here is the link for sample code which uses typicalItem: agrids-columns-with-a-typicalitem/
    Hope this will help you
    Thanks and Best regards,
    Pooja Kuber | [email protected] |

  • How to filter Key Figures - not using the GUIDs

    An example How to filter Key Figures may look like this:
    The GUIDs consume the space in the URl. Is there a way to work with an alias.
    To use the technical name of a Key Figure defined in the Query does not work.

    Hi Cherie,
    This is exactly the type of problem that I'm currently trying to figure out. I'm trying to following your solution but I'm not clear on how you actually achieved this in you last note. I want to dynamically select actuals/budget column fields based on what period I enter. I thought about creating 12 separate RKF fields for actuals and 12 separate RKF fields for the budget reforecast and outputting these all and then doing some VBA to hide the fields not required based on which period was selected... how is your variable ZFYAPER7 defined and calculated?

  • How to save the edited datagrid using array collection?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:View xmlns:fx=""
                        <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
                                  import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                                  import spark.components.gridClasses.IGridItemEditor;
                                  import spark.components.gridClasses.IGridItemRenderer;
                                  private var myDP:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
                                            {label1:"Day1 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "},
                                            {label1:"Day2 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "},
                                            {label1:"Day3 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "},
                                            {label1:"Day4 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "},
                                            {label1:"Day5 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "},
                                            {label1:"Day6 ", label2:" Sub1", label3:"Sub2 ", label4:"Sub3 ", label5:"Sub4 ", label6:"Sub5 ", label7:"Sub6 "}
                                  protected function myDG_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(event:GridItemEditorEvent):void
                                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                  protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                  protected function button2_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                                  protected function myDG_exitStateHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
                                            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
              <s:DataGrid id="myDG" x="10" y="45" width="460" height="240" dataProvider="{myDP}"
                                            editable="true" exitState="myDG_exitStateHandler(event)" fontSize="11"
                                            gridItemEditorSessionSave="myDG_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(even t)"
                                            rowHeight="30" variableRowHeight="true" selectionMode="singleCell" >
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label1" headerText="day" editable="false" />
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label2" headerText="9-10am"/>
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label3" headerText="10-11am"/>
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label4" headerText="11am-12noon"/>
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label5" headerText="1-2pm"/>
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label6" headerText="2-3pm"/>
                                            <s:GridColumn dataField="label7" headerText="3-4pm"/>            
                        </s:columns >
              <s:Button x="404" y="10" width="53" height="27" label="Back" click="button1_clickHandler(event)"
              <s:Button x="24" y="10" width="56" height="27" label="Save" click="button2_clickHandler(event)"
    please help me with this code...i dontknow how to save the data edited in the datagrid back to my arrayollection!!!

    please help with this......

  • How to filter cancelled PO lines using XML publisher desktop

    I've created a new PO template for printing using XML Publisher Desktop for Word. Output format is in RTF. All data required was printed except when the user canceled a particular PO line, that line will also be printed out with quantity and total amount 0. How can I filter PO lines with "canceled" flag not be printed out? Is it possible to insert conditional statement within the table template? How to do that?
    Thanks in advance

    if you want only test it by XML publisher desktop
    then you can use if statement
    for example in field
    <?end if?>for row between (for example)
    <?end for-each?>BTW use this method is not correct in my opinion
    if you use "canceled" flag as parameter in concurrent program
    then you may get xml for RTF template only with needed data

  • How to filter the result by using a Quarter fields

    How can i fiter the output by using the quarter field for example I want to display the output for letting date 07060801 and quarter 1(Q1-2007) thanks
    SELECT tab.description, tab.itmenum, tab.units, tab.countyname, tab.datelet,'Q'||tab.Quarter,
           tab.contid, tab.vendor, tab.vendorname, tab.quantity, tab.EngineersPrice ,
            (tab.EngineersPrice*tab.quantity) EngineersTotal, tab.vendorsPrice,
           (tab.quantity * tab.vendorsPrice) VendorsTotal
      FROM (SELECT   INITCAP (i.idescrl || '  ' || e.isupdes) description,
                     e.isupdes, i.idescrl, SUBSTR (e.eiitem, 1, 4)|| '.'|| SUBSTR (e.eiitem, 5, 9) itmenum,
                     e.eiitem, func_get_unit_name (iunits) units,
                     INITCAP (func_get_county_name (p.ccnty1)) countyname,
                     b.datelet,TO_CHAR(b.datelet, 'Q-YYYY') Quarter, p.contid, d.vendor, l.CALL, g.csecnum, e.iplineno,                         
                     SUM (e.iqty) quantity,
                     (TRIM (d.vendor) || ' : ' || INITCAP (v.vnamel)) vendorname,
                           (SELECT br.bidprice
                        FROM bidtabs br
                             --------------------Select Letting Dates-------------------------------
                       WHERE br.letting  between '&lettingDatePlease' and  '&lettingDatePlease2'
                         AND br.lineflag = 'L'                                   
                         AND br.iplineno = e.iplineno
                         AND br.CALL = l.CALL
                         AND br.vendor = d.vendor) vendorsPrice,
                         (SELECT DISTINCT pi.price
                                 FROM propitem pi
                                WHERE pi.contid = p.contid
                                         AND pi.lineflag='L'
                                         AND trim(pi.iplineno) <> ' '
                                  AND trim(pi.iplineno) = trim(e.iplineno)) EngineersPrice
                FROM itemlist i,
                     estitem e,
                     estcatg g,
                     propproj x,
                     proposal p,
                     letprop l,
                     bidlet b,
                     bidders d,
                     vendor v
               WHERE p.contid = x.contid
                 AND x.pcn = g.pcn
                 AND e.pcn = g.pcn
                 AND =
                 AND i.item = e.eiitem
                 AND i.ispecyr = p.cspecyr
                 AND e.iplineno <> ' '
                 AND e.eiitem <> '2550601/01000'
                 AND e.eiitem <> '2565601/00031'
                 AND e.eiitem <> '2565601/00033'
                 AND e.eiitem <> '2402601/01000'
                    -----Select Item Number----------
                 AND e.eiitem = '&itemNumberPlease'
                 AND l.lcontid = p.contid
                 AND l.letting = b.letting
                 AND l.letting = d.letting
                 AND l.CALL = d.CALL
                   -- AND l.LETSTAT='A'---------------------why 6/22 is not included----------------------------work with this-------------------------
                 AND d.vendor = v.vendor
                    ------Select Letting Dates--------
                 AND b.letting between '&lettingDatePlease' and  '&lettingDatePlease2'
            GROUP BY p.contid,
                     SUBSTR (e.eiitem, 1, 4) || '.' || SUBSTR (e.eiitem, 5, 9),
                     (i.idescrl || '  ' || e.isupdes),
                     func_get_unit_name (iunits),                
                     e.isupdes)  tab
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Hennepin     3/30/2007     Q1-2007     060048              ALS0010            ALS0010 : Ames / Lunda / Shafer (Jv)     1     11376150     11376150     14357900     14357900
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Hennepin     3/30/2007     Q1-2007     060048              MP0001             MP0001 : Mccrossan/Pcl (Jv)     1     11376150     11376150     15600000     15600000
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              C320               C320 : Central Specialties Inc     1     130459     130459     637860     637860
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              D420               D420 : Duininck Brothers Inc     1     130459     130459     362000     362000
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              H151               H151 : Hardrives Inc     1     130459     130459     516000     516000
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              H438               H438 : Hoffman Construction Company     1     130459     130459     255000     255000
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              K0037              K0037 : Knife River Corporation - North Central     1     130459     130459     290953.37     290953.37
    Mobilization        2021.501/00010     LUMP SUM     Wright     5/18/2007     Q2-2007     070002              M0027              M0027 : Midwest Contracting Llc     1     130459     130459     285000     285000

    Hi gourous,
    I am sorry, my question is a little bit more complex. I hope I may repost here, without opening another thread. Thank you for your understanding.
    The EQUIPE_ID column of the table refers to a team. This id is returned by a select list named :P60_EQUIPE_ID which select all the EQUIPE_ID available. Then if one choose a team in this select list, the choosen EQUIPE_ID is returned. If nothing is selected in the select list, then a null value is returned.
    The AGENT_ID refers to a person. This id is returned by a select list named :P60_AGENT_ID, which returns all the members of the previously selected EQUIPE_ID. If nothing is selected, then a null value is returned.
    A team may have several persons belonging to that team.
    I would like that if a TEAM is selected, without selecting an agent in the :P60_AGENT_ID select list (returning a null value in this case), then all the people belonging to that theam will be retrieved by the select QUERY of a report.
    Then one could refine the query by selecting a person in the :P60_AGENT_ID select list in order to view only the people of that team in the report.
    To resume :
    IF EQUIPE_ID is NULL -> all the teams and all the persons are displayed in the report.
    IF EQUIPE_ID is NOT NULL and :P60_AGENT_ID is NULL -> All the people of that selected team appears on the report
    IF EQUIPE_ID is NOT NULL and :P60_AGENT_ID is NOT NULL -> The report displays only the results of the query for that person of that team.
    Thank you for your kind help !

  • How to filter doc and xml using SDKFileOpenChooser?

    I need to filter only word and xml
    SDKFileOpenChooser openChooser;
    openChooser.AddFilter(291, "App_Filter");   //291 for app
    Where i find the extension ID for app filter or any solution?

    To view only XML files using SDKFileOpenChooser use:
    openChooser.AddFilter(kXMLFileTypeInfoID, " XML files(xml)");
    For Word files, try using  kMSWordFileTypeInfoID instead.

  • How to filter out multiple rows , using multiple selection criteria ?

    Dear Expert's,
    I am stuck with a problem while designing my dasboard.
    I have data in the following format.
    Year - Quarter - Customer - Division - KF1 - KF2
    2005 - Q1 - SAP - Consulting - 10 - 20
    2005 - Q2 - IDE - Food - 20 - 10
    2005 - Q2 - SAP - Jets - 12 - 11
    2006 - Q2 - RAM - Jets - 11 - 11
    What i wish to do, is to create radio box(for selection) to choose any Year, Quarter , Customer & Division
    eg if the user chooses 2005 , i want to display 3 line entries
    2005 - Q1 - SAP - Consulting - 10 - 20
    2005 - Q2 - IDE - Food - 20 - 10
    2005 - Q2 - SAP - Jets - 12 - 11
    if the user further selects quarter - Q2 (without disturbing the selection on for year ) the result should be
    2005 - Q2 - IDE - Food - 20 - 10
    2005 - Q2 - SAP - Jets - 12 - 11
    If the selection from year is removed (still maintaining the selection on quarter Q2 ) the result should show
    2005 - Q2 - IDE - Food - 20 - 10
    2005 - Q2 - SAP - Jets - 12 - 11
    2006 - Q2 - RAM - Jets - 11 - 11
    Simply i need to create a filer for all the fields.
    The issue that i am facing with filer component is that - 1 - it returns only one desitnation row , 2 - you can only get Key values in result set
    Issue with combo box is i cannot select multiple fields (dimensions) using it .
    Please suggets .
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Ankit,
    There is a workarround that requires some excel work.
    Here you need to follow the above mentioned steps along with this you need an additional combo box (wont be displayed at runtime, it will fetch the entire data if we select blank for the first combo box).
    Now suppose we are using 2 combobox C1 and C2 and our data is from B3 to F6.
    Now for C1 (one we are using for selection)
    1. select the labels as Sheet1!$B$2:$B$6 (a blank cell is added for all selection)
    2. Insertion type as filtered Rows
    3. Take source data as Sheet1!$B$2:$F$6 (includeing one blank row)
    4. selected Items as none
    5. for C2 labels as Sheet1!$A$3:$A$6 source data as Sheet1!$B$3:$F$6 destination as Sheet1!$B$14:$F$17.
    6. Selected Item : Sheet1!$B$9  (blank  Type dynamic). So it will select the entire table, if nothing is selected.
    7. take a Grid component and map it to Sheet1!$H$9:$L$12. use formula as =IF(IF($B$9="",B14,B9)=0,"",IF($B$9="",B14,B9)) on cell H9. Where we take H6 to L12 as final data set. Tis will become the data for next set fo Combo box for further selection.
    8. follow the same steps for other combobox selections.
    9. control the dynamic visibility of grids on the basis of Destination cell (like B9).
    Revert if you need further clarification.

  • List as item in spark datagrid

    Does anyone know how I make a spark datagrid display a list as an item?
    The columns need to be dynamicly made as wel as the content of the cells.
    How do I do this? Anyone?

    use itemrenderer to display the listbox or combobox

  • Help! Spark Datagrid overriding a method

    I need help!
    Do you know how to override a select item/row method in a spark datagrid? In mx datagrid, the method is selectItem, how about for the spark datagrid?

    You didn't override the method handleException in JBDCBatchJob, you just overloaded it. So int JBDCBatchJob, you actually had two versions of handleException, one that took a parameter of the type Exception, one that took a parameter of the type SQLException.
    So, in SimpleJDBCBatchJob, you need to have a catch block like
    try {
    // statements that may throw SQLException or in general Exception
    catch (SQLException sqle) {
    handleException( sqle );
    catch (Exception e) {
    handleException( e );
    This would call your handleException in BatchJob if a general exception was thrown, and the handleException in JBDCBatchJob if a SQLException was thrown from the try block.
    Hope that makes things clearer for you.

  • How to change header font style in Spark DataGrid?

    I'm looking since last week for a way how to change the font style of the header in a Spark DataGrid. It drive me nuts that I can't find a way to do this. Have anyone one an idea how to achieve it? Any help is appreciated.
    - Artur

    Some styles won't work because some text styles got hardcoded into the DefaultGridHeaderRenderer's Label. You'll run into this issue not just with the DataGrid headers but also things like the Panel's title and other places where we have text. One way to get around this issue is to create your own custom headerRenderer based on the default one and then redefine the headerRenderer skin part in the skin.
    First, create a subclass of the DefaultGridHeaderRenderer and tweak the "labelDisplay" to your liking (or even just take out all the styles and style it on your own as you had earlier using your custom header renderer's name). Example below (I named it "CustomHeaderRenderer"):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <skins:DefaultGridHeaderRenderer xmlns:fx=""
            <!-- Remove fontweight="bold" and other styles as you wish
                 Must be a component and not a factory. -->
            <s:Label id="labelDisplay"
                     verticalCenter="1" left="0" right="0" top="0" bottom="0"
                     showTruncationTip="true" />
    Next, create a simple DataGrid skin by creating a subclass of the  spark.skins.spark.DataGridSkin in MXML and defining a new headerRenderer  component in the fx:Declarations section. Example below (I named it "CustomDataGridSkin"):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <skins:DataGridSkin xmlns:fx=""
            <!-- Must be a factory with the right id for the skin part -->
            <fx:Component id="headerRenderer">
                <comps:CustomHeaderRenderer />
    Last, assign your new skin as the skinClass of your DataGrid (either in MXML or as a style):
    <s:DataGrid skinClass="comps.CustomDataGridSkin">
    I know it's not pretty, but it's the result of trading off between having completely custom skinning vs. having knobs to tweak every style. Hope this helps.

  • How to change the header text fontFamily of spark DataGrid?

    I use an embed font (Nunito-Light.ttf),  and i can set the font of GridColumn to Nunito-Light in DataGrid , but it seems that it has no effect to the header of DataGrid.
    and then I create a  headerRenderer for spark DataGrid, and try to set the fontFamily of "labelDisplay" to Nunito-Light  , but It seems still no effect .
    If I set the fontFamily of "labelDisplay" to "Verdana" or "Arial" , it has effect , so strange! Is that a bug?
    Anybody  has the same problem? Please tell me how to solve it ,thank you very much!

    Please go through following link :
    Thanks and Regards,
    Vibhuti Gosavi | [email protected] |

  • Spark DataGrid - Turn off separators (grid lines) while using Grid itemRenderer?

    I have a spark dataGrid.  We have to use an itemRenderer to format numbers and column colors.  When I apply a Data Grid Skin to remove the separtors (grid lines), the grid lines remain?  It seems you can't have an itemRenderer and a Grid Skin at the same time ??   That sounds kind of foolish, however that's what I'm seeing?!?!
    So, how can I get rid of the grid lines (separators) while using itemRenderers as well?


  • Filter datagrid using search

    hye...can anyone help me...
    how to filter a datagrid using search function?
    i have been doing some search,but nothing work...can someone
    show me??here,i attach my codes
    any help would be really appreciated
    thanks in advance.

    Without looking at your code, here are few pointers:
    1) Take a look at filterFunction property of your
    2) Remember to call ArrayCollection.refresh() everytime you
    set or clear the filterFunction property
    Here is working code, basically on every keystroke of your
    search input box, or whatever event you like to choose, you cann
    filterList function that sets the filterFunction property of array
    collection, that implements ICollectionView, to the local filter
    function that provides the logic for including the rows in the
    filtered view:
    private function filterList(event:Event) : void {
    var view:ICollectionView = this.dataGrid.dataProvider as
    if (view.filterFunction == null) {
    this.totalRows = view.length;
    if (!view) return;
    if (this.searchTextInput.text.length == 0) {
    view.filterFunction = null;
    view.filterFunction = filter;
    private function filter(item:Object) : Boolean {
    var s:String = ObjectUtil.toString(item, null,
    ['mx_internal_uid', 'Pretty Print', '#']);
    // trace(s);
    return s.indexOf(this.searchTextInput.text) >= 0;

  • How to create spark skins using fxg vector graphics&how to switch b/w spark skins at runtime/via XML

    I want to create a number of Spark Skins using some vector images that I have with me. I can obtain the vector images in FXG format-- but what I am looking for is some way to quickly create multiple skins for various UI elements like buttons, menus, radio button, checkboxes, etc -- not by converting the fxg->mxml but by using fxg files directly (after including them in the skins project in Flash Builder 4.6). Since I want to create many such skins (atleast 8-10) what is the fastest way of accomplishing this?
    Also, once I create multiple Spark Skins, how do I switch from one skin to another, in a running app? -- something like a template switcher, where the user viewing the flex app chooses a color, and the spark skin is immediately changed to the skin of that color (I would have already created the skin...). And can I store this skin template value in an XML? So that the end user can simply change this param in XML to change the design of the flex app?

    Out of pure wishful thinking I decided I would just see what happened if I pretended 'exportFXG' was already a part of JSFL. Based on the signature of 'exportPNG', i tried the following lines:
      var success = fl.getDocumentDOM().exportFXG("file:///C:/mySymbol.fxg"); 
      fl.trace("success:"+success); // output: success:true 
    It worked! Fantastic! I'm not sure if exportFXG is considered still in "beta" and therefore intentionally excluded from the docs, or if it was just an oversight. But at least it gives us something to experiment with.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Does anyone know any apps or programs where you can edit voice memos? i.e.- reduce the amount of static

    hey so i decided to record some friends of mine as a joke. i was using the voice memos app on my iPhone 6.. i thought i put the phone down close enough to pick up everything, but it didn't quiet work out as well as i hoped. i ended up getting more st

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    Just got Time Capsule - but now my Apple TV doesn't see the internet. It says it's connected to my wi-fi network, but doesn't connect.  Help?

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  • NEED HELP with *.dat files.

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