How to find a particular word in a file using java

Program how to find a particular word in a file

SirivaniG wrote:
Program how to find a particular word in a fileOkay, I finished it. Now what?

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  • How read a particular word in a file using java

    Hi.. friends
    I have one problem with reading contents of a file.
    can u give me the source code
    how to read a data from file
    ss.txt this file contains following data..
    Another Important thing to remember is that the
    instance variables are created and initialzied.
    now the thing is
    i wanted to find words like.. remember, instance
    from ss.txt
    please help me.

    Read a data from file:
    public void getFileContents() throws Exception
            BufferedReader rdr =
                    new BufferedReader(
                    new InputStreamReader(
                    new FileInputStream(xmlFileName)));
            System.out.println("Reading from file....:" + xmlFileName);
            StringBuffer contents = new StringBuffer();
            String line = null;
            while((line = rdr.readLine())!= null)

  • How to find a particular word in a textArea

    can anyone tell me how to search for a particular words in a textArea that contains hundreds of sentences by ignoring the space. for example i want to search for the word "book"
    so far i can detect the words with the space included
    if the sentence goes like this
    "hello_this_isMy book" the searched words can be found
    but if the sentece goes like this
    "Hello_this_isMy_booK " the searched words can not be found
    .. can anyone pls tell me how to do this.

    I though you didn't WANT it to be found, your original post isn't clear
    public boolean searchWord(String text, String word){
       boolean wordFound = false; 
       StringTokenizer stkn = new StringTokenizer(text," ");
       while(stkn.hasMoreTokens() ){
          String tmp = stkn.nextToken;
          if(tmp.equals(word)) wordFound = true;
       stkn = new StringTokenizer(text,???);   // fill in the -???- yourself
       while(stkn.hasMoreTokens() ){
          String tmp = stkn.nextToken;
          if(tmp.equals(word)) wordFound = true;
       return wordFound;

  • How to find out the end of the file in java

    hi friends,
    I am reading a file char by char. So how can I check for end of the file. I va a integer of the character and a string which has hex value of the character.
    but when I execute the pgm, it shows out of memory error. overflow of the heap.
    can anyone help???
    thanks in advance...

    There is no "type of file". It's all zeroes andones.
    thing is am wrintin a file. I want to set the
    type(extension) to be .iso. how can i do that???If you want to make the extension ".iso" then just end the file name with ".iso".
    If you want to make the "type" iso, so that it can be manipulated by an iso application or whatever, then you have to make sure the bytes you write are of the proper format.
    As already stated: Files don't have a type.

  • How to read some lines from a text file using java.

    i m new to java and i want to read some lines from a text file based on some string occurrence in the file. This file to be read in steps.
    we only want to read the file upto the first Occurrence of "TEXT" string.
    How to do it ,,,
    Kinldy give the code
    this is the text file
    hjkdgh TEXT
    tyk TEXT

    Hendawy wrote:
    Since the word "TEXT" is formed of 4 letters, you would read the text file 4 bytes by four bytes. Wrong on two counts. First, the file may not be encoded 1 byte per character. It could be utf-16 in which case it would be two byte per character. Second, even if it were 1 byte per character, the string "Text" may not start on a 4 byte boundary.
    Consider a FileInputStream object "fis" that points to your text file. use[] array, int offset, int len) to read every four bytes. Convert the "TEXT" String into a byte array "TEXT".getBytes(), and yous the Arrays class to compare the equality of the read bytes with your "TEXT".getBytes()Wrong since it relies on my second point and will fail when[] array, int offset, int len) does not read 4 bytes (as is no guaranteed to). Check the Javadoc. Also, the file may not be encoded with the default character encoding.
    The problem is easily solved by reading a line at a time using a BufferedReader wrapping an InputStreamReader wrapping a FileInputStream and specifying the correct character encoding.
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  • Reading the excel,word,pdf&ppt files using java

    Hi, I am looking for a java program to read the excel, word, pdf & ppt files...I would like to read files based on keywords match criteria... I would appreciate any help on this...

    Look at:
    There you'll find the lib:s you need.
    Good luck,

  • How to search and replace in an xml file using java

    Hi all,
    I am new to java and Xml Programming.
    I have to search and replace a value Suresh with some other name in the below xml file.
    Any help of code in java it is of great help,and its very urgent.
    I am using java swings for generating two text boxes and a button but i am not able to search in the xml file thru the values that are entered into these text boxes.
    Thanks in advance.
    **XML File*
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    </student>Also i am using SAX Parser in the java program
    any help of code or any tutorials for sax parisng is very urgent please help me to resolve this problem
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    Using XPath to locate the elements you are after is very easy.
    Try something like this:
    import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.Transformer;
    import javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMSource;
    import javax.xml.xpath.XPath;
    import javax.xml.xpath.XPathConstants;
    import javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory;
    import org.w3c.dom.Document;
    import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;
    import org.xml.sax.InputSource;
    public class BasicXMLReplaceWithDOM4J {
         static String inputFile = "C:/student.xml";
         static String outputFile = "C:/studentRenamed.xml";
         public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
              // Read xml and build a DOM document
              Document doc = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance()
                        .newDocumentBuilder().parse(new InputSource(inputFile));
              // Use XPath to find all nodes where student is named 'Suresh'
              XPath xpath = XPathFactory.newInstance().newXPath();
              NodeList nodes = (NodeList)xpath
                   .evaluate("//stud_name[text()='Suresh']", doc, XPathConstants.NODESET);
              // Rename these nodes
              for (int idx = 0; idx < nodes.getLength(); idx++) {
              // Write the DOM document to the file
              Transformer xformer = TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer();
              xformer.transform(new DOMSource(doc), new StreamResult(new File(outputFile)));
    }- Roy

  • I want to find a particular word in a file

    I have got the contents of a file in a ArrayList using :
    String name = null;
         ArrayList<String> myArrayStrings = new ArrayList<String>();Then got a word using : myArrayStrings.get(r) This word was generated randomly and in a loop so I dont know what this word is going to be.
    Now I want to search this "myArrayStrings.get(r)" in another file. How to do that?

    Now I want to search this "myArrayStrings.get(r)" in another file. How to do that?Store the returned String. Do the same thing you did to read the first file to read the second file (i.e. read it in line-by-line and store the lines in a list). Then check if that list contains the String you stored from the first list.
    E.g. (using your code):
    String name = myArrayStrings.get(r); // assuming r is initialized somewhere before this
    if ( otherList.contains( name ) ) { // assuming otherList is your second list
        // do something

  • How to find out the status of a file in java

    I have an application that writes xml files anytime it is invoked. I am writing all unique files to a windows directory.
    i also have an ftp client working on that directory that scans all the files and sends them to the server every few minutes.
    I want to find a way using which all the files except the one that is being currently written by the application are transferred.
    Is there a way to find out in java as to what file is being written to by the operating system at that point of time ? I have looked around for quite a long time and have not been able to find a solution to this problem.
    Any help will be deeply appreciated.

    out = new FileOutputStream(".open" , true);
                          FileChannel ch = out.getChannel();
                                       FileLock lock =  ch.lock(0L, Long.MAX_VALUE, false);
                                   // Connect print stream to the output stream          
                                       p = new PrintStream( out );
                            p.println ("\n" + parms.getProperty( value ) + "\n");
                                  lock.release();Ok, I tried implementing locks but I dont know why it is not working...An exception is thrown and nothing is wriiten to the file. I have employed a complete lock on the file so that no other JVM application can use it.
    Actually this is a server that grabs data sent from an Iframe and writes it down to a temp file. I open a file input stream, lock it and then use a printwriter strream to write the realyed data to the file. Any inputs as to what is wrong with the code snippet above?????

  • How to Find out browser's settings (eg proxy) using Java

    I wish to detect the proxy server and port that user has defined in his Browser.
    Is there any java API avaulable to detect it? Or if anybody has tried it then please help.
    Thanks in advance

    Nope. There's no way to do what you want.
    And pinging all possible IP addresses is going to make you EXTREMELY popular with the network admins. They're all going to be standing around your desk with battle axes and baseball bats argueing about who's to strike the first blow.

  • How to delete a perticular node from xml file using java code

    Hii All,
    Now i am trying to delete a perticular node from xml file.Like...
    XML file:
    <was id="1">1</was>
    <was id="2">2</was>
    I am working in messaging service using JABBER framework with whiteboard facility.
    Here Some commands i have created to add,modify,delete nodes from xml file.They Are
    1.If u want to add a new node then.
    create Licence.SERVER <ss id="3">ddd</ss> lic.xml
    (here u want to add a new node called "ss" under Licence.SERVER.
    And lic.xml is tyhe xml file name where it was saved.
    2.If u want to delete a node(Suppose <was id="1">),then the command should be
    delete Licence.SERVER.was:id='"1" lic.xml
    A problem arises that here it find two was attributes.And it delete the last was attribute,not the requested node.

    Looks like you clicked on "Post" before you pasted in the code you were talking about.

  • How to get started with playing a video file using Java on JSF page ?

    Hi ,
    I am developing a JSF (Java Server Faces) page.
    I need to develop following functionalities
    1). play video file on web page
    2). Let the user load video file into the system from a web page and that can stored in a database .
    Please guide me on how to do the above or where to get started .

    hello brother
    I am also doing work on it.....but don't reach at any result plz help me if you have something
    [email protected]

  • How to store grid points in a file using Java Swing?

    Please someone help me with any suggestions about how to store the grid points in a file using Java Swing

    Actually i have designed a gridlayout in Java Swing and have added some components to it such as buttons or images....My problem is when I click on any of the cell of the grid,the corresponding cell number should be stored in an external file....Do u have any suggestions on how to do it?

  • How to find a specific word in sentence in each line?

    How to find a specific word in sentence in each line and output will show start from the beginning from specific word plus with small description from each sentence?
    For example: I need to find a "+Wednesday+" and "+Thursday+" word in each sentence by line by line from "myfile.txt".
    Go ballet class next Wednesday.
    On the Wednesday is going to swim class.
    We have a meeting on Thursday at Panda's.
    Then it will show the output:
    Wednesday : ballet class
    Wednesday : swim class
    Thursday: meeting at Panda's
    I am going to figure out in Java console to read from a file for specific word from each line and how to make it output in correct way. I know already to make input/file codes.

    I got it and understand much better. Thank you very much. There is a problem with it because I knew how to make
    a specific word in sentence but how I should make Output for specific word and some words from sentence.
    For example:
    +"On Thursday go to ballet class"+
    +"Swim class on Friday one time a month at 2 p.m."+
    I used the codes for that:
    class FindSchedule{
         String firstline = "On Thursday go to ballet class ";
         String secondline = "Swim class on Friday one time a month ";
              System.out.println(firstline + findTheIndex("Thursday", firstline));
              System.out.println(secondline + findTheIndex("Friday", secondline));
         public int findTheIndex(String word, String sentence){
              int index;
              index = sentence.indexOf(word);
              return index;
         public static void main (String[] args){
              new FindSchedule();
    }The output will be:
    Thursday: ballet class
    Friday: 14:00 swim class one time a week
    Notice that time is changing in output complete different from input.
    I need to find out how to extract some words from each sentence for output. Do you know how to do it?

  • How to find the particular record in 1000's of workflow jobs are running

    In a data manager -> in workflow tab>IF a record is in CHECK-OUT MODE there are 1000's of jobs are running in that workflow tab. Can anyone tell me how to find that particular record in that workflow jobs.
    Can anyone show me the difference in getting a record in 5.5 and 7.1

    Hello COTI
    Unfortunatly, SAP MDM doesn't have good ability for  WF search.
    All WF clarify by it's status (unlaunched, avialable, Received, complited, error  etc.)
    For each WF SAP MDM assing unique Job ID and this id will be shown in Job ID field in Data Manager WF Tab.
    You can change WF list order by all WF fields like as Job ID, Step, User, Start etc. and try to find your's WF.
    You can use Java API - this is one of the best solution for WF management and WF mass upload  (for example)
    Kanstantsin Chernichenka

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