How to find BADI for the enterprise service?

Hi Experts,
  We are enhancing an enterprise service for Businesspartner  creation by adding an additional field in the structure. But we are not able to find out the correct BADI for the enterprise service.  We are using the following enterprise service - 'BusinessPartnerERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In' . I could not find any BADI in ES workplace also .How to search for a BADI for this ES.
Any help on this will be well appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hi Sanu.
Not all the services is an BAPI or BAPI, maybe this is an interface.
To see the related object go to esworkplace and find the service.
You will find in the page the label "Related Web Service Definition".
Copy the related value(in your case ECC_BusinessPartnerCrtRC) it and go to SAP GUI. In transaction SE84, go to enterprise service and choice service definition.
Paste the value copied in esworkplace in field Service Definition, then F8.
In the next screen double click in the returned value.
In the next screen you will see a Reference Object field. Double click in the value and you will see the related object.
In this case is an interface. You can see in Provider Class.
Hope that's help you.

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    Dear Abapers,
    How do I find a BADI for a Particular Function Module.
    I did google and found three methods but none helped.
    1) going to Transaction se37 to find your function module.  Locate the function SXV_GET_CLIF_BY_NAME.
    this doesnt help me because i dont want to find badi for a transaction.
    2) got se24 and put a break point in the method of class cl_exithandler. I tried this didnt help.
    3) taking the pacake name and going to se80 and enter it there, you see enhancements. I did this , found the package name of that FM which is WZRE. but there are lots of enhancements and badis. i cant find the related one with discription.
    my FM is IDOC_INPUT_SINGLSETTRQS_CREATE. I really need help to find the correct badi for this.
    any help is appreciated.

         To find a BADI for any enhancement follow these steps,
    1) Put a brak point in method CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE. This will give you the EXIT_NAME and the implementing class name of the BADI.
    2) Remove IF_EX from the implementing class this provides you the BADI name.

  • How to find the BAdi for an Enterprise Service

    Hi All,
    I am using an standard ES by SAP CashPointPaymentCreateNotification_In
    I have to write some code in this hence trying to find the BAd
    How can I find the BAdi for this ES?

    First fidn out this service operation falls under which ES bundle. You can see all the ES bundles at this location:
    Then once  you find the operation "CashPointPaymentCreateNotification_In" click on it and it will giev you all the technical details including the BADI names that can be implemented for this.

  • How to find Working Time approval Enterprise services in ECC 6.0 EHP #3

    Hi All,
        We are on ECC 6.0 EHP #3. We have activated the EA-HR  & EA-TRV  ENTERPRISE_EXTENSIONS & related business functions in transaction sfw5.  How and where do I look for Working Time entry and approval enterprise services in ECC. I tried to find through SOAMANAGER and SE80-Enterprise services browser but could not find them.
    Do we need to activate anything else or am I not looking at the right place?

    Enterprise Services are delivered by SAP with Enhancement Packs (Ehp). So number of services you can see depend on your Ehp and activation of business function while installing Ehp.
    You can see ES in transaction SICF (to activate) and you can search services in transaction SE80->Repository Information System ->Enterprise service (search).

  • PI 7.1 enterprise services: How to find & invoke SAP HCM enterprise Service

    Hi all,
    in PI 7.1, i read, there is support of enterprice services.
    is my current understandings right about PI 7.1 and enterprise services:
    1.the standard BAPIs, standard RFC that were provided in R/3 are replaced by standard enterprise services in SAP ECC.
    2.a nonSAP application can invoke an enterprise service in the same way as a nonSAP application used to call an RFC in the R/3.
    I want to view how an enterprise service of any SAP module can be called by a nonSAP applicaiton.
    are there any doc or blog which shows this.
    is possible with/wihout PI.
    We have follwoing things installed.
    1. PI 7.1 SP4.
    2. SAP ECC 6.0, i am dealing with SAP HCM module.
    are there any enterprise services of HCM available (e.g standard enterprise services given by SAP for HCM module).
    basically i want to test whether a nonSAP application like a java application, can it get some info using standard HCM enterprise services provided by SAP.
    I explored esWorkplace (, but it does not display HCM related process components under the column "DISCOVER ENTERPRISE SERVICES".

    Hi Madhu,
       YOu can check this page for simple sample applications for enterprise services consumption:
    Check this page for ERP-HCM
    and complete business map here:

  • Unable to Generating a proxy class for the Enterprise Service

    Hi ,
    I  am trying to consuming an SAP  XI Web
    Service in Visual Studio 2005. I followd this document <a href="">Consume ES Workplace Enterprise Services with Microsoft .Net 2.0 and Visual Studio .Net 2005:</a>.
    While try to create a Proxy Class for the WSDL  file(XI)  using wsdl.exe tool it shows the error  like this "There is an error in XML document -Value cannot be null Parameter name:name".
    If there  any way to pass the parameter  through wsdl.exe tool .

    Check for unnecessary spaces in the WSDL file. Especially in xsd:union tags.
    I had the following problem:
    <xsd:union memberTypes=" xsd:time genericTime" ...
    <xsd:union memberTypes="xsd:time genericTime" ...
    and WSDL.exe was able to generate the proxy class code.
    Kind regards

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    can any one give solution for finding the sub-orders for my given finished product,
    prodution order?
    my finished product may have the hierarchy as.....
    Finished Goods-> Semi-finished  goods ->  Semifinished-> up to n numbers
    > at last raw material.
    how to find the relation ship between production orders and corres ponding
    cost for this requirement?
    Thanks .
    <u><b>Solution Rewarded.</b></u>

    Hello Meeta
    If you are considering Reporting Manager as appraiser.
    First get pernr, find out position ID from the infotype 0001, check the relationship A002 maintained for the appraisee's position (HRP1001), and finally to find out Appraiser ID check the relationship A008 (HRP1001) of the appraiser's position.

  • How to find ObjectKey for the workflow, or Task for a ObjectKey

    I am developing a custom workflow for a customer request,
    I need to apply a condition like, If there is a open workflow request for this customer, then it should not start another workflow.
    how do I do that ?
    I tried to look into SWi6, it gives results till I keep the Object key Blank, if I use this with the object key then it gives no result.
    I have also tried function module SAP_WAPI_WORKITEMS_TO_OBJECT, but still no success.
    I have developed my own Business object for this with key fields.

    You can check in the table SWW_WI2OBJ, whether for the key and business object, there is workflow exist or not.
    Get the last workitem based on the timestamp and pass that work item in SWWWIHEAD and get the top work item.
    Now check whether the status is COMPLETED or INPROCESS or READY, based on which you can trigger or not.

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    I am having a hell of a time trying to figure out WHICH BUGS are fixed in the recent Critical patch alert
    I looked into the README file of the patch ( in my case its 8534387 for Solaris SPARC ) - but even in the README file there is only the list of the bugs fixed:
    +2.1 Bugs Fixed by This Patch+
    This patch includes the following molecules:
    +7155248 - DB-
    +7155249 - DB-
    +7155250 - DB-
    +7155251 - DB-
    But its impossible to even find them in metallink by the bug ID !
    I tried the first one and you get multiple document where this patch is mentioned , but no clear place for the bug description .
    Is there a convenient way to know exactly the DESCRIPTION of each bug that was fixed in a CPU ?
    thanks in advance

    But its impossible to even find them in metallink by the bug ID !
    I tried the first one and you get multiple document where this patch is mentioned , but no clear place for the bug description .
    Is there a convenient way to know exactly the DESCRIPTION of each bug that was fixed in a CPU ?
    thanks in advance
    OrnaDo a BUG search using the BUG ID rather than a Knowledge Base search. After that if you look closely at those multiple documents you mentioned that was returned, there should be only one for your Platform and for your product. Ignore the rest and click on only the one relevant to your Platform and Product.

  • How to find Extract for the bank key/ bank account changed in vendor maste

    Hello Gurus,
    I need help in finding the extract for the bank details of vendors changed for a period of time. I tried using FK04 under multiple selection and ran the report for the selected vendors. It only shows  the "bank details created" or "bank details deleted" under Old Values and New Values but doe not actually shows the values for the field changed.
    Is there a way where i can get a report which shows a log of change in bank details with old and new values,
    Thank you,

    Try using report RSSCD100 and give the selection condition
    Object id --> BANK
    and then you can limit the results by specifying the time and date range..

  • How to find entries for the particular month

    hi  all,
    I have a table ZTOS4 where i store the trips, trips created timestamp.
    in my selection screen , i give the month as parameter.
    now i need to select the trips created for the select month. how can i put the select query???
    select trips timestamp
    from ztos4
    where timestamp = month ??????? (as timestamp is date and time and month is 01,02,03,....12)
    how to put the where condition?????
    points will be rewarded
    thanks in advance

    Hi jayasree muthaiyan,
    USE LIKE keyword in where condition of your select query...
    However its better to provide the month and year both form the selection screen because there can be many years data in the table which r having same month ...
    eg .. 02 then it will give Feb months data for all years say 2004 2005 .... 2008 ...
    Here is the "help" for the syntax of LIKE in SELECT statement.
    f NOT LIKE g
    ... ESCAPE h
    The condition is met for a table entry if the statement "f (does not) equal the pattern in g" is true for the values of f and g. f must always be a field descriptor, and g an ABAP field. If f has the value NULL, then the result of the check for the statement is unknown. Within a pattern, there are two special characters:
    '_' (underscore) stands for any single character.
    '%' (percentage sign) stands for any sequence of characters, including an empty string.
    Example to select all customers whose name begins with 'M':
    Example to select all customers whose name contains 'huber':
    WHERE NAME LIKE '%huber%'.
    Example to select all customers whose name does not contain 'n' as the second character:
    LIKE can only be used for alphanumeric database fields. In other words, table field f must have Dictionary type ACCP, CHAR, CLNT, CUKY, LCHR, NUMC, UNIT, VARC, TIMS or DATS. The comparison field g must always have type C.
    The maximum length of the pattern is 2n - 1 characters, where n is the length of field f.
    Trailing spaces are ignored in comparison field g. If a pattern contains trailing spaces, you must enclose it in single inverted commas ('). If your pattern is enclosed in inverted commas and you also want to include inverted commas as part of the pattern, the inverted commas in the pattern must be doubled.
    You cannot use this variant in the ON addition to the FROM clause.
    Hope it will solve your problem
    Reward points if useful...
    Thanks & Regards
    ilesh 24x7

  • How to find links for the KM resource

    I would like to know the details about the links, which are created for the KM resource.
    I want to search how many links and where these links are created for some perticular resource in KM.
    Please let me know how to achieve this.

    Hello -
    For archive pls refer below
    THere is no standard archive functionality in KM. but you can use time based publishing where you can give validity of the documents. Once the time is expired then automatically it will not display to the end users who have read permissions.
    kept in your directory but it will not visible to enduser (those are having a read access) section.
    So Go to folder (Life time enable on folder level) ---> Details ---> Click on Lifetime --> Enable it
    Afterthat you can select the appropriate file and assign the life time .Here is the process....
    A(file name)-> Details-> Properties ---> lifetime.
    /thread/103302 [original link is broken]

  • How to Find Vendor for the material  before posting  a PO

    I am using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to post a PO(ME21N), in the order to fill header data I need to give Vendor information. I have filled that data with one ZTable and executed. When i executed the BAPI, it gave me result as "VENDOR is declared as some thing else for the material". Now my Query is how to know the vendor the particular material.
    Even MSEG is showing no vendor.

    Hello Krishna,
    I do not think there's any direct assignment between a material and a vendor. And I would be surprised if there's one. Let's say there are 4000 materials and 600 vendors in an R/3 System. Doesn't it sound needless to maintain for each material all the vendors ?
    Just go to the Purchasing tab for a material (MM03) and also refer to the Purchasing data for a Vendor (XK03). you will see that there's something called a <i>Purchasing Group</i>, which is common to them both. Now just read the F1 help for this field.
    Anand Mandalika.

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    Users who were paying for Elements Plus or paid storage were issued a refund for the rest of the year and given a free year of Revel. (Elements Plus members also got a free upgrade to Elements 11).
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