How to find compensation data for the year

Dear All,
A company wants to know the comepnsation data for financial year 2009-2010.
Problem: I couldnot find a single report which can provide the compensation of an employee for the year.
We are trying to build a report however needs input if anyone has done that:
Table which stores this data is PS_COMPENSATION.
Problem is : it stores data in effective date.
How to then convert it into a year -April 2010 to March 2011
For example: cases
a. existing employee: whose effective comp data will be less than April 2010
- Plus, there are pay rate changes between April 2010 to march 2011. (Pay rate change can happen on any date of the month)
- How can I add them to find the Compensation as per comp page from 1st April to 31st march 2011

I'm afraid what you're looking for is not likely to be a trivial task. If you have all of the modules required for the "Report Total Compensation" product, then you should take a look at the associated PeopleBook. I think you will have to be on HRMS 9.0 at a minimum, and using Payroll for North America and Benefits Administration.
To create a custom solution, you may have to consider a variety of other factors such job status--leave, terminated, terminated with pay, etc.--hourly vs. salaried, part time vs. full time, multi-job, variable compensation. It will depend entirely on the specific features that are being used at your site.
If you provide a very detailed example of the output you are looking for with sample data, someone might be willing to offer a solution.

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    Hello Paul,
    You could try calling one of the following BAPIs - see which one meets your requirement. They are documented well so shouldn't be a problem finding out the correct one for your requirements.
    You might have to put in some of your own logic after the BAPI call to get what you want.
    Hope this helps,
    p.s. Also look at FM FAGL_GET_ACCOUNT_BALANCE
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    Points would be rewarded for helpful answers..
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    U want to fetch the workarea description ?
    we can fetch it from CCIHT_WALD table with the RECN value.
    The informations are stored in AUSP table with the characterstic(ATINN) value.

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    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sridhar,
    Welcome to SDN.
    The tables for a given transaction can be seen in the transaction SE80.
    First goto SE93.
    Give ur Tcode and find the program name.
    Now goto SE80. select program in the first dropdown and give the program name in the second box. U can find the list of tables used.
    One more way is : use ST05.
    and One more is using FM 'get_tables'
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  • How to find Installation Date for each SQL installation

    Dear All,
    I need a basic info. How to find installation date of each SQL instance (My environment running with multiple standalone/cluster instances)?
    So, I need a query to find installation date easily (I don't want to check it in registry by manual). Thanks in advance...

    Hi Balmukund
    This is the same answer that (1) Prashanth posted
    from the start, letter on (2) Stan posted
    this again with the same link, and now for the third time, (3) you posted it with the same link :-)
    * This answer is correct for specific instance.
    The OP asked a solution for several instances. Therefore he should execute this on each instance. As I mentioned he can do it dynamically on all instances, for example using powershell (basic logic is, first find all instances and than post this query in a
      Ronen Ariely
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    Then your answer is correct :)
    Balmukund Lakhani
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    We are currently starting a laptop ownership scheme with our Portege R200 machines, and need to know the purchase dates for these. We have our serial numbers, and need to where or which site we need to go in order to type in the serial number and find out the purchase date for the machine with that serial number. How can this be done?
    Please email [email protected] with any help. Thanks!

    I think this can be managed only by Toshiba service partner.
    If the user has registered the unit so usually the service partner should be able to check the purchase date.

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    Hi ,
    Please find the link below for understanding BW CRM analysis.
    activate the CRM DSs by scenario:
    1) Activate the application component hierarchy (tcode RSA9). Changes made to the application component hierarchy in the CRM system can be transferred to the BW using the "Edit Application Component Hierarchy" (SBIW - Postprocessing of DataSources).
    SAP Note 434886 must be implemented in CRM 3.0 before the application component hierarchy is activated.
    2) Activate the Business Content DataSources (tcode RSA5).
    Select/enter the application component and choose Execute (F8).
    To compare the shipped and active versions, choose the 'Select Delta' pushbutton. If there is no active version of the DataSource, it is selected automatically.
    To activate the shipped version, choose the 'Transfer DataSources' pushbutton.
    3) Management of the versions of the BW-Adapter metadata (tcode BWA5). All DataSources are displayed that are managed by the BW Adapter.
    As in transaction RSA5 (Service API Metadata Activation), the 'Select Delta' function can be used to select the inactive DataSources or compare shipped and active versions.
    You can also go directly to the screen for maintaining DataSources that are managed by the BW Adapter.
    The 'Compare Version' function makes a detailed comparison of the shipped and active versions.
    All BW-Adapter metadata is considered when versions are compared:
    Header information (Table SMOXHEAD)
    Mapping information (Table SMOXRELP)
    Global selection conditions (Table SMOXGSEL)
    Attribute key fields (Table SMOXAFLD)
    Hope this helps.
    csm reddy

  • How to find last  date of the current year

    Please tell me is there any function module to find out the last date of the current year.

    You can do that very simply like so.
    report zrich_0001.
    data: first type sy-datum.
    data: last type sy-datum.
    first = sy-datum.
    first+4(4) = '0101'.
    last = sy-datum.
    last+4(4) = '1231'.
    write:/ first, last.
    OR use function modules
    1.use this function module HR_GB_TAX_YEAR_DATES
    Pass these values
    P08_TXYEAR = Year
    P08_PAYROLL_AREA = '01'
    2.use FM......... FIRST_AND_LAST_DAY_IN_YEAR_GET
    DATA: first LIKE sy-datum,
    last LIKE sy-datum.
    i_gjahr = '2007'
    i_periv = '24'
    e_first_day = first
    e_last_day = last.
    WRITE: / 'First Date', first, ' Last Date', last.

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    Check if this can help you
    DECLARE @counter INT
    DECLARE @Date Date
    SELECT @counter = 0
    Select @Date = '20131226'
    WHILE @counter <= 52
    select Thursday = convert(varchar(10),DATEADD(WEEK,1, @Date),120)
    SELECT @counter = @counter + 1
    Select @Date = DATEADD(WEEK,1, @Date)
    Prasad Tandel
    Please dont forget to mark as answer if this helps you :)

  • How to find first day of the year

    Big picture: trying to determine how many pay periods are left in the year. There are 52 weeks in a year, and our company pay out each week.
    The first pay week of the year always starts on a Friday. So If Janurary 1 is a friday, then the 1st week of pay period starts that week. If Jan 1 is a Thursday, then the first pay week will start on Janurary 2.
    I need to figure out what day the first day of any year it is. By day, i mean Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, or Sun.
    Then when I figure out what day it is, i will write an if/then statement saying if Jan 1 is a monday, then add 4 days to that date and that will be the first day of a pay period.
    Then when i figure out the first day of the first week, I wanted to add 7 days to create week2, week3.... week 52.
    Then take todays date and if it was between week x and week y, then it would determine that z many pay periods are left...
    is this the best way to go about this? anything easier?

    You can use the getDay method of a Date object to determine the day of the week. Any decent JavaScript reference will have more information.

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    I have also tried to the table USRO2 ( which gives only the list of users in the central system )
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    Hi Ruchit
    Thanks for your reply. I want to find the validity date of all users having SAP_ALL
    profile of all child system connected through central user system .So it is possible
    to do that in Centrals System by executing the report?
    If I execute that report in Central user system will it give the details of all child
    system connected to central system
    I think it will give only the result of Central system and not the child system connected to Central system.Please clarify me.
    I can execute the report by logging to each child system ,but it takes very long hours for me since there are many system in my landscape.
    Awaiting for your reply.'

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    Couple of ways to do this,  one is to go to SE93 and do F4 on the transaction code field, click information system,  click the all selections icon, then put the name of the z program in the field, and hit enter,  this will give you the tcode.
    RIch Heilman
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            Rich Heilman

  • How to find closing date for a delivery document

    I nedd to fin closing date for a delivery document. I tried with clsdate but didnt work
    If someone can help me with this

                 Better and simplest way you can get it through a simple qury report. Create a query by joining two tables ODLN and OINV. OINV's docdate means the closing date of delivery challan.

  • How to find component details for the equipment BOM

    Dear All ,
    I have a requirement ..I need to find all the component numbers for the equipment BOM. Can anybody pls help me in finding a table containing this information. I check in tcode IB02,IB03 but I am not able to find the database table containing this information.

    Hi, Main table for equipment BOM is EQST. You can get the details from STPO (Item) and STKO (Header). You can use the FM CSAI_BOM_READ. Here u need to pass the header details and CSIN-STLTY = E " Equipment BOM.

  • How to find domain name for the host

    I have found the hostname but I am not able to find the domain name , how can I do that?? From the forums I was able to understand why the BSP Application was not displaying but unable to execute the same as I was unaware of the domain name.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Narayani,
    What about doing something like this?
    data: urls type tihttpurls2,wa type IHTTPURLS2, host type string.
    call method cl_http_server=>get_extension_info
    extension_class = 'cl_http_ext_bsp'
    urls = urls.
    concatenate sy-sysid '.' into host.
    translate host to lower case.
    loop at urls into wa.
    replace host in wa-host with ''.
    The idea is that you get all the possible URLs and then delete the host part of it. Then you get the domain.

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