How to find open line items from the BSID table

Hello Guru's
I need some fever from you......... please any one tell me that How to find the open line items from the BSID table .
please replay ASAP..

Hi Raghunath
BSID and BSAD are Secondary Index tables for Customer line items. All customer open items are stored in BSID table and Cleared items are stored in BSAD table.

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    Hi all,
    how to delete a line item from the sales order for which the production is already happened and it has been delivered. the production order status is DLV.

    U can do this in two ways one u can short close the order by entering Reason for rejection in VA02 at header level and if yr order is multiple line item order u can enter the reason for rejection in any of the line item which u don't want to deliver.
    This is called short close ( as the qty is not delivered fully).

  • To find open line items as in FS10N

    Hi Friends,
    I need your advise since I don't know the accounting funtionality happening in FS10N open items with standard tables (open items).
    The open line items available or showing in FS10N which is not stored in open item tables like BSIS,BSID or BSIK. Some are saved/available in cleard items tables such as BSAS,BSAD or BSAK. But if i consider for my report purpose, ther are other line items of the same document which are coming up in my report those are cleared and not needed as per requirement.
    My FI cons says, those document stored in cleared items table(which are still open items in FS10N) are still need to be cleared.
    *******In FAGLFLEXA table, i couldn't able to find how to filter a document which is open or cleared item.
    Please help me how to differentiate and get my open line items from the tables as same as stored in FS10N.
    thanks & regards

    Let me explain the link betwee tables so that you understand the flow. All accounting documents are stored in BKPF (header data) and BSEG (Line item). From BSEG, the line items are identified according to their account types - K (vendors) D (Customers) and S (GL accounts) and copied to their secondary indes tables.
    Each of the above account types have two tables (also called secondary index tables) -
    S - BSAS (Cleared items) and BSIS (Open Items)
    K - BSAK (Cleared items) and BSIK (Open Items)
    D - BSAD (Cleared items) and BSID (Open Items).
    Now as per your question, FS10N is for GL acoount balance, so you need to refer to BSAS (for cleared items) and BSIS (for open items).
    If you could explain your rquirement in the report, I can try and give you a logic.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Not cleared two line items from the GR/IR clearing

    For one of the items in PO following transactions are done...
            Mtype   Date            Quantity             Amount
    GR   101    06/14/09        1 02.001            887.85
    GR   102    06/14/09        102.001-            887.85
    GR   101    06/14/09        101.999             887.85
    GR   101    07/22/09        102.001             923.61
    IR-L            06/14/09        102.001            887.85
    IR-L            06/14/09        101.999            887.85
    FBL3N: out put
    Open items
    Doc Type  Date                           Amount
    WE           06/14/2009 86            887.85
    WE           07/22/2009 96            923.61-
    Cleared items:
    Doc Type  Date                           Amount                                                                     
    WE            06/14/2009  96              887.85-
    Z9             06/09/2009  86              887.85
    WE            06/14/2009  96              887.85-
    Z9             06/09/2009  86              887.85
    System has not cleared two line items from the GR/IR clearing for this line item in PO.
    What could be the reason these items are not cleared and now how these line
    items can be cleared?

    When the Dr and Cr amount are equal to zero system will automatically clear the line items in F.13.  Here the open items are appearing with different amounts due to that system not able to clear.
    By passing some manual JV or something you done to make Dr and Cr equal to zero then you clear through F-03(untick post automatically for this clearing in T.cdoe FS00)

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    Hello Anybody, I have a question. Can any of you please suggest me how to make an xml file from the database table with all the records?
    Note:- I am having the XSD Schema file and the resulted XML file should be in that XSD format only.

    The Oracle documentation has a good overview of the options available
    Generating XML Data from the Database
    Without knowing your version, I just picked 11.2, so you made need to look for that chapter in the documentation for your version to find applicable information.
    You can also find some information in XML DB FAQ

  • How to insert contract line item from file using any bapi

    Hi gurus,
    Just wanted to ask how can I insert new line item which were created from a file
    when updating/changing contract details.
    The requirement was to create new line item from a file and use those details in updating the contracts.
    What BAPI can I use to address this requirement?

    Hi Rajvansh Ravi,
    This is for Service Contracts. Sorry for missing this detail.
    Hi Tarangini Katta,
    I have already used BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE, and it was good in updating existing line items,
    but it doesn't update the contract when a new line item is created in the file.
    To make a clearer view of the flow (requirement)
    First scenario:
          From the tcode (ME32K or ME33K), we can download contract details into an excel file for a particular service contract.
    Next scenario:
          That same excel file (downloaded) can be enhanced per line item (can also insert new line) and be saved locally.
    Next scenario:
          This same excel file can also be uploaded. And the changes done to the file have to overwrite or rather have to changed the details of the same contract and then will appear/reflect in the tcode.
    With this, if we had a new line item created (inserted) on the file (not change), we can not see the changes when we view the same contract in the tcode. (ME33K)
    Do you have any idea how the insertion from the file can be reflected on the tcode using an existing bapi?
    Hope this was clear enough...
    Thanks and hope to hear something from you soon.

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    I'd like to delete an item from the main left hand column in iTunes (the column containing the main headings LIBRARY, STORE, SHARED, PLAYLISTS etc etc). Under the first heading 'LIBRARY' appear the items Library, Music, Movies, iTunes U, Books, Apps and Ringtones. I'd like to remove the item "Library" from that list - it appears immediately after the heading "LIBRARY" and serves no purpose whatsoever. (Neither does it appear to cause any harm, I must say, just a nuisance.) This item does not appear in any of the iTunes viewing options or controls lists. Neither does it appear in iTunes in the other accounts on my Mac and I have yet to see it any other iTunes on any other Mac.
    I've upgraded since about iTunes 8 assuming the problem would eventually disappear through the upgrades but it hasn’t, even through all the providedupgrade increments available for iTunes.
    I'm assuming it's from something I've installed in my main user account at some stage and it entered this item in the iTunes app. But I can't see how to remove it. The only things I can remember installing are "iTunes Batch Column Renamer" and "Join Together", both if which are just Scripts and which I use fairly regularly, but I don't recall either of them installing that particular item.
    Is there any folder I can navigate to to edit the list of items in that main left hand column of iTunes?
    Many thanks in advance for any help offered.

    on second thought, that you have an item "library" is indeed odd - there shouldn't be.
    suggest you try removing iTunes completely (click here and follow the instructions), then reinstall it using the standalone installer from here:
    note this will not do anything to your media files, playlists, ratings, etc.
    btw, you didn't install any 3rd party tools like this script:
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    Create file names with track number
    Maintain grid view for Search results
    Option-click zoom button for Mini Player&
    Show buttons horizontally
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  • How to display a line item in the billing calculation ?

    Hi Experts,
    My client requirement is to just display a line item in billing without affecting the total invoice amount. ( line item should just show up, no calculation should be included).

    i agree on the rate step fr the calculation you would like to see the line item check the variant control, it usually has the option to write a line item.  depending on the variant.
    bobby r.

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    If you've already deleted the files and emptied the Trash they are already, in effect, erased. At least the disk space they occupied is now available.
    To be able to offer help we need more information about which Mac you have, which OS you are running, how much RAM you have installed, how much hard disk space you have available, etc.
    Go to the Apple Menu>About this Mac - copy and paste the contents of the report here (deleting the serial number of your machine). Once we have that info, I'm sure someone will have some suggestions.

  • How to find a dependent row in the all tables using single SQL query

    hi all,
    I have created some table with master and some dependent tables.I want to mark a (row)tuple as inactive in master so that corresponding child records also should be marked as inactive.
    So i decided to mark the master and dependent records as inactive starting from master table and traverse to child tables.
    So I need SQL query to fetch all dependend records to the row(marked row in the master ) from the master table and dependent rows from the child row and to mark as flag inactive.
    can anybody help me out to build this query or any other way to mark flag as inactive ?

    You can find dependant tables from ALL_CONSTRAINTS, e.g:
    Table created.
    Table created.
    Table created.
    SQL> SELECT table_name, owner, status
      2  FROM   all_constraints c
      3  WHERE  c.constraint_type = 'R'
      4  AND    ( c.r_owner, c.r_constraint_name ) IN
      5         ( SELECT owner, constraint_name
      6           FROM   user_constraints
      7           WHERE  table_name = 'M'
      8           AND    constraint_type IN ('U','P') );
    TABLE_NAME                     OWNER                          STATUS
    D2                             WILLIAMR                       ENABLED
    D1                             WILLIAMR                       ENABLED
    2 rows selected.There is no SQL command to apply all updates in one go, if that's what you were looking for.
    AFAIK the word "tuple" is for mathematics and relational theory, and does not refer to a physical row in a database.

  • Sales order create/change line item with reference to contract - Open quantity not getting deducted for copied line item from the contract

    Hi friends,
    Please provide some valuable inputs for the following scenario:
    When a sales order line item is created(VA01) or changed(VA02) with reference to a Contract the open quantity is deducted in the contract which is a standard functionality. If the referenced line item is copied (custom enhancement to copy line item), then for the copied line item the open quantity is not getting deducted instead ATP quantity i.e. Available-to-promise is deducted.
    Any inputs on how we can fix this functionality i.e. deduct the open quantity from the contract for the copied line item?
    P.S. : Custom enhancement to copy line item is working fine, but open quantity is not getting deducted if the copied line item was referenced to a contract.
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    Yes, that was my original interpretation.  I was having a hard time believing that someone would ask such a question. 
    I guess, then, that you already know that you will have to add this logic to your enhancement. You should create your specifications and hand them off to a developer; ideally the one who created this enhanced solution in the first place.
    I do not provide advice in these forums about details of enhanced solutions.  Perhaps one of the other members will be more willing to do your work for you.
    Best Regards,

  • How to find open SO Items with tax code for a particular day?

    Dear all
    If i want to see all open SOs(items), with tax code for a particular day, how to find using table VBAP in SE16?
    Please guide me
    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Mar 3, 2009 11:10 PM
    Please use descriptive subject titles and the search

    Hi GB,
    Its always better to see through the standard reports , as you will be able to see the aditional info as well.
    In the case of table in se16 you will be able to see one table at a time and then you need to manually figure out the fields that required.
    For example if you want to see the sales order details through tables then
    1.You have to go to VBAK to see the document type and then you need to go to VBAP to see the items , it means that you need to access 2 tables for this simple thing ....
    In standard reports there will be lot of joins between the tables and you can view the data more elobarately as weel.
    Note : In general if you want to see the complete details of the documents(open), then pls use the reports.

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