How to find out if textFrame is really a table?

Hey, I tried to find a solution for this on Google and in the forums, but I couldn't find it.
I also tried different things, like "currentItem.hasOwnProperty('tables')", but of course this is true for every textFrame. I am searching for something like "object.isTable". Does anyone have a hint on how to do this?
Thanks in advance!

@Stamm – look for the length of the tables in the text frame or in its parent story:
if (myTextFrame.tables.length > 0){doSomething()};
if(myTextFrame.parentStory.tables.length > 0){doSomething()};
Where do you start from? From a known text frame or just an object you are not sure about?
Or from an arbitrary selection the user is doing?
Also consider a check, if the text frame is overset and the required table is fully or partly (some rows) is in the overflow.

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    I know, this post is quite a while ago, but: This simply does not work for me. Neither for simple PathItems, nor for the characters of a TextFrame.
    Working on: Illustrator CS5.5, Mac OS, Javascript
    Simple example:
    var numSelectedObjects = app.activeDocument.selection.length;
    // If any objects selected: Get fill and stroke color of the first one
    if(numSelectedObjects > 0){
    alert("Fill Color: " + app.activeDocument.selection[0].fillColor + " / Stroke Color: " + app.activeDocument.selection[0].fillColor);
    This returns always CMYKColor, RGBColor or GrayColor, even if there is no Color assigned to the objects stroke or fill!!
    For PathItems there is the attribute ".filled" or ".stroked", which returns "true" or "false" and is reliable.
    if(app.activeDocument.selection[i].filled){ // works fine with PathItems!
    Is there anything similar for Characters? I tried this one, but it does not work (because I think it does not exist):
    if(app.activeDocument.selection[i].textRange.filled){ // does not work!
    I just need to find out, if the characters in a textfield have got a fill or stroke color. Reliable.
    It would be very nice to get help from anybody!
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • How to find out when data was deleted from table in oracle and Who deleted that

    HI Experts,
    Help me for below query:
    how to find out when data was deleted from table in oracle and Who deleted that ?
    I did that to fidn out some data from dba_tab_modifications, but I m not sure that what timestamp shows, wether it shows for update,insert or delete time ?
    TABLE_OWNER                    TABLE_NAME                        INSERTS    UPDATES    DELETES     TIMESTAMP         DROP_SEGMENTS TRU
    PRODCTL                        F9001                                                     1683         46       2171            11-12-13 18:23:39             0                   NO
    Audit is enable in my enviroment?
    customer is facing the issue and data missing in the table and I told him that yes there is a delete at 11-12-13 18:23:39 in table after seeing the DELETS column and timestamp in dba_tab_modifications, but not sure I am right or not
    SQL> show parameter audit
    NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
    audit_file_dest                      string      /oracle/admin/pbowe/adump
    audit_sys_operations                 boolean     TRUE
    audit_syslog_level                   string
    audit_trail                          string      DB, EXTENDED
    please help

    LOGMiner --> Using LogMiner to Analyze Redo Log Files
    AUDIT --> Configuring and Administering Auditing

  • How to find out what attributes were really changed in AD?

    It it possible to find out what changes were really made in Active Directory resource?
    I set two attributes: 'groups' and 'company'. One of groups doesn't exist or user(specified in resource configuration) dosn't have permission to add this group. Result of provisioning: idm set company, set other groups and there is error message in WF_CASE_RESULT. In audit log I see correct data - all attempted groups are in 'attempted value' and saved groups are in 'new value'.
    So the question is:
    Is it possible to find out what really happend - what groups were saved and what groups weren't (or maybe none of attributes were saved)?

    When one of groups doesn't exists I got "Error opening object 'LDAP://CN=...,OU=...': ADsOpenObject(): 0X80072030: , 0000208D: NameErr: DSID-031001CD, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of: 'OU=...' , There is no such object on the server. "
    The problem is: WF_CASE_RESULT doesn't contain what groups were added and what groups weren't (at least I can't find this information). Maybe I can find it by analyzing errors, but I don't think it's good solution because there are a lot of errors that can happen and I need to know error messages for all of them.

  • How to find out list of variants in TVARV table

    can anybody can guide me on the following issues? plz
    How to list all variants in TVARV table?
    How to find out any Z* programs that writes to TVARV table, using the variant name?
    How to find out the programs which are  reads the TVARV data into a program variant?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Or some help might be useful:
    Subramanian V.

  • How to find out which field belongs to which table

    Dear all
             How to find out this "Field name:-  LFSNR" belongs to which table.
    M.Chandra mohan

    You can go to SE84.
    ABAP Dictionary --> Fields --> Table fields
    Enter field name and execute. You will get list of table where this field is exist.
    hope it helps

  • How to find out what is the name of table/view is being maintained in  IMG?

    Any general trick to find out what is the name of table/view is being maintained
    by a given IMG item while configuring?

    Click F1  on the table/ view you will get the table name and then go to transaction give this table name and click on Find Maintainance Dialog their you will get the views related to that table.

  • How to find out which program fill a custom table ?

    Dear All,
    I am trying to find out which program fill custom table, I tried se11, which programs used this custom table via where used list but could not find. Is there any different way ?

    Hi Sappcon,
    yes, it is as Brad said, but you should extend the approach regarding this tables content: If it is related to an existing business object (i.e. order, delivery or the like), you may have a look at user exits/Badis in that field.
    Also, the dynamic approach is possible. First use report RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN to find the name of the table in all programs in customer name space - it may be defined as a constant in program/function group/class.
    If the dynamic approach is used, the name of the table may be determined by reading another (custom) table or even in a programs text pool. You may find this by searching a pattern UPDATE() - or MODIFY/INSERT in customer programs.
    If the table has update date/time fields, check what jobs or online activities can be responsible.
    If, after all, you still do not know, then I'd say this is a consulting issue

  • How to find out last updatde timestamp for a table

    Hi All,
    I want to find out the last updated time stamp of a table. Is there some thing available with the sys tables. Is there something can be done with user_objects.
    Or, is there any need to write pl/sql code to get the last updated timestamp for a table.
    Please provide some inputs.

    Hi Oleg,
    Select * from user_objects.I belieive it gives you the last_ddl_time not the time a update or delete was done.
    Not sure if we have this feature in any new release.
    I am working on Connected to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
    to the OP
    I will suggest if you planto audit then use the audit feature based on your DB version.
    Or to make it more simple have a column called modified_date and update this column whenever you update the record.

  • How to find out the NULL columns in the table?

    Please provide the query to find the null columns in the table. Here, all rows in the table have same column as null. It won't change.
    c1 c2 c3 c4
    X C 10
    T D 20
    I wanna find out as C2 is the nullable column.
    Thanks in advance !!

    Below code might be solution for finding NULL valued in columns in a table and if it is solution .kindly give me points for the same.
    cursor col_cur is
    select column_name
    from user_tab_cols -- all_tables can also be used in case the table is present in own schema
    where table_name = 'TABLE_NAME'; --provide the TABLE_NAME  
    stmt varchar2(1000):= '';
    v_count number;
    count_null number;
    execute immediate 'select count(*) from TABLE_NAME' into v_count; --provide the TABLE_NAME  
    for rec in col_cur loop
    execute immediate 'select count(*) from TABLE_NAME' where --provide the TABLE_NAME  
    '||rec.column_name||' IS NULL' into count_null;
    if count_null = v_count then
    stmt :=stmt|| rec.column_name ||chr(13);
    end if;
    end loop;
    end ;

  • How ti find out the list of all z tables.

    Hi Experts,
    I have to find out all the z tables of pp,pm and qm module so that i can know that the authorization group is filled or not.
    Pls its urgent.

    you can use se11 to search any kind of table if you know the particular table name or else you can use z* as a search options for searching any kind of table.
    After getting the table name you can check the authorization check.

  • How to find out the selected line in the table control

    Hi Guys,
    i have a requirement like this. i have table control and the internal table for that table control as IT_CASE. this internal table i declared as CHECKBX, MATNR, QUANTITY. but when i am enter the values in the table control i am getting the values in MATNR and QUANTITY in the that internal table IT_CASE. but when iam selecting that that line iam not getting CHECKBOX as 'X' in that internal table IT_CASE. i declared the table control as CAS_CONTROL and in that i have given the "w/selcolum" property as IT_CASE-CHECKBOX. now i want to fill that CHECKBOX as 'X' inthat internal table IT_CASE whatever the lines we are selecting only for those lines i want to fill up as 'X' in that internal table.
    Can you please suggest any one reg this.
    Thanks in advance

    Hello body,
    You can give a name such as 'SEL' in  w/selcol and declare SEL as char1. Then follow the coading.
    in TOP.
    data: sel type c.
    loop at <Your internal table>.
    module get_data.
    Inside Module get_data.
        if sy-ucomm = <Your Fcode>
        if sel = 'X'.
           <Your internal table>-<Field for checkbox> = 'X'.
          append <Your internal table>.
    I think your issue is resolved.
    S Mahanta.

  • How to find out the top ten Change log tables in BW

    I want to know the top ten change log tables in terms of size. Do we have a SAP standard table where we have the following fields : "changlog table name", "number of records" field or "data in size" field.
    Prashant M J

    Click on change log table in the ODS/DSO at the top you see the name as /bic* which is the name of the database table which could also be seen at SE11.
    If you wana see the requests in this change log use rstsodsrequest
    and if you wana see the size in terms of kb, mb DB02 or st04
    use the table name /bic* and click on tables and indexes option in history tab
    DB02 tells you the sizes of the tables present on database. Incase you are not able to your basis team would help you in that
    Thanks and regards

  • How to find out which keywords were used to create a smart album?

    I actually have 2 questions;
    a) Short of scrolling down my very long list of password on the HUD - is there an elegant way to do it - How to find out which passwords were used to create an existing smart album? It's a recurring challenge for me.\ 'cause I like using smart albums, but once in a while need to check or chane the passwords.
    b) With annoying regularity when I try to get to this forum and choose Aperture, I get the following message - in pink, no less: It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.
    Any clues?
    Thanks guys,
    <Edited by Host>

    b) With annoying regularity when I try to get to this forum and choose Aperture, I get the following message - in pink, no less: It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.
    Any clues?
    that message may occur for four reasons at least:
    Most frequently, when you are using an outdated link to a post that no longer exists, for example from an email notofication. Sometimes our community host will remove posts, that are in violation of the terms of use: see:
    Apple Support Communities Terms of Use
    Or you are using the edit button or a bookmark to an "Edit" window, after the fifteen minutes allowed for editing are up.
    Or you want to view a page in a restricted section of the ASC - soem perta are only open for members of level 6 or higher.
    Or it is one  of the unexplained problems with the forum software right now.
    a) Short of scrolling down my very long list of password on the HUD - is there an elegant way to do it - How to find out which passwords were used to create an existing smart album? It's a recurring challenge for me.\ 'cause I like using smart albums, but once in a while need to check or chane the passwords.
    I really like Kirby's suggestion with the IPTC rule Keyword is. This is very useful for smart albums global to the library.
    Frequently a different approach helps for my smart albums. Many of my smart albums are local to projects or folders.  In this case the smart HUD will only show those keywords that have been used for the images in the selection. So if I only have tagged the images with the keywords "birds" and "slideshow", the smart settings HUD will only show these two keywords and the list is very short.
    My Keywords HUD, is organized hierarchically; this way I can collapse large sections at once, and it is easier to focus on the keywords needed for a specific task.
    I use the search field in HUD a lot, to filter the set of keywords shown.

  • How to find out my Skype ID

    Can someone tell me how to find out my Skype ID?

    Community_Team wrote:
    Congratulations, monclm!
    As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Casual Tourist.
    We appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue to be an active member of the community.
    How sweet of you to welcome me.
    However...I've been screaming at my computer for the last day because of one simple problem that it seems imposible to sort.
    Do you know that your customer support is an endless labyrinth? Is it deliberate????
    I don't have my Skype ID. I would like to find out my Skype ID. It would be useful to have it. I'm sure you understand.
    So far I've reset my password wht seems like a million times which now means that I have to write down a random password which means that my account is now no longer secure. Also it was entierly unclear that resetting my Skype password would reset my Hotmail one too - Not helpful to say the least.
    So I go through the rigmarole of contacting your customer 'services' and I have to reset my password - as I've said, this is unhelpful but I do it. Many times. And then.... I need my Skype ID to go any further. You can see the problem here. My issue is I don't have a Skype ID and I need to use my Skype ID to then get help finding out what my Skype ID is....
    Please tell me what my Skype ID is. I have an interview for a job that I need to do over Skype - I've been out of work for the last 8 months and it would be really nice to get a job and for it I need my Skype ID.
    Many thanks in advance for your help,

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