How to find serial Number for BCC Plugin?

How to find serial number for Bcc plugin on FCP?
I need format my Mac so before that I to find the serial number?
Please anyone can help me....

The serial number has the format like E-111-aaa-222-bbb-333-ccc-444-ddd-5ee-ffff, it can be found on a piece of paper which has 3 stickers with it inside the box.

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    You posted in the Older Hardware (prior to 1998) forum.
    Is the the 12W adapter ?
    This power adapter is for the new iPad, but it can be used on other Apple iDevices.
     Cheers, Tom

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    Have you looked at the tiny numbers on the middle of the bottom of your MBA?

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    I'm sure the problem is that you have the trial of iWork '09 installed. It's a "giitch" in the installer code that Apple has not fixed. You need to delete the trial & then reinstall from the boxed DVD or the Mac App Store. The files to delete are the iWork ’09 folder from the main HD > Applications; the iWork ’09 folder in HD > Library > Application Support & the individual iWork application plist files found in HD > Users > (your account) > Library > Preferences for each user.
    Yvan Koenig has written an AppleScript that removes the files. You can find it on his account in for_iWork'09 > other_iWork'09 items > uninstall iWork '

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    iOS: How to find the serial number, IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID number

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    There is a SPECIAL serial number for CS2 that will probably not work for a CS3 upgrade l
    You may still buy CS6 which has a perpetual license... Premiere Pro to get the bundled Encore Creative Suite 6

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    first of all you should have a look there:  >>> see My productsView all >>> These registered products are associated with your Adobe ID. >>> Name >>> Serial number
    If not successful use  >>> I lost my serial number >> see comment
    Good luck!

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    Apple provide limited phone support with their hardware, not iTunes. If it is an iTunes issue then describe it here and perhaps we can help. If it is a hardware issue and you have registered your product then you should be able to locate the serial number and check on your warranty/support options at

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    Please don't double post. Read here:

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    Hey Helena,
    You might need to sign up at "" using your Adobe ID credentials. There is no need of serial number for the same.

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    Sorry, I didn’t know what you referring to.
    You should have been supplied with everything you need when you signed up. I think you’re going to need to contact Adobe on this one.

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    My computer was stolen and I do not have the box nor do I have it registered in iCloud, I know that iTunes holds my computer as an authorized user for my ID so I am sure somewhere it hold the serial number to identify that computer.
    I just need to know how to access that information so I may register it in my name so I can have Apple help me track it.

    You store purchase receipt, the box it came in, where you wrote that information down.
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  • How to find Spool number for a 2 steps background job.

    Hi All,
    How to find spool number (and also the background job name ) for a 2 steps background job.
    in the table TBTCO i can see step numbers but i dont get the spool number. Is there any link between TBTCO and TSP01.
    Also after getting the spool number i need to drill down on ALV report. I hard coded the spool number and was able to drill down using BDC and call transaction but when i press back button it is not returning to the ALV report.

    Which one creates the spool? (first one I guess)
    What kind of spool? (WRITE, sapscript, smartform, pdf...)
    Do you use special statements like NEW-PAGE, or other things?
    Are you sure that the spools are generated by these jobs? (did you compare the spool generation times and job run dates to be sure...)

  • How to enter serial number for sale order line  which is in shipped status

    Hi All,
    We have 2 different items which are defined as Serialized at Sale order issue at item definition.
    In one sale order,User has forgot to add serial number to one of the item at Ship confirm stage.
    He has entered serial number correctly to other item.
    Now the both Sale order lines are in Shipped status if we view them through Shipping>transactions.
    I am technical guy and new to OM.Could you please let me know the process to enter the serial number for the item to which user has missed it

    Hi Satya,
    Since the item is already shipped, you cannot enter serial number for this line.
    you have to enter serial numbers after pick confirm only.
    check this note
    How to Enter Serial Numbers in the Shipping Transactions Form [ID 1235403.1]
    As a workaround for the previous lines do RMA and try to receive the goods back to your subinventory.
    For all new transactions follow the above notes.

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    Hi Vaibhav,
    Is there any table to find the change number and revision level of a material. I have change number and material and revision level coming from external system. But i need to check that with SAP whether it exists or not.
    Is there any table link to find whether a material has change number.

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