How to find the BW system / version details - Urgent Please

Our BW system version is 3.0b.  I would like to know other details like portal version,IGS and other associated details. Can anyone help me to find the details please.

ON your menu: Go to System >status > under the sap system box there is a icon like a glass. click on it. you will see all the details.
HOpe this helps.

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  • How to find the target system landscape

    How to find the target system landscape - the clients present in the target system. Please explain in detail.

    this FM is giving only the current system id. I want to find the target system details.

  • How to find the Source system table

    Hi Experts,
    How to find table name in SCM APO system, because I am getting error in process chain, the corresponding  table in the source system does contain any data. check the data basis in the source system.
    Please provide the solutions how to find the table in APO (DP scm bi).
    Thanks in advance.

    I guess you knew that in APO, apart from APO tables.. it is Livecache where the actual transaction data is stored. 
    But, if you just want to find some of the existing table in APO.. simply go to se11 and in the table name put the pattern as /SAPAPO/* and press F4. It will give a list of tables with the descriptions. 
    You can find out yourself all APO tables application wise with the following steps:
    Use transaction SE11 or SE16
    - Press F4 in the selection field 
    - You will get popup... in the below line of the popup selection SAP Applications.
    Here you will get the Application list.  In that select your own application for which you want to get the table details
    e.g. SCM- Supply Chain Management --> SCM-APO --> Advanced Planning and Optimization --->SCM-APO-MD - Master Data --> /SAPAPO/00_PRODUCT 
    Here are some examples:
    /SAPAPO/v_matloc - material, material number location view
    /SAPAPO/TSAREAKO - Planning Area details
    /SAPAPO/TSAREATE - Planning Area technial fields
    Since there are thousands of tables, I cannot list them all here. 
    You can use transaction ST05 (database trace) to help you find the tables you are looking for. You can turn on the trace function, run an APO transaction, and looks at the ST05 logs for the tables

  • How to find the local system name in remote desktop through oracle

    Hi all,
    i am useing oralce 9i,D2K (Forms 6i) ,Presently i had a small problem when ever i am useing the application through the remote desktop i can not able to find the local system name .If i am accessing from the local system name then i can get the system name but when the user accessing the application through remote desktop i want to find from which local system he is accessing the remote desktop through the application is there any way to find it .If please let me know .
    Thanks in advance

    Not sure of what you want.
    Have a look at v$session view. Machine column is maybe what you're looking for.
    If you want to retrieve the local host executing remote desktop, it's actually not possible natievely, since it's still remote host that is connecting to the database.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to find the event time segment details from delivery document

    In the delivery document at header level in Dates tab i have maintained begining Plan date where Event = Shipment.
    But that field is in structure.
    How to fetch those(Begining Plant Date) details in to report,
    I have tried from Function module side also, i have not found any function module which is related to this field.
    If any body give some solution, that will be great help for me.

    I have tried with those table(TSEGH & TSEGE), i have not found the begin plan date for that event. where event = shipment.
    We are using 4.7 version. Here we have found one function module: TSEG_DIALOG_DATA, but iam unable to find the input details.
    Here the input options are:
    May i know what are these inputs, what exactly i have to pass to this function module.

  • How to find the integrated ITS version

    Hi All,
    We have done the kernel upgrade in our environment. I have to find the ITS version as it is part of SAP kernel now.
    Kindly suggest.

    Hi Karthik,
    Check the below link
    Also the note 366052 - ITS versioning
    Additional comment about the 'SAP-integrated ITS' :
               To determine the version of the ITS integrated into the SAP Web AS kernel, choose System -> Status in the SAP GUI. On the dialog window that then appears, choose Additional kernel information and you then receive the information about the used SAP kernel ("kernel release" and "patch level") in the following dialog window. This is the relevant information for the integrated ITS.
    Rajesh Kumar S

  • How to find the servlet API version

    can u please help me to find out servlet API version?

    can u please help me to find out servlet API
    API version?Look at the documentation, it usually features the version number.

  • How to find the backend system in portals

    Hi Gurus,
    How to determine the number of backend systems referred in portals.
    Higher points will be rewarded for useful inputs.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Dharani,
    if u have the system Administration role,
    u navigate thro System administration -> System configuration -> System landscape Overview.
    this iview will list all the system created for connection.
    If u want further clarification , feel free to raise q in forum

  • How to find the new download versions?

    I hope this is the right place to post this question since I have no need for learning Java programming - also I do not create applications. The thing is that I'm trying to update my XP Home SP2 (IE7). The screenshot below is the Java that came with my PC when I got it - the last one on the list is an update I made yesterday here at this site. A mistake, I think? Should I un-install it? I would be very happy if someone could guide me to the right download links. Thank you so much in advance...

    Thank you javaci. That was helpful - I did not know this link. The test said I have the right software. I guess that means, that I can't benefit from an update. I find that a bit surprising - after all these years. I never updated any of the Java installed in my PC.
    Now I only need help with the other question: should I un-install the Java download I made yesterday and if so: how? It is the last one on the list in the screenshot above - this one:
    [Screenshot of all Java installed|]

  • How to find the installed odac version

    How can I check if the installed ODAC on a client machine is 32 bit or 64 bit ?

    I thought Oracle Data Access Components ( ODAC) is an Oracle product .
    It is, but rather than a product ODAC is a bundle of different products such as ODP.NET, ODBC, OLEDB, etc.
    As such it might be better to post the question (with some more detail regarding which specific product) in the product-specific forum rather than Oracle Database >> General Questions.
    The Windows and .NET forums may be found here:

  • How to find the back ground job details

    Hi All,
       I have a back ground  job running from many days, now we would like to know when this job was created on what date this job actvlly created and schuduled.
               Please informe me how to check this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    On SM37 screen there is plenty of options are there:
    This is what i got from SAP help
    Explanation for each selection field:                                                                               
    o   Jobname: Name of the job as an identifier.                                                                               
    o   Username: Name of the user who designed and planned the job.                                                                               
    o   Start date: The start condition of the job, which could be a time 
    frame or an event that the job is waiting for. Specifying both will   
    yield jobs whose starting condition is  either of the two             
    ABAP program step: Name of an ABAP program that acts as a step in a   
    Status selection: The current status of the job. By default, the      
    SCHEDULED option is not marked. To see the scheduled jobs, you must   
    explicitly check this.
    also give the proper values in Job Satus also.

  • How to find the servlet, jsp version available for SunOne 7 webserver

    hi ,
    I am looking for a command that can say the version of servlet, JSP container in Sun One7 webserver.
    as in weblogic we can do by command
    java weblogic.version -verbose
    is similar type of command is available for SunOne 7 web server

    Ask BASIS person to check the JMS driver which is installed on XI through visual admin.

  • How to find The Operating System is idle

    form last one month I am looking for a method or technique that provides me the system is idle or not,basically it will help me to dynamic log out from the system when the user is idle
    thanks & regards,

    You can only determine if the user is idle for your application.
    You can reset timer each time the user performs an action and have a periodic check that a timeout is not reached.
    You could warn the user that they are about to be timed out if they don't click on something in the app.

  • How to find the backend systems from the CRM?

    I just get a CRM system. I wonder whether there is any backend
    system connected to it.
    Could you tell how to do that? SM59?

    Hi Jennifer,
    Go to:
    Customizing /SPRO/
    SAP Implementation Guide\Integration with Other mySAP Components\Strategic Enterprise Management\Define Target System (SAP R/3, SAP BW)
    Allot points, if helps.
    Martin Kuma

  • How to find the app.server version

    Hi all,
    i hope this question has already raised in this forum (i.e).Anyway i i tried the query
    i got error table or view does not exist.
    how can i proceed further?
    is there anything which needs to be installed?
    pls let me know
    thanks in advance..

    There might be better ways but you can try one of these two too:
    - Launch Oracle Installer (using runInstaller executable) and check under "Installed Products".
    - On Unix/Linux, try this:
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/inventory
    ls -d Components*/*/*

Maybe you are looking for

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