How to find the current state in web dynpro

   Can any one tell me how to find the current state of system (idle /not idle).

Please explain further.  I don't understand how you are expecting to test for idle.  If ABAP code is being executed, then you know that the application is not idle. Only a server event could trigger code execution. Only a timedTrigger would be able to tell you that a certain amount of time has passed without activitity - although the event of the timer itself will be a server event that constitutes activity.

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  • How to find the BADI'S in Web Dynpro ABAP

    Hi Experts,
    I'm new to Web Dynpro ABAP. Can any one tell me, how to find the BADI'S for standarad components like i.e DEMO_ROADMAP .Please tell me, steps/procedure to find the BADI'S in WDA.
    Thanks ,
    Moderator message: wrong forum, please have a look in the "Web Dynpro ABAP" forum.
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    Hi Nagaraju,
    There is another fool-proof method to find BADIs while executing a transaction -
    1. Goto transaction SE80
    2. Select "Class / Interface", type in the class name CL_EXITHANDLER and 'Enter"
    3. On the method GET_INSTANCE, create a Breakpoint just after the call to cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface at the following line - 
    <i>CASE sy-subrc.</i>
    Once the breakpoint has been set, call the transaction you wish to find the BADI for and you will notice that the debugger opens everytime a BADI is about to be called. You could get the name of the BADI from the the value of the variable "EXIT_NAME".
    CL_EXITHANDLER is a service class that is called by standard SAP code everytime a BADI is about to be called. So, setting a breakpoint here should let you know exactly which BADIs are called.
    Hope this helps!

  • How to find the current SQL

    Dear All,
    My testing engineers are checking the application from front end, i have to find the current SQL (What SQL queries are used in the application) statements in the back end.
    Please let me know how to find the current executing SQL stements.
    Thanks in advance

    You need to join this query with one more table - v$sqlstats. There are many statistics in particular cpu_time, elapsed_time etc stored in that table for each sql statement.
    You can join v$sqlstats by sql_id until you have multiple child cursors for single statement.
    Or you can just join to v$sql and get statistics from there and in this latter case you include child_number column to distinguish child cursors from each other.
    Best Regards,

  • How to Find the Current Instance Id in Oracle 10g

    how to find the current instance id in oracle 10g studio,
    I have the below code :
    if ( : < 0) {
    /// do something
    it is saying that "'processInstance' is not a function"
    Brijesh Kumar Singh.

    Why not just pass in the "id" predefined variable into your screenflow? Once you do that you'll be able to refer to it as "" anywhere inside your screenflow.

  • How to find the hidden objects in Webi Rich client  report 4.0 sp 04 ?

    How to find the hidden objects in Webi Rich client  report  at BI 4.0 sp 04 ?
    Best Regards,

    Hi Sai,
    Go to Report Element Tab-->There you have a Tab Cell Behaviors.
    When you flip between 'With Data' and 'Structure Only' under 'Design' Tab,you can see the some cells will be hide/Un hide behavior,if hiding of cells applied.
    Select that cell and then Under 'Cell Behaviors'-->'Hide' Tab-->and choose Show Option.
    Venkat P

  • How to find the current line in the table control in module pool ?

    How to find the current line in the table control in module pool ?
    This is an urgent requirement? please do help me.

    refer to this example
    REPORT demo_dynpro_tabcont_loop_at.
    DATA: cols LIKE LINE OF flights-cols,
    lines TYPE i.
    DATA: ok_code TYPE sy-ucomm,
          save_ok TYPE sy-ucomm.
    DATA: itab TYPE TABLE OF demo_conn.
          TABLES demo_conn.
    LOOP AT flights-cols INTO cols WHERE index GT 2.
      cols-screen-input = '0'.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
    CALL SCREEN 100.
    MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.
    DESCRIBE TABLE itab LINES lines.
    flights-lines = lines.
    MODULE cancel INPUT.
    MODULE read_table_control INPUT.
      MODIFY itab FROM demo_conn INDEX<b> flights-current_line.</b>
    MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.
      save_ok = ok_code.
      CLEAR ok_code.
      CASE save_ok.
        WHEN 'TOGGLE'.
          LOOP AT flights-cols INTO cols WHERE index GT 2.
            IF  cols-screen-input = '0'.
              cols-screen-input = '1'.
            ELSEIF  cols-screen-input = '1'.
              cols-screen-input = '0'.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'SORT_UP'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols WITH KEY selected = 'X'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            SORT itab STABLE BY (cols-screen-name+10) ASCENDING.
            cols-selected = ' '.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'SORT_DOWN'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols WITH KEY selected = 'X'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            SORT itab STABLE BY (cols-screen-name+10) DESCENDING.
            cols-selected = ' '.
      MODIFY flights-cols FROM cols INDEX sy-tabix.
        WHEN 'DELETE'.
          READ TABLE flights-cols INTO cols
                                  WITH KEY screen-input = '1'.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            LOOP AT itab INTO demo_conn WHERE mark = 'X'.
              DELETE itab.

  • How to find the current iTunes Library

    somehow, opening iTunes the last time I came to a previous iTunes Library and do not find the current one, where much more songs and downloads are in.
    Searching in Windows also did not help. How could I get back to the current one, as everytime opening iTunes the previous shows up.
    Does anybody know?

    The only way is to search in Windows and look at the Size & Date Modified fields.
    Are you searching ALL your hard drives, even external ones?
    Are your Windows Explorer folder options set to hide system folders? Hide file extensions? You will need to uncheck both those options for the search to be useful.

  • How to find the current running jobs.

    Hi All,
    Can u please tell me how can i find the current running jobs in oracle.
    OS : windows

    Don't think so..
    For the running jobs ( the ones in flight right now..)
    if you used the scheduler
    select owner , job_name , running_instance, session_id from all_scheduler_running_jobs
    order by owner , job_name
    If you used dbms_job ( you really should the scheduler ...)
    select job, instance, sid from dba_jobs_running
    order by instance, job

  • How to find the current users logged in.

    I have a problem in finding the current users logged into the database and the operations they are doing.
    If u know pls help me........
    K.Vijay Choudary Reddy.

    hi vijay,
    this is the OracleAS Portal Content Management forum. Please post your database related question in the Database Forum:
    General Database Discussions

  • InfoPath 2013: How to find the current file name?

    Is there any way to find the file name in the rule formulas when an existing xml file in a sharepoint form library is being edited in InfoPath? I am looking for a function that returns the current file name that is being edited.
    Thank you,

    According to your post, my understanding is that you want to get the current file name in the InfoPath form.
    Here is a similar thread for you to take a look at:
    Best Regards
    Dennis Guo
    TechNet Community Support

  • ** How to simulate the conditional statements in web analysis

    i have an "average" member in the Measures dimension on ASO application.
    i wrote a MDX formulae to it as IIF(A=0 OR A=MISSING), B/12, A/12
    In the web analysis when i view the data at level-0 it will display correct value but when i apply filters on other dimensions the value is increasing, i have ~ consolidation operator applied to the average member and i have the measures dimension as dynamica hierachy and its an accounts dim.
    "As per the Average member it should take the average but the average is gettting doubled when we apply filters"
    so i have tried to apply a average formulale in web analysis rather than in essbase, when i apply filters also it is working fine but when the A value is 0 i am getting 0 value but as per the requirement it should be B/12
    so please guide me does can i use any coniditional statements in web analysis?
    if not when i drill up how does my essbase gives the correct result instead of consolidating.
    Any Thoughts or suggestings that would be really greatfull..

    How could it not be 5A?. If you have A for each member and then you select 5 members you are going to get 5A. If you don't want 5A then what do you want the Avg of A across the 5 members?
    The tools are working the way they are designed to, your requirement is a little out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, Web Analysis does not have conditional logic.
    Try taking my previous suggestion and adding another member in Essbase called "Count", make it dynamic calc and the formula should be ' 1; '
    The purpose here is to get a value of one in the count member for each member you are going to select in your filter. So, if you select five members in the filter, Web Analysis will now return 5A and it will return the result of "Count" which will be 5. Create a calculated member that divides the 5A value by the count value 5. That will give you the average A for the 5 members, then you can divide by 12.

  • How to find the select statement has written all selected values into text

    I am using form6i. i am selecting a set of values from database tables based upon some user parameters and writing into the text file using Text_io.put_line . In this case how we can make sure that the text fille contains all the data what we are selected from selected statement. somebody told that there might be chances of aborting of data while writing into the text file. is there any way to fild out the selected statements has written all the selected fields and corresponding output into the .txt file.
    Please suggest me.

    somebody told that there might be chances of aborting of data while writing into the text fileWhat kind of "chance" does that somebody refer to?
    If you want to verify if the number of records (lines) in the file matches the number of records from the cursor, you could re-open the written file in read-mode and count the number of lines by reading one by one, then compare the number of lines with the number of records from the cursor.

  • How  to find the current item is new

    I create a item ,and diaplay "new" .so I want to know which table I can find the
    "new" identifier. if anyone konw this please contract me .my Email :[email protected]

    If you are referring to where to find the new image itself, that is in the middle tier in the images directory. You can access it by adding /images/new.gif to your base portal URL.
    If you are looking for how to add the new icon to a region, edit the region settings by clicking the pencil in the region heading and go to the attributes tab. Double-click the "new item" in the left selector box to move it to the right selector box then hit Apply and OK.
    If you are looking for the logic where it is displayed, there is a setting on the page group level that determines how many days to display the New icon. The portal then dynamically uses the modify date of the item to determine if the new icon should be rendered. You can query the item views yourself if you want to create your own New logic.
    Rgds/Mark M.

  • How to find the URL of deployed Web services?

    Hi,guys. I have created a Web service, and deployed to WAS.But where is the accessing URL? WAS has created several WSDLs for the serviece, but I can not find the URL in the files.
    I think that the URL looks like "http://localhost:50000/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:WAS2:CC_GIS_Equipment_Create_SOAPOUT&version=3.0&Sender.Service=WAS2&Interface=urn%3Azpepc%3Agis%3Aequipment%3Amaintenance%5EMI_GIS_Equipment_Create"

    my accessing code is:
    public class VacationClient {
         public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
              System.out.println("SOAP call start");
              VacationClient helloSOAPClient = new VacationClient();
              String resultValue = helloSOAPClient.doSOAPRequest(
                        "VacationCheckerService", "getVacationDays",
                        "employed_years", 20);
         public String doSOAPRequest(String _strURI, String _strMethodName,
                   String _strName, int _strValue) throws Exception {
              Call call = new Call();
              call.setTargetObjectURI("urn:" + _strURI);
              Vector params = new Vector();
              params.addElement(new Parameter(_strName, Integer.class, new Integer(
                        _strValue), null));
              Response resp = call
                                  new URL(
              if (resp.generatedFault()) {
                   Fault fault = resp.getFault();
                   return "failed&#65281;";
              } else {
                   Parameter result = resp.getReturnValue();
                   return result.getValue().toString();
    But the URL is not correct ,and an exception is throwed:
    Exception in thread "main" [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=Software caused connection abort: recv failed; Software caused connection abort: recv failed]
         at org.apache.soap.transport.http.SOAPHTTPConnection.send(
         at org.apache.soap.rpc.Call.invoke(
         at test.VacationClient.doSOAPRequest(
         at test.VacationClient.main(

  • How to find the Current Date

    Hi All,
    I want the current date to be displayed in the form. but i am getting null pointer exception when i am using the following piece of code...can anyone please help me out...
    <Field name='request.submitDate'>
    <Display class='Label'>
    <Property name='help'>
    <invoke name='getDate' class='java.util.Date'/>

    Not sure getDate is a static method, maybe you should do a <new> statement first so there is an object in which the date can be captured in. Do try it..

Maybe you are looking for

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