How to find the encoding of a file?

Is it possible to findout the encoding of a file through programing?

thanks tcristino for update,
but this link contains the info about BOM. Is it possible to know the BOM data from programming?

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    How can I find the size of a file or folder?
    I am trying to determine the size of my iPhoto and Mail folder.
    It says "Size: --" under general from Get Info.

    It's working fine...
    When you ask for that info, and Finder presents those '--' dashes instead of a value, actually, Finder is calculating the value in background.
    That's something that i recently noticed and wonder why tha heck he needs to do all that work by himself, kinda re-inventing the wheel of file size value "calculus"...
    I posted some thoughts about it here: File / Folder size... How do Finder gets it?
    Will appreciate feedback about this!

  • How to find the absolute path of file  which store in KM foler ?

    Hello everyone:
         We want to develop an ABAP program which can write files into KM folder directly.
         So I need to find the absolute path of file which store in KM folder first, then we can consider the develop solution.
         Is this issue possbile that an ABAP  program write files into KM folder  directly ?
         Is there anybody had done this job ?
    Best Regards,
    Jianguo Chen

    612The methods in the above topic seem to be available when use a DOM parser..

  • How to find the resolution of media files in mac

    how to see the resolution of media files in mac?
    WIndows show the resolution when putting the mouse over the file.

    Hi Austin
    I should have describe more clearly.
    What I mean is for video files, I cannot see the resloution of the file. For example, 1980x1080 or 1080x720 so on
    Sometimes they do show

  • How to find the contents of a file that is suddenly empty

    I created a folder 2 months ago on the left hand side of the email under TRASH and then Under 2013. I have been loading it with emails (maybe 20-30 at last count) and all of a sudden the contents of the folder is gone. Once, when I clicked on it, it came back and I thought it was here to stay, but then everything in it disappeared again and I have not been able to find the contents for several days now. It is not in TRASH or 2013 - can't locate the emails anywhere. Just before this happened, it was no longer accepting emails from my inbox when I tried to transfer them over. I figured it had run out of space, and was ready to open a new file, but there is nothing there either. Any ideas?

    If you logon to webmail account via a browser, can you see the missing folders and emails?

  • File upload....How to find the user entered any file or not

    Hi Team,
    I am working on with file upload UI.
    Some times without clicking on browse button, I mean without entering any file they are cliking on upload button, which is giving the exception.
    I know there is no action for UI element, Then how to resolve this?
    I just control the user, not to press the upload button without entering any file name there?
    How to resolve this?

    This code will solve ur problem.
    public void onActionUploadFile( wdEvent )
        //@@begin onActionUploadFile(ServerEvent)
        IWDAttributeInfo attributeInfo = wdContext.getNodeInfo().getAttribute(IPrivateFileUploadDownloadView.IContextElement.FILE_RESOURCE);
        IWDModifiableBinaryType binaryType = (IWDModifiableBinaryType)attributeInfo.getModifiableSimpleType();
        IPrivateFileUploadDownloadView.IContextElement element = wdContext.currentContextElement();
        if(element.getFileResource() !=null)
                  String mimeType = binaryType.getMimeType().toString();
                  byte[] file = element.getFileResource();
                  wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportMessage(IMessageFileUploadDownloadComp.SF__UPLOAD,new Object[] {binaryType.getFileName()},false);
             catch(Exception e)
                  throw new WDRuntimeException(e);
              wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportMessage(IMessageFileUploadDownloadComp.NO__FILE,new Object[] {" "},true);
    Here "fileresource" is context attribute name
    Sunaina Reddy T

  • How to find the main java class file

    I need to write a Java program which MUST know one of these:
    1) the full path to the main java class (the class with "main" method)
    2) access to the main class as byte array.
    If i know (1) then I have no problems reading the main class into byte array, but the main target is still (2).
    Another option is if the main file is in JAR, which again leads to problems, because I cannot access the file in normal way, but I still need access to the exact byte stream.
    Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks!
    <<< Ivan Davidov >>>

    You could try somthing like this in your main-method:
    InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream(<"myModifiedPackageName/MyClass.class">);I don't know if this works though.
    Have a look at the API doc for this method.

  • How to know the encoding of PCL file generated using HP universal printer PCL5


    I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial printer. You can do this at .
    I hope this helps.
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  • How to find out the encoding of a file

    How to findout the encoding of a file being read?
    Thanks in advance?

    It depends on the file.
    Sometimes it is possible by analysing the file contents. Other times you have to know a priori.
    And you are welcome.

  • How to find the number of data items in a file written with ArryToFile function?

    I have written an array of number in 2 column groups to a file using the LabWindows/CVI function ArrayToFile...Now if I want to read the file with FileToArray Function then how do I know the number of items in the file. during the write time I know how many array items to write. but suppose I want the file to read at some later time then How to find the number of items in the file,So that I can read the exact number and present it. Thanks to all
    If you are young work to Learn, not to earn.
    Go to Solution.

    What about:
    OpenFile ( your file );
    cnt = 0;
    while ((br = ReadLine ( ... )) != -2) {
    if (br == -1) {
    // I/O error: handle it!
    CloseFile ( ... );
    There are some ways to improve performance of this code, but if you are not reading thousands of lines it's quite fast.
    After this part you can dimension the array to pass to FileToArray... unless you want to read it yourself since you already have it open!
    Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.
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  • How to get the "encoding" of a XML file using JDOM

    As in XML file, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> indicates the encoding of this file
    while using JDOM to parse a XML file, how can I get the encoding type?

    What my program do is to get the encoding of XML files and convert them to UTF-8 encoding files, while I need this "encoding" information of the original XML document thus I can convert...
    After reading specifications and JDOM docs, the truth turns to be disappointed, no function is provided to get this information in JDOM level 2(the current released one), while it's promissed that this function will be provided in JDOM level API....
    Thanx all for your help and attention!!!

  • How to find the File name using the FTP Adapter

    hi all,
    how to find the File name using the FTP Adapter with BPEL.

    Found the solution for this.
    First In the mediator's routing rule use assign property $ to $
    In the BPEL's receive activity go to the properties tab and get the property to a BPEL variable. That should do it.
    Thanks for the posts

  • How to find the file versions in Oracle applications?

    I am requested by the Oracle applications team to check the versions of the following files.
    I have zero experience in managing oracle applications. I would appreciate if some one could let me know how to find the versions in my server. My DB and the applications are in Linux servers.
    Also would appreciate if some one could provide pointers to handling Application DBA scenario like this.
    -- Bala

    Here is an example:
    1) /u01/oracle/testappl/po/11.5.0/patch/115/sql>strings -a POXWPA7B.pls | grep -i Header
    /* $Header: POXWPA7B.pls 115.3 1999/11/10 16:10:34 pkm ship       $ */
    /* $Header: POXWPA7B.pls 115.3 1999/11/10 16:10:34 pkm ship       $ */
    2) /u01/oracle/testappl/po/11.5.0/patch/115/sql>adident Header POXWPA7B.pls
    $Header POXWPA7B.pls 115.3 1999/11/10 16:10:34 pkm ship       $
    $Header POXWPA7B.pls 115.3 1999/11/10 16:10:34 pkm ship       $

  • How to find the right XML files

    Hi all
    I need to customize OBIEE according to the custommers needs,Is there any tool to find the xml source files where I can make the changes.
    Currently I'm using 'psoug' to edit the page source code , for example I want to modify those values:
    <td class="XUISectionHeadingTitle">Columns</td>
    <td class="XUISectionHeadingText">
    Click on column names in the selection pane to add them to the request. Once added, drag-and-drop columns to reorder them. Edit a column's format, formula and filters by clicking the buttons below its name.
    and I don't find the xml file to update it.
    Anyone knows how I can find it?

    Under this path you can find the list of XML files....
    These XMLs are named to indicate what type of info it contain..

  • How to find the largest files?

    My question is how to find the big(lets say over 500Mb) files under the root and list them.
    This is my desktop and when I tried "du / | sort -k 1n " it didnt finish.
    Best regards,

    Thank you for your interest Mr.Kartik.
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500M
    find: invalid -size type `M'
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500m
    find: invalid -size type `m'
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500000
    find: /proc/31477/task/31477/fd/4: No such file or directory
    How can I execute a list command for the resturning file set?
    [[email protected] /]# find / -size +500000 -exec ls -lt {};
    find: missing argument to `-exec'
    Best regards,

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