How to find the JavaScript Script Actions?

Where can I find the JavaScript Script Actions for being executed in the
Correlation Engine Java VM process?
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What do you mean? The action plugins are available for download from
the regular Sentinel plug-in site:
The ability to access or manage plugins will depend on your product
(Sentinel 6.1, 7.x, or Log Manager).
What you want to do may also slightly affect how you access them so
knowing that, and really knowing the entire story, would help.
The SDK can also be used to build new ones, if you're interested.
Good luck.
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    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
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    <[email protected]> wrote in message
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  • ToolBar Event OpenPopUp() How to find the Javascript?

    In the Toolbar at BP_HEAD (Overview) there is a button for the PDF Fact Sheet.
    The Button-on_client_click = 'OpenPopUp()'.
    As far as I understood -> this is a Javascript event/function somewhere in /bc/bsp/sap/bsp_wd_base/bspwdpopupscripts.js
    (The sourcecode of the generated HTML Page points to this)
    HOW can I have a look into this Javascript?
    Or how to debugg this Event?!
    Or is "ls_button-page_id  = me->component_id." pointing to the Service of the PDF Fact sheet?
    Any help is highly recommended...
    PS: the Sourcecode of the whole Toolbar...
       IF lr_partner IS BOUND AND lv_enabled = abap_true.
            lr_partner->get_property_as_value( EXPORTING iv_attr_name = 'BP_GUID'"#EC NOTEXT
                                               IMPORTING ev_result    = lv_partner_guid ).
            IF lv_partner_guid IS NOT INITIAL.
    *       ICF handler class prepares java script
              CALL METHOD cl_crm_afs_print=>get_url
                  iv_object   = lv_object
                  iv_key      = lv_partner_guid
                  iv_role     = lv_business_role
                  iv_language = sy-langu
                  iv_form     = ' '     "read from customizing
                  iv_format   = lv_format
                  ev_url      = lv_url.
              IF lv_url IS INITIAL.
                lv_enabled = abap_false.
                lr_cuco_head ?= get_custom_controller( 'BP_HEAD/Lifecycle' )."#EC NOTEXT
                IF lr_cuco_head IS BOUND.
    *              CONCATENATE '"' lv_url '"' INTO lr_cuco_head->gv_preview_url.
                  lr_cuco_head->gv_preview_url = lv_url.
            ls_button-text  = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'CRM_UIU_BP/BP_PDF' )."#EC NOTEXT
            ls_button-tooltip  = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'CRM_UIU_BP/BP_FS_PREVIEW' )."#EC NOTEXT
    *        ls_button-on_click = 'PREVIEW'.
            ls_button-on_client_click = 'OpenPopUp()'.          "#EC NOTEXT
            ls_button-page_id  = me->component_id.
            ls_button-enabled = lv_enabled.
            ls_button-icon_src = '/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ppm/w_pdf__s.gif' ."#EC NOTEXT
            APPEND ls_button TO rt_buttons.
            CLEAR ls_button.
    From ... Re: Display PDF document in web browser

    Chris, Did you find out how to edit this java script?.
    I need to look at the code as I suspect it accesses table CRMV_PRN_CONTROL, looking for a particular Role and it identifies the Smartform for the PDF Factssheet and the Class/interface. We have TWO PDF factsheets displayed on the 'More' tab on the Account screen and need to therefore have two Smartforms/interfaces per Role. This is not possible due to the keys of this table, so we may need to point it to a Ztable when the PDF form option is chosen.
    Therefore I might need to change the code in the Java script OpenPopUp() if that's where this table lookup takes place.
    Almost 300 reads of this posting and no comments made. That's unusual.

  • How to find the font and replace another font using javascript in illustrator?

    Dear All,
    how to find the font and replace another font using javascript [batch process] in illustrator?
    i have 700 image file, it very deficult replace one by one.

    Ask the creator of the file for a unprotected version.

  • How to find the application type fora Script based on Form name?

    Hi Guys,
                can anybody tell me how to find the Application Type and output type based on Form name and print program name?
    I am having form name as: ZINVENT (INVENT is the actual) and program name as RM07IDRU.How can i find the Appliction ntype and OutType for entering into the NACE tr code.
                    i tried thru TNAPR table but i was not able to find the Entry in the TNAPR with form Name and printprogram name
                   Th Script is about Phsical inventory Documents.

    You can use this...
    * Tablas
    * Tablas Internas
    * Selection-Screen
                  TDFORM   FOR TTXFP-TDFORM.
    * Start-of-selection
    *&      Form  SELECT_DATA
    *       Seleccionamos los datos del reporte.
    ENDFORM.                    "SELECT_DATA
    *&      Form  PRINT_DATA
    *       Imprimimos el resultado del reporte.
      WRITE: 'Programa', 18 'Formulario', 50 'Flag de Ultimo programa'.
      SKIP 1.
        LOOP AT T_TTXFP.
          IF T_TTXFP-LAST_PROG EQ 'X'.
          FORMAT COLOR 4.
    ENDFORM.                    "PRINT_DATA

  • How to find the print program for a sap script

    Hey Experts,
    How to find the print program for a sap script (espicially when it is a custom script(Z*))?
    Thanks a ton,

    Thanx Vijay,
    Actually when I searched for the program in both the tables it didnt show up ther.
    But when I did check in the texts of script, I found it.
    Good job.
    Thanks all.
    Vijay, a small doubt.
    But why didn't it show up in those 2 tables when all the print programs for standard scripts show up usually?
    thnx once again.
    Message was edited by: dev a

  • How to find the Adobe barcode name for its corresponding SAP Script barcode

    Dear All,
    We are doing conversions from SAPScript to Adobe forms.
    The barcode used in two sapscript forms are 'BC_CD39' and 'ARTINR' respectively .
    I would like to know the corresponding barcode name to be assigned to Adobe forms as the above barcode names are not present in the Object Library-> Barcode section of Adobe forms.

    Muralidhar Medisetty wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I had an issue, in the transaction F110  Payment advice. They need to adjust the spacing on the cheque printing, which is overlapping the names on the cheque and hence I have forgotten how to find the form name and the driver program of the script. Can anybody suggest me how to find those. Your help will be appreciated.
    > Thanks in advance.
    NACE is the transaction ..for this u must know the output type..
    Script for Cheque Printing and Payment Advice can be known from Transaction FBZP...
    FBZP -> paying Company Codes -> u will get Script used for Payment Advice
    FBZP -> Pmnt methods in company code -> u will get Script used for Cheque Print
    ....Give points if useful.....
    Edited by: Satyabrata sahoo on Oct 14, 2008 4:42 PM

  • How to find the standard smartform,sap scripts and theur driver programs

    Hi friends,
    can any one tell me how to find the standard smartforms and their driver programs and same for scripts also.

    Hi sasidhar,
    1. Either standard or Y sapscript layouts,
       we can check their standard programs
       in this manner also.
    2. goto se71
       open the layout in DISPLAY mode.
    3.  FORM------> CHECK -
    > TEXTS
    4.  a small window will come.
        click ok (tick button)
    5. Again a new window will come
      which will list out all the DRIVER programs,
      which use this layout.
    amit m.

  • How to find the total no of pages in script

    how to find the total no of pages in script

    This field contains a number representing the total number of pages of the currently formatted form (any output between START_FORM and END_FORM). The page counter mode (START, INC, HOLD) of the individual pages is ignored. You can use this symbol to formulate information like
    ‘Page x of y’ for your output.
    This field contains a number representing the total number of pages of all forms contained in the currently formatted print request, in other words, of all forms created using the OPEN_FORM, START_FORM.. ENDFORM, START_FORM.. END_FORM,..., CLOSE_FORM function modules.
    When using the SAPSCRIPT-FORMPAGES or SAPSCRIPT-JOBPAGES symbols, SAPscript leads all output pages of the current form or current print request into main memory to replace the symbol by the appropriate value. For large output jobs, this can mean a very large amount of memory.
    ·     &PAGE&, &NEXTPAGE&
    This symbols are initially converted using the options specified in the form of the page definition.
    Reward all helpfull answers

  • Photoshop CS5 is unable to find the JavaScript plug-in.

    I have been trying to run a number of actions in CS5 (Windows 7) and keep getting the error "Could not complete the command because Photoshop was unable to find the JavaScript plug-in."   It does this with an action that was designed for me to put the filename, copyright symbol, and studio name on 4x5 proofs.  It also comes up when I try to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Shift/W to close a file and go to bridge.  There have been some other batch operations that will not load.
    I have downloaded Java; trashed the Preferences in Photoshop and Bridge; and also uninstalled and re-installed CS5 and none of this has worked.  Any ideas of what to do next?
    Bob Brant

    Adobe Photoshop uses its own Javascript plugin not an external third party javescript. Its a required Plugin ScriptingSupport:
       ScriptingSupport 15.1
    Adobe Photoshop Version: 2014.1.0 20140730.r.148 2014/07/30:23:59:59  x64
    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
    Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1
    System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:13, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, HyperThreading
    Physical processor count: 12
    Logical processor count: 24
    Processor speed: 1995 MHz
    Built-in memory: 40886 MB
    Free memory: 32908 MB
    Memory available to Photoshop: 37134 MB
    Memory used by Photoshop: 94 %
    3D Multitone Printing: Disabled.
    Touch Gestures: Disabled.
    Windows 2x UI: Disabled.
    Image tile size: 1024K
    Image cache levels: 4
    Font Preview: Huge
    TextComposer: Latin
    Display: 1
    Display Bounds: top=0, left=0, bottom=1080, right=1920
    Display: 2
    Display Bounds: top=0, left=-1360, bottom=768, right=0
    OpenGL Drawing: Enabled.
    OpenGL Allow Old GPUs: Not Detected.
    OpenGL Drawing Mode: Advanced
    OpenGL Allow Normal Mode: True.
    OpenGL Allow Advanced Mode: True.
    glgpu[0].GLName="Quadro 4000/PCIe/SSE2"
    glgpu[0].GLVendor="NVIDIA Corporation"
    glgpu[0].GLRenderer="Quadro 4000/PCIe/SSE2"
    glgpu[0].glGetString[GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION]="4.40 NVIDIA via Cg compiler"
    clgpu[0].CLDeviceVersion="1.1 CUDA"
    clgpu[0].CLName="Quadro 4000"
    clgpu[0].CLVendor="NVIDIA Corporation"
    License Type: Subscription
    Serial number: 96040035116912554961
    Application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\
    Temporary file path: C:\Users\JOHNJM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
    Photoshop scratch has async I/O enabled
    Scratch volume(s):
      F:\, 465.2G, 175.6G free
      C:\, 224.2G, 105.7G free
    Required Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Required\Plug-Ins\
    Primary Plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Plug-ins\
    Installed components:
       A3DLIBS.dll   A3DLIB Dynamic Link Library 
       ACE.dll   ACE 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       adbeape.dll   Adobe APE 2013/02/04-09:52:32   0.1160850   0.1160850
       AdbePM.dll   PatchMatch 2014/04/23-10:46:55   79.554276   79.554276
       AdobeLinguistic.dll   Adobe Linguisitc Library   8.0.0 
       AdobeOwl.dll   Adobe Owl 2014/03/05-14:49:37   5.0.33   79.552883
       AdobePDFL.dll   PDFL 2014/03/04-00:39:42   79.510482   79.510482
       AdobePIP.dll   Adobe Product Improvement Program 
       AdobeXMP.dll   Adobe XMP Core 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772
       AdobeXMPFiles.dll   Adobe XMP Files 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772
       AdobeXMPScript.dll   Adobe XMP Script 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772
       adobe_caps.dll   Adobe CAPS   8,0,0,13 
       AGM.dll   AGM 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       ahclient.dll    AdobeHelp Dynamic Link Library   1,8,0,31 
       amtlib.dll   AMTLib (64 Bit) BuildVersion: 8.0; BuildDate: Tue May 27 2014 22:3:7)   1.000000
       ARE.dll   ARE 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       AXE8SharedExpat.dll   AXE8SharedExpat 2013/12/20-21:40:29   79.551013   79.551013
       AXEDOMCore.dll   AXEDOMCore 2013/12/20-21:40:29   79.551013   79.551013
       Bib.dll   BIB 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       BIBUtils.dll   BIBUtils 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       boost_date_time.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       boost_signals.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       boost_system.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       boost_threads.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       cg.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007 
       cgGL.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007 
       CIT.dll   Adobe CIT
       CITThreading.dll   Adobe CITThreading
       CoolType.dll   CoolType 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120
       dvaaudiodevice.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvacore.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvamarshal.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvamediatypes.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvametadata.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvametadataapi.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvametadataui.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvaplayer.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvatransport.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvaui.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dvaunittesting.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       dynamiclink.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       ExtendScript.dll   ExtendScript 2014/01/21-23:58:55   79.551519   79.551519
       icucnv40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2013/02/25-15:59:15    Build gtlib_4.0.19090 
       icudt40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2013/02/25-15:59:15    Build gtlib_4.0.19090 
       igestep30.dll   IGES Reader 
       imslib.dll   IMSLib DLL 
       JP2KLib.dll   JP2KLib 2014/03/12-08:53:44   79.252744   79.252744
       libifcoremd.dll   Intel(r) Visual Fortran Compiler   10.0 (Update A) 
       libiomp5md.dll   Intel(R) OpenMP* Runtime Library   5.0 
       libmmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0 
       LogSession.dll   LogSession 
       mediacoreif.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0 
       MPS.dll   MPS 2014/03/25-23:41:34   79.553444   79.553444
       pdfsettings.dll   Adobe PDFSettings   1.04 
       Photoshop.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1 
       Plugin.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1 
       PlugPlugExternalObject.dll   Adobe(R) CEP PlugPlugExternalObject Standard Dll (64 bit)   5.0.0 
       PlugPlugOwl.dll   Adobe(R) CSXS PlugPlugOwl Standard Dll (64 bit) 
       PSArt.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1 
       PSViews.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1 
       SCCore.dll   ScCore 2014/01/21-23:58:55   79.551519   79.551519
       ScriptUIFlex.dll   ScriptUIFlex 2014/01/20-22:42:05   79.550992   79.550992
       svml_dispmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0 
       tbb.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 2, 2013, 1114 
       tbbmalloc.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 2, 2013, 1114 
       TfFontMgr.dll   FontMgr 
       TfKernel.dll   Kernel 
       TFKGEOM.dll   Kernel Geom 
       TFUGEOM.dll   Adobe, UGeom© 
       updaternotifications.dll   Adobe Updater Notifications Library (BuildVersion: 1.0; BuildDate: BUILDDATETIME)
       VulcanControl.dll   Vulcan Application Control Library 
       VulcanMessage5.dll   Vulcan Message Library 
       WRServices.dll   WRServices Fri Mar 07 2014 15:33:10   Build 0.20204   0.20204
       wu3d.dll   U3D Writer 
    Required plug-ins:
       3D Studio 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Accented Edges 15.1
       Adaptive Wide Angle 15.1
       Angled Strokes 15.1
       Average 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Bas Relief 15.1
       BMP 15.1
       Camera Raw 8.6
       Camera Raw Filter 8.6
       Chalk & Charcoal 15.1
       Charcoal 15.1
       Chrome 15.1
       Cineon 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Clouds 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Collada 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Color Halftone 15.1
       Colored Pencil 15.1
       CompuServe GIF 15.1
       Conté Crayon 15.1
       Craquelure 15.1
       Crop and Straighten Photos 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Crop and Straighten Photos Filter 15.1
       Crosshatch 15.1
       Crystallize 15.1
       Cutout 15.1
       Dark Strokes 15.1
       De-Interlace 15.1
       Dicom 15.1
       Difference Clouds 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Diffuse Glow 15.1
       Displace 15.1
       Dry Brush 15.1
       Eazel Acquire 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Embed Watermark 4.0
       Entropy 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Export Color Lookup NO VERSION
       Extrude 15.1
       FastCore Routines 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Fibers 15.1
       Film Grain 15.1
       Filter Gallery 15.1
       Flash 3D 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Fresco 15.1
       Glass 15.1
       Glowing Edges 15.1
       Google Earth 4 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Grain 15.1
       Graphic Pen 15.1
       Halftone Pattern 15.1
       HDRMergeUI 15.1
       IFF Format 15.1
       IGES 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Ink Outlines 15.1
       JPEG 2000 15.1
       Kurtosis 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Lens Blur 15.1
       Lens Correction 15.1
       Lens Flare 15.1
       Liquify 15.1
       Matlab Operation 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Maximum 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Mean 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Measurement Core 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Median 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Mezzotint 15.1
       Minimum 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       MMXCore Routines 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Mosaic Tiles 15.1
       Multiprocessor Support 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Neon Glow 15.1
       Note Paper 15.1
       NTSC Colors 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Ocean Ripple 15.1
       OpenEXR 15.1
       Paint Daubs 15.1
       Palette Knife 15.1
       Patchwork 15.1
       Paths to Illustrator 15.1
       PCX 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Photocopy 15.1
       Photoshop 3D Engine 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Photoshop Touch 14.0
       Picture Package Filter 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Pinch 15.1
       Pixar 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Plaster 15.1
       Plastic Wrap 15.1
       PLY 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       PNG 15.1
       Pointillize 15.1
       Polar Coordinates 15.1
       Portable Bit Map 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Poster Edges 15.1
       Radial Blur 15.1
       Radiance 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Range 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Read Watermark 4.0
       Render Color Lookup Grid NO VERSION
       Reticulation 15.1
       Ripple 15.1
       Rough Pastels 15.1
       Save for Web 15.1
       ScriptingSupport 15.1 <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
       Shake Reduction 15.1
       Shear 15.1
       Skewness 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Smart Blur 15.1
       Smudge Stick 15.1
       Solarize 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Spatter 15.1
       Spherize 15.1
       Sponge 15.1
       Sprayed Strokes 15.1
       Stained Glass 15.1
       Stamp 15.1
       Standard Deviation 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       STL 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Sumi-e 15.1
       Summation 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Targa 15.1
       Texturizer 15.1
       Tiles 15.1
       Torn Edges 15.1
       Twirl 15.1
       U3D 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Underpainting 15.1
       Vanishing Point 15.1
       Variance 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Virtual Reality Modeling Language | VRML 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Water Paper 15.1
       Watercolor 15.1
       Wave 15.1
       Wavefront|OBJ 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       WIA Support 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       Wind 15.1
       Wireless Bitmap 15.1 (2014.1.0 x001)
       ZigZag 15.1
    Optional and third party plug-ins:
       CUR (Windows Cursor) NO VERSION
       GREYCstoration NO VERSION
       ICO (Windows Icon) NO VERSION
       Reduce Noise
       ScriptListener 13.0
       StarFilter Pro 3
       SuperPNG 2.0
    Plug-ins that failed to load: NONE
       Adobe Kuler
    Installed TWAIN devices: NONE

  • How complete is the javascript API?

    I am trying to serealize a AI document using the javascript API. Based on the "AI CC SCRIPTING REFERENCE" I assumed this could be done by simple traversing the dom and saving the type and properties of each object. It seems however that the API isn't complete. For example, I can't figure out how to read the transformation matrix of a symbolItem. (i.e. when creating a new symbolItem from a symbol and then resizing/rotating/repositioning it, how can I find these new properties?)
    This is just one thing I ran into, that might be fixed using the C SDK. I am wondering however if this is worth the effort or more like filling a bucket full of holes? How complete is the javascript API?

    the DOM in Illustrator is very limited, half the features are not exposed to scripting, SymbolItem Matrix is one of them.

  • How to find Latch and what actions need to be taken when there is a latch

    Can you please tell me how to find Latch and what actions need to be taken when there is a latch?

    1. What is a latch?
    Latches are low level serialization mechanisms used to protect shared
    data structures in the SGA. The implementation of latches is operating
    system dependent, particularly in regard to whether a process will wait
    for a latch and for how long.
    A latch is a type of a lock that can be very quickly acquired and freed.
    Latches are typically used to prevent more than one process from
    executing the same piece of code at a given time. Associated with each
    latch is a cleanup procedure that will be called if a process dies while
    holding the latch. Latches have an associated level that is used to
    prevent deadlocks. Once a process acquires a latch at a certain level it
    cannot subsequently acquire a latch at a level that is equal to or less
    than that level (unless it acquires it nowait).
    2. Latches vs Enqueues
    Enqueues are another type of locking mechanism used in Oracle.
    An enqueue is a more sophisticated mechanism which permits several concurrent
    processes to have varying degree of sharing of "known" resources. Any object
    which can be concurrently used, can be protected with enqueues. A good example
    is of locks on tables. We allow varying levels of sharing on tables e.g.
    two processes can lock a table in share mode or in share update mode etc.
    One difference is that the enqueue is obtained using an OS specific
    locking mechanism. An enqueue allows the user to store a value in the lock,
    i.e the mode in which we are requesting it. The OS lock manager keeps track
    of the resources locked. If a process cannot be granted the lock because it
    is incompatible with the mode requested and the lock is requested with wait,
    the OS puts the requesting process on a wait queue which is serviced in FIFO.
    Another difference between latches and enqueues is that
    in latches there is no ordered queue of waiters like in enqueues. Latch
    waiters may either use timers to wakeup and retry or spin (only in
    multiprocessors). Since all waiters are concurrently retrying (depending on
    the scheduler), anyone might get the latch and conceivably the first one to
    try might be the last one to get.
    3. When do we need to obtain a latch?
    A process acquires a latch when working with a structure in the SGA
    (System Global Area). It continues to hold the latch for the period
    of time it works with the structure. The latch is dropped when the
    process is finished with the structure. Each latch protects a different
    set of data, identified by the name of the latch.
    Oracle uses atomic instructions like "test and set" for operating on latches.
    Processes waiting to execute a part of code for which a latch has
    already been obtained by some other process will wait until the
    latch is released. Examples are redo allocation latches, copy
    latches, archive control latch etc. The basic idea is to block concurrent
    access to shared data structures. Since the instructions to
    set and free latches are atomic, the OS guarantees that only one process gets
    it. Since it is only one instruction, it is quite fast. Latches are held
    for short periods of time and provide a mechanism for cleanup in case
    a holder dies abnormally while holding it. This cleaning is done using
    the services of PMON.
    4. Latches request modes?
    Latches request can be made in two modes: "willing-to-wait" or "no wait". Normally,
    latches will be requested in "willing-to-wait" mode. A request in "willing-to-wait" mode
    will loop, wait, and request again until the latch is obtained. In "no wait" mode the process
    request the latch. If one is not available, instead of waiting, another one is requested. Only
    when all fail does the server process have to wait.
    Examples of "willing-to-wait" latches are: shared pool and library cache latches
    A example of "no wait" latches is the redo copy latch.
    5. What causes latch contention?
    If a required latch is busy, the process requesting it spins, tries again
    and if still not available, spins again. The loop is repeated up to a maximum
    number of times determined by the initialization parameter SPINCOUNT.
    If after this entire loop, the latch is still not available, the process must yield
    the CPU and go to sleep. Initially is sleeps for one centisecond. This time is
    doubled in every subsequent sleep.
    This causes a slowdown to occur and results in additional CPU usage,
    until a latch is available. The CPU usage is a consequence of the
    "spinning" of the process. "Spinning" means that the process continues to
    look for the availability of the latch after certain intervals of time,
    during which it sleeps.
    6. How to identify contention for internal latches?
    Relevant data dictionary views to query
    Each row in the V$LATCH table contains statistics for a different type
    of latch. The columns of the table reflect activity for different types
    of latch requests. The distinction between these types of requests is
    whether the requesting process continues to request a latch if it
    is unavailable:
    willing-to-wait If the latch requested with a willing-to-wait
    request is not available, the requesting process
    waits a short time and requests the latch again.
    The process continues waiting and requesting until
    the latch is available.
    no wait If the latch requested with an immediate request is
    not available, the requesting process does not
    wait, but continues processing.
    V$LATCHNAME key information:
    GETS Number of successful willing-to-wait requests for
    a latch.
    MISSES Number of times an initial willing-to-wait request
    was unsuccessful.
    SLEEPS Number of times a process waited a requested a latch
    after an initial wiling-to-wait request.
    IMMEDIATE_GETS Number of successful immediate requests for each latch.
    IMMEDIATE_MISSES Number of unsuccessful immediate requests for each latch.
    Calculating latch hit ratio
    To get the Hit ratio for latches apply the following formula:
    "willing-to-wait" Hit Ratio=(GETS-MISSES)/GETS
    This number should be close to 1. If not, tune according to the latch name
    7. Useful SQL scripts to get latch information
    ** Display System-wide latch statistics.
    column name format A32 truncate heading "LATCH NAME"
    column pid heading "HOLDER PID"
    from v$latch a, v$latchholder b, v$latchname c
    where a.addr = b.laddr(+)
    and a.latch# = c.latch#
    order by a.latch#;
    ** Given a latch address, find out the latch name.
    column name format a64 heading 'Name'
    select from v$latchname a, v$latch b
    where b.addr = '&addr'
    and b.latch#=a.latch#;
    ** Display latch statistics by latch name.
    column name format a32 heading 'LATCH NAME'
    column pid heading 'HOLDER PID'
    from v$latch a, v$latchholder b, v$latchname c
    where a.addr = b.laddr(+) and a.latch# = c.latch#
    and like '&latch_name%' order by a.latch#;
    8. List of all the latches
    Oracle versions might differ in the latch# assigned to the existing latches.
    The following query will help you to identify all latches and the number assigned.
    column name format a40 heading 'LATCH NAME'
    select latch#, name from v$latchname;

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