How to Generate a Java file for a JSP Page

Hi ,
I am using weblogic11 .
I am working on a JSP page which nearly consists of 4000 lines of code.
I need to debug the file , but weblogic server is not generating the java file for the JSP pages .
Please let me know how can i genertae Java file for the jsp pages ??

JSPs are compiled into servlets automatically and those classes are stored in WEB-INF/classes folder. Servlet engine handles servlets.

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    hi   How To Generate Debug Log Files for ebs r12 jsp?
    and where i get the log .please help me thanks!

    Please check following MOS Document
    Oracle Application Server Diagnostic Tools and Log Files in Applications Release 12 (Doc ID 454178.1)

  • How to generate an XML file for an animation of IK armature

    Can someone please tell me how to generate an XML file for an animation of IK armature.
    I have a 5 keyframe/16 frame animation of a human character made up of a series of moveiclip symbols that is animated with an IK armature.  I need the XML information from the animation. 
    When I go to Commands > Export Motion XML I get the error message "There is more than one object on frame 1" and then nothing happens.
    Thank you,

    I hope that's not the case.  I want to write to adobe about it.  I think it's a great feature and it functions really well even though it is not a very developed IK tool.  My biggest issue with it is ouput options and integration with motion tweens.
    I have seen a lot of examples of animators using it online, just no one talked about output.  I just feel it hasn't been developed.  It can generate a sprite sheet but only for a single pose frame of the animation, and not all the key frames or pose tweens.  I find that functionality quite odd, as if adobe just forgot about IK when added in sprite sheets, etc. and the reason it half works is just an accident.

  • How to generate the ATR files for reports with out manually?

    Hi all,
    how to create the ATR files for reports in OBIEE 11g with out manually?
    is there any other method to create the ATR files by using the OBIEE Server?
    please provide me the solution for this?
    we are creating manually for each and every report, it is time taken process how can we generate ATR files automatically
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    I am afraid not.ATR are attributes files contains the object's full name, access controllist (ACL), description, and so on.Each catalog object has a corresponding attributes file, I am not sure why do you have to generate the atr files.In case you need info about atr files:
    If you have huge number of similar reports(with filter variations and same kind of layout), try to play around with the xml to minimize the development effort.
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  • How can i  apply this  java program for  a jsp page?

    import java.util.*;
    public class FileProcessing
      //create a vector container  for the input variables
         Vector variables = new Vector();
      //create a vector container for the constants
         Vector constants = new Vector();
      /*create a string expression container for the equation
         as read from the file */
         String expression = " ";
      //create double result container for the final result
         double result = 0;
         public boolean processFile(String filename,String delim)
          //index for values vector
              int num_values = 0;
          //index for constants vector
              int num_constants = 0;
          //current line being read from the external file.
              String curline = " ";
          //start reading from the external file
                   FileReader fr = new FileReader(filename);
                   BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);
                        curline = br.readLine();
                        if(curline == null)
                    //determine the type of current interaction
                        boolean variable = curline.startsWith("input");
                        boolean constant = curline.startsWith("constant");
                        boolean equation = curline.startsWith("equation");
                        boolean output = curline.startsWith("result");
                   //on input variables
                          StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(curline,delim);
                          int num = st.countTokens();
                          int count=0;
                               String temp = st.nextToken();
                                    byte b[]= new byte[100];
                                    String inputval = (new String(b)).trim();
                        // on constant values
                             StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(curline,delim);
                             int num = st.countTokens();
                             int count = 0;
                                  String temp = st.nextToken();
                                       byte b[]= new byte[100];
                                       String cons = (new String(b)).trim();
                        // on equation
                             StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(curline,delim);
                             int num = st.countTokens();
                             int count = 0;
                                  String temp = st.nextToken();
                                       this.expression = temp;
              // now we are ready to evaluate the expression
                          org.nfunk.jep.JEP  myparser= new org.nfunk.jep.JEP();
                          for(int i=1;i<variables.size()+1;i++)
                             String name = "arg"+Integer.toString(i);
                             myparser.addVariable(name,new Double(variables.get(i-1)
                          for(int i=1;i<constants.size()+1;i++)
                               String name = "arg" +Integer.
                               myparser.addConstant(name,new Double(constants.get(i-1).toString()));
                   //output is obtained as follows
                          result = myparser.getValue();
                          System.out.println("Assay value: "+result);
              catch(Exception e)
              return true;
         public static void main(String[] args)
              FileProcessing fp = new FileProcessing();
    }//my text file name is: "input.eqn" (given below)
    input:Enter Value1:arg1
    input:Enter Value2:arg2
    input:Enter Value3:arg3

    how can i apply this java program for a jsp pagewhy do you want to do this ?
    Your program reads from a file on the disk and formats based on a patterm.
    Jsp is not intended for such stuff.

  • How to include a .class file in a jsp page

    hi everyone,
    i know the syntax as:
    <%@ include file = "filename.class" %>
    then at run time the server could not find the class file
    if i use,
    <%@ page import = "FileName.class" %>
    then also the same problem persists
    & if i use
    <jsp:include page = "Relative address"/>
    the problem still remains as it is...
    please help me out...i am working on developing an EJB application in which client interacts with server's Stateful session bean through a jsp is necessary for me to include the home interface class file in my jsp page.
    P.S. do not suggest me to include the class file in a package & then use
    <%@ page import = "packageName.ClassFileName" %>
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    Ankit_JIITU wrote:
    i have already included the remote interface class file by <%@ page import = "University.RemoteInterfaceName" %>in my jsp page ...
    if i try to make a new package called test & then include my home interface in that package...i need to import University.*to generate the class file of my home interface ; but the class file generation is not taking place as i am getting the error..
    "package University does not exist".How can i overcome this problem. The package University, which you are trying to import, must be in the classpath. If you removed it then you will have to add it back.
    i have tried my best..but tell me if there's any possible way of including a class file in the jsp page without involving a package.No, there isn't.
    If not,then pls help me to generate the class file of my home interface within a package called test.Read the New To Java Tutorial and understand how packages work.
    i am assuming that u have a deep knowledge of developing EJB applications.

  • How to generate the trace files for remote db link session's?

    User are complaining, the db link queries are performing slowness..
    how to enable the sql trace session for db link's in remote database...
    Is there any way to enable sqltrace for the dblink session ?
    if not how to enable the sql trace for entire database level, rather than session based...

    An explain plan of the SQL being ran on the local database will review the SQL being passed to the remote db. You can then explain that SQL on the remote db.
    I have had to tune a few distribued queries so more than likely the explain plan alone will be enough to allow you to tune the query to improve performance. If not then you can go to the trouble of trying to set up dual traces.
    HTH -- Mark D Powell --

  • How to create a xml file from the jsp page?

    I'm a beginner of the develop xml,my question like this,
    there has a jsp page,some parameters in it,I wanna get the parameters and create a xml file,so,what parser method should I use?
    And how to create a new xml file,when the file haven't exist at first?
    pls give some code,thanks.

    a ggod link for u

  • Is anyone know how to create dynamic pdf file from a JSP page or Servlet ?

    Is any one know how to create a dynamic PDF file from JSP or servlet. I need to have standard form format needs to be created and want to send the info to that form dynamically.
    Is there any libraries available?

    I posted a link in this thread to a lib that lets you create PDFs from an app. They have a Java version. I have not used it but I know someone who used it with Microsoft ASP and they liked it.

  • How to generate trend chart after submitting the jsp page

    i have a jsp page, in that i will selec some values , after submitting that jsp with selected values , the trend chart will be displayed.
    how to do this , please tell me.

    thank you for your reply
    i took JFreeChart which is thirdparty API , but , in that i got one query.
    how to set the limit for y-axis?means , i want to put maximumm of 100, but its taking what is the maximum value i added to dataset.
    any one know about this, please tell me.

  • How to embed a .swf file to my jsp page in eclipse

    I had a swf file which i want to include in my jsp page.
    To embed it i m using this code
    <OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
    WIDTH="550" HEIGHT="400" id="Main">
    <PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="Main.swf">
    <PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high>
    <EMBED src="images/Main.swf" quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH="550" HEIGHT="400"
    NAME="Main" ALIGN="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"
    but its not working i had also checked the path of the swf.
    I am using eclipse 3.1
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    Did you try Object-> insert HTML, see if that helps

  • How can I use java swing class in JSP page design

    I am a new developer in Java server pages. I want to use layout managers available in java swing classes to design the page. Can any body suggest me a way to do this.Is it possible if I do it with servelets.

    So, you want to use layout managers within your JSPs?
    The immediate answer is that "it isn't a good idea". The more considered answer is "tell us what you're up to".
    Are you coding all presentation within a traditional JSP? That is, HTML, customer or library tags and/java scriptlets?
    Or are you building your HTML within your servlets and sending that back to the browser?
    If the first, then you are probably better off either using explicit HTML tables (or the equivalent custom tags) or finding a library that you can use.
    If the second, you can write classes similar to the Swing layout managers that end up being a fancy way of putting elements into an HTML table. We have exactly that in my current environment. I wouldn't recommend rolling your own and I'd tend to leave all that presentation stuff to the JSP.
    In any case, you can't really use the Swing layout managers as they are for an entirely different pradigm.

  • How to include a js file in the JSP page

    i have included a script tag like the following in the JSP file
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">vDateFormat='mm/dd/yyyy';</SCRIPT>
    while deploying i am getting an error 'vDateFormat' unidentified
    Can any one help me

    under view put a new tag
    <ui:script url="page.js"/>
    and thats it

  • How to keep the generated java classes for compiled jsp in WL9.2 Workshop

    Hi all,
              It should be a very simple question for most of you, however, it seems a bit tricky to me: how to configure the Weblogic 9.2 workshop so that we could keep the generated java files for the compiled jsp when we ran the application within WL 9.2 workshop?
              I try some configurations, but not working. Also, where are the generated java files stored?
              Thanks for the help!
              Edited by wingagnes at 03/21/2008 7:51 AM

    Hi yzeng,
              Thanks for the reply. If I change the jsp-descriptor into the following:
              I will get the following error message:
              cvs-complex-type.2.3.d:Invalid content was found starting with element 'precompile'. No child element is expected at this point.

  • How to create a Batch file for java application  ?

    How to create a Batch file for java application ?
    And whats the use of creating batch file ?
    Thanks in advance

    Assuming you want to develop a batch application rather than actually just create a .bat file ..

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