How to generate idoc  PODRCH02 using out put type

Hi All,
I need to generate outbound idoc PORDCH02 and message type PORDCH using out put types (messages).But i unable to generated this idoc using message type. System is giving error as  *No recipient found for message type PORDCH in the ALE model*
To do this , i have done the following steps.
1. In BD64 i have configure the business object BUS2012, using add bapi. ( In cust.distn model it doesn't allowing the message type. so i have given BAPI )
2. In partner profile (WE20), for sending logical sytems
i have configure the message type in outbound parametes.
3. In NACE for out put type NEU  i have given medium as Distribution (ALE),  Partner function as LS     
Could you please help me out , what are the necessary steps i need to take care and what are the steps i missed out.
Thanks and regards

In distribution model, you have to configure both the sending system and receiving system. The Tcode of Distribution model is BD64.

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    Hi Kiran,
    Here is the sample code.If you are using reuse_alv_grid_display, no need to write code in PBO.
    Just double click the 'TEST' which is written in code.Then create a GUI Status.In Application toolbar,type the name of the button you want(say BUTTON).Then double click that name.Then enter the ICON name and function text.Activate it.This itself will work.If you want all the functionalities,then try to do as Vinod told.
    TYPE-POOLS: slis.
    DATA: i_qmel LIKE qmel OCCURS 0.
    data v_repid type repid.
    SELECT * FROM qmel INTO TABLE i_qmel.
    v_repid = sy-repid.
       I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = v_repid
       i_structure_name                  = 'QMEL'
        t_outtab                          = i_qmel
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    = sy-ucomm.                                        
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        WHEN 'BUTTON'.                              "Double Click line Item
          call transaction 'MM01'.

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    Hi ,
    Background job runs in application server , and your local /network drive is basically presentation server. So you cant save it in local /network drive from the job itself. But to download files, you can write the files to the application server using DATASET, in the background and then use the transaction CG3Y in the foreground to download the file.

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    DATA: gc_container TYPE scrfname VALUE 'LIST_AREA',
    gc_custom_container TYPE REF TO CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER,
    gs_layout TYPE LVC_S_LAYO,
    gt_fieldcat TYPE LVC_T_FCAT.
    DATA: ok_code TYPE SY-UCOMM.
    CALL SCREEN 100.
    *& Module STATUS_0100 OUTPUT
    SET PF-STATUS '100'.
    CREATE OBJECT gc_custom_container
    container_name = gc_container
    cntl_error = 1
    cntl_system_error = 2
    create_error = 3
    lifetime_error = 4
    lifetime_dynpro_dynpro_link = 5
    OTHERS = 6.
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    error_cntl_init = 2
    error_cntl_link = 3
    error_dp_create = 4
    OTHERS = 5 .
    PERFORM prepare_field_catalog CHANGING gt_fieldcat .
    PERFORM prepare_layout CHANGING gs_layout .
    PERFORM get_alv_display.
    *& Module USER_COMMAND_0100 INPUT
    IF OK_CODE = 'BACK'.
    FORM prepare_field_catalog CHANGING gt_fieldcat TYPE LVC_T_FCAT.
    ct_fieldcat = gt_fieldcat[].
    FORM prepare_layout changing p_gs_layout TYPE lvc_s_layo.
    p_gs_layout-zebra = 'X'.
    p_gs_layout-edit = 'X'.
    ENDFORM. " prepare_layout
    FORM get_alv_display .
    SELECT * FROM sflight INTO TABLE gt_outtab UP TO 10 ROWS.
    CALL METHOD gc_grid->set_table_for_first_display
    IS_LAYOUT = gs_layout
    it_outtab = gt_outtab
    IT_FIELDCATALOG = gt_fieldcat
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    how to generate addm report using grid, please provide any relevant doc/links etc.When you start with the wrong question, no matter how good an answer you get, it won't matter very much.
    what is best way to divide board into 2 pieces using a hammer?
    Edited by: sb92075 on Oct 25, 2010 7:22 AM

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  • How to generate Webservices.xml using tool in Sun One App Server?

    How to generate Webservices.xml using tool in Sun One App Server?

    The build.xml file should be in a directory from where
    you are running the asant command.
    To resolve the common.xml file not found error,
    open your build.xml and check from which location the common.xml file is incuded.
    In the sample application it is four directories above
    the directory where build.xml is located.
    You can copy the common.xml in the current directory and then change the following in your build.xml
    <!ENTITY include SYSTEM "../../../../common.xml">
    to <!ENTITY include SYSTEM "common.xml">
    Hope this helps.
    Get back in case you have more issues

  • How to generate pwm pulse using NI DAQ in MATLAB

    hi everyone. please tell me how to generate pwm pulses using Ni DAQ card in MATLAB Simulink. if through coding is possible then post the corresponding code.....reply me 

    Make sure you have installed the Measurement studio support for VB 6.0 then you will be able to find examples in the folder below on win7 and 8.
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples
    Narrow down to Analog Output and choose update voltage example for measurement studio.
    You also have the possibility to use DAQ assistant if you have measurement studio installed. This function is a configuration type programming. After going through the configuration Wizard code is automatically scripted for you so that you can output the voltage you need. Read more about DAQ assistant in the blow link.
    Best Regards
    Jonas Mäki
    Applications Engineering
    National Instruments

  • Configure OUT PUT type for delivery to EDI

    how to set up the out put type as EDI  for Out Bound delivery .
    so when ever a delivery is processed via VL71 there has to be an idoc to be generated in the system

    check with the following steps...
    1) <b>Go to SPRO ,</b>
    2) <b>copy the existing output type,</b>
    3) <b>give your own name to outpur type</b>
    4) <b>associate the partner function like a print o/p edi o/p ale o/p</b>
    5) <b>then associate ur program with the o/p type.</b>
    Hope this solves ur problem....
    <b>do reward if useful....</b>

  • Out put types not appearing for HUs

    Hello All,
    Can anyone help me in explaining how to make use of the button "F6PrHU" in LM18 screen for RF. I tried to use it to print my HUs, but I get message as "Print option is not activated".
    Moreover none of the out put types defined in print procedure in SPRO are getting populated in the out put screen of HU. When I see extras->output for any HU I see the section blank with no output types.
    Please provide your valuables inputs.
    Amit G

    it can be activated in user-exit. For details refer to SAP help [Printing Using the User Exit  |]

  • Regarding out put type for ME22N

    Hi All,
    I have configured out put type in SPRO for Purchase Order. Like
    SPRO->Material Management->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Message Types->Define Message type for Purchase Order->Maintain Message types for PO's. Now I want to use this out put type to configure at ME22N to print smart form,But here, While selecting Output type in ME22N,It is saying as out put type is not defined. So how to get this here in ME22N.
    Thanks in advance

    It seems that you have not assigned o/p type to your procedure. Go to NACE (common transaction to maintain o/p s), select EF , go to procedures , doubleclick on the procedure and check if you message type is assigned . Please maintain your o/p type if not maintained.
    To check the procedure used for PO ,  use the path,
    SPRO-> Materials Management-> Purchasing -> Messages -> output control -> Message Determination Schema -> DEFINE MESSAGE SCHEMA FOR po.
    Please also maintain other settings like condition record (with communication method )for o/p type in NACE.

  • Z Out Put Type For Picking List In VL06

    Can I assign Z Out Put Type of picking list in VL06 . If yes ,  I request you to mention where and how I can assign  please .
    Thanks In Advance

    Dear Jaya,
    The picking list Z output type you can get in VL06 transaction through assigning the same output type in your shipping point detail screen.
    IMG path is SPRO-->Enterprise Structure -->Definition -->Logistics Execution -->Define, copy, delete, check shipping point. Here you select your shipping point then go in to the detail screen here you can assign your Z picking list output type under Print Picking list tab.
    Before that you need to do these configuration settings.
    1.You need to define the Z Output type
    SPRO>IMG>Logistics execution>Shipping>Basic shipping functions-->Output Control -->Output Determination -->Maintain Output Determination for Outbound Deliveries -->Maintain Condition Tables -->
    Maintain Output Types.
    2. Using TCode V/38, you have to maintain the Z condition type by clicking on new entries, maintained the time,print parameters and transmission medium.
    You need to assign the processing routines Prog: ,Form Routine:, and Form:
    3. You need to maintain the print parameters based on the shipping point for your Z output type.
    through transaction VP01SHP.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Defaulting the Out put type in out put

    Hi All,
    I have an issue in output- I am having two out put types say AA00 & BB00 for say order confirmation and order acknowledgement. When I am issuing out put for print I am getting both the condition option but not able to select? I want to make the one of the condition as default condition, How can I do it?
    Your help will be rewarded.

    Check the Tcode V/43 where you can maintain the output Determination procedure and the default output type.
    Don't forget to reward points if useful.

  • Invoice out put types

    Hi All
    We have TWO invoice out put types  ( ZLD1,& ZLD2) for invoice printing.
    when we use VF03 ------> issue output
    it is default showing only ZLD1, Manualy we have to Add ZLD2.
    is possible to set ZLD2 also in autoamticaly....

    VF02, enter the invoice number, press enter
    press the "I" button
    If I double click on the first output type RD00, I will have this
    If I click on the ACCESS 06 (output found)
    I have the exact line of the VV31 trans 

  • T code or path for creating Z out put type for picking

    if I need  to create u201CZ u201Cout put type for picking list copying standard out put type( EK00). Which T- code I have to use or  which path  , I  have to follow in IMG  .
    I want to create u201C Z u201Ccondition type for picking list , copying   EK00 which is standard condition type for picking  list .
    Thanks u2026

    it is part of V4 application, if you dont see V4, use tcode v/38 .... there you will find it.

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