How to generate individual HTML files from linked help?

Hi folks,
I'm trying to figure out how to generate individual web pages - based on heading types - from a help project this is linked to a FrameMaker book.
I'm linking to the FM book, rather than importing, because the import process ruins my graphics. So, I know how to create individual web help pages using the import process; but that's not an option for me. (The graphics issue is a whole other discussion, which I've since given up on.)
So, I'm using TCS 3.5 (RH9 and FM10). I've successfully linked to the FM book. Each topic represents a complete chapter and includes a single Heading 1 for the title and several Heading 2's. Again, these are all in the same help topic because I'm linked to the FM book.
What I want to do is generate the web help so that new web pages (files) are created. In other words, I want breaks before each Heading 2. I want the resulting web pages to be named based on the Heading 2.
Is this possible?
Thanks for reading,

I’m not sure I understand the problem (I’m using FM 10, RH9, TCS3):  You can adjust .isf and all Conversion/CSS mapping, etc settings for an existing project (Linked or Imported) at:
File > Project Settings > FrameMaker Document > Edit Conversion settings for FrameMaker documents: (click Edit button).
Then, Go to FrameMaker Settings > Paragraph > Heading 1 etc. and click the box for Pagination.
What I don’t know is if you have to re-do your linking process from scratch to do your pagination settings right the first time (like create a new project with your Frame docs, which shouldn’t be hard to test if you have saved your CSS, Master Pages etc), or already have an .isf file  with proper settings that you can specify at time of first import/linking. I already had these in place when I set up my linked project of a Frame book with 13 chapters – 350 pages – resulting in over 300 separate HTML files/topics (set H1, H2, and H3 levels to paginate). I don’t know if you can change these things post-linking, but it can definitely be done!
There is definitely no reason to have to have an entire FM chapter as one topic in RH. You may have to create a new project to achieve your desired results, I am not sure.
I hope this is helpful. Regarding RH ruining your images, I know what you mean. Through a painstaking process of research, trial, and error, I found that these Image options in the Conversion Settings produced the best results for me, though not as good as “ideal:”
·         Check the box for “Use Distiller to Generate Image”
·         Leave the “Do Not Regenerate Images” and “Preserve 3D Images” boxes unchecked
·         Under Preferred Dimensions: Check “Maintain Aspect Ratio” and check Width and Height – Set both to 0pt. (*This one was a key tip.) Leave “Scale” unchecked. (Scaling seems to do terrible things in RH.)
·         I left the Max Dimensions settings unchecked.
·         Set my personal preferences for margins (2pt all sides) and borders (solid, gray, 1 pt)
·         Under Advanced, Default format of PNG with color bit depth of 24. My graphics are all screenshots, so this is the reason for this in my instance.

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            lv_path                      TYPE string,
            lv_fullpath                  TYPE string,
            lv_replace                   TYPE i.
    DATA qstring LIKE it_itabex OCCURS 10.
    DATA: url(200), url2(200), url3(200), fullurl(200).
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_emp>              LIKE LINE OF it_emp,
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                   <fs_pos_alloc>        LIKE LINE OF it_pos_alloc,
                   <fs_res>              LIKE LINE OF it_res,
                   <fs_res_alloc>        LIKE LINE OF it_res_alloc.
    Report Program to export data from database to Excel.
    Populate all the tables that have to be exported.
    SELECT * FROM zis_org       INTO TABLE it_org.
    SELECT * FROM zis_pos       INTO TABLE it_pos.
    SELECT * FROM zis_pos_alloc INTO TABLE it_pos_alloc.
    SELECT * FROM zis_emp       INTO TABLE it_emp.
    SELECT * FROM zis_res_alloc INTO TABLE it_res_alloc.
    SELECT * FROM zis_res       INTO TABLE it_res.
    Append the Column Header
    CLEAR ls_itabex.
    ls_itabex-ipp_pos_id            = 'IPP Pos ID'.
    ls_itabex-emp_name              = 'Name'.
    ls_itabex-dt_of_join            = 'JoinedOn'.
    ls_itabex-emp_status            = 'Status'.
    ls_itabex-org_name              = 'Org'.
    ls_itabex-prj_name              = 'Project'.
    ls_itabex-mgr_name              = 'Line'.
    ls_itabex-designation           = 'Designation'.
    ls_itabex-specialization        = 'Specialization'.
    APPEND ls_itabex TO it_itabex.
    Append all the tables into one internal table
    LOOP AT it_pos_alloc ASSIGNING <fs_pos_alloc>.
      CLEAR ls_itabex.
      ls_itabex-ipp_pos_id          = <fs_pos_alloc>-ipp_pos_id.
      READ TABLE it_emp ASSIGNING <fs_emp> WITH KEY emp_guid = <fs_pos_alloc>-emp_guid.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        CONCATENATE <fs_emp>-emp_fname <fs_emp>-emp_lname INTO ls_itabex-emp_name  SEPARATED BY space.
        ls_itabex-dt_of_join        = <fs_emp>-dt_of_join.
        ls_itabex-emp_status        = <fs_emp>-emp_status.
        ls_itabex-specialization    = <fs_emp>-specialization.
      READ TABLE it_pos ASSIGNING <fs_pos> WITH KEY ipp_pos_id = <fs_pos_alloc>-ipp_pos_id.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        ls_itabex-designation       = <fs_pos>-designation.
        READ TABLE it_org ASSIGNING <fs_org> WITH KEY  org_id = <fs_pos>-org_id.
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
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          ls_itabex-mgr_name        = <fs_org>-mgr_name.
      READ TABLE it_res ASSIGNING <fs_res> WITH KEY org_id = <fs_org>-org_id.
       ls_itabex-org_name         = <fs_org>-org_name.
      APPEND ls_itabex TO it_itabex.
    url = 'http://testweb/scripts/wgate/zvw10a/!?~language=en'.
    url2 = '&~OkCode(LGON)=LGON&login-login_user='.
    url3 = '&vbcom-vbeln='.
    CONCATENATE url url2 url3 INTO fullurl.
    WRITE: /'Staffing Excel'.
        offset        = 12
        length        = 10
        func          = fullurl
        query_string  = qstring
        invalid_table = 1
        OTHERS        = 2.
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Your question pertains to the Database Export/Import. This forum exclusively focusses on the export/import utilities that come along with "Oracle Portal" which is a web-based tool. Could you please post your question under the RDBMS export/import or migration forum.

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    You should look at Doug's Apple Scripts. There are a couple of ready made AppleScripts there that might well do what you want. I see two or three that export HTML.

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    This is my current coding:
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    public class HtmlReader extends Applet 
    URL userUrl;
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    }catch(MalformedURLException error){
    }the program have no error and warning and the applet did run by appletviewer but the html file did'nt open.
    Is it there's mistake in my coding?
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    For an applet to read from a client's harddrive it will need permission.
    This can be done by putting the applet in a jar file and signing it,
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    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: chitty d on Mar 12, 2009 5:44 AM

    As far as i understand from your requirements, it like you need all the data item leve into a text file.
    You can fetch all the relevant data from variuos tables and then use  GUI_Download into a text file.

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    but how do I export the .xml file so that is conforms with the .xsd format?
    If any of you have worked this out the answer would be most appreciated.
    All the best,
    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein

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    Hi guys...!
    I have a XML schema and I want to write a XML file based on that schema. I have heard about this feature that eclipse has, which given a XML schema, can generate a XML file for you.
    Does anyone of you know about this feature? or is there another way to do it. The schema that I have is very huge...
    I will really appreciate any help from you guys...
    --- Spirit Away...

    don't cross post

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    Hi all,
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    Eagarly waiting for reply...
    [email protected]

    I've a idea on jdk,,,i need to know who to use FOP packages?
    [email protected]

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    Hi wikingsmith,
    Please check basic explanation here Php... Adobe Muse Compatible?? . further to this you can consult their converters that may help uploading them to Mediawiki Manual:Importing external content - MediaWiki
    Kind Regards,

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    Dear All,
    Indeed the post by RamJaddu did not answer the question. I am having the same issue: I have been provided an .xsd file which contains a data schema, and I have all of the necessary
    data in a .mdf file in order to create the required .xml file. Having queried SQL Server and received my data in "myDataSet" I can use C# to create the .xml ignoring the schema using
    string strSchemaFile = @"F:\Documents\UserCost\VictorianDataCollection\VCDCSchema_v2.xsd";
    string strXmlFile = "testXmlExport.xml";
    myDataSet.WriteXml(strXmlFile, XmlWriteMode.IgnoreSchema);
    but how do I export the .xml file so that is conforms with the .xsd format?
    If any of you have worked this out the answer would be most appreciated.
    All the best,
    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein

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    viswa07 wrote:
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    /**Process the HTTP Post request*/
    public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
    throws ServletException, IOException {
    Connection conn = null;
    Statement stmt=null;
    String query = null;
    ResultSet rset = null;
    // nothing will come out on page unless an error occurs
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    etc etc.

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