How to get 10 screens on a Mac Pro

Hi All:
I'm trying to figure out how to get 10 screens working together like one big desktop on a Mac Pro.
Currently I have a 12core 2010 Mac Pro with 2 ATI 5770 cards driving 6 30" cinema displays.  Each of these cards are double wide.
I want to connect 4 65" LED displays. 
Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?  The Mac Pro has only 4 slots.  The two 5770s take up 3 spaces (because of their doulbe wide size).  The last slot has a OWC solidstate drive there.  I guess I could remove that and use just a regular SATA SSD if need be, but would love to get this done with just 3 slots.
So some thoughts. There are two possible ways (ideal, and less ideal) that I can think of:
IDEAL way:
The ideal would be to find a single wide card that supports 5 or 6 displays, and use that.  I know that some people have had success flashing single wide cards, but it's not clear if all the ports are usable.  See here for an ATI card with 3 ports, single slot, that's been flashed: lot-5870-/150928552679?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item23240af2e7
Also, it's not clear if you could get 4 of those cards working to drive all 10 screens.
However, there are single wide 5/6 display cards like this: tion&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10440897&PID=3332167&SID=u00000687
Has any seen or know of a 5 port card like the above that has been flashed to work in a Mac Pro?
LESS ideal way:
My guess is there are some PCI expansion chasis, and I can just put in 2 more regular ATI 5770s there.  I found this:
and this
I'm not sure how well these extenders work.
EVEN LESS ideal way:
Perhaps getting another Mac or PC and somehow VNC'ing in is an option, but this likely would be too laggy to run video from one computer to the other.  The ideal is to just treat the system like one giant screen, but I'm open to hearing any experiences/suggestions on getting this to work.
Thanks so much!

After reading up on it, it seems that the 6850 supports 3 displays. So perhaps I could do one 6870 (4 displays) in slot one, and then 2 single slot 6850's or 5770's in slots 2 and 3. This would give 10 displays.
I have 3 questions then:
(1) What is the quietest 6870 card people have successfully used in a Mac Pro?
(2) What is quietest single slot 6850 or 5770 card successfully used in a Mac Pro?
(3) Has anyone gotten thiis 5770 single slot card to work on a Mac Pro, and have they gotten 5 display ports to work? eon-HD-5770-Single-Slot.aspx

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    If you use all ThunderBolt displays, or stick with DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort (free conversion between the two with only a cheap cable) you can have up to six displays.
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    In the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences, select the General tab. The radio button marked Anywhere  should not be selected. If it is, click the lock icon to unlock the settings, then select one of the other buttons. After that, don't ignore a warning that you are about to run or install an application from an unknown developer.
    Still in System Preferences, open the App Store or Software Update pane and check the box marked
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              Download updates automatically (OS X 10.9 or earlier)
    if it's not already checked.

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    mailking wrote:
    And I fail to see why you are attacking me...
    My comment is Valid...  " .exe files will not run natively on Mac OS X..."
    I am sorry. I had the false impression that it was commonly known that .exe files did not run on Mac OSX natively and failed to see any constructive critique you were bringing. Maybe I am wrong. Again deepest apologies.
    Unfortunately... these days... not every one is aware of this .exe  fact..
    Apology accepted.. and Thank You..

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    VGA and DVI do not carry sound.  Only HDMI.
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    2013 Mac Pro would be compatible

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    I ma confused. You say yo have Lion and are using "via thunderbolt / USB adapter"
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    What model Mac Pro?
    What video card(s)?
    Does the one screen work if the the working one is disconnected?

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