How to get 1080psf 23.98 in Premiere Pro?

How does Premiere work with psf?

Its not about titles options
Its about captions options :
Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Closed Captioning
I'd like to have this kind of option for caption, but I can't find it !
But thanks for your answer

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    How to get  64-bit version for Premier Elements 12 ? 
    I download from ADMISY site.
    Click on win 64 bit and download it.
    When I try to install ther is a error  this download version is not for 64 bit I have try many times but same result

    I have been away some days
    ADMISY is a software partners for Adobe
    I running Win 7 Home Edition
    I have received a card with a code when I bought the program and the I
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    How do I export a .wmv in premiere pro cc?
    In the format dialogue box I dont see a Windows Media option.
    See attached picture.

    You wont get that option on a Mac.

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    Hey Everyone,
    I was wanting to make an alteration to a project I finalized last month but since then it has gone off my 'recent project' list once I open premiere. I can't find it in my auto save folder on my PC also. I can only find the rendered files and some peak files. How do I find old projects in Premiere Pro? Thanks in advance, all of you guys are awesome.
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    When I create a new project I have PPro put "everything" in an Adobe folder on my temp file drive... E:\Adobe
    INCLUDING the files that default to the C: drive - Drive C space see reply 4

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    Follow the institutions provided in the link.
    Error: Activation Server Unavailable | CS2, Acrobat 7, Audition 3
    Typo: Instructions.



    Thanks a lot, it works perfectly.
    El 27/11/2014, a las 20:15, Ann Bens <[email protected]> escribió:
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    Buy it from Microsoft in the Office for Mac 2011 package -

  • How do I download the trial of premiere pro cc? It doesn't have it on creative cloud

    How do I download the trial of premiere pro cc? It doesn't have it on creative cloud

  • How to use .MKV and .ISO with Premiere Pro? They are not supported.

    Hi all. My brother in-law sent us two .mkv videos and a DVD .iso he wants me to use in a video I am cutting for him. The only trouble is, I've no idea how to get them into a format PremPro can handle.
    I've searched and the only solutions I have found are infinitely complicated for me. Avisynth is certainly beyond me.
    Anyone know of a way to convert .mkv (info lists 942x720 H.264 4:2:0 YUV MPEG4 AVC) into something useable?
    Same question for an ISO file.
    Thanks much
    By the way, this is not for anything 'important' nor am I getting paid, so I have no budget tp purchase software. I am sure there must be a free solution.
    I tried this trial version software...
    But it would NOT install. It just errored in a loop and was unable to find or understand I have CS5 PremPro.

    Can anyone explain how to use VLC to transcode? The settings are endless and NONE look correct. Everything is about coverting and shrinking and that is not what I want.
    I have looked into this so many times and cannot find how to do it. I know it must be simple, but clearly I am blind.
    What I need is to take whatever is inside that stupid MKV wrapper and extract it. Transcode it. I have been trying for A YEAR now and have never been able to find a solution.
    I'm on a PC and unfortunately, there are free solutions for a MAC. But that won't help me.
    EDIT: One option I see is tsMuxer! But which setting for Output? I can choose...
    TS muxing... or M2TS musing... or Blu-ray disk... or AVCHD disk... or DEMUX
    To explain more, I have a Blu-Ray I purchased and want to add the audio from my laserdisc, since the remixed audio on the disc sucks (hard). I'll also add English subtitles. To be clear, this work is for ME for my own personal use.
    Here is a screen grab from tsMuxer. Which to choose? I will place the audio and video in Premiere Pro. Sync the old Laserdisc audio up and then EXPORT to Adobe Encore to burn a new BD.

  • How do I export to DVD in premiere pro cc?

    They say encore is not a stand alone download anymore so how do i Burn a DVD in Mpeg2 DVD format using Premiere Pro CC and not CS6?

    See this link, which includes how to install Encore CS6, how to get the library, and a tutorial on workflow with Premiere CC.
    Also, see the Encore CC/CS6 FAQ:

  • How to Import Chapter Names Created in Premiere Pro CS6 to Encore CS6?

    I edited a sequence in Prmiere Pro CS6 and then I created and named all my Encore Chapter Markers while still in Ppro. I then opened Encore CS6 and used the Adobe Dynamic Link to import my Premiere Pro CS6 sequence into Encore CS6 and created a new timeline from that sequence. I imported a Menu (which I created in Photoshop) and linked the first chapter to button 1 in my menu and then used Create Chapter Index to bhild all the menus. How do I get the Chapter names to automatically appear in these menus without having to retype each one?

    Select a button and look at properties. Check the option "Set Name From Link." You can select multiple buttons and do them at one go.

  • How to add 3rd party plugins to premiere pro cc 2014

    I have some plugins that I have installed in Premiere Pro cc and I upgraded to CC2014, and I need to get the plugins into the new software,  How do I do this through Extension Manager

    If these plugins are ZXP files, you can install them with Exension Manager CC. If not, you have to copy them to the appropriate folder manually.

  • How to get 10 screens on a Mac Pro

    Hi All:
    I'm trying to figure out how to get 10 screens working together like one big desktop on a Mac Pro.
    Currently I have a 12core 2010 Mac Pro with 2 ATI 5770 cards driving 6 30" cinema displays.  Each of these cards are double wide.
    I want to connect 4 65" LED displays. 
    Does anyone have an idea how I can do this?  The Mac Pro has only 4 slots.  The two 5770s take up 3 spaces (because of their doulbe wide size).  The last slot has a OWC solidstate drive there.  I guess I could remove that and use just a regular SATA SSD if need be, but would love to get this done with just 3 slots.
    So some thoughts. There are two possible ways (ideal, and less ideal) that I can think of:
    IDEAL way:
    The ideal would be to find a single wide card that supports 5 or 6 displays, and use that.  I know that some people have had success flashing single wide cards, but it's not clear if all the ports are usable.  See here for an ATI card with 3 ports, single slot, that's been flashed: lot-5870-/150928552679?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item23240af2e7
    Also, it's not clear if you could get 4 of those cards working to drive all 10 screens.
    However, there are single wide 5/6 display cards like this: tion&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10440897&PID=3332167&SID=u00000687
    Has any seen or know of a 5 port card like the above that has been flashed to work in a Mac Pro?
    LESS ideal way:
    My guess is there are some PCI expansion chasis, and I can just put in 2 more regular ATI 5770s there.  I found this:
    and this
    I'm not sure how well these extenders work.
    EVEN LESS ideal way:
    Perhaps getting another Mac or PC and somehow VNC'ing in is an option, but this likely would be too laggy to run video from one computer to the other.  The ideal is to just treat the system like one giant screen, but I'm open to hearing any experiences/suggestions on getting this to work.
    Thanks so much!

    After reading up on it, it seems that the 6850 supports 3 displays. So perhaps I could do one 6870 (4 displays) in slot one, and then 2 single slot 6850's or 5770's in slots 2 and 3. This would give 10 displays.
    I have 3 questions then:
    (1) What is the quietest 6870 card people have successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (2) What is quietest single slot 6850 or 5770 card successfully used in a Mac Pro?
    (3) Has anyone gotten thiis 5770 single slot card to work on a Mac Pro, and have they gotten 5 display ports to work? eon-HD-5770-Single-Slot.aspx

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