How to get ABAP mapping option in Interface Mapping

How to get ABAP mapping option in Interface Mapping . i need to do abap mapping . i didnt find the option
plz help me

If u2018ABAP-classu2019 and u2018XSL(ABAP ENGINE)u2019 does not appear under the u2018Mapping Program Typeu2019 in Interface Mapping, one has to make an additional entry in the Exchange Profile. 
Only a user with the J2EE security role (administrator) can make the following settings in the Exchange Profile.
It is achieved in the following manner:
1) Open http://<host>:<port>/exchangeProfile/index.html
2)Choose IntegrationBuilder ->IntegrationBuilder.Repository ->
Add: R3_ABAP|Abap-class;R3_XSLT|XSL (ABAP Engine)
To check whether the data has been successfully read from the exchange    profile:
1- Open http://<host>:<port>/rep/support/admin/index.html
2- Choose Administration of Properties -> All Properties
3- If the value associated to parameter is not visible, press REFRESH button
After doing above check in IR, if still don't find the option for ABAP mapping then refresh the cache.
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    you can create a UDF,say getMSGID,  to get current message ID:
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    pass this output to an RFC  lookup UDF which calls this FM in XI ABAP stack:
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    DATA: lv_currmsgid type SXMSPMAST-MSGGUID,
          lv_parentmsgid LIKE SXMSPMAST-PARENTMSG,
    lv_currmsgid = i_currmsgid.
    select single PARENTMSG from SXMSPMAST into lv_parentmsgid where MSGGUID = lv_currmsgid.
    e_premsgid = lv_parentmsgid.

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    You would need to create a parameter in your report called userloginid select the paramter data type to match that of the datatype this value is stored as in the table.
    then the correct syntax would be select * from table1 where userloginid=:userloginid
    Hope this helps,

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    iso. = Gauge32: 0
    iso. = Gauge32: 734000
    iso. = Gauge32: 233000

    Because is marked "non-accessible" according to
    You'll need to obtain the indices as explained in this blog post:
    Joe wrote a very illustrative post on the subject of snmptables:
    And if your IOS supports it, you would want to configure the following to keep the indices from changing after every reboot or OIR:
    "snmp mib persist cbqos"

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