How to get contacts in my Mac Book Pro (and not only on iCloud)

Hello. God Icould for contacts, works well between Mac Book pro (MBP) and Ipad .. but on the MBP I have only the "iCould" contacts and not the "on My Mac" contacts.
So when I connect my blackberry to grab Mac contacts, none are transfered as the balckberry seems to locate only the contacts on the Mac Book (not the ones on iCloud).
Thanks a LOT if you have any tip

Go to users and groups and choose only your iCloud Contacts to display.
Ensure that nothing is typed in the search field.
Click to select the first contact and shift-click the last to select them all.
Drag the list of contacts to your desktop.
Make sure your On My Mac account is your default account (preferences > general).
Select All On My Mac contacts from users and groups.
Drag the file you previously dragged to your desktop back onto Address Book.
You might want to back up all your contacts before you begin.
Select All contacts in users and groups
Click to select the first contact and shift-click the last to select them all.
Drag the list of contacts to your desktop.

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