How to get Current Location in a Android Emulator using Flex

In the following code I am able to plot the Location using Latitude and Longitude but the requirement is
in an Android Emulator on launch of the application I need google map to display the users current location,
How can this be achieved ??? I tried to get the Latitude and Longitude of the current position using
geoLocation class by I am not able to get that working,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:View xmlns:fx=""
        xmlns:s="library://" title="Home">
        <s:VerticalLayout />
        <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
            import flash.sensors.Geolocation;
            private var myGeo:Geolocation;
            protected function showBtn_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                if(Geolocation.isSupported == 'true')
                    myGeo = new Geolocation();
                    myGeo.addEventListener(GeolocationEvent.UPDATE, onUpdate);
                    myTextArea.text = "Device Not Supported";
            private function onUpdate(event:GeolocationEvent):void
                myTextArea.text += "Hi"+ "/n"+ event.latitude.toString() + "/n" +
            protected function myMap_mapevent_mapreadyHandler(event:MapEvent):void
                myMap.setCenter(new LatLng(24,58),9,MapType.NORMAL_MAP_TYPE);
                myMap.addControl(new ZoomControl);
                myMap.addControl(new PositionControl);
    <s:Button id="showBtn" label="Show" click="showBtn_clickHandler(event)"/>
    <s:TextArea id="myTextArea" width="100%" height="50%" />
    <maps:Map id="myMap" width="100%" height="50%"
              key="ABQIAAAA2Fwy6HLBheYSAWRBEZKwEhRLum8XdHegG17d4EymNgK0o7h2qRRWVBVQywiGHEiGtKahjfGW8xxc RA"

Geolocation isn't supported in the Emulator. You'll have to set up a test case that gives the geolocation without relying on the Emulator.

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    Hi Eduardo Cordeiro,
    Sorry in reaching you late...I was out on a trip...
    You need to put the javascript in your Flex application html wrapper file which your  Flex application SWF is embedded.
    Write the Javascript function in your html file as below :
    function getBrowserLanguage()
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      return browserLanguage;
    //In your mxml File you can access the JavaScript function in your MXML as below:
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    If this post answers your question or helps, please kindly mark it as such.
    Bhasker Chari

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    I don't understand the question. Safari is a browser.
    Can you elaborate on what your are trying to do that initiated the question? People may be able to come up with some other option that gets you working the away you want.
    When you respond, please post the version of the Mac OS and the version of Safari you currently have. Otherwise, people are guessing and the quailty of help you get plummets.

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    Sanjiv Sharma

    Only way I can think of is to use the rowset controller from the InProc RAS SDK. Here is a snippet of a sample code on how to:
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    if (clientDoc != null) {
    //create metadata structure
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           HashMap colTypes = new HashMap();
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                   colName =field.getDisplayName(FieldDisplayNameType.description, Locale
           colType = getColTypeFromVariant(field.getType().toVariantTypeString());
            //add column metadata to data structure or XML
            Object colValue;
            int rowCount=0;
            if (getMaxRows() != 0) {
                   RowsetCursor rowsetCursor = clientDoc.getRowsetController(). createCursor
    (null, rowSetMetaData);
                  //Setting the batch size to make sure that you get back all the
                  //rows by setting the batch size.
                        clientDoc.getRowsetController().setRowsetBatchSize (rowsetCursor
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               RowsetCursor resultCursor = clientDoc.getRowsetController(). createCursor(null,
                  while (!resultCursor.isEOF()) {
                      for (int i = 0; i < fields.size(); i++) {
    //add row data to data structure or XML
    For more details, consult the Report Application Server .NET SDK Developer Guide
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    OK, we can play this game on and on...
    I'll ask for a use case ( and you don't give any info we don't already know. After an other 10 posts we probably know what you real problem is and can give you the advice which you could have gotten in the fist place.
    So please take some time and describe the problem as if you would ask your mother for help. Tell us how the data model is build and how the VO are related. Is there any input from an user involved? Which information from the other view do you need? How do you get to the doDML method? Is there a button in the ui involved?

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    hi :-)
    /* depracated but can be still useful */
    java.util.Date dtCurrent = new java.util.Date();
    int month = dtCurrent.getMonth();
    int lastmonth = dtCurrent.getMonth() - 1;
    System.out.println("* " + month);
    System.out.println("* " + lastmonth);
    /* better to use this one */
    Calendar cal = new GregorianCalendar();     
    int imonth = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH);
    int ilastmonth = cal.get(Calendar.MONTH) - 1;
    System.out.println("*** " + imonth);
    System.out.println("*** " + ilastmonth);

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    does anybody know how to get IUser for the current user?
    I know how to get current IUser from package:
    IWDClientUser wdcu = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser();
    IUser sapUser = wdcu.getSAPUser();
    but I need to have IUser from package.

    Try this:
    Get the IUser uisng the API and store it in a variable, say <i>sapUser</i>.
    // Convert the logged in user to old EP5 usermanagement API user = null;
    try user = WPUMFactory.getUserFactory().getEP5User(sapUser);
    catch (UserManagementException e)

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    Please correct me if I understood wrong.
    You want to know whether an instance is assigned or not and if assigned then you want to fetch the assigned participant id.
    If this is your requirement then please find the code below and make the necessary changes into it.
    Write the following code in screen flow automatic activity but before that you need to pass the instanceid as argument to the screen flow.
    In the process as well as screen flow layer make an instance variable instanceid as Int.
    Then make an argument variable instanceidArg as Int in both the screenflow and process layer and map accordingly so that it will take the instanceid from process layer to the screen flow layer.
    Assign instanceid = id.number; in process layer automatic activity but before the global interactive activity where you have maped the screen flow.
    Write the following code in screen flow automatic activity.
    logMessage("============= instanceid ==============" + instanceid); //instanceid is the id of the instance that you have passed from process layer.
    ProcessService ps;
    InstanceFilter instF = InstanceFilter();
    ps.connectTo(url : Fuego.Server.directoryURL, user : "<userid>", password : "<password>"); //In studio the userid and password will be same
    instF.create(processService : ps);
    instF.searchScope = SearchScope(participantScope : ParticipantScope.ALL, statusScope : StatusScope.ONLY_INPROCESS);
    //<ProessId Name> is the id of the process where you want to know the assighed participant id
    instF.addAttributeTo(variable : VarDefinition.processid, comparator : Comparison.CONTAINS, value : "/" + "<ProessId>");
    instF.addAttributeTo(variable : VarDefinition.INSTANCE_NUMBER, comparator : Comparison.IS, value : Int(instanceid));
    Fuego.Papi.Instance[] instances = getInstancesByFilter(ps, filter : instF);
    foreach (instance in instances) {
    logMessage("Assigned ?: " + instance.participantId.empty);
    logMessage("instance.participantId: " + instance.participantId);

  • How to get current date for posting date

    how to get current date for posting date ? any sample code ?

    Select getdate()
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  • Urgent : How to get current user id

    fnd_global.user_id returns -1
    fnd_profile.get('user_id',x_user_id) return null
    can anyone help how to get current logged in user to apps.

    Hi Dinesh,
    You must also make sure you have initialised the app.
    If you run this from sqlplus then it will return -1.
    If however you run this from within a concurrent program then the user id will be returned.
    Try using this from sqlplus fnd_global.apps_initialize
    fnd_global.apps_initialize(user_id => 3551,
    resp_id => 1,
    resp_appl_id => 1);

  • How to get current time and date??

    How to get current time and date from my PC time and date to the java application??
    i use java.util.* package but got error, that is:
    - java.util.* and java.sql.* class are match
    - abstract class cannot be instantiated
    so what can i do, pls guide...thanks...

    There is a method in the System class that will return the current system time. You could also instantiate a Date, Time, Timestamp, or Calendar object, all of which get created with the system time by default.
    Don't import *. Import the specific classes you need.
    Next time, post the actual text of the exceptions/compile errors. If you make people guess, most just won't bother.

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