How to get iPhoto and iTunes to a clean installed Yosemite from Time Machine

I wiped the Hard Drive and clean installed to OS X Yosemite. For Some reason, some of my Time Machine back ups disappeared or got deleted and it wasn't even full. I had back ups from 2011 and now it only starts from 2013 of June.
Next....when I try to restore my other apps(like iPhoto and my iTunes) I doesn't give that warp space effect in the background. It gives me the window layer effect but I just see the same mountain background on the desktop as the default Yosemite(unless thats how its suppose to look like that?) I can't restore using Time Machine because the little lines at the right are red (see screen shot) and it won't let me restore, and if i go back by using the arrows, if freezes. So,
I don't know how to install the old iTunes and iPhoto on my existing clean installed Yosemite from my Time Machine.
Can someone help me?

@ LarryHN Thank you ver much for you help I understand now that you just can't copy over the old library(got it)
I had the latest version of iPhoto before I cleaned installed.
The link you gave me was most informative and I want to thank you. But still problems arrive.
This came up and I don't know which one to pick

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  • IPhoto won't open after clean install followed by Time Machine restoration of data.

    I've just completed a clean install of OS X Yosemite followed by a restoration of my data from a Time Machine backup on my Mid 2010 iMac i3 3.2GHz.
    Since the install iPhoto will no longer open. The icon in the dock bounces for a short while and then I receive the following error: iPhoto cannot be opened because of a problem. It then shows problem details and system configuration, the top part of which I post below:
    Process:               iPhoto [466]
    Path:                  /Applications/
    Version:               ???
    Build Info:            iPhotoProject-910029000000000~1
    App Item ID:           408981381
    App External ID:       729712666
    Code Type:             X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:        ??? [1]
    Responsible:           iPhoto [466]
    User ID:               501
    Date/Time:             2014-11-15 16:52:59.886 +0000
    OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.10 (14A389)
    Report Version:        11
    Anonymous UUID:        34962211-17B1-3442-0D78-C0F697641981
    Time Awake Since Boot: 920 seconds
    Crashed Thread:        0
    Exception Type:        EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes:       0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Application Specific Information:
    dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries
    Dyld Error Message:
      Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_RKMigratedLibrary
      Referenced from: /Applications/
      Expected in: /Applications/ s/A/RedRock
    in /Applications/
    I then get a long list of binary image data which I haven't posted here (but can if required).
    I believe the version of iPhoto I have is 9.6 as that update was installed a short while before I did the clean install of the OS.
    I would try reinstalling the iPhoto again but cannot see a way to uninstall or to download again from the app store.
    Has anybody seen this behaviour before and/or know of a fix or workaround so I can get my iPhoto program working again please?
    Many thanks for your time.

    Looking at that report I would reinstall iPhoto as a first step:
    To re-install iPhoto
    1. Put the in the trash (Drag it from your Applications Folder to the trash)
    2. Download it from the App Store to reinstall It's on your Purchases List* there.
    *Sometimes iPhoto is not visible on the Purchases List. it may be hidden. See this article for details on how to unhide it.
    One question often asked: Will I lose my Photos if I reinstall?
    iPhoto the application and the iPhoto Library are two different parts of the iPhoto programme. So, reinstalling the app should not affect the Library. BUT you should always have a back up before doing this kind of work. Always.

  • I have reinstalled snow leopard 10.6.8 and want to restore my i photos from time machine. can not find iphoto libary in time machine, can"t not find home-pict. iphoto lib.  in time machine

    i have reinstalled snow leopard 10.6.8,  and want to restore my i photos from time machine. Can not find i-photo libary in time machine, can't not find > home-pict. iphoto lib.  in time machine. Please help.

    On my HD it does not say ,restore, in yourname -pict. Iphoto lib.,
    On the time machine, it , yourname etc, oes not show up at all.
    Only right side of TM, your name etc. does not show.

  • How to transfer iphoto and itunes libraries from NAS back to MacBook Pro

    I recently upgraded my MBP hard drive, and decided I'd like to move my iphoto and itunes libraries back to my local drive from my Synology NAS. I thought this would be easily achieved by copying the libraries from the NAS and pasting them in the desired locations in the MBP, as I did to get them to the NAS in the first place. This will not work.
    First off, when I try a simple copy and paste through finder, the transfer gets about half way through and suddenly stops with  "You can't copy "iPhoto Library" because it has the same name as another item in the destination volume, and that volume doesn't distinguish between upper- and lowercase letters in filenames".
    This occurs even if there is no Iphoto directory currently on the MBP.
    I contacted Synology, and they attempted to have me use a windows transfer protocol to transfer the libraries, but when transferring this way I am stopped half way through with an "Error -8084" code.
    I am aware that the MBP is formatted with MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and that the NAS is formatted differently, but there must be some way to get this back.
    My itunes library contains all my family's ipad, and iphone back ups, in addition to around 35 gb of music. Additionally, I don't want to lose Event info in Iphoto.
    Please help!
    Thank you

    Have you read for possible solutions over in the "More Like This" thread over here?-----------------------> 

  • IPhoto 09 - some recent events lost after restoring from Time Machine

    recently my early-2009 iMac hanged during boot up on the white screen. so i a restore from Time Machine and it works. this freezing occurred twice of the last one week, which i did 2 restore to last backup. then i notice there's an issue with iPhoto 09. i notice some latest events which supposedly been backup during the restore point, appears 'blank'. when i enter Time Machine, i see all previous events but the recent day or two, it just turn out to be black squares, and when i enter the events there weren't any photos but just files with names.
    i tested again but loading in a couple of new photos into iPhoto yesterday night, back it up and double check in Time Machine, it is (the new photos) there. about 6-hours later i make a check again (on Time Machine), the photos event became the black square again. this is really a pain for me as i have lost enough photos
    i desperately need help on this. anyone?
    here a couple of the screenshot from my Time Machine: png png

    Hello mook,
    So if I understand:
    1.) The goal is to restore the iPhoto Library from a point before the issues started happening
    2.) When you try to go backwards in Time Machine while inside the iPhoto window you get a blank Library when you get to the date range you want.
    What to do:
    - As you cannot seem to access the iPhoto contents using the iPhoto window I would suggest the following:
    1.) Navigate using the Finder to ~/Pictures (or whatever folder you are currently housing your iPhoto Library in)
    2.) Rename the current iPhoto Library to something else (Like iPhoto Library Old etc)
    3.) While looking at this Pictures window, activate Time Machine and go back in time to a date when YOU ARE SURE iPhoto was working fine and had the images you want
    4.) Click on the iPhoto Library in the Time Machine window and click on Restore
    -- This will restore the Library from the date in question
    -- You will have 2 libraries once the restore is complete. The freshly restored library and the old library. Keep the old library just for safe keeping until such time as you determine you have all the pictures you want. Then you can do whatever you want with it (trash it, etc)
    Hope that helps.

  • Renamed multiple files iTunes Match. Can I restore from time machine?

    Hopefully someone might be able to assist.
    I downloaded a live album from a bands official store on their website.
    After importing into my itunes library, I tried to rename the two discs so that they appeared as one album, (I've done this lots of times before).
    Stupidly, I was rushing before I had to leave the house, was unaware that is actually selected 50 albums and accidently renamed  a large number of files as one album!!!
    It's made slightly more complicate because I have iTunes Match and they were all stored in the cloud.
    Can I restore from time machine and manually update iTunes Match?
    Amy help would be appreciated

    when i say right clicking, i mean in itunes, right clicking the song and going get info and then changing the properties via the info tab.
    yehh i done the grouping tracks together by holding down the command key.
    but because i have some smart playlists with the same songs in, i changed both the genre and grouping not realising, this was ok for one smart playlist but totally messed the other up, especially because in for example "dance classics" smart playlist, there also in a folder on my hdd, . and thats the playlist i messed up., but if i drag the folder back into itunes, there all over the show on itunes and in the other playlist too, hence why it isnt as easy to easilly sort and rectify.
    so what id like to do is just copy the folder again from my time machine backup, replacing the files but im unsure if this would solve it.
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  • Possible to restore iTunes safely to a new mac (from time machine backup) without using setup/migration assistant?

    Hello all,
    I have just acquired a new MacBook which I want to set up completely fresh. The only data I really need to restore/copy to it, besides a few document folders, is the iTunes library from my existing iMac. The iTunes library has been backed up using time machine on the iMac (using a portable drive). I’ve heard it might be possible for me to plug the time machine backup into the new MacBook and then option-click the time machine icon in order to 'browse other backup disks' and then restore iTunes. Would this work and would all my devices still sync with iTunes? I’m just a bit nervous because apple has migration assistant and setup assistant for doing this sort of thing - I just really don’t want to use them because the only thing I want on my new MacBook from the whole of the time machine backup is literally the iTunes library. I don’t want to start restoring user accounts which you must do with the assistants.
    Thank you.

    Thank you ever so much for the replies. Just one thing: the link you provided seems to discuss restoring individual items on the computer for which a backup has been made. On my macbook I can't click "enter time machine" which I'm guessing is because the time machine backup is for my old iMac (hence my comment about control clicking the menu bar).

  • Reformatting and installing data from Time Machine?

    Hi guys,
    I am new to this forum. I do not know if anyone of you have done this but I would like to know regarding reformatting a macbook and then using the data that has been backed-up by Time Machine to install back to the macbook.
    I know the instructions on how to reformat the mac, but I would like to know is it possible to install back the data from Time Machine to the macbook. Do the application, photos, songs etc from previous macbook (before reformat) appear in the new reformatted macbook by using Time Machine.

    I have done this before and I have felt the pain. It is possible to restore from a back up. Just boot up from the Mac OS X install disk and then plug in your external HD. After that, you go to Utilities--> Restore from Time Machine Back up. After that, it will lead you to a page showing you all the full backups that you have done in the past. After that, it will be easy for you to restore everything. I wouldn't recommend that you use Time Machine in the future. Unless you have been consistently backing up your HD, the software inside might be corrupted. I recommend using something like CCCloner as it makes a bootable clone of your HD, which TM doesn't offer.

  • How to full restore OS X state to a specific date from Time Machine backup?

    Hello! Could someone please advice how to restore the state of my iMac to a specific date?
    NOT to the latest backup?

    The only way I found to make a full restoration of OS X to specific date from a TM backup is to launch OS X in recovery mode (Cmd+R during startup) and then choose "Recover from Time Machine". Full restoration took approx 2 hours.
    Dislike it very much. During my being a Windows user I could roll back in a matter of minutes with system utilities

  • Pages (and Keynote and Numbers) won't open after restore from Time Machine.

    Hi, I tried to open my iWork suite tonight and kept getting an error message 'Pages cannot be opened because of a problem' followed by the text, below. Has anyone got any idea what I have done? What I need to do to get them back working?
    Recently I did have a big clean up of my Mac Pro - which included drive renaming/home drive rename and relocation - all seems to be working fine for a few months until I've tried to use these applications for the first time tonight. Even restoring them from my Time Machine hasn't helped).
    I'd be so grateful if someone can give me some useful advice.  Thanks.
    Process:         Pages [309]
    Path:            /Applications/iWork '09/
    Version:         4.1 (923)
    Build Info:      Pages-9230000~1
    Code Type:       X86 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [147]
    Date/Time:       2012-05-22 23:42:19.613 +0100
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.7.4 (11E53)
    Report Version:  9
    Interval Since Last Report:          759690 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           13
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   9
    Anonymous UUID:                      779C5716-342A-4D50-B245-EB15F0CEBE72
    Crashed Thread:  0
    Exception Type:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Application Specific Information:
    dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries
    Dyld Error Message:
      Library not loaded: @rpath/SFCompatibility.framework/Versions/A/SFCompatibility
      Referenced from: /Applications/iWork '09/
      Reason: image not found
    Binary Images:
        0x1000 -   0x345fe8 (4.1 - 923) <CA075805-8E22-2F83-8911-ED378A10FA8D> /Applications/iWork '09/
    0x8fe0d000 - 0x8fe3faa7  dyld (195.6 - ???) <3A866A34-4CDD-35A4-B26E-F145B05F3644> /usr/lib/dyld
    0x9b353000 - 0x9b3d2ff7 (2.6.3 - 502.3.12) <2A8A782C-0799-3CB9-A1AE-13743B7EFECF> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/iLifeMediaBrowser.framework/Versions/A/iLifeM ediaBrowser
    Model: MacPro3,1, BootROM MP31.006C.B05, 8 processors, Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 3 GHz, 8 GB, SMC 1.25f4
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, PCIe, 512 MB
    Memory Module: DIMM Riser B/DIMM 1, 2 GB, DDR2 FB-DIMM, 800 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x48594D5031323541373243503844332D5335
    Memory Module: DIMM Riser B/DIMM 2, 2 GB, DDR2 FB-DIMM, 800 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x48594D5031323541373243503844332D5335
    Memory Module: DIMM Riser A/DIMM 1, 2 GB, DDR2 FB-DIMM, 800 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x48594D5031323541373243503844332D5335
    Memory Module: DIMM Riser A/DIMM 2, 2 GB, DDR2 FB-DIMM, 800 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x48594D5031323541373243503844332D5335
    AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x88), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
    Bluetooth: Version 4.0.5f11, 2 service, 18 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
    Network Service: Wi-Fi, AirPort, en2
    PCI Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, sppci_displaycontroller, Slot-1
    Serial ATA Device: ST3750640AS P, 750.16 GB
    Serial ATA Device: ST3750640AS P, 750.16 GB
    Serial ATA Device: ST3750640AS P, 750.16 GB
    Parallel ATA Device: OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7170A, 770.1 MB
    Parallel ATA Device: OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7170A
    USB Device: USB 2.0 Hub, 0x050d  (Belkin Corporation), 0x0304, 0xfd400000 / 3
    USB Device: HTC, 0x0bb4  (HTC Corporation), 0x0cd6, 0xfd410000 / 8
    USB Device: Logitech Camera, 0x046d  (Logitech Inc.), 0x09a6, 0xfd420000 / 7
    USB Device: FOCAL XS, 0x08bb  (Texas Instruments Japan), 0x2704, 0xfd430000 / 6
    USB Device: hub_device, apple_vendor_id, 0x9122, 0xfd300000 / 2
    USB Device: Keyboard Hub, apple_vendor_id, 0x1006, 0xfd330000 / 5
    USB Device: Apple Keyboard, apple_vendor_id, 0x0221, 0xfd332000 / 9
    USB Device: Apple Cinema HD Display, apple_vendor_id, 0x921e, 0xfd320000 / 4
    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, apple_vendor_id, 0x8206, 0x5d200000 / 2
    FireWire Device: Ultra Max USB/1394 00, Iomega Corporation, 800mbit_speed
    FireWire Device: built-in_hub, 800mbit_speed
    FireWire Device: OEM ATA Device 00, G-TECH, 800mbit_speed

    I am getting the same exact error message, but I do not have Time Machine, so I cannot restore my system. I noticed that Pages would not load after I updated OS X to 10.7.4 on my MacBook Air. I also have an iMac at home that  has Pages installed. I had not updated the iMac to 10.7.4 yet, and I was able to open Pages. I next tried to open the version of Pages on my iMac while accessing it remotely on my Air. It gave the same message. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

  • ITunes Library Lost can't read from Time machine

    Hello I am need of some quick assistance. The external HDD the was holding my iTunes library has died. THe hard drive is completely dead. Well its clicking when trying to be read and cannot be repaired through disk utility.
    I have a backup of my library on a Time Machine backup drive. I would like to be able to read my iTunes library from there until I can get a new external HDD. Is there anyway to do that? I tried to select a different library at iTunes startup but it says the iTunes library file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file. I tried giving myself and everyONE read & write permissions but it didn't work. I applied it to all items.
    Please I am in need of serious help.

    Launch the Time Machine "time travel" interface and navigate to where the library is backed up. Now click "Restore" and choose a location on your Macs' hard disk.
    If, however, your iTunes Library was on a different HD that was being backed up to your Time Machine backup disk, then you may still be able to get to them. See V.K. comments...
    "V.K. - There are two ways to do it.
    1. plug in a new drive and give it the same name as the old external. you'll then be able to use TM in the usual way and when you scroll back in time on that drive your old backups will show up.
    2. if you don't have another external. in finder preferences check the box to show the whole computer in the sidebar. click on the whole computer in the sidebar in finder and start TM scroll back to the time the external was present. it will show up in the TM finder window. navigate to your photos select what you need and hit "restore". you'll be prompted for a restore location."
    Let us know if this resolves our issue.

  • Itunes library damaged -- can I restore from Time Machine?

    I got a "Library damaged" message this morning. Can I restore the library from my Time Machine? how?

    Yes that's what I'm doing now... to be honest I'm not sure its working as I would expect.
    So I've freed up the USB port by using Remote Disk to boot Leopard and I'm restoring from a Time Machine backup but can anybody for the life of me tell me why it's necessary to "Calculating space required to restore data" and to take forever doing it when I'm restoring from a Time Machine backup?
    I really should be able to skip this calculating step and just get straight onto the restoring step.
    Well turns out if you use Remote Disk to boot Leopard and then plug the Air into the Time Capsule over ethernet that that does dramatically improve restore time.

  • How do I redownload mountain lion for a clean install on the same machine without purchasing again?

    I purchased mountain lion and upgraded my OS.  The system seems to still be having some issues and I'd like to do a clean install with the new OS.  How do I redownload mountain lion so that I can make a bootable disk and do my clean install?

    You should be able to just go to the App Store and select Download again. If that doesn't work, try holding down the option key while selecting "Buy".
    Good luck,

  • How to get CPU and HD information of host computer in run-time

    Are there any vis that will return the information of the CPU and Harddisk information of the host computer? I would like to acquire the information when the program is running. thanks

    Look here
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  • I've got my email folders showing but how can i put back my email messages into the folders from time machine

    my mac has been restored & i can see my email folders but how do i put back the saved emails from my time macine i can locate n see them but cant restore them

    Csound1 wrote:
    Into one of the domain accounts, or a specific mailbox in a domain account, that's your choice but:
    Remember that you are moving mail over the internet, and you are uploading (slower). If the quantities are large you must use caution.
    1. Copy, don't move, in the event of a failure the original will still exist, delete it later.
    2. Limit copies to <500 emails
    3. Single copy operations are more reliable than multiple.
    Take your time.
    Thanks, but impractical. Many of the folders have more than 500 emails. Total is about 2 GB (which I have free on iCloud btw)
    I tried creating a folder "Archive" in my iCloud, then tried dragging one iMac folder into the new "iCloud > Archive" folder on my iMac. I got the error message:
         Some items could not be created:
         The IMAP command “CREATE” failed with server error: Invalid mailbox name.

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