How to get line in audio to internal speakers

What procedure is needed to connect line in audio to the internal speakers?  For example, playing music from my iPad through the macbook Pro's speakers. Or from any other audio source,such as a USB connector?

Weird. I just installed Creative PlayCenter from the driver CD and after the reboot, line-in now comes out the rear speakers again. Must've been some system files updated or something, because CMSS is still off according to PlayCenter. When I turn CMSS on, the line-in stops coming out rear, but turning it off makes it work!!!! So it's sorted, but still have no idea why it screwed up and why I needed PlayCenter installed to change the CMSS settings.

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    I have using "BAPI_SALESORDER_SIMULATE" to SIMULATE to create SO,
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    By this FM you cannot create a SO . Use FM --> BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2
    MAdhukar Shetty

  • No audio from internal speakers until headphones plugged in

    This is for a Hp dv 6 with beats audio.I have no audio from the internal speakers until i plug the headphones in , when I get sound from both the internal speakers and the headphones.
    I did find some people had the same issue which was resolved after changes in the realtek HD audio controller but I cannot find the audio controller on my laptop , which I am sure is different from the realtek audio drivers
    I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the audio drivers without any success.

    Thanks avi,
    Take a look at this document and let me know if the troubleshooting steps help to resolve your issue.  Please let me know.
    Good luck!
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  • MacBook Pro: No Audio from Internal Speakers - Solution

    Issue: (MacBook Pro late 2010) Absolutely no audio to internal speakers after OSX has booted up.
    Digital Out is the only available output device shown within System Settings
    Analog headphones work
    Digital Out works
    Bootup "BONG" works (and is of course now perma loud after PRAM reset... uggh)
    Things I have tried from least drastic to greatest in the following order:
    sudo killall coreaudiod
    Clear PRAM
    Using Deploy Studio (first performing DiskUtility format as well):
    re-image MacBook with a the same original OSX Lion image it has been working with for the past 3 months
    re-image MacBook with previous Snow Leopard image (obviously used to work)
    Not using Deploy Studio (but first performing DiskUtility format, using original supported installation media: DVD, Apple Store):
    Installed Snow Leopard (no audio), then upgraded to Lion through Apple Store (still no audio)
    Installed Snow Leopard using installation DVD provided with MacBook Pro (< waste of time as the above step didn't work either, but including here for completeness)Note: Even the "Welcome to Mac" intro movie is silent, audio controls are crossed out
    Gentoo Live DVD _works_ (after enabling Front Speakers using alsamixer other wise it was also muted and no audio would work except through head phones)
    Well holly $%#$%,  %^#&^. After performing step 5, and enabling Front Speakers using alsamixer, I now have audio in OSX Lion
    I believe this happened after I used the Mini Stereo jack for Head Phone use.
    How in the ______ did this happen? And why did it take a third party software to _somehow_ enable audio to the internal speaker _after_ OSX Lion completely booted?????
    Note to all: You can probably use a Ubuntu Live CD to perform step 5. Or any live cd that loads up Intel Audio drivers.
    Jason Miller

    I appreciate your response. I still have concerns:
    The red-lite is off when my issue is happening.
    The red-lite is on when my issue is happening.
    It was not consistent. My concern is the Macintosh operating system not detecting the change. My other concern is it can _not_ be only a hardware switching issue, as Alsamixer, a software program, can make the switch toggle between off or on. If it was a hardware-only issue, Alsamixer would be a fail. And, if it is actually a hardware-only issue triggering a software 1 or 0 switch somewhere:
    My final concern is 'where is this setting being stored' as clearning PRAM and reinstalling entire operating system after opertating system (Leopard to Lion and back to Leopard) after a disk wipe has no effect.
    I guess it sounds to me, that OSX tries to be too user-friendly by not allowing peeps to change those options themselves. Is there a dscl command switch I can use to manually override such an effect? (Just in case I don't happen to have anything to stick into the mini-jack port)
    Regardless, your answer is correct. Thank you both (Ciao and Allan Jones)

  • How to get an only audio line in working for HP ENVY 15?

    So, I have have an HP ENVY 15 (product number E1P05AV), and am trying to record audio (from a synthesizer, mono audio out) into a third-party program (REAPER, though Audacity would work too). I am trying to accomplish this through an audio line in through the combined headphone/mic port on the right side of the computer. However, all attempts/experiments so far have resulted in the computer recording from the internal microphone- not desired. I've browsed the web a bit, but have found nothing really of help.
    So, the question: how can I get the combined audio jack to work such that I can record audio from it, and not the internal microphone?

    I had the same problem with the HP "x2-k010nr". Bought the pc at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot and went to Radio Shack and bought the "adapter" since OfficeMax/OfficeDepot did not carry one. Spent days trying to figure out the same problem you are having.  Sent to pc to HP and they returned it and indicated that they could not find any problem. Went back to OfficeMax/OfficeDepot and bought an Asus Transformer and it worked properly for two days and the same problem happened and had to return it. There appears to be a very serious problem with external audio-in on any Microsoft 8.1 os system and external audio . I have given up on Microsoft os products until this problem is solved. I have been using my Gateway netbook with XP os for 4 years with zero problems with external audio-in or out.
    Ham123 Merry Christmas

  • How to get line out on Ultrabook XPS 12

    I need to connect my speaker preamplifier to the XPS 12, but do not see a line out selection from the headphone port on the computer. How to I get access to line out?

    Hello. On all Dell laptops the headphone jack doubles as the line out.
    connect my speaker preamplifier to the XPS 12
    Not sure what you are trying to do. If you need to get a line level signal into the laptop, there is no line-in port so you would have to get a usb audio interface with a line-in jack. But use the headphone jack to get a line level signal out of the laptop.

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    Hi Experts
    I want to get Line Number of Matrix of Purchase Order. How I get it ?
    I want to compare Matrix Line Number with Line Number of POR1 in DB.
    Please Help me.
    Hepil Doshi

    Hi Hepil,
    Linenum in Matrix "38" is Columns.Item("110").Value
    SBO application doesnot show it, but you can get the linenum from that column.
    You can test by getting the column title. omatrix.columns.item("110").Title
    Hope it helps.

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    help/advice. (It's probably something very easy, and I just missed

    I was afraid of that. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't
    missing something. Thanks for the note and for confirming. Much

  • How to get that fancy audio console

    Hi can somebody tell me how Can I get that nice audio console?
    I dl:ed the new drivers for my card and when installed I only have the basic audio console and I would like to get that nice which came with the cd... can someone help me?
    Thank you

    Ok, but What's that in the cd? I don't wanna accidentally install old drivers over the new ones :E so how Can I only installe the console thing?
    And I forgot to mention that I have X-Fi xtreme musicMessage Edited by elmonen on 09-07-2006 0:03 PM

  • No Audio; headphones, internal speakers, nothing.

    I'm sorry for another thread, I know there are a lot more that address this problem. I've read a lot of them, none of them have helped me.
    Alright so my audio won't work at all. I was plugged into external speakers and then it just stopped. My internal speakers don't work, my headphone jack doesn't work. There is no crossed out audio mark on my volume bar like others have reported. However my headphone jack does glow red, like the others. I've tried the toothpick trick, didn't work. I wiggled the headphones, didn't work. I put it and and out a lot, didn't work. I can't hit that magic switch everyone is talking about.
    I called Apple and they told me to go to the store. The Genius Bar told me they'd have to replace my entire board since I have a crack on the top right and I guess it's just pretty beat up. He said he could estimate it at around $300, but it could go up to $600. Now before I start saving up for a brand new mac, I'm just wondering if there are any other ways to save my audio.

    ecniv wrote:
    I called Apple and they told me to go to the store. The Genius Bar told me they'd have to replace my entire board since I have a crack on the top right and I guess it's just pretty beat up. He said he could estimate it at around $300, but it could go up to $600. Now before I start saving up for a brand new mac, I'm just wondering if there are any other ways to save my audio.
    Sounds to me that like there's a break in the logic board and some sort of open and/or short in the trace (wiring) as a result. Something simple like a solder break might be easierer to repair, but the diagnosis sounds more severe.
    Here's an example of how much a logic board costs: 9/120
    Now if all you need is a way to get audio, you can get the following. It's just a suggestion. There are similar devices on the market and other places to obtain them (including this model) other than from Apple.

  • Line/Optical out and internal speakers?

    When a line is inseted into the jack whether it be optical or RCA leads the sound will only be outputted from the jack - obvously.
    Is this a software or hardware switch? Is there any way of disabling it allowing sound from both output and internal iMac speakers?

    I suppose a speaker with a USB connection will not
    override the internal speakers...
    Ah, but they do as you must select your output source - in my case I have a 1st generation set of USB Soundsticks and you must select between internal or Soundsticks.
    BTW - for those looking for speakers, I would stay away from any USB speakers still out there (although it burns me to do so I might buy a pair of Soundsticks II which use the audio jack... Garageband 3.01 hangs when using the USB Soundsticks unless they're plugged directly into the computer - losing one of the USB 2 ports which HURTS!).

  • No Audio from Internal Speakers after a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro

    T400S - after a fresh install of Windows 7,  theres no audio from the Internal speakers. When I plug an external speakers there's audio. I also install the  audio drivers from the Lenovo site.  Thanks 

    Does your sound bar in the Sound Windows go up and down when you play music?
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

  • No audio from internal speakers

    My Macbook will not play audio from the internal speakers. It will, however, play through a set of headphones or external speakers. I have tried going to the preferences, but all it shows in the "sounds" area is digital out and there are no controls. I have also tried starting in safe mode and then rebooting, and still no sound from the internal speakers. Any thoughts?

    Normally when the digital audio has been switched on there is a red light coming from the headphone jack. You could still see if clicking the switch works but with no light there may be a different problem involved and you may need to talk to Apple support.
    Try resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) and/or PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory). Mac OS X: What's stored in PRAM?
    If this doesn't help call Apple or go by a store for help

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