How to get master data records that do not have transaction data in a query

How to get master data records that do not have transaction data in a query output. Can we create a query or any other way to get the master data records that do not have transaction data?

Create a multiprovider which includes transactional data target and master data info object. Make sure that identification for this master data info object is ticked on both the provider.
Create report on this multiprovider , keep the master data info object in rows , and now you should able to see all the values which are there in master data info object irrespective of transaction happened or not .
Next you may create condition showing only zero keyfigure values , ie. master data without any transaction.
Hope that helps.
Mr Kapadia

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    So my question is, what is the best way to write a function that displays all records that have the "REC" event, and all records that the "REC" event is missing.
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    Okay, I left off a lot of important information...
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    Hard to see your problem, and if there is something THAT DOES NOT WORK! it would obviously be useful to know WHAT that is and WHY you believe it does not work, so we can ACTUALLY RECOMMEND A SOLUTION.
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  • How to calculate Sum of records that are not Suppressed

    Hi All Experts,
    I have Created A layout for SAP B1 in crystal report.Because of Some Condition I have  to Suppress Detail Section.
    The Suppress Condition is As Follows
    {ExcisePur.ItemCode}=Previous({ExcisePur.ItemCode}) And {ExcisePur.Batchnum}=Previous({ExcisePur.Batchnum})
    And it is Working Fine,the Desired Detail Section is Suppressed.
    Now I Have to take Sum of Records ,But that records are also Calculated which are Suppressed.
    For these I have Read Several post where someone had same problem,
    there they have Asked to Create A Running Total And use the Formula in evaluate section same as in Suppress Condition but opposite of it.
    I did the same thing using these Formula
    {ExcisePur.ItemCode}<>Previous({ExcisePur.ItemCode}) And {ExcisePur.Batchnum}<>Previous({ExcisePur.Batchnum})
    But it is Calculating only the Suppressed Record But Not the Record which is to be Calculated.
    Please help me to Accomplish this.
    I am very Much blank where I am  going wrong.
    Gayatri Shukla

    Hi Gayatri,
    I'm not too sure why this isn't working as the logic seems correct.
    Here's another way to do this:
    1) Create another formula and place this on the Details Section:
    numbervar x;
    if onfirstrecord then
    x := {Field_to_summarize}
    else if {ExcisePur.ItemCode} <> Previous({ExcisePur.ItemCode}) And {ExcisePur.Batchnum} <> Previous({ExcisePur.Batchnum}) then
    x := x + {Field_to_summarize};
    2) Create another formula and place this on the Report Footer:
    numbervar x;

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    Hi Douglas,
    I checked your account and found that you have purchased a subscription to and not Acrobat 11 Professional. is an online service.
    You need to login to : Acrobat Pro, PDF Pack, Export PDF & More | Acrobat Document Solutions  to access the service.

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     How can I sync the new itunes with my iphone and not have my phone data wiped out?
    There is no way to stop iTunes from doing exactly what it is designed to do.
    The iPhone is designed to sync with one and only one computer.
    If you have moved/copied your iTunes library from your old computer to your new one, then iTunes wiping your device is no problem.  You would simply sync and iTunes will put all the content back.

  • How i get number of record in repet frame?

    How i get number of record in repet frame?

    you can use Summary Columns in the Data Modell. Create them on group higher that your wished group (so on the pane for an first group of a query), use as Source the primary column and as reset at the group, where the summary column is located.
    If you hide some instances via format triggers, that you could use a counter inside the format triggers to count the rows.

  • How to delete a in place record that will not undeclare

    I have an "in-place" record that will not let me undeclare itself, not sure how it got created but here are some facts about it:
    when i first looked at it showed as checked out to (blank).  This is different from all of my other in-place records which show as checked out to "System Account".  I tried checking it out to me (and it let me) which was strange!!  When I
    try to undeclare it as a record by using the "compliance details" interface and click the undeclare record link, the reocrd status is changed from "Declared record on 1/17/2011" to "Record".  When I go back to the UI it still shows the record with the
    little lock on it.  If I try to delete the record using the library interface I get the message: "The item cannot be updated because it is locked as read-only".  I installed sharepoint manager 2010 (from codeplex) on my server and navigated to this
    item in the list and checked out the properties...
    in this tool it says "IsReadOnly" = false
    if I look at the individual properties of the item i see properties like
    ecm_ItmLockHolders  value = ecm_InPlaceRecordLock
    ecm_ItemDeleteBlockHOlders value= ecm_InPlaceRecordLock
    I suspect that this is why ic cannot get rid of the bloody record...  i don't know why undeclare doesn't take these locks off (Perhaps because someohw it got checked out to someone other than system).  I even tried going iinto the content database
    to set the CheckedOutTo column to null.  when i did this nothing happened
    i tried setting the id equal to the "system account" Id in the content database and the record vanished from the document library (although I can still see it in the content database)...
    this is a big mystery for me... all i want is to get rid of a record that somehow has been "corrupted"  we have been demoing some third party applications which upload to sharepoint and prerhaps they got the file in this state (its an email .msg format)...
    i definitely need to know the recommended way to clean a record that will not let you undeclare it... help!  my next course of action will be a ms support call...

    the record was declared as part of info mgmt policy (created +1 days, delcare record), then i have another step (declared record + 1 day, start a workflow).  I'm trying to delete the record using a workflow (because the OOTB disposition workflow doesn't
    work, i'm trying to create my own disposition workflow which undeclares the record first then deletes it).  But that is a bit of a side story (I haven't managed to get that working...)

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    I-photo:  I used 2 cameras to take pictures on a trip --- i have put the pictures from both cameras into an album --- when i click on view and then sort by date, the pictures do not sort by date --- any ideas on how to get the pics sorted by date?

    Select all the photos that you need to change, then click the "Photos" menu and choose "Adjust Date and Time".
    If you add a year, it will adjust all the photos that you selected by adding a year (so if you accidentally select one of the photos that already has "2012", that will change to "2013"). 

  • How to get the previous record value in the current record plz help me...

    In my sql how to get the previous record value...
    in table i m having the field called Date i want find the difference b/w 2nd record date value with first record date... plz any one help me to know this i m waiting for ur reply....
    Thanx in Advance
    with regards

    First of this not hte mysql or database forum so don;t repeate again.
    to get diff between two date in mysql use date_format() to convert them to date if they r not date type
    then use - (minus)to get diff.

  • How to get a total record count before grouping?

    I need to group a report on a formula that does roughly the following:
    [record count] / ( [total record count] / 20 )
    What this acheives is to label each record with a number of 1 - 20 which I want to group on. Getting this figure is the easy part, what is not working is the fact that I cannot group from a formula that is calculated after grouping. I overcame a portion of this by using "Whilereadingrecords" (rather than "count", running totals, or while printing records) to acheive a record count.
    I can't figure out how to get a total record count done before grouping. Is there a way to do this with "WhileReadingRecords"?? Is this even possible?

    Hi John, 
    The order of how Crystal does things dictates the order of which features you can use.  Crystal has a two pass method.  In the first pass it does things like passing the query, grouping, summarizing.  In the second pass it does formulas, formatting, etc. 
    Unfortunately Crystal does the Grouping before summarizing so what you want to do can't be done in Crystal.  The best way to get around this to either create a SQL Command or view/stored procedure that will do the summarizing for you.  Then in the report you can use it. 
    Hope this helps,

  • How to get LASTDAY for each and every month between given dates..

    Hi Friend,
    I have a doubt,How to get LASTDAY for each and every month between given dates..
    for ex:
    My Input will be look like this
    from date = 12-01-2011
    To date = 14-04-2011
    And i need an output like
    is there any way to achieve through sql query in oracle
    Advance thanks for all helping friends

    Here's a 8i solution :
    select add_months(
           , rownum ) - 1 as results
    from all_objects
    where rownum <= ( months_between( trunc(to_date('14-04-2011','DD-MM-YYYY'), 'MM'),
                                      trunc(to_date('12-01-2011','DD-MM-YYYY'), 'MM') ) );
    The above two query is worked in oracle 11GActually the first query I posted is not correct.
    It should work better with
    )Edited by: odie_63 on 12 janv. 2011 13:53
    Edited by: odie_63 on 12 janv. 2011 14:11

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