How to get percentage difference between two matrices?

Good day everyone, I just want to ask how to get the percentage difference between two binary matrices. This is for comparing two images converted to matrices in LabView. Thank you. 
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pinkman wrote:
Good day everyone, I just want to ask how to get the percentage difference between two binary matrices. This is for comparing two images converted to matrices in LabView. Thank you. 
You probably converted it to a 2D array (A matrix in LabVIEW has a special meaning).
"Binary" is not very well defined (unless you are looking for the number of bits that are different). What is the datatype? Was it a color image or a greyscale image? Are both arrays the same size?
How do you define "percentage difference"? Which one of the two is the 100% reference?
Do you want a new 2D array where each element is the difference of the second array compared to the first (or vice versa), expressed in percentages?
Do you want to know what percentage of array elements are different between the two arrays?
Do you want to know the average difference between all array elements?
All possible interpretations can be easily solved with very little code, but you need to explain in more detail what you actually want?
Here is a simple solution for case #2, for example (assuming the array have the same size, and we only want a rought estimate, rounded down to the nearest integer percent):
LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .
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    Hi yabgestopa,
    From your description, you want to get the difference between two columns in a column group. After testing it in my environment, we can use custom code to achieve your requirement. For more details, you can refer to the following steps:
    Copy the custom code below and paste it to your report. (Right-click report>Report Properties>Code)
    Dim Shared Num1 As Integer
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    fc.addMessage("VacationQueryComponent", new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR, "From Date cannot be lower than To Date", "From Date cannot be lower than To Date"));

  • How to get the difference between two BufferedImages?

    All the BufferedImage which is grabbed from AWT may be same each other,
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    thanks ! cary ,
    I have a list contained some BufferedImages gotten from AWT component,and then these images
    will be transfered to client and displayed in Internet explore ,actually there are only some difference
    between two continuous BufferedImages,i don't want to transfer the WHOLE image to client,SO i
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    All these ideas will be contained this method:
    * Compare the specified two BufferedImages and return the different part between them.
    * @param ref the specified first image
    * @param gen the specified sencond image
    * @return the different part between the specified two images.
    public static void BufferedImage compareBufferedImage(BufferedImage ref,BufferedImage gen){
    to finish this method ,do you have any good ideas?or sample code?
    Best wishes

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    This link is now out of date as they have revamped the structure. Yep. Here it is again:
    I've also noticed that my comment regarding daylight saving was misleading. The demonstrated method for calculating difference between Dates is reliable. However, one needs to be careful when interpreting Dates in a daylight saving timezone.

  • Java code to get the difference between two dates in days

    Hi ppl,
    I need to write a user defined function to get the difference between two date nodes, in days.Please help me out

    have a look at those two:
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  • How to get the difference of two dates in years,months and days

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    select (sysdate-date_Start) from per_periods_of_service

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    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  with t as (select to_date('17-nov-2006','dd-mon-yyyy') as c_start_date, to_date('21-jan-2008','dd-mon-yyyy') as c_end_date from dual union all
      2             select to_date('21-nov-2006','dd-mon-yyyy'), to_date('17-feb-2008','dd-mon-yyyy') from dual union all
      3             select to_date('21-jun-2006','dd-mon-yyyy'), to_date('17-jul-2008','dd-mon-yyyy') from dual
      4             )
      5  -- end of test data
      6  select c_start_date, c_end_date
      7        ,trunc(months_between(c_end_date, c_start_date) / 12) as yrs
      8        ,trunc(mod(months_between(c_end_date, c_start_date), 12)) as mnths
      9        ,trunc(c_end_date - add_months(c_start_date, trunc(months_between(c_end_date, c_start_date)))) as dys
    10* from t
    SQL> /
    C_START_D C_END_DAT        YRS      MNTHS        DYS
    17-NOV-06 21-JAN-08          1          2          4
    21-NOV-06 17-FEB-08          1          2         27
    21-JUN-06 17-JUL-08          2          0         26
    SQL>But, don't forget that different months have different numbers of days, and leap years can effect it too.

  • How to get the difference between these two dates

    Hello Friends,
    I need to get the difference between these two fields which store dates but with varchar2 data types
    SELECT pac.segment1, pac.segment2 emp_no, pac.segment3 NAME,
    pac.segment4 POSITION, pac.segment5 start_date, pac.segment6,
    FROM per_analysis_criteria pac, fnd_id_flex_structures_vl ffs
    WHERE ffs.id_flex_structure_code = 'Employee Rejoin'
    AND ffs.id_flex_num = pac.id_flex_num
    AND TO_CHAR (TO_DATE (pac.segment7, 'YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS'))
    - TO_CHAR (TO_DATE (pac.segment6, 'YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS')) > 1;
    my query is something like this...
    am trying to find the difference between the last two columns but with not much luck..
    can some one suggest me a solution please

    SELECT pac.segment1, pac.segment2 person_id, pac.segment3 NAME,
    papf.employee_number, paaf.supervisor_id, pac.segment4 POSITION,
    pac.segment5 start_date, pac.segment6, pac.segment7,
    ( TO_DATE (TO_CHAR (pac.segment7), 'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS AM')
    - TO_DATE (pac.segment6, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS AM')
    + 1
    ) difference,
    FROM per_analysis_criteria pac,
    apps.fnd_id_flex_structures_vl ffs,
    per_all_people_f papf,
    per_all_assignments_f paaf,
    per_all_people_f papf2,
    (SELECT email_address, person_id
    FROM per_all_people_f
    WHERE person_id IN (
    SELECT person_id
    FROM per_all_assignments_f
    WHERE position_id IN (SELECT position_id
    FROM per_positions
    WHERE NAME LIKE 'HR Manager.704.')
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN effective_start_date
    AND effective_end_date)
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN effective_start_date AND effective_end_date
    AND business_group_id = fnd_profile.VALUE ('PER_BUSINESS_GROUP_ID')) POST
    WHERE ffs.id_flex_structure_code = 'Employee Rejoin'
    AND TO_CHAR (papf.person_id) = pac.segment2
    AND ffs.id_flex_num = pac.id_flex_num
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date
    AND papf.effective_end_date
    AND papf.current_employee_flag = 'Y'
    AND papf.person_id = paaf.person_id
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN paaf.effective_start_date
    AND paaf.effective_end_date
    AND papf.person_id = paaf.person_id
    AND papf2.person_id = paaf.supervisor_id
    AND paaf.primary_flag = 'Y'
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf2.effective_start_date
    AND papf2.effective_end_date
    AND papf2.current_employee_flag = 'Y'
    and ( TO_DATE(to_char(pac.segment7), 'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS AM')-TO_DATE (pac.segment6, 'DD-MON-YYYY HH:MI:SS AM')+1) >1
    last line is giving me the error pls suggest a solution

  • Trying to Get the "Difference" Between Two Tracks

    What I am trying to accomplish is this: I have an audio track of a voiceover with a music bed beneath it. I also have the bed music by itsself, without the voiceover. I want only the voice portion. Is there a way that I can "cancel out" the music portion or get the difference between the two tracks (just the voice portion)? It seems that there should be some means of doing this, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do it!
    Any advice?

    If it's exactly the same music track, then as long as you line it up sample-accurate and the levels co-incide, you can do a simple subtractive process. You need both files available, trimmed to length. Open them both in Edit View, and copy one of them to the clipboard. Open the other, and select Mix-paste, and use the 'invert' option. That will effectively subtract one from the other, with the difference being your vocal.
    Have to tell you though that the chances of getting this spot on are amazingly low... any errors at all leave you with bleed-through, about which you can do nothing.

  • How to get lines in between two fields in smartform

    Dear Freinds,
                   I have developed one smart form however iam not getting output correct could you please help me out, the problem iam getting is iam not able to get the following things
    in The Main Window
             i have one header , one Main Area and one Footer Area
    in the header i have created one %ROW1 and named as Row and again under the ROW i have
    created a % Cell ...........again i want to create for the same Row iam not able to creeate another
    Cell.........please let me know how i can have 5 or 6 cells for the same Row .
    as i want the output as
    UNit No. : 103              Quantity Req : 200   Date of Issue  : 10/01/2008
    Destination : Delhi         Amount       : 300    Rate/Per unit  : 7
    and secondly i have to have lines between the rows .... so please do let how to get lines in between rows as well..
    i have tried allot but not able to get.

    Hi Marcin Pciak ,
                 Thank you very much for giving me the solution, one more point i require in this regard
    i have requirement as below
    IDNo                                      Invoice Amount
    Despatch Date                      Despath Time.
    Now i want i created Two Cell s (Cell A & Cell B)  could you let me know  how i can get IDNO and
    Invoice Amount adjusacent to each other as above but right now iam getting in my smarform
    Invoice amount
    but i want is  IDNO--    Invoice Amount--
    please help me this point
    thanks once again for giving me answer.

  • How to measure time difference between two continous encoder pulse (PULSE A & PULSE B)

    im trying to figure out the time difference between two square
    wave pulse (PULSE A and PULSE B) from an encoder. I tried to modify many code but fail to capture thephase difference  for each pulse. the
    pulse only rise to 5V and fall to 0V like normal square wave pulse
    can you and all of experts here help me out with this?
    my problem
    1) Encoder pulse are continous (pulse A and pulse B)
    2) Square wave pulse have "0V" and "5V" please rapidly
    if possible someone show me correct method , Im using LABVIEW 7.1 and Hardware NI SCOPE (PCI 5102)
    your advice are highly appreciated
    among my idea as in attachment , but I failed to get it
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    Hi Amirul,
    Check the attached JPG file. i think this will be use full to you
    Santhosh M

  • Need to get the difference between two period

    Hi All,
    I need to get the difference of two posting period like period is in format YYYYMM.
    I need to subtract posting perid '200512' FROM '200601' how will be it possible.
    Please suggest.

    YOu can also do like the following.
    Determine you first day of first period and last day of second period.
    data: first_day type datum,
          last_day type datum,
          days type i.
    first_day = date from FM RKE_GET_FIRST_DAY_IN_PERIOD  
    last_day = date from FM RKE_GET_LAST_DAY_IN_PERIOD   
    days = last_day-first_day.

  • How to get the difference of two dates?

    let's say i have a table named tblData and has 4 columns: data_RefNo, data_DateReported, data_TargetDate, data_Data
    tblData returns 2 rows.
    10000................10-20-2004 10:55:44 AM........10-20-2004 10:57:44 AM........Slow Response Time
    10000................10-21-2004 10:55:44 AM........10-21-2004 11:55:44 AM........Bug Error
    i just wana ask how to get the difference of the date_DateReported and date_TargetDate.
    i tried this code but it didnot work
    public Vector get_con_pf()
      Vector vData = new Vector();
      String query  = "SELECT * FROM tblData WHERE data_RefNo= '"'10000'"'";
        DBConnect db = new DBConnect();
        ResultSet rs = db.execute(query);
        while (
          vData.addElement(DATEDIFF(mi, rs.getString("st_DateReported"), rs.getString("st_TargetFinishDate")));
      catch (Exception e)
        System.out.println("Error: " + e );
      return vData;   
    i want to return the difference of the data_DateReported and date_TargetDate, i did this
    vData.addElement(DATEDIFF(mi, rs.getString("st_DateReported"), rs.getString("st_TargetFinishDate")));but it didnot work.
    How do i get that? because i want to return a vector.
    the code must return the values:
    2 for the 1st rows because the difference is only 2 minutes, and
    60 for the 2nd row.

    ooops i tried this one:
    query = "SELECT *, DATEDIFF(mi, data_DateReported, data_TargetDate) AS diff FROM tblData WHERE data_RefNo = '10000'";and it works.
    problem solved! :)

  • Function Module to get the difference between two times.

    Hi All,
    I want to know if there is any function module that gives me the difference between two specified times.
    For Ex: Time 1: 12/01/2007 00:01 A.M
                Time 2: Time 1 - 180 Seconds. This changes the time, also may even change the Date. (As in above situation, the Time 2 will be 11/30/2007 11:58 P.M)
    Could some one please suggest if there is any function module for this case.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi, You can use the following function module to calculate the diffrence between to dates in the unit that you want.
    COPF_DETERMINE_DURATION calculates the difference between two dates and time in minutes and hours.
         I_START_DATE "The start date of the time interval
         I_START_TIME "The start time of the time interval
         I_END_DATE   "The end date of the time interval
         I_END_TIME   "The end time of the time interval
         I_UNIT_OF_DURATION "Time unit of the duration if not to be calculated in days.
         Value     =====     Meaning
         ' '     =====     Day (default)
         D     =====     Days
         H     =====     Hours
         MIN     =====     Minutes
         MON     =====     Months
         S     =====     Seconds
         WK     =====     Weeks
         YR     =====     Years
         I_FACTORY_CALENDER     "A factory calender if not using the Gregorian calender
         E_DURATION      "Time difference in unit specified.
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            Rajesh Soman

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