How to get photos from camera or memory card into new macbook?

how to get photos from camera or memory card into newly announced macbook?  thank you   joanlvh

And to diversify the use of that port, you could get this specialized adapter:
The cost of admission is modest - at $79 - for what all that it does.

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  • Transferring photos from camera or memory card causes iPhoto to hang up with the spinning beach ball - why

    Transferring photos from camera or memory card causes iPhoto to hang up with the spinning beach ball - why?  This happens only on a 5 year old iMac running 10.6.8.  It is a recent developmemt.  All other machines have no problen with the same card.

    I click on the send feedback everytime it pops up with the force quit, so they'er getting it.
    That sends a crash report. Its doubtful that these are ever seen by a human being, but more likely datamined. Sending feedback reaches an actual person.
    My guess from yourdescription is that the portion of the OS (note, OS, not iPhoto) that manages the importing process is what's crashing.

  • How to upload photos from iPad to memory card or pc

    how to upload photos from iPad to memory card or PC

    You can't upload to a memory card.
    You can connect the iPad with your computer and then go to (this) Computer see there your iPad as external drive, open it and look for the maps with photos to copy them to your computer.
    Otherwise you can use free Dropbox to transfer and share your photos wireless to your computer and others;

  • How to export photos from iPhoto to memory card SanDisk

    I am trying to move photos from iPhoto to a flash drive. In the flash drive I have a SanDisk memory card in a Kodak 50-IN-1 Card reader and I put it into the drive. I have tried to open iphoto click on the photo, go to file click on export and it. The photo shows up in the flash drive port, I can click on it and see it but when I take the disk and try to re-upload the disk the photo will not show up on iphoto nor will it show up in the camera.
    The second way I tried was to create a folder, copy to the folder and the drag folder to the device. I again ended up with the same results.
    Why will it show up in the device when I click on the device but the photo will no show up in iphoto or when I put the disk into the camera?

    Most cameras expect photos to be in specific folder(s) on the card and to have file names in specific formats. My Canon G12, for example, uses a structure like this:
    ............more photos
    .............more photos
    (My camera is set to create a new folder every month, but there are other options. One of my previous cameras went to a new folder every hundred photos.)
    Examine a card formatted by your camera with some pictures taken by your camera to discover what sort of file structure and filenames your camera creates, then mimic that.
    On the re-import side, iPhoto and Image Capture know about the common file structures and filenames, so it recognizes them when it sees them. Dropping long, random names in the top level of the card as illustrated in the video is likely only to work when you view the card on another system with a general file structure with an application that makes full use of it (like Finder or Windows Explorer).

  • IPhoto will not longer download photos from camera or memory card

    Ok, I have iPhoto '08 and a Nikon D70 camera. This morning I went to download photos from the camera and it was slower than usual to connect to the computer. All the photos show up as usual but when I click to import them I get a message and it can't download any of the photos because they are an unknown format.
    I took the card out of the camera and put it in a card reader and got the same message.
    Neither the camera OR the card reader showed up as a device when I ran the image transfer app.
    Using the card reader and the Finder, I was able to copy all the pictures to a folder which I was then able to import into iPhoto. After than I used the camera to reformat the card and took a test picture and got the same error messages.
    So, any ideas?

    I found a solution in a couple of other threads. The main problem is when you start iPhoto from the dock, the unix process is owned by root, and not as it should be, by you. If you start iPhoto from the Terminal by entering /Applications/, iPhoto is able to import the images.
    I don't believe that starting the applications from Terminal is a good solution, so I looked for another - reinstalling Leopard seems to be the best option, and it actually works. I can now import images to iPhoto again.

  • How to get photos from iphoto back onto an SD card. I have a MacBook Pro with a built in SC card slot.

    How to get photos from iPhoto back onto a SD card. I have a MacBook Pro with built in SD card slot. I have tried "Export" but this does not work.

    It's best to export the photos to a folder and then drag the folder onto the memory card.  Memory cards are usually formatted for PCs, FAT 32, which doesn't permit more than a limited number of files in the root directory. Putting the photos in a folder gets around that limitation.

  • DNG conversion fails sporadically with Get Photos From Camera

    Camera: Canon 40D and 5D
    XP SP2
    ACR 4.4.1
    DNG Converter 4.3.1
    Importing my files to Bridge using the Get Photos from Camera (GPFC) option results in sporadic DNG conversion failure. There's no pattern, just a lump of files that don't get converted at the end of the process. It's very frustrating because I have to manually go back and find the files that failed and use GPFC option again. Even then sometimes it fails again!
    I'm attached to using the GPFC option instead of the standalone DNG converter because GPFC lets me automatically make a backup file to another disk and adds a template. But even when I use DNG Converter to import the files off my card, DNG fails for some of the files. Purging the cache only works half the time and for some of the files.
    Is there any solution to the GPFC problem? I've seen people have similar problems, but with no real conclusions...
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    No, I have tried purging/refreshing before and it doesn't help, because the un-converted CR2 files are just skipped over and put in the same destination folder as the successfully converted CR2 files (to DNG). I thought it might be a memory issue, but I never have any other applications open. As a test, I purposely opened some other applications to see if MORE CR2 files would be skipped, but the amount of files skipped was still random.
    My "DNG Conversion Settings," accessed through the Get Photos From Camera dialogue, is set to:
    Jpeg Preview: Medium Size
    Compressed (Checked)
    Preserve Raw Image (Checked)
    Embed Original Raw File (UN CHECKED)
    Could some of my Edit>Preferences>Cache options be overloading things and causing skips? I use the default settings because I wasn't confident with messing around with the cache.

  • In ADOBE BRIDGE CS6 "folder can not be created" appears when getting photos from camera

    Has anyone seen this when getting photos from camera in ADOBE BRIDGE CS6?
    "Folder cannot be created"

    I solved the problem myself.

  • How to get photos from mac to iPhone 6? when i try it just comes up iCloud instead of my photos

    how to get photos from mac to iPhone 6? when i try it just comes up iCloud instead of my photos

    Make sure Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library (Beta) = "Off"
    Then sync your iPhone using iTunes and make sure your sync settings for photos are set correctly in iTunes.

  • Bridge 'get photos from camera' stopped working and Bridge won't recognize my DNG files anymore

    So, I've got Bridge set up to get pictures from mem.card whenever I insert one in my laptop (win. 8.1). A week ago I installed Sony's PlayMemories. Without asking me it hijacked Bridge's task of getting pictures from my cards. What's worse, I tried to fire the 'get photos from camera' function manually from Bridge. Bridge starts working, but nothing happens. I uninstalled PlayMemories and reset Bridge, also told my laptop to run Bridge whenever I insert a card. Still nothing happens and I still can't get the 'get photos' function to run manually from Bridge. Anyway, I can still rund the DNG converter to get my pictures, but today Bridge won't recognize my DNG files - worked fine yesterday. I downloaded CS6 from this link  and tried to run the installer, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe I need to do a full uninstall off CS6 for it to do anything..?  Anyway, if any of you guys could help me with my Bridge/CS6 issues I'd be grateful.  I've got 3 sets of concert photos and a snowboard comp. shoot I need to finish this week 
    CS6 running on windows 8.1

    Re-install of PS CS6 resulted in the following errors:
    -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------
    - 0 fatal error(s), 3 error(s), 1 warning(s)
    ----------- Payload: {CFA46C39-C539-4BE9-9364-495003C714AD} Adobe SwitchBoard 2.0 -----------
    WARNING: DF029: ARKServiceControl::StartService: Service not started/stopped SwitchBoard. Current State: 0 Exit Code: 0 Service Specific Exit Code: 0(Seq 1)
    ----------- Payload: {C41A769E-27ED-44F7-8A11-F2E32F538E05} Adobe Linguistics CS6 x64 -----------
    ERROR: DF024: Unable to move file at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers\adobeTemp\{C41A769E-27ED-44F7-8A11-F2E32F538E05}\_249_92e651345849 4a10e8de711f4c5be8e5" to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Linguistics\6.0\Providers\Proximity\11.00\araphon.env" Error 1392 The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.(Seq 251)
    ERROR: DW063: Command ARKMoveFileCommand failed.(Seq 251)
    ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:
    ERROR: DW050: - Adobe Linguistics CS6 x64: Install failed
    This doesn't really tell me much, anybody else got a clue what this is...?

  • Bridge CS4  Not enough room on destination disk, when Getting Photos from Camera

    When trying to "Get Photos from Camera" after the 2nd or 3rd photo has been moved to folders I receive a box that states:
    The backup destination folder is low on disk space, and could not obtain all files from the device. (which is a compact flash card) Please select a different folder or cleanup disk space and try again.
    Please note there is plenty of space available on both drives that the photos are being saved to.

    what Ramón says,
    I use Downloader on a daily base and don't have troubles with it. And yes it is not a very brilliant piece of software but it does work.
    I would suggest that you go to the user library/ preferences and in here find the downloader plist file. drag this to the trash, restart photodownloader (now at factory settings, you need to reset it again to your wishes) and try again.
    in an other thread Scott showed an other application for image ingestion. It looks very great but you need to pay a small fee for it :-)
    Scott Burns - 9:20am Mar 5, 09 PST (#4 of 5)
    Have you taken a look at ImageIngester?

  • How to get photos from pc to iphone ?

    how to get photos from pc to iphone?

    1. Connect your iDevice to your computer with the USB connector. Open iTunes and select your device from the left sidebar. Then, select the photos tab from the top menu.
    2. Organize and sync.
    First choose where you’d like to sync your photos from. I use iPhoto, but you can use any photo management system.
    Check the box next to each album &/or event you’d like to sync.
    Alternatively, you could put all the photos you want to transfer into a separate folder on your computer, and choose to sync just that folder from the drop down menu.
    Notice that I’ve checked the box “Include videos” so any included videos will also sync.
    When your selections are made, click “Apply” and the photos will sync to the photo library on your device.

  • Get photos from camera option in Bridge CS5

    I really would like to use the "Get photos from camera" option in Bridge CS5, as it would save me a few steps in my normal workflow (dowload images from my Canon 40D with EOS utility, convert to DNG, delete CR2 files, update metadata with copyright information), but when I try with with a large number of images, some RAW images are not downloaded and converted. All jpg images are downloaded. So I would get e.g. images 1.dng, 1.jpg, 2.dng, 2.jjp, 3.jpg - in othere words the 3.dng file would not download. Any help would be most sincerely appreciated.
    BTW - when I use the Canon EOS Utility, all files get downloaded, but then these are all cr2 files.
    I use Windows 7 64-bit as my OS.
    My thanks in advance.

    On further testing, it appears that the download function works fine as long as the "Convert to dng" function is left unchecked. So the file loss occurs during the conversion process. I have looked but cannot find an answer - is there a way to batch convert downloaded cr2 files to dng from within Bridge? Or does one have to load up the DNG Converter separately?

  • Bridge- get photos from camera... no valid files found

    I am using Photoshop CS3 on a laptop with Windows Vista and a Canon 30D camera.
    When I go to Bridge > File > Get photos from camera > select Canon EOS 30D, I get the message 'No Valid Files Found'
    What are the possible causes? There are raw files on the CF that have not been downloaded yet. This is my first attempt at downloading the photos through Bridge. I normally use the Can EOS Utility.
    Thanks for the help.

    edit: first answer deleted because this way of copying files was stated in your original post already, sorry.
    If you are able to copy one way or an other the RAW files to a folder on your PC then point Bridge to this folder and that should be working, Try also to purge cache for that folder and renew Bridge preferences.
    I use Mac and don't know the correct way to install ACR on a PC. Have you checked the plug in info in PSCS if your ACR version is shown in the list?

  • After upgrade to IOS 5, cannot get photos from camera roll to my computer, Why?

    Don't know why I cannot get photos from camera roll to my computer after upgrade to IOS 5.
    I could find an external driver to get photos before.
    and I cannot sync the website bookmarks to my computer.
    What can I do to solve this problem...??
    HELP pls!!
    Iphone 4

    Try disabling Norton and syning.  If that doesn't help try uninstalling iTunes and all of its components by following this guide: Windows XP or Windows Vista/7, then reinstall iTunes.  You must follow this guide exactly or it will not be successful.  Note: uninstalling iTunes will only remove the application; it will not touch your iTunes library or data.
    If you continue to have trouble you can use an app like PhotoSync to wirelessly transfer your photos to your computer while you continue to try to troubleshoot this.

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    when I rotate from horizontal to vertical (landscape to portrait) the size goes from 2.3mb to 1.4mb. what gives? I need largest format for printing. It didn't use to do this. have ps 7. Maybe i should invest in Lightroom? or does anyone know what pro

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