How to get radiobutton & parameter side by side?

Hi abapers,
Could any one tell me how to get radiobutton & parameter side by side.Iam trying to get in the single line....
But i could not.

Hello Kaki,
The code given by Rainer should give you the idea (to use   SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF LINE.) If you need a parameters on the same line, then you just need to do something like this -
Anand Mandalika.

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  • How to get the parameter from Java Script into the Parameter crystal Report

    Hi All,
    Crystal Report is integrated with Oracle 10g. I created the base SQL query for col1, col2, col3 and col4. Java Script pass parameter value (185) to Col1.
    My question is how to create crystal report to make Col1 as parameter and how to get the parameter value 185(Col1) from Java Script. Is there any additional code I need to include in the crystal report?
    Java script sends the right parameter value.There is no issue in java script.
    This is an automatic scheduled process when batch runs, Java script should pass the parameter value and the crystal report should get the value and produce the output report.

    Not sure if this is an application question or if you are trying to hook into Crystal Reports parameter UI? If the later then no option other than report design. If an application then I can move this to the Java Forums.
    If you are asking how to alter the parameters I suggest you remove the Java reference and post a new question so it's not confusing the issue.
    Please clarify?

  • How to get a parameter without name in JSP?

    hi everyone, My question is how to get a parameter without name in JSP? I have two pages, 1.html and 2.jsp.
    in 1.html, I embeds some Javascript codes in HTML contents like below ( changed < to ( , > to )):
    function toSubWin( obj )'test.jsp?'+obj.firstChild.toString(),'sw');
    (a onClick='toSubWin(this)'style="background:green")focus(/a)
    How can I get the parameter in 2.jsp?

    Does obj.firstChild.toString() evaluate to a "name=value" type of String ?
    Or better what does obj.firstChild.toString(),'sw' evaluate to ? It has to end up in a name=value format, else its just gibberish appended to the url.
    In the jsp, you have to obviously know the name to get the parameter. There's a getParameterNames() method which returns you a Collection of parameter names as Strings, you could probably use that to retrieve the param values.
    Then there's a getParameterMap() method which returns an immutable Map containing parameter names as keys and parameter values as map values. The keys in the parameter map are of type String. The values in the parameter map are of type String array.
    However to what ends you employ them in a program which doesnt know its inputs is a different story.

  • Please Help(How to get RadioButtons in tree View)

    Sub/Requirement: How to implement RadioButtons in tree view with/without using xml file.
    I have a requirement like this i want to display RadioButton in tree view.
    I implemented tree same as which is given in sampleApplications.
    In this sampleApplications they implemted tree by using xml file.
    I also implemented tree by Generating xml file. In this xml file i get the values from the database. I am using <netui:tree > tag.
    Is it possible to implement tree without using xml file. I need to generate tree Dynamically.
    Please any one help me to come out with this solution.

    The issue here is while you are retrieving all the details, you are consistently overwriting them in the request.setAttribute() call before you get to the JSP to display them.
    Do you actually have a class/object called Student?
    That object should have attributes for classes, subjects, teachers (all of which are lists apparently)
    public class Student{
      String name;
      List classes;
      List subjects;
      List teachers;
      // appropriate getter/setter methods
    }Then you load each student, and populate its individual lists.
    That lets you pass the list of students, each student having its own lists for display.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to get JHeader Type on Left side of JTable and...

    I want two things...
    1) Header of JTable should display icons how to do this
    2)A Header Type thing displayed on left side of table like microsoft grid have

    The JScrollPane component contains two methods:
    1) setColumnHeaderView()
    2) setRowHeaderView()
    When you add a JTable to a scroll pane, the table component automatically creates the column header for you using the TableDataModel.
    If you want to add a component on the left side then you must create a component and add it to the scroll pane using the setRowHeaderView() method.
    I have an sample program that uses the row header to display line numbers for a related JTextPane.
    This LineNumber component can also be used to show row numbers for a given table by adding this code to you program:
    LineNumber lineNumber = new LineNumber( table );
    lineNumber.setLineHeight( table.getRowHeight() );
    scrollPane.setRowHeaderView( lineNumber );

  • Display tag: how to get pagesize parameter from TableDecorator?

    Hi all,
    I'm designing�org.displaytag.decorator.TableDecorator wrapper for our project, but I need to get pagesizeparameter from TableDecorator and I don't know - how to do it :(
    Any ideas?
    ps. used

    Not sure if this is an application question or if you are trying to hook into Crystal Reports parameter UI? If the later then no option other than report design. If an application then I can move this to the Java Forums.
    If you are asking how to alter the parameters I suggest you remove the Java reference and post a new question so it's not confusing the issue.
    Please clarify?

  • How to get a parameter from BPC and use it in ABAP program

    Hello gurus!
    I got a problem...
    SAP BPC will send parameters such as year, division, category, company code and so on via script logic to SAP BW.
    I need to get these parameters from BPC and use them in a ABAP program as a filter.
    This ABAP program will do several routines and return new values to BPC. It must be made on ABAP and I need to filter data to avoid performance issues.
    Does anybody knows how to do it? or have a example of it?
    Thank you in advance.
    Rubens Kumori

    Hello, I'm looking for a suggest.
    I need to pass two parameters (users can input them in a data manager package in bpc) to a BAdI.
    In this BAdI I write a code that store those parameters in a InfoObject.
    The problem is:
    - one parameter is for CATEGORY value. CATEGORY is a dimension of the application and I read the value with a code like this:
          READ TABLE it_cv INTO l_s_it_cv
               WITH TABLE KEY dim_upper_case = 'C_CATEGORY'.
    - other parameter is a generic DATE. this parameter is not a dimension of the application and I don't know how I can retrieve this value in BAdI.
          READ TABLE it_cv INTO l_s_it_cv
               WITH TABLE KEY dim_upper_case = '.....'.
    The data manager dynamic script is:
    PROMPT(TEXT,%SELECTED_DAY%,"Write the date (format YYYYMMDD)",)
    I also have a dynamic constant that assign the name %CATEGORY_DIM% to "C_CATEGORY" value.
    Can anyone help me?
    thanks a lot
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  • How to get a parameter from each request in a session scope BackingBean

    While calling my JSF page, I pass an id as parameter in the URL, and in the Backing bean I retrieve it from the request.
    On each request I need to get the id and populate the page accordingly.
    But I am forced to create my Backing Bean in session scope b'cos otherwise ValueChangeListener method does not work properly.
    So where and how do I get the id on each request?
    Pls. help

    What you can do is create it in the request scope like this:
    </managed-bean>And then in the page use a hidden field to set the id in case of a postback (validation error):
    <h:inputHidden id="id" value="#{}"/>Does that help you?

  • How to get dynamic paramete value in the context node?

    Hi, experts,
    There are some attributes in the node context(ee_node) that contained the attribute named "ANSSA" in the view(test_view) in the WDA for abap. In the method WDDOMODIFYVIEW of the view(test_view), there is dynamically string , ex."ANSSA". How can I get the value of the "ANSSA" from the node(ee_node)?
    I try to use the following code to get the value in the method WDDOMODIFYVIEW of the view(test_view):
    Method wddomodifyview.
    *importing   para    type   string.
        Node_Ee_Address                     type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
        Elem_Ee_Address                     type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element.
    navigate from <CONTEXT> to <EE_ADDRESS> via lead selection
      Node_Ee_Address = wd_Context->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_ADDR_AUTO_DISP_VIEW=>wdctx_Ee_Address ).
    get element via lead selection
      Elem_Ee_Address = Node_Ee_Address->get_Element(  ).
    get single attribute
          Name =  para
          Value = ??? ).
    But I don't know how to replace the "???"   .
    I don't know how to replace the "???"  in the method wddomodifyview? Do you give me some hint for it?
    You can reply back to me via e-mail if you think we should discuss this internally at [email protected] or [email protected]
    Best regards,

    Hello Neha,
    Thank you for your help in advance.
    I am very sorry that the above method name ought to be "modifyview", not "wddomodifyview"(I write the error word in the question so that I am very sorry.). I am very sorry the error method name occuring your misunderstand.
    The "para" is the transfered parameter that it is supposed to represent the name of "ANSSA". Actually, the "para" may represent other attribute in the node context, ex. "ENDDA"(date type) attribute.
    I don't write such code in the method modifyview: lv_anssa like ls_ee_node-anssa. Because I am not sure that the  "para"  represent the name of "ANSSA", and the "para" may represent other attribute in the node context, ex. "ENDDA"(date type) attribute.  The  "para" is only the transfered parameter from other method for representing the name of attribute.
    Method modifyview.
    *importing para type string.
    lo_nd_ee_node type ref to if_wd_context_node,
    lo_el_ee_node type ref to if_wd_context_element,
    ls_ee_node type wd_this->element_ee_node.
    I cann't write such code. Because I am not sure that the para represent the name of "ANSSA"******************
    data lv_anssa like ls_ee_node-anssa.
    lo_nd_ee_node = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_ee_node ).
    lo_el_ee_node = lo_nd_ee_node->get_element( ).
    name = para
    value = ??? ).
    I don't know how to replace the "???". Do you give me more hints?
    Thanks a million.

  • How to get report parameter in XML file

    hi all,
    i have created report with 5 parameters.i want report parameter to be linked with
    parametres should be displayed on output.
    how to do it.
    anyone help pls.

    Parameters appears in final XML file : It's describe in the XML Publisher Administration And Developper Guide.
    You can use <?PARAMETER_NAME?> in your RTF file for example.
    Documentation extract
    parameter Attributes:
    • name (Required) - the parameter name that will be referenced in the
    • dataType - valid values are: "character", "date", "number"
    • defaultValue - value to use for the parameter if none supplied from the
    • include_in_output - whether this parameter should appear in the XML
    output or not. The valid values are "true" and "false".

  • How to get the parameter name of a generic class?

    Is it possible to get the name of generic class parameter type without having an instance of that type?
    class MyClass<T> {
      public MyClass() {
      // get the name here

    I need to get a string containing "Object" (or "java.lang.Object") if the class would be used like this:
    MyClass<Object> mc = new MyClass<Object>()

  • How to get DEVICENAME parameter in CME

    I am trying to get de #DEVICENAME# parameter using a url like this:
    but doesnt work.
    I know that this work fine in callmanager full, but does it work in callmanager express ?
    I am using Unified Communications Manager Express 7.0

    hi tstanik,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Let me explain better:
    I created a XML service and the url is
    So, when I access this service through the ip phone (7960) I expect to get it devicename.
    I have tested this in the callmanager 5.0 and works. But in the callmanager express doesnt work.
    I need to identify who is the device that is accessing the service.

  • How to get a parameter from a HTML  select list in a servlet

    I have the following problem :
    In a HTML form I have the following select list:
    <select name="tickets">
                                            <option value="1">1</option>
                                            <option value="2">2</option>
                                            <option value="3">3</option>
                                            <option value="4">4</option>
                                            <option value="5">5</option>
                                            <option value="6">6</option>
    </select>And in the servlet I try to read the value I have selected doing : String tickB = (String) request.getParameter("tickets");But for my amazement tickB always has the value 1, althought I have selected in the list the value 2,3,4,5 or 6
    �Where is the error ? �Have I to do with getParamaterValues instead getParameter to obtain the correct value?
    Edited by: bladu on Jun 4, 2008 1:25 AM

    Where is the error ? No error in portion of code you have shown.
    But for my amazement tickB always has the value 1, althought I have selected in the list the value 2,3,4,5 or 6Are you sure there are no other form element(hidden field, text field) with same name tickets ? If you are using GET method, you may check the url to see if there are more than one parameters named tickets set in it
    Have I to do with getParamaterValues instead getParameter to obtain the correct value? Not required.

  • How to get all parameter names along with their values in stored procedure which is being executed

    Im using sql server 2012, is there any possible way to get all the parameters of a stored procedure along with the values passed to it.
    I need these things to build a xml. I mean this should happen in the procedure which being executed and it should be common for all the procedures.
    For example, let us suppose we have to procedures,
    uspSave, @name='test' @age=20
    uspDelete @id=2
    now in uspSave procedure, i need to get @name, @age and the values 'test', 20 and in uspDelete, i should get @id with value 2.
    For getting the column names, i tried this,
    select parameter_name from information_schema.PARAMETERS where specific_name=OBJECT_NAME(@@procid)
    now is it possible to loop through the result of above query and can we get the values.

    I think  you need running SQL Server Profiler to capture this info even in SQL Server 2012.
    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,
    Blog : MS SQL Development and Optimization
    Blog : Large
    scale of database and cleansing

  • How to get the publish method with server side actionscript?

    We publish this way at client side:
    ns.publish(name, howToPublish);
    How to get this howToPublish at server side?
    application.onPublish = function(){
        //how to know whether the stream's publishing method(live,record,append) here?

    I am not sure whether you can know mode of publish via SSAS, best way would be to use Authorisation Plug-in which can intercept you publish request and get the information which you need - in this case mode of publishing.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello Gurus, i am confronted with a strange situation which i could not understand. We transported a PC into the Quality and it was ok. Some adjustments were done: 1. the developer delete the DTP in the process chain before deleting in the dataflow.

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  • CS Report- defect Type-wise components consumed

    Hi Experts, I am trying to figure out if there is any standard report available that can cull out information on defect type (from notification) and components consumed (from service order). What's the best possible solution? Please advise! Thanks

  • CUP workflow

    Hello Everyone I  have couple of question regarding the workflow My approver doesn't get a link  as to approve the request or to reject it, rather he  gets a link as View and when the approver  clicks on  the link which say  '' view'' it take him int

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    I just bought Curve 8530 from Verizon and I have tried many ways to input Thai language to my BB but it didn't work.  No 'Thai option' appear. There are several languages appeared like Korean, Chinese and Japanese, but there is no Thai. Right now my