How to get rid of scroll bars in Mac OS X Lion?

I have been using the magic mouse with lion on my iMac since I got it. Today I got a new mouse, a logitech M510. After using the mouse I noticed that the scroll bars came back permanently. I actually liked having the scroll bars dissapear when not using them, it made everything look much cleaner. How would I go about getting rid of them? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

system preferences>general>adjust settings as desired.  

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    RuAnLe wrote:
    I have a Mac pro running OS Lion v10.7.5 and now have ransomware and would like to figure out how to get rid of the ransomware. Would apprieciate any help.
    If you're seeing a message in your web browser that your Mac is infected with a virus, and given a phone number to call for help, you're being scammed. There is no virus. See:
    Tech support scam pop-ups
    (Fair disclosure: I may receive compensation from links to my sites, and, in the form of buttons allowing for donations. Donations are not required to use my site or software.)

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    I'm playing with a page that will contain an edge animation (basically just a panorama view sliding across the stage from right to left).  My thought was that when the page was displayed on a tablet or phone the user would just see less and less of the animation--i.e., as if the panorama was sliding across a smaller stage.  In my css I've specified overflow: hidden for the div that contains the animation, and in the animation itself I've specified overflow: hidden for the stage.   This works fine in Live view, but when I preview the page in a browser (chrome, safari, IE) I get scroll bars.  The animation also behaves as I want it to when I preview it in a browser by itself--i.e., not as a part of a fluid grid page.  I could live with a horizontal scroll bar, and there might even be an argument in its favor, but the vertical bar is a definite problem.  I've tried refining my css to overflow-y : hidden, but that doesn't have any effect either
    Any help would be great.

    I found an work around, albeit an inelegant one, so the link I posted to Nancy's reply now works.  What I found is that the edge animation produces an html document with a body style.  If I plug my overflow style there, voila, alls good.  Of course it will be overwritten if I regenerate the animation, but at least it's progress.

  • How to get rid of scroll bars in sub panels when displaying a VI which is part of a class?

    I am writing an application that applies different analyses to a set of data. The program must be flexible configurable. To not clutter the GUI with too much elements I ended up with the idea to load the needed user interfaces for each specific analysis dynamically into a single sub panel when needed. This works well without any problem.
    Due to the fact that all analyses share some common functionality I have decided to use LabVIEW classes for implementation. Each class has one VI representing the user interface to show in the sub panel.
    This works also well BUT the sub panel always shows a horizontal and vertical scroll bar I don't want to see!
    I have already learned that I need to change the user interface VI to a custom "Window Appearance" and disable the "Show scroll bar" properties. But this seems to work only for "normal" VIs but not for VIs that are part of a class.
    Any ideas?
    Go to Solution.

    Thanks Pixar, this was the right tip!
    Although: there seems to be a difference between "normal" VIs and VIs that are members of a class.
    For "normal" VIs it is sufficient to set the property to "Off While Running" and it works as expected.
    VIs part of a class need the "Always Off" setting" which is only accessible via right click on the scroll bars but not via the VI's properties box.
    Thanks and Regards

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    It's caused by your inline styles.  Which begs the bigger question.  Why are you using all this in your markup?
    <div id="Layer6" style="overflow: auto; position: absolute; left: 249px; top: 860px; width: 492px; height: 48px; z-index: 8; visibility: visible;">
    Nancy O.

  • How to get rid of title bar of a quicktime window?

    The main problem:
    I want to display the title info etc about each track as they play in iTunes. How can I do that on an otherwise black screen (desktop) (I don't want to use the visualizer with its psychedelic patterns).
    I want to play music from iTunes (many pieces in a row - for like a full day). While this is happening I want the title etc of the tune to be displayed on the screen, like white smallish text against a black background in the lower right hand corner. At the same time I want slides to be displayed on the screen.
    So, with iPhoto I can run a slide show but only while one piece of music is playing.
    Instead I can have the desktop slowly change (from system preferences) with images from a folder every 5 seconds. That's not too bad. Looks good, actually, except for that annoying menu bar at the top! Well, black tape can hide that one (or a second display and move it over there). Now iTunes can play away all day.
    As to how to get the title etc of the song playing displayed I was thinking about somehow extracting it from iTunes with applescript, then paste it into the text track of a quicktime movie, and display that little movie in a small window. I have figured out how to get rid of the controller from the window. But, I can not figure out how to get the title bar of the quicktime window to go away - that is I want a window with nothing around it, neither controllers nor title bar nor anything. How do I create such a window. Any good ideas out there?
    Or is there a totally different way of obtaining the same effect?
    G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    You could try posting at the QuickTime discussion area. There might be an iTunes visualizer that allows you to make a slideshow with track info. It has been a while since I tried making a SMIL file, but I think you could do what you want with that. Not sure how you create a streaming text of track information. I would have to do some reviewing.

  • How to get the Horizontal Scroll Bar for a Table?

    Hi All,
    As per my requirement, I am displaying several records in a Screen in a Tabular Format. But here I have to show 21 Columns in that table which is too high. I am able to display it but due to it I am getting a Horizontal scroll bar for the whole screen since all the columns are not getting displayed in the normal window screen space. But its looking too odd since once I am scrolling it to right the columns are getting displayed but the above Header Bar and Global buttons are not displaying, they are bound to the normal screen space.
    Is there a way to have a Horizontal scroll bar only for that table instead of the entire screen so that on scrolling that bar only the table rows will beshifted ant got displayed?
    With Thanks
    Kumar Gautam

    try this approach.
    include a raw text item before and table item.
    include the appropriate HTML tags in raw text item to enable horizontal scroll

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  • How to get rid of scrolling in stacks

    How can I either:
    #1. Turn OFF the scrolling function in stacks
    #2. Resize the icons so they all fit without scrolling.
    I used to use stacks as a quick launcher. This worked great on my 15 inch MBP, both standalone and when docked with a 30" monitor, as well as on my 22" Mac Pro at home. Click the stacks, and I would get an instant overview of all my apps, or documents, and instantly choose what I wanted.
    With this recent "refinement", it now takes me longer, and I have to manually position the mouse over a scroll bar to see all of the content.
    So for me, this was actually LESS user friendly. Is there anywhere I can modify this new default setting, to get rid of this thing.
    Anyone know how?
    Message was edited by: Johannes Hovda

    But this is just my point. I DON'T have tons of stuff in these folders. That's why it's annoying.
    The problem is that the icons are HUGE. Waaay bigger than they needed to be. Why can't there be an option to have them auto-resize?? Or at least make them smaller. Now they are almost too big to read comfortably.
    I know SL supports greater icon resolution than Leopard, but I'm not THAT nearsighted (or farsighted... forget which one)
    First guy who writes a system preference plugin --> "StackFixer" gets my vote

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    When I try to use safari in landscape mode, the bookmark bar is always present on the left side of the screen. How can I get rid of this? iPad Air 2, iOS 8.1.2.

    To illustrate.

  • How to get rid of the bar on my screen

    Ok the big bar at the bottom of my screen is there a way to shrink it or get rid of it all together

    Slide down from the top of the bar.

  • How to get rid of blue bar on iOS 7?

    Is there a way to get rid of the blue bar or look of the quick bar section? It isn't a pleasing look to me and either wish to have it removed or back to the prior look. Thanks, Sean

    use following add on
    it will removes the orange button of left hand side ,see the attached image what will this add on do

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    use following add on
    it will removes the orange button of left hand side ,see the attached image what will this add on do

  • How to get rid of genieo tool from mac?

    I cannot get rid of genieo from safari. I have change the preferences on safari. It doesnt appear when I open safari but if i am searching for something it comes as my default search browser

    There is an uninstaller, but as the developer is not trustworthy, you shouldn't rely on it. I suggest the tedious procedure below to disable Genieo.
    Back up all data. You must know how to restore from a backup even if the system becomes unbootable. If you don't know that, stop here and ask for guidance.
    Quit the Genieo application, if it's running. Force quit if necessary.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the line and select
    Services ▹ Reveal in Finder (or just Reveal)
    from the contextual menu.
    If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.
    A folder may open with a file selected, or the file may be absent, in which case you'll get a message that it doesn't exist. If it does exist, it's a configuration file created or replaced by the Genieo installer. Any software installer that does this should be considered ipso facto malware. Move the file to the Trash. You'll be prompted for your administrator password.
    IMPORTANT: If the launchd.conf file exists, you must move it to the Trash it before continuing. Otherwise the systemwill become unbootable. In that case, restore from your backup and start over. That's how badly Genieo has sabotaged your system.
    Repeat with each of these lines:
    Again, some of these items may be absent, in which case you'll get a message that the file doesn't exist. Skip that item and go on to the next one.
    Reboot and empty the Trash. Don't try to empty the Trash until you have rebooted.
    Your web browser(s) should now function normally, and you should be able to reset the home page and search engine. If not, stop here and post your results.
    From the Safari menu bar, select
    Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Extensions
    Uninstall any extensions you don't know you need, including one called "Spigot" if it's present. If in doubt, uninstall all extensions. Do the equivalent for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, if you use either of those.
    The Genieo installer may also install the "Silverlight" web plugin from Microsoft. If you have no use for that plugin, you can remove it according to Microsoft's instructions. Don't remove it if you subscribe to "Netflix" or any other video-streaming service that uses it.
    This procedure may leave a few files behind, but it should deactivate Genieo. Make sure you don't repeat the mistake that led you to install it. Chances are you got it from one of the Internet's open sewers such as "Softonic" or "CNET Download." Never visit either of those sites again. You might also have downloaded it from an ad embedded in a page on some other site.
    Finally, be forewarned that when Genieo is mentioned on this site, the developer sometimes shows up under the name "Genieo support." If that happens, don't believe anything he says, but feel free to tell him what you think of his scam.

  • How to get rid of cinema   ads off mac

    I downloaded something that now places a little green icon next to words and says "Ads by Cinema +"  How do I get rid of this? Thank you!

    Helpful Links Regarding Malware Problems
    If you are having an immediate problem with ads popping up see The Safe Mac » Adware Removal Guide, AdwareMedic, or Remove unwanted adware that displays pop-up ads and graphics on your Mac - Apple Support.
    Open Safari, select Preferences from the Safari menu. Click on Extensions icon in the toolbar. Disable all Extensions. If this stops your problem, then re-enable them one by one until the problem returns. Now remove that extension as it is causing the problem.
    The following comes from user stevejobsfan0123. I have made minor changes to adapt to this presentation.
    Fix Some Browser Pop-ups That Take Over Safari.
    Common pop-ups include a message saying the government has seized your computer and you must pay to have it released (often called "Moneypak"), or a phony message saying that your computer has been infected, and you need to call a tech support number (sometimes claiming to be Apple) to get it resolved. First, understand that these pop-ups are not caused by a virus and your computer has not been affected. This "hijack" is limited to your web browser. Also understand that these messages are scams, so do not pay any money, call the listed number, or provide any personal information. This article will outline the solution to dismiss the pop-up.
    Quit Safari
    Usually, these pop-ups will not go away by either clicking "OK" or "Cancel." Furthermore, several menus in the menu bar may become disabled and show in gray, including the option to quit Safari. You will likely have to force quit Safari. To do this, press Command + option + esc, select Safari, and press Force Quit.
    Relaunch Safari
    If you relaunch Safari, the page will reopen. To prevent this from happening, hold down the 'Shift' key while opening Safari. This will prevent windows from the last time Safari was running from reopening.
    This will not work in all cases. The shift key must be held at the right time, and in some cases, even if done correctly, the window reappears. In these circumstances, after force quitting Safari, turn off Wi-Fi or disconnect Ethernet, depending on how you connect to the Internet. Then relaunch Safari normally. It will try to reload the malicious webpage, but without a connection, it won't be able to. Navigate away from that page by entering a different URL, i.e., and trying to load it. Now you can reconnect to the Internet, and the page you entered will appear rather than the malicious one.
    An excellent link to read is Tom Reed's Mac Malware Guide.
    Also, visit The XLab FAQs and read Detecting and avoiding malware and spyware.
    See these Apple articles:
      Mac OS X Snow Leopard and malware detection
      OS X Lion- Protect your Mac from malware
      OS X Mountain Lion- Protect your Mac from malware
      OS X Mavericks- Protect your Mac from malware
      About file quarantine in OS X
    If you require anti-virus protection Thomas Reed recommends using ClamXAV. (Thank you to Thomas Reed for this recommendation.)

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