How to get rid of scrolling in stacks

How can I either:
#1. Turn OFF the scrolling function in stacks
#2. Resize the icons so they all fit without scrolling.
I used to use stacks as a quick launcher. This worked great on my 15 inch MBP, both standalone and when docked with a 30" monitor, as well as on my 22" Mac Pro at home. Click the stacks, and I would get an instant overview of all my apps, or documents, and instantly choose what I wanted.
With this recent "refinement", it now takes me longer, and I have to manually position the mouse over a scroll bar to see all of the content.
So for me, this was actually LESS user friendly. Is there anywhere I can modify this new default setting, to get rid of this thing.
Anyone know how?
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But this is just my point. I DON'T have tons of stuff in these folders. That's why it's annoying.
The problem is that the icons are HUGE. Waaay bigger than they needed to be. Why can't there be an option to have them auto-resize?? Or at least make them smaller. Now they are almost too big to read comfortably.
I know SL supports greater icon resolution than Leopard, but I'm not THAT nearsighted (or farsighted... forget which one)
First guy who writes a system preference plugin --> "StackFixer" gets my vote

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    system preferences>general>adjust settings as desired.  

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    I found an work around, albeit an inelegant one, so the link I posted to Nancy's reply now works.  What I found is that the edge animation produces an html document with a body style.  If I plug my overflow style there, voila, alls good.  Of course it will be overwritten if I regenerate the animation, but at least it's progress.

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    I am writing an application that applies different analyses to a set of data. The program must be flexible configurable. To not clutter the GUI with too much elements I ended up with the idea to load the needed user interfaces for each specific analysis dynamically into a single sub panel when needed. This works well without any problem.
    Due to the fact that all analyses share some common functionality I have decided to use LabVIEW classes for implementation. Each class has one VI representing the user interface to show in the sub panel.
    This works also well BUT the sub panel always shows a horizontal and vertical scroll bar I don't want to see!
    I have already learned that I need to change the user interface VI to a custom "Window Appearance" and disable the "Show scroll bar" properties. But this seems to work only for "normal" VIs but not for VIs that are part of a class.
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    Go to Solution.

    Thanks Pixar, this was the right tip!
    Although: there seems to be a difference between "normal" VIs and VIs that are members of a class.
    For "normal" VIs it is sufficient to set the property to "Off While Running" and it works as expected.
    VIs part of a class need the "Always Off" setting" which is only accessible via right click on the scroll bars but not via the VI's properties box.
    Thanks and Regards

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    Attached are the 2 creen shot of front panels.
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    front panel.png ‏63 KB
    front panel2.png ‏42 KB

    You will have to click on the top menu and choose options see below
    when you do this window will pop up and you scroll down until you get to the front panel options. See below
    Johnson Controls
    Holland Michigan

  • Can't get rid of scroll bar

    I show a scroll bar for the links at the bottom of this page.  I can't see how to get rid of it.  Can you help?

    It's caused by your inline styles.  Which begs the bigger question.  Why are you using all this in your markup?
    <div id="Layer6" style="overflow: auto; position: absolute; left: 249px; top: 860px; width: 492px; height: 48px; z-index: 8; visibility: visible;">
    Nancy O.

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    try and delete the apps and re-add them

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    I have a new iPhone 5S.  While trying to learn about it, I accidentally recorded a voice memo with no content.  I cannot now figure out how to get rid of it.  There is a banner across the top of my phone with this memo which I don't want.  I have deleted it from iTunes but cannot get it off the phone.  Help!

    The banner usually indicates that the memo is "Paused." If you go back into voice memos, touch the word "Done" beside the big red pause button, give it a name, then it will show in a list. Touch the memo in the list then touch the trash can icon that should appear.

  • How to get rid of Safari !!!!!

    I must have missed the message to install Safari during one of the many iTunes updates and now I'm stuck with it on my computer taking up 60GB of space! I've tried removing it through Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs, but get the message that I don't have administrator privilages - which I do. Thinking I may have had this installed while I was logged in under my main administrator name, I logged off and logged back in under my only other user name and tried again - same message. So I went to the Safari folder and changed all security privilages to full access for both accounts and it still won't uninstall. How can this program claim I don't have administrator privilages when I used the only two user accounts on my computer?? So in a fit of defiance and desperation, I deleted the Safari folder and then ran the name "safari" in Vista's search box under the Start menu (I even included the wildcard .* to catch all examples). Guess what? Rather than find all traces of safari on my computer so I could delete them manually, Safari started running again!! I cancelled the program before it finished loading and went to recheck the Program Files folder and Safari was back there with a full 60GB of files again! I CAN'T GET RID OF IT!!
    Safari is a malicious software program as bad as any Malware or Adware I have ever seen! How can I get rid of it??
    (and no, I really do not want Safari - I don't care if you think its the greatest thing since sliced bread - I make the choices on my computer, not some software engineer or marketing division and I DON'T WANT SAFARI!!)
    Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? Did I miss something?
    Thanks all,

    The Safari update is not clear what it is and provided no explanation of what it was - it simply states "Safari". For all I know it could have been an indexing file for iTunes. There was no explanation as to what is was and the install checkbox was already checked so the unsuspecting may quickly and accidentaly hit install along with the iTunes update, thinking it was a required part of iTunes. Regardless of how it got there, I'm trying to get rid of it and it won't uninstall.
    Now you may fancy yourself as some kind of wunderkind software expert, but you apparently do not know Vista because it really does take up 60 GB and every time I delete it, it tries to reinstall itself. These are not multiple installations and I am the only user on this computer. You haven't offered me any help - only insults. If you aren't willing or able to offer help or assistance in the most sincerest form this request was intended, than stay out of this thread. Your actions and insults reinforce the prevailing belief that Apple users are unkind, rude, self-important snobs.

  • HT5622 how to get rid of an old apple ID on my iphone 5 . the ID belongs to a store where I bought my phone ,and it's in a different country ??

    How to get rid of an old Apple ID on my iphone 5 ? The ID belongs to a store I bought my iphone from ,and it's in another country.

    You can't.  That's the new security feature of iOS7 that users (and others) requested to prevent stolen devices from being restored by theives and reused.  Contact the "store" you purchased your phone from and see what they say.

  • When I try to buy something, I get an Apple-ID which is not the one I want to use, and I don't know how to get rid of it either, so that I can use my ID, which is in Mail, Contacts etc. The ID I get, I can't find, so that I can delete it. What to do?

    When I try to buy something, I get an Apple-ID which is not the one I want to use, and I don't know how to get rid of it either, so that I can replace it with my ID in Mail, contacts etc. The ID I get without wanting it, I can't find anywhere. I have to delete it. How do I solve this problem, anyone?

    My content was obtained through another ID, which popped up earlier. Now this one doesn't pop up, and my current ID doesn't pop up either, but another one. How do you find an ID which is not in the store, and not in Mail, contacts etc. either?
    Or is it possible to write the ID yourself when you want to buy something, not only to have it popped up being unable to be changed?

  • I have very thin, colored lines running vertical on my desktop monitor screen.  I don't know where they come from or how to get rid of them.  I started with one and now have three.  Can anyone give me some insight about what to do in getting rid of them?

    I have very thin, colored lines that have shown up on my IMac monitor screen.  I don't know where they came from or how to get rid of them.  I'm concerned now because I started with one and now have three.  Does any know why this occurs or how to get rid of them?

    I got an address from Applecare, although I can't place my hand on it right now. I didn't bother persuing the letter route myself as I didn't expect much. I know that the location was Cork, Ireland though as that where the UK Applecare is based as far as I'm aware. The best thing to do is to call Applecare (if it's free) and discuss the issue. State that you are not happy wit the fact that you will have to pay to have the problem resolved especiiay if it is an ongoing problem that has not been resolved. I ended up speaking to a senior manager of the Applecare team who then proceeded to tell me about mailing in my grievence to customer services division or something like that.
    If I can find the address I may post it if I'm allowed.
    In the case of age, Schools usually have a 5-year life-cycle as they tend to be used differently than consumer machines, i.e. being used constantly on a daily basis for at least 12 hours with no break. you would expect issues to appear after a few years, but I expect problems that arise through defects to be resolved and stay resolved. As I mentioned we had machines for around 2 years before the lines appeared and sent them to be repaired. I'm happy with that. What I am unhappy about is the fact that the problem has reappeared exactly in the same way and now I'm left with around 7 machines that I either pay loads to repair or, the more likely replace the machines with newer ones since the age is now big enough to warrant the replacement.
    Sorry for the lengthy moan, but these are the reasons I purchased Apple ahrdware in the first place to avoid the "not our problem" stance some PC vendors  usually take, similar to the Dell monitors thread mentioned in here somewhere.

  • How to get rid of automatically created server accounts in iCal and Mail?

    I have recently setup an OS X 10.6.2 Server for our small office. I got the domain name wrong in the initial install and fixed this by doing a complete clean reinstall of OS X 10.6 server (then upgrade to 10.6.2).
    The problem is that one of the OS X 10.6.2 clients had been setup to talk to the server prior to the rebuild. Now on this client, I cannot work out how to get rid of or change the automatically created server accounts in iCal and Mail - everytime you login, these are recreated using the old domain name (and of course don't work).
    In Mail if you remove the server account (from Accounts in Preferences), it just pops back again. I even removed every trace of the old domain name from the file but when I re-open Mail that darned server account (with the old domain name) just pops up again.
    In iCal its slightly different in that you can remove the account and it stays away while you have iCal open. But as soon as you close and re-open it, that server account just pops up again!
    I thought it might be something to do with Kerberos and found a Kerberos file on the client which had the old domain name throughout it - I changed all these references to the new domain name, but still the same behaviour in Mail and iCal.
    This is doing my head in. Any ideas?
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    I suggest you ask in the snow leopard server forum

  • I've got OSX/Genieo.A virus on my mac and don't know how to get rid of it and why I have it

    I've got OSX/Genieo.A virus on my mac and don't know how to get rid of it and w I have it

    There is no need to download anything to solve this problem.
    You installed the "Genieo" malware. The product is a fraud, and the developer knowingly distributes an uninstaller that doesn't work. I suggest the procedure below to disable Genieo. This procedure may leave a few small files behind, but it will permanently deactivate the malware (as long as you never reinstall it.)
    Malware is always changing to get around the defenses against it. These instructions are valid as of now, as far as I know. They won't necessarily be valid in the future. Anyone finding this comment a few days or more after it was posted should look for more recent discussions or start a new one.
    Back up all data before proceeding.
    Step 1
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the line and select
              Services ▹ Reveal in Finder (or just Reveal)
    from the contextual menu.
    If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select
              Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar and paste into the box that opens by pressing command-V. You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.
    A folder should open with an item named "GenieoExtra.framework" selected. Move that item to the Trash. You'll be prompted for your administrator password.
    Move each of these items to the Trash in the same way:
    ~/Library/Application Support/com.genieoinnovation.Installer
    If there are other items with a name that includes "Genieo" or "genieo" alongside any of those listed above, move them as well. Some of these items will be absent, in which case you'll get a message that the file can't be found. Skip that item and go on to the next one.
    Restart and empty the Trash. Don't try to empty the Trash until you have restarted.
    Step 2
    From the Safari menu bar, select
              Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Extensions
    Uninstall any extensions you don't know you need, including ones called "Genieo" or "Omnibar," and any that have the word "Spigot" or "InstallMac" in the description. If in doubt, uninstall all extensions. Do the equivalent for the Firefox and Chrome browsers, if you use either of those.
    Your web browser(s) should now be working, and you should be able to reset the home page and search engine. If not, stop here and post your results.
    Make sure you don't repeat the mistake that led you to install this trojan. Chances are you got it from an Internet cesspit such as "Softonic" or "CNET Download." Never visit either of those sites again. You might also have downloaded it from an ad in a page on some other site. The ad has a large green button labeled "Download" or "Download Now" in white letters. The button is designed to confuse people who intend to download something else on the same page. If youever download a file that isn't obviously what you expected, delete it immediately.
    You may be wondering why you didn't get a warning from Gatekeeper about installing software from an unknown developer, as you should have. The reason is that this Internet criminal has a codesigning certificate issued by Apple, which causes Gatekeeper to give the installer a pass. Apple could revoke the certificate, but as of this writing, has not done so, even though it's aware of the problem. This failure of oversight has compromised both Gatekeeper and the Developer ID program. You can't rely on Gatekeeper alone to protect you from harmful software.
    Finally, be forewarned that when Genieo is mentioned on this site, the attacker sometimes shows up under the name "Genieo support." He will tell you to run a fake "uninstaller." As he intends, the uninstaller does not completely remove the malware, and is in fact malware itself.

  • How to get rid of title bar of a quicktime window?

    The main problem:
    I want to display the title info etc about each track as they play in iTunes. How can I do that on an otherwise black screen (desktop) (I don't want to use the visualizer with its psychedelic patterns).
    I want to play music from iTunes (many pieces in a row - for like a full day). While this is happening I want the title etc of the tune to be displayed on the screen, like white smallish text against a black background in the lower right hand corner. At the same time I want slides to be displayed on the screen.
    So, with iPhoto I can run a slide show but only while one piece of music is playing.
    Instead I can have the desktop slowly change (from system preferences) with images from a folder every 5 seconds. That's not too bad. Looks good, actually, except for that annoying menu bar at the top! Well, black tape can hide that one (or a second display and move it over there). Now iTunes can play away all day.
    As to how to get the title etc of the song playing displayed I was thinking about somehow extracting it from iTunes with applescript, then paste it into the text track of a quicktime movie, and display that little movie in a small window. I have figured out how to get rid of the controller from the window. But, I can not figure out how to get the title bar of the quicktime window to go away - that is I want a window with nothing around it, neither controllers nor title bar nor anything. How do I create such a window. Any good ideas out there?
    Or is there a totally different way of obtaining the same effect?
    G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    You could try posting at the QuickTime discussion area. There might be an iTunes visualizer that allows you to make a slideshow with track info. It has been a while since I tried making a SMIL file, but I think you could do what you want with that. Not sure how you create a streaming text of track information. I would have to do some reviewing.

Maybe you are looking for

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    do you half to use the fingerprint id to lock your iphone 5s

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