How to get rid of title bar of a quicktime window?

The main problem:
I want to display the title info etc about each track as they play in iTunes. How can I do that on an otherwise black screen (desktop) (I don't want to use the visualizer with its psychedelic patterns).
I want to play music from iTunes (many pieces in a row - for like a full day). While this is happening I want the title etc of the tune to be displayed on the screen, like white smallish text against a black background in the lower right hand corner. At the same time I want slides to be displayed on the screen.
So, with iPhoto I can run a slide show but only while one piece of music is playing.
Instead I can have the desktop slowly change (from system preferences) with images from a folder every 5 seconds. That's not too bad. Looks good, actually, except for that annoying menu bar at the top! Well, black tape can hide that one (or a second display and move it over there). Now iTunes can play away all day.
As to how to get the title etc of the song playing displayed I was thinking about somehow extracting it from iTunes with applescript, then paste it into the text track of a quicktime movie, and display that little movie in a small window. I have figured out how to get rid of the controller from the window. But, I can not figure out how to get the title bar of the quicktime window to go away - that is I want a window with nothing around it, neither controllers nor title bar nor anything. How do I create such a window. Any good ideas out there?
Or is there a totally different way of obtaining the same effect?
G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

You could try posting at the QuickTime discussion area. There might be an iTunes visualizer that allows you to make a slideshow with track info. It has been a while since I tried making a SMIL file, but I think you could do what you want with that. Not sure how you create a streaming text of track information. I would have to do some reviewing.

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    I completely understand the need for the UI redesign and am not complaining.
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    As you can see, I like the minimalistic look and this bar is trampling upon that look. Once again I'm not complaining about the new UI, but will this bar be removable in a future update?

    That's not an extra bar; it's the navigation toolbar that's always been there.
    # Open the Add-ons Manager (Ctrl+Shift+A; Mac: Command+Shift+A), then the Extensions category.
    # Next to [ Classic Theme Restorer], click the Options button.
    # On the Main tab, under General UI, check "Hide navigation toolbar".

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    I am writing an application that applies different analyses to a set of data. The program must be flexible configurable. To not clutter the GUI with too much elements I ended up with the idea to load the needed user interfaces for each specific analysis dynamically into a single sub panel when needed. This works well without any problem.
    Due to the fact that all analyses share some common functionality I have decided to use LabVIEW classes for implementation. Each class has one VI representing the user interface to show in the sub panel.
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    Thanks Pixar, this was the right tip!
    Although: there seems to be a difference between "normal" VIs and VIs that are members of a class.
    For "normal" VIs it is sufficient to set the property to "Off While Running" and it works as expected.
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    Thanks and Regards

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    I can't insert screen shots of my settings for some reason (?) but here is some info on my most recent try. I chose to export as a Microsoft DV AVI. Then in the Video options I'm using the DV NTSC codec. For size, I chose the D1/NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2) option.
    As for other times I've tried this, there are only 2 other codecs to choose from when saving as a DV AVI. I've tried both of them too. Everything has had the same result. I've tried a Quicktime file as well.
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    On iTunes when i plug my iphone in, the bar at the bottom with contains the information about the capacity of my iphone, it has a bar called 'other' which has 4GB. I don't know what is taking up that space or how to get rid of it. please help

    You can reduce the size to normal, which is about 1GB, by restoring the phone.
    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software
    The size of this part can increase when something goes wrong during a sync, or some files can't be read anymore by iTunes.

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