How to get Surround Sound 7.1 output out of all speakers?

Hi all...   I moved my system from Ubuntu recently and am having one small issue that I haven't been able to solve; everything else is working great and I'm about ready to move all of my other systems to Arch also, once I've solved this.  :-)
The one nagging issue I'm having is with sound.  This is a fiber digital connection that was working on the ubuntu install and a couple other distros I play with, but I haven't been able to find the issue in Arch.  Sound comes out of only the front-left and front-right speakers.  When I do the sound test, it lists all of the other 7.1 speakers, but no sound out of anything other than the front 2 speakers.  I noticed that I don't have an asound.conf, so I was wondering if that might help or if it's not needed with Arch? 
sound.conf contains the following:
alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel
alias sound-slot-0 snd-hda-intel
/proc/asound/cards contains:
0 [Intel ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel
HDA Intel at 0xf9cf4000 irq 22
arecord -L shows:
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
Default Audio Device
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
Front speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Analog
7.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Side, Rear and Woofer speakers
HDA Intel, ALC1200 Digital
IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output
Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
If anyone has any pointers, it would really be appreciated.  I'm begging for help.  ;-)

Thanks!  :LOL: - those were 2 of the url's I've been looking through (in addition to the alsa faq, some stuff on the ubuntu, gentoo and xbmc forums). 
I've setup an asound.conf and am about to give that a test. 
Well, that didn't solve it.  I'll have to keep trying.  :-(
If anyone has managed to get surround sound working out of more than just the front 2 speakers, I'd love to hear how you did it.  ;-)
Mine is connected via digital, so it's beginning to look like I need to set spdif up somehow.
But... Now that I think about it, it 'should' be pretty easy since all I basically need is for it to force all raw audio out the fiber digital connection since the receiver actually handles all of the decoding ( worked great in Ubuntu, now if I can just figure it out in Arch). LOL
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    I have a macbook osx 10.5.8. I purchased some Logitech X-540 5.1 surround sound speakers to hook up to my laptop. There are 3 cables (an orange, green, and black) that come from the different speakers/subwoofer that are supposed to plug into the computer, but i can only plug in 1 of the 3 into the headphone jack my macbook. Here's some pics of the speakers:
    When I do so, only some of the speakers play, not all of them. I went to BestBuy and asked someone if surround sound is possible for a macbook, but he said "no". I have seen online many people claiming it is possible to get 5.1 surround sound for mac, but haven't figured out how. Can someone please be of some assistance????

    Since you only want to play CD's why not just use the two for the normal Left/Right channels your CD was created with?
    If you want to use ALL of your speakers, you'll need to invest in a USB or Firewire device that will connect to your Macbook and then allow you to connect all your speakers.

  • How to get Surround Sound to work With Itunes 7 and Stop Skipping

    A common problem for surround sound with itunes 7 appears to come from Creative sound cards. The way to fix this problem is to right click on the volume icon in the taskbar and open the EAX Console. Open the CMSS 3D tab and check the box that says Enable CMSS 3D and set both CMSS and CMSS2 to 0% in the stereo focus slider. It should work. Remember to have the volume slider in itunes at 100%.
    If that doesn't work then open the quicktime preferences in the controlpanel/quicktime. Then go to the audio tab, uncheck the safe mode box. Set the rate to 64 kHz and the size to 16 bit. Then set the channels to 5.1
    This should all make it work, after hours of struggling i've found these successful settings and am loving it!
    For those of you who have sound skipping during transitions----
    Go to the preferences of Itunes and go to the Playback tab, disable the crossfading between songs and you should play skip free!!!!


  • How do I get surround sound after compressing a movie using compressor

    I am using compressor to create files for authoring DVDs using DVD Studio Pro 4. I want to get surround sound 5.1. How do I go about doing it? I have using Dolby 2.0 so far. Thanks for your help.

    Well, in order to get 5.1 surround sound, you would have to mix the sound in 5.1 surround. Pro Tools and Soundtrack Pro 2 (the one in Final Cut Studio 2) can both do this.

  • How can I get surround sound to work?

    I have a new TouchSmart 520z.  I believe it has an integrated soundcard.  When I purchased it I was told that surround sound speakers would work.  I purchased the Logitech 5.1 speaker system.  I don't have any color coded RCA receptacles on the system.  I have a mic and earphone receptacle on the left side and a sub and another receptacle just below it with a design on the rear that I am not sure of.  I placed the green RCA plug in the bottom receptacle on the back and get sound out of the two front speakers and subwoofer.  Don't know where to plug in the center and rear speaker plugs.  I have a feeling that this system does not support surround sound.  I configured my settings to surround sound 5.1.  Need some help.  Thanks.

    Did some tests...
    If I change the default audio device to the integrated audio device in the mainboard I get the same. Changing the bitrate in itunes or in the windows settings does not help either...
    Anyone has a similar problem?
    Or anyone has a similar setup and actually gets surround sound from itunes?
    I rather keep renting and buying films through itunes and not switch to some other shop...

  • How can I get surround sound to export through the correct speakers?

    Hello there!
    I am experienced with Soundtrack Pro and can successfully export 5.1 surround.
    I'm moving over to Logic Pro to try out 7.1 surround, but I can't even export 5.1 surround successfully since dialogue for example comes out of all speakers, yet I've panned it to the front centre speaker. Please note I do not have surround speakers set up with my computer as whenever I do connect to my amplifier it just does everything through all speakers (whether using Soundtrack Pro or Logic Pro). I am using the visual surround panner as my guide. Either way the surround export in Logic Pro is not what I'm doing within the pogram.
    I believe I've got everything set up properly:
    In Preferences-Audio-Devices-Core Audio I have device Sunflower (16ch)
    In Preferences-Audio-Output- I have 5.1 (ITU 775) or 7.1 (3/4.1)
    All tracks are set with the surround panner and I can use just like in Soundtrack Pro.
    I can bounce the individual stems properly.
    It's just not in proper surround sound.
    Where am I going wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

    EMB -
    What is the function of Sunflower in your work flow? Usually its used to route audio between programs. In the case of Logic, you simply need to route to the outputs for things to work right.
    I guess we should start with your interface - do you have 6 actual separate outputs that you can use to monitor your surround sound?
    (NOTE: I no longer do surround, but used to). In my case, I used a RME Fireface 800 which had a bunch of analog outs. I used outputs 1&2 as L&R, 3&4 as Center/Sub, and 5&6 as Rs/Ls. Each of these outputs was connected to a monitor so that I could mix in surround.
    When you say you are bouncing 5.1 successfully, do you mean it is creating 6 separate files?
    BTW - what mechanism are you using to playback your surround files? I used to use a PC program to burn DVDA's, which I then played back on a DVDA-capable disk player.
    If you are looking to encode the files so that they will playback on a traditional surround sound system, you would need to put them through a Dolby Digital encoder. If you have had Logic for a few years, you MAY have Compressor which can do this. Otherwise, Dolby Digital encoder software can be somewhat expensive.

  • Surround Sound (5.1) output built in to Mac Pros?

    I have a new (2008) Mac Pro (Dual Quad 2.8GHz) processor.  I connect my receiver to the digital out and have messed with all the setting to get surround sound out of it.  In the audio setup it only keeps showing stereo speakers (5.1 is grayed out). I cannot find a clear answer (to me at least, pretty new to this).
    Can i get surround sound (5.1) out of the Mac Pro *out of the box* for DVDs and Soundtrack Pro 2 ? If so where can i find the instructions to do it. If not, what do i need to do to get surround sound out of the Mac Pro?

    Under preferances in DVD player if not mistaken there is an option you must set for Dolby digital to work, not 100% sure of this, will go look when I get home.
    ABout the Mac's sound card.
    The sound card build into the Mac is stereo ( 2 channels ) and will only deliver mono or stereo sound. Even if you use an adapter like the one I got with my Loictech speakers that allows you to connect all 5.1 speakers to the stereo output the sound will play through all speakers but it is not true surround.
    The type of signal that is send to the digital output depends on the source, if you play a CD it will be PCM, if you play a DVD with Dolby Digital sound track it will be Dolby Digital. Your Amp / Receiver must have a Dolby Digital decoder to decode the signal. Dolby Digital can be 2 channels as well it is not always surround.
    CD's are stereo, all though most amps / receivers got DSP's in which will play the music on all 5.1 speakers ( also not true surround ). Same goes for games.
    Not sure if there are Apple games that are written for Dolby Pro logic and pro logic II, if there are they will be surround if you got a Pro logic / pro logic II decoder in your amp / receiver.
    SACD / DVD Audio is multi channel - need SACD or DVD Audio player to play these. These players use 5.1 analog output, these can not be put out via digital output so with these players you need amp / receiver with 5.1 analog input.
    If you where able to use M-Audio's PCI sound card in the Mac your music CD's will still be stereo or not true surround. Same with games unless the game have been written to take advantage of the sound card.
    Hope this helps
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  • Im connectioning my macbook to my hdmi port in tv.  I am getting no sound through the tv only the macbook speakers.  anyone know how to get my tv to read sound?

    Im connectioning my macbook to my hdmi port in tv.  I am getting no sound through the tv only the macbook speakers.  anyone know how to get my tv to read sound?

    The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI doesn't carry audio unless you have the Mid 2010 model 7,1 and there're no audio plugs on most TVs to work with HDMI since it's expecting audio with the HDMI. But check your TV manual to see if it has audio plugs that work with one of the HDMI ports.
    If you have the Late 2008 model 5,1 Aluminum Unibody or Late 2009 model 6,1 White Unibody with the Mini DisplayPort rather than the Mini-DVI there is an adapter that uses the Mini DisplayPort and a USB port to combine video and audio to HDMI. It's only 2 channel stereo not 5.1 Dolby Surround. &p_id=5969&seq=1&format=2
    The Mini-DVI port doen't carry audio at all. The Late 2008 model 5,1 Aluminum Unibody and the Late 2009 model 6,1 and Mid 2010 model 7,1 White Unibody have a Mini DisplayPort. The Early 2006 model 1,1 through Early 2008 model 4,1s plus the Early and Mid 2009 model 5,2s have Mini-DVI ports.
    To see which model you have go to the Apple in the upper left corner and select About This Mac, then click on More Info (and then System Report if you’re running 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion). When System Profiler comes up check the Model Identifier and post it back here.

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    it should not be a pop up window
    i want to get in output itself
    tahnk you

    by using rs_selfield
    ty to call dynamic subroutine..
    FORM user_command USING r_ucomm LIKE sy-ucomm
    rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield. "#EC CALLED
    read table rs-selfield with key cond = 'X'
    see the below example
    REPORT Z_GET_REFRESH no standard page heading.
    type-pools : slis.
    tables : makt,
    data : i_fieldcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv.
    gc_refresh TYPE syucomm VALUE '&REFRESH'.
    data : begin of i_makt occurs 0,
    matnr like makt-matnr,
    maktx like makt-maktx,
    end of i_makt.
    data : v_repid like sy-repid,
    g_user_command type slis_formname value 'USER_COMMAND',
    g_status_set type slis_formname value 'SET_PF_STATUS',
    lt_event_exit TYPE slis_t_event_exit,
    ls_event_exit TYPE slis_event_exit.
    select-options s_matnr for mara-matnr .
    select matnr maktx from makt into table i_makt
    where matnr in s_matnr.
    Fill the fieldcatlog
    perform fill_field.
    Call the FM
    perform call_fm.
    *& Form fill_field
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    FORM fill_field.
    data wa_fieldcat type slis_fieldcat_alv.
    clear : wa_fieldcat.
    wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'I_MAKT'.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'MATNR'.
    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '18'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Material #'.
    wa_fieldcat-col_pos = '1'.
    append wa_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.
    clear : wa_fieldcat.
    wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'I_MAKT'.
    wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'MAKTX'.
    wa_fieldcat-outputlen = '40'.
    wa_fieldcat-seltext_l = 'Material Desc'.
    wa_fieldcat-col_pos = '2'.
    append wa_fieldcat to i_fieldcat.
    ENDFORM. " fill_field
    *& Form call_fm
    --> p1 text
    <-- p2 text
    FORM call_fm.
    v_repid = sy-repid.
    CLEAR ls_event_exit.
    ls_event_exit-ucomm = gc_refresh. " Refresh
    ls_event_exit-after = 'X'.
    APPEND ls_event_exit TO lt_event_exit.
    I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM = v_repid
    I_CALLBACK_PF_STATUS_SET = g_status_set
    I_CALLBACK_USER_COMMAND = g_user_command
    IT_FIELDCAT = i_fieldcat
    IT_SORT =
    I_DEFAULT = 'X'
    I_SAVE = ' '
    IT_EVENT_EXIT = lt_event_exit
    IS_PRINT =
    T_OUTTAB = i_makt
    OTHERS = 2
    IF SY-SUBRC 0.
    ENDFORM. " call_fm
    FORM user_command USING r_ucomm LIKE sy-ucomm
    rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield. "#EC CALLED
    data i_RSPARAMS like RSPARAMS occurs 0.
    WHEN '&IC1'.
    read table i_makt index rs_selfield-tabindex.
    SET PARAMETER ID 'MAT' FIELD i_makt-matnr.
    if not i_makt-matnr is initial.
    call transaction 'MM02' and skip first screen.
    when '&REFRESH'.
    CURR_REPORT = v_repid
    SP =
    NOT_FOUND = 1
    NO_REPORT = 2
    OTHERS = 3
    IF SY-SUBRC 0.
    submit z_get_refresh with selection-table i_RSPARAMS.
    rs_selfield-refresh = 'X'.
    MOVE '&REFRESH' TO r_ucomm.
    FORM set_pf_status *
    FORM SET_PF_STATUS USING rt_extab TYPE slis_t_extab.
    DELETE Rt_extab WHERE fcode = gc_refresh.
    EXCLUDING Rt_extab.
    SET TITLEBAR sy-tcode.

  • I cant get surround sound to work on itunes

    surround sound works on all my other programs like windows media players and for some reason itunes doesnt detect it! i really need this to gert working. sounds ways better with surround sound

    Did some tests...
    If I change the default audio device to the integrated audio device in the mainboard I get the same. Changing the bitrate in itunes or in the windows settings does not help either...
    Anyone has a similar problem?
    Or anyone has a similar setup and actually gets surround sound from itunes?
    I rather keep renting and buying films through itunes and not switch to some other shop...

  • HT201401 Do you know how to get my sound to work on my iphone4s, i have no sound from siri,or ringers,or music


    Use your side control and make sure it's not on mute.  Flip the switch to up and turn up the volume.

  • VFL Speaker sound from both the front speakers while FR sound is not coming out at all.

    I have a creative gigaworks s750 connected to a xtreme gamer sound card. The system was working absolutely fine but now it has started behaving very strangely; system is playing back Front Left Speaker sound from both the front speakers while Front Right sound is not coming out at all. If i click the front right speaker in audio console speaker setup wizard, no sound comes. However when i click the front left speaker, sound comes out of both speakers. I counter checked it with playing 5.1 dts movie and muting all the speakers except the front left one from ac3 filter, sound came out of both the front speakers. However when i muted all the channel except the front right, no sound was coming out of front right speaker.
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    Just want to add another relieved reader of this thread.  I had lost the sound to my speakers even though I had sound to headphones. I was convinced it was a damaged headphone jack because I had pushed the headphone plug in harder the last evening when my wife complained that she could still hear the speakers while I listened with the headphones.  The next morning--no speaker sound.
    I spent a few hours searching the web to see how to disassemble a satellite A505 and get to the jack.  But I wasn't even sure I could get a proper replacement jack that fit, and I was concerned that small damage, say to the ribbon connectors could render the computer useless--a large price to pay for just missing audio.  
    Fortunately, I stumbled onto this thread and I recalled I had put the unit to sleep the night before--something I don't usually do, but I didn't want all the Chrome web sites to have to reload so I just put it to sleep.
    When I put it to sleep again and fired it up--Sound!  I am so glad to find this solution so I just want to let people know it remains a viable option.

  • How do you update your Ipod touch with out losing all my apps, music, movies, and pics?

    How do I update my ipod touch with out losing all my apps,music,pics ect?

    Just do the update on your syncing computer. All the items should be in your iTunes library or, for synced photos, on the computer.  The items will be synced back to the iPod during a latter stage of the update.

  • Logitech z906 5.1 surround sound and iMac 27 inch-how do i set up and get surround sound?

    I just purchased logitech z906 surround sound 5.1 speakers and also have the new imac 27 inch fully loaded.
    My only concern prior to receiving my speakers, will I be able to hook it up with my computer? Do i need any extra external HDMI cables or what not?
    Sorry, Im not tech savvy so please adivse in lay english, and non-technical wording.
    I will appreciate everyone's input and also will take any brand name suggestions as to if I will need to buy any other supplies to truly enjoy these speakers.
    Thanks everyone.

    Hi there
    If you have a 2010 + MacBook Pro, then you will be able to play audio/video via the MiniDisplay Port to HDMI. You can purchase an adapter from here, or a 3rd party adapter from here.

  • How to enable Surround Sound via Optical line?

    Hi, I have been having problems outputting Dolby Digital 5.1 from my Mac to my Panasonic Home Theatre Reciever, When I insert the Optical line with the adaptor, It only gives me the option to send Stereo channels. No options for 5.1/6.1/7.1(Rear/Center)
    However, I can use Dolby Pro Logic as another way of Dolby Digital. But I wanted to get actual Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound. I don't want to use more space on my MacBook Pro's HDD. Just to encode another movie/TV episode. (a.k.a Family Guy)
    Is there a way I can install AC3 on my MBP?
    I would appreciate everyone's help!

    I Found out the problem. When I was hooking everything up, I kept the t.v. on so I can assign audio inputs with the onscreen display. If the T.V. is left on....only stereo outputted. When I turned the t.v. off and with the airport express plugged into AUX, I was able to switch between surround sound settings.
    so the moral of the story is, turn off video devices when you just want sound, especially if they are hooked up to the AVR with HDMI.

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