How to get the CSV,DATA output from RTF template

Hi Jorge
Thanks for your help.
as in the link you have given RTF template can have the output type CSV,DATA but in the preview i can see only html,powerpoint,pdf,html excel .
How to see the output in SCV,DATA format using my RTF template do i need to do specific design for those outputs.
Thnaks in Advance

It is because it has been preconfigured with such outputs.
To modify and add more output types simply go to:
1. Edit your Report
2. Click on "View a List" (upper right hand corner)
3. Click on the "output formats" (corresponding to your layout) and
4. Check (add) the additional output formats you want your report to have.

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    Do you want to avoid reading whole file and want to be able to reach or get the index of last value of channel? is there any specific reason? I am not sure you could do it without loading the whole file. But the easiest way would be just to use array functions "array size" would give you the index of last element. 
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    with regards,

    Hi Saravana
    I am sure you must be getting the values in tables of table parameters from every FM.
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    I hope this way you can show the actual data in ALV.

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    1. Create a  New Formula in Key Figures structure
    2. Give tech name and description and Select "New variable" option
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    Hi venkat,
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    Before learning about LabVIEW, learn about images.  An Image (in LabVIEW) is a "representation of an image", that is, the wire itself doesn't really have a "value", but "points to" a collection of data that can be "imaged" (i.e. looked at as through it were a picture), "manipulated" (for example, extracting a color plane, basically getting the "red channel", an image looking as through it were viewed through a red filter), and possibly returning arrays of numbers representing the intensity of the light at a certain position in the picture.  

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    You should not post a thread more than once. You've crossposted this question to another forum. I have deleted that one.

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    Than u for the reply. But i am getting one error.
    as u said, I tried to do so.........
    but, i am getting one error.
    Calendar cald=(Calendar.getInstance.getTime());
    error message
    validate$ Attempt to reference method getInstance in class java.util.Calendar as an instance variable.
    Calendar cald=(Calendar.getInstance.getTime());
    1 error
         at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.compile(
    Pls help

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    Enter your serial number here:
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    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Ilya,
    Thank you for your post. In the plugin architecture you propose (automation + filter), do you have an idea about how to share the pixel data between the two plugins? I have found a post that gives details about how to get pixel data and show it using ADM components
    Matthew Hollingworth, "ADM Color Managed Preview?" #1, 22 Oct 2007 11:53 pm but it supposes that you have a filter plug-in.
    Again, does anyone knows how to preview the current image in a AUTOMATION plug in? This seems impossible.
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    The windows default selection color is dark blue. Try selecting any text on this page. The difference is that the text gets changed to a white font so you can actually see the text.
    If you don't like the default colors that Java uses then use the UIManager to change the defaults. The following program shows all the properties controlled by the UIManager:
    Any of the properties can be changed for the entire application by using:
    UIManager.put( "propertyName", value );

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    anyone knows how to get the photos after IMG_9999 from iphone? :-(ps:... i got them all in my camera roll but when i connected to the computer there's nothing after IMG_9999.. many thanks :-)

    They show in the camera roll, just not your computer?
    Have you checked every folder that is in the DCIM folder?

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    Hi All,
    How to remove the system data details from the overview tab in crmd_order?

    It is a standard functionality. Those information will be very useful when you send a message to SAP.
    If you still want to remove them, raise an OSS message.
    Rajesh Kumar

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    Thank you for your reply.
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