How to get the data from a table which are availble in MD04

Can you please let me know the tables in which the 'data available in MD04' are stored.
I would like to have the data pertaining to the customer order/Item with requirements available in MD04.
Thanks and Regards,

Probably the easiest way in this case is to run the performance trace (System/Utilities/Performance trace). Start transaction MD04, put on the trace in another window, press enter to see the stock/requirements list, then stop the trace and list the results. Then you'll see which tables were accesses with which queries.

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  • How to get the data from Pooled Table T157E.

    Hi Experts,
    How to get the data from Pooled Table T157E.
    Any help.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Ur's Harsha.

    create some internal table similar to T157E and pass all data as per SPRAS.
    After that use internal table in your program as per the requirement.

  • How to get the data from mysql database which is being accessed by a PHP application and process the data locally in adobe air application and finally commit the changes back in to mysql database through the PHP application.

    How to get the data from mysql database which is being accessed by a PHP application and process the data locally in adobe air application and finally commit the changes back in to mysql database through the PHP application.

    If the data is on a remote server (for example, PHP running on a web server, talking to a MySQL server) then you do this in an AIR application the same way you would do it with any Flex application (or ajax application, if you're building your AIR app in HTML/JS).
    That's a broad answer, but in fact there are lots of ways to communicate between Flex and PHP. The most common and best in most cases is to use AMFPHP ( or the new ZEND AMF support in the Zend Framework.
    This page is a good starting point for learning about Flex and PHP communication:
    Also, in Flash Builder 4 they've added a lot of remote-data-connection functionality, including a lot that's designed for PHP. Take a look at the Flash Builder 4 public beta for more on that:

  • How to get the data from a table cell

    Could somebody suggest me how I can get the data value from a table cell if I set that cell a Double object previously.
    Thanks very much

    Thanks for camickr's information.
    And thanks uhrand,
    I haven't got it sloved. I am sick on this problem.
    I have the methods to let the table editable. My tableModel code is from Sun Tutorial.
    It has the code like this:
    public int getColumnCount() {
                return columnNames.length;
             public int getRowCount() {
                return data.length;
              public String getColumnName(int col) {
                return columnNames[col];
             public Object getValueAt(int row, int col) {
                return data[row][col];
             * JTable uses this method to determine the default renderer/
             * editor for each cell.  If we didn't implement this method,
             * then the last column would contain text ("true"/"false"),
             * rather than a check box.
            public Class getColumnClass(int c) {
                return getValueAt(0, c).getClass();
             * Don't need to implement this method unless your table's
             * editable.
            public boolean isCellEditable(int row, int col) {
                //Note that the data/cell address is constant,
                //no matter where the cell appears onscreen.
                if (col < 1) {
                    return false;
                } else {
                    return true;
             * Don't need to implement this method unless your table's
             * data can change.
            public void setValueAt(Object value, int row, int col) {
                if (DEBUG) {
                    System.out.println("Setting value at " + row + "," + col
                                       + " to " + value
                                       + " (an instance of "
                                       + value.getClass() + ")");
                data[row][col] = value;
                fireTableCellUpdated(row, col);
                if (DEBUG) {
                    System.out.println("New value of data:");
            public void printDebugData() {
                int numRows = getRowCount();
                int numCols = getColumnCount();
                for (int i=0; i < numRows; i++) {
                    System.out.print("    row " + i + ":");
                    for (int j=0; j < numCols; j++) {
                        System.out.print("  " + data[i][j]);

  • How to get the data from one table and insert into another table

    We have requirement to build OA page with the data needs to be populated from one table and on save data into another table.
    For the above requirement what the best way to implement in OAF.
    I understand that if we attach VO object instance to region/page, we only can pull and put data in to only one table.

    You can achieve this in many different ways, one is
    1. Create another VO based on the EO which is based on the dest table.
    2. At save, copy the contents of the source VO into the dest VO (see copy routine in dev guide).
    3. commiting the transaction will push the data into the dest table on which the dest VO is based.
    I understand that if we attach VO object instance to region/page, we only can pull and put data in to only one table.
    if by table you mean a DB table, then no, you can have a VO based on multiple EOs which will do DMLs accordingly.Thanks

  • How to get the data from AUSP TABLE

    Hi Experts,
    Select * from AUSP where atinn = w_attin
                                  And   klart = ‘001’
                                  And  atwrt between w_low  and w_high.
    Here I am using this select to retrive data from ausp where atwrt in between 00000[w_low] and 09999[w_high].
    In EPC it displays an error like data types incompatability..
    Because atwrt is character field of length 30 and w_low and w_high are integer fields.
    How to rectify this problem.

    Code like this
    data: v_low type AUSP-ATWRT,
    v_high        type AUSP-ATWRT.
    v_low = w_low .
    v_high = w_high.
    Select * from AUSP into corresponding fields of table itab where atinn = w_attin
    And klart = ‘001’
    And atwrt between v_low and v_high.
    DONT USE SELECT...ENDSELECT as performance issues is there rather use into table.
    Mark points if helpful.
    Manas Ranjan Panda</b>

  • How to get the data from multiple nodes to one table

    Hi All,
    How to get the data from multiple nodes to one table.examples nodes are like  A B C D E relation also maintained

    HI Indra,
    From Node A, get the values of the attributes as
    Similarily get all the node values from B, C, D and E.
    Finally append all your ls records to the table.
    Hope you are clear.

  • How to get the data from pcl2 cluster for TCRT table.

    Hi frndz,
    How to get the data from pcl2 cluster for tcrt table for us payroll.
    Thanks in advance.

    PL take a look at the sample Program EXAMPLE_PNP_GET_PAYROLL in your system. There are numerous other ways to read payroll results.. Pl use the search forum option & you sure will get a lot of hits..

  • How to delete the data from partition table

    Hi all,
    Am very new to partition concepts in oracle..
    here my question is how to delete the data from partition table.
    is the below query will work ?
    delete from table1 partition (P_2008_1212)
    we have define range partition ...
    or help me how to delete the data from partition table.

    874823 wrote:
    delete from table1 partition (P_2008_1212)This approach is wrong - as Andre pointed, this is not how partition tables should be used.
    Oracle supports different structures for data and indexes. A table can be a hash table or index organised table. It can have B+tree index. It can have bitmap indexes. It can be partitioned. Etc.
    How the table implements its structure is a physical design consideration.
    Application code should only deal with the logical data structure. How that data structure is physically implemented has no bearing on application. Does your application need to know what the indexes are and the names of the indexes,in order to use a table? Obviously not. So why then does your application need to know that the table is partitioned?
    When your application code starts referring directly to physical partitions, it needs to know HOW the table is partitioned. It needs to know WHAT partitions to use. It needs to know the names of the partitions. Etc.
    And why? All this means is increased complexity in application code as this code now needs to know and understand the physical data structure. This app code is now more complex, has more moving parts, will have more bugs, and will be more complex to maintain.
    Oracle can take an app SQL and it can determine (based on the predicates of the SQL), which partitions to use and not use for executing that SQL. All done totally transparently. The app does not need to know that the table is even partitioned.
    This is a crucial concept to understand and get right.

  • How to get the data from a cluster table to BW

    Dear All,
    I want to extract the data from R/3 to BW by using 2 tables and one Cluster B2.
    Actually my report contains some fields from PA2001, PA2002 and one cluster table B2 (Table ZES). Can I create View by using these 3 tables? If it is not possible how can I get the data from the cluster? Can I create generic datasource by using cluster tables directly?
    In SE11 Transaction the Cluster (table ZES) is showing invalid table.
    I referred some Forums, but no use.
    Can any body tell me procedure to get the data from a cluster (table ZES) ?
    Waiting for you results.
    Thanks and regards

    HI Siggi,
    Thank you for your reply..
    I am also planning to do FM to get the data. But it is saying that the Cluster table ZES does not exist (ZES is the the standard table, in SE11 also).
    How can I use the Fields from the that table.?
    What can I do now, can you please explain me about this point.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks and Regards
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  • How to get the data from the model node like a table ?

    I want to get the data from the model node  once a record ,and the node  is bound to a internal table in the RFM which I called in the R/3 system. Who can give me some advice to achive it?Thank you!!

    To get the data from the node:
    wdContext.node[your node name].current[node name]_InputElement().get[specific element in the node];
    or you van use:
    wdContext.current[your node]Element().get[your element in the node];

  • How to get the data from multiple tabes into single table

    hi all,
    here i am having 10 data base tables,how to get the data into a single table.
    subba reddy

    non XI/PI related
    Michal Krawczyk

  • How to bind the data from user table into user report

    Hi All,
      Please assist me to bind the data from user table into user report. I did create an user table with data and create a user report template (using Query Print Layout). How can I display my data into report format which I created before? Any sample program or document I can refer?
    Platform: SAPB1 2005A
    Add On Language: VB.Net 2003

    Hi Ibai,
      Thanks for your feed back. I give you an example.
    Let say now i wanna print employee list, so i will go
    1. Main Menu -> Reports -> HR -> Employee List
    2. Choose the Selection Criteria -> OK
    3. Matrix will display (Employee List)
    4. I can print the report click on print button
    5. Printing report
    My target
    1. Main Menu -> Eric_SubMenu -> Employee List
    2. Matrix will display (Employee List)
    3. Print button
    4. Print report
    My problem
    Now I would like to use my own report format. My own report format means I wanna add on my logo or do some customization within the employee report. So how I am going to do? I only able to display the employee list in matrix. How do I create a new report format and display it.

  • How to get the data from RFC ?

    I am using the Import  Adaptive RFC Model, where the RFC display the amatrial Information date.
    But when I deploy the application I am not getting the data.
    How to test the bindings are correct as well as is any lines of code has to be written in the Implementation part?
    Please suggest

    First, drag and drop the Z<RFCNode>_Input node from model to custum controller.
    From there, u can select both input and output parameters.
    After that, Make sure that In custom controller's init(), the following code is present
    Z<RFCNode>_Input input=new Z<RFCNode>_Input();
    Create execute() method in custom controller and  in execute method, check whether u added
    wdContext.currentZ<RFCNode>_InputElement().set<InputParam>(inputparametervalue); // If any i/p parameter is there. You can set this from view also if u mapped the RFC node to view
    Also check all mappings are done correctly.
    After saving all, Call execute() method from view as wdThis.wdget<custcontroller>().execute();
    After execute(), u will get the output from node Output, which is inside Z<RFCNode>_Input  node.
    Fahad Hamsa

  • Need how to get the data from the external file in eCatt

    Hi ,
      Could any body suggest how to get the values from the external file(Excel,CSV file,Text file) and pass it as varaiable in ecatt Test script.
    Problem: Need to execute FK01-Vendor creation Transaction with multiple set of data .As per my understanding we could achive through Variants in Testdata set in eCatt .
    But is there any way to store the data in excell file and get the data and pass it to FK01 Test scripts
    Appreciate response on this

    See the links they may be useful
    check these link,
    eCATT- An Introduction
    Creating Test Scripts
    eCATT Logs
    eCATT Scripts Creation – TCD Mode
    Creation of Test Data Container
    eCATT Scripts Creation - SAPGUI Mode
    Integrating ECATT & MERCURY QTP Part -1
    Using eCatt to Test Web Dynpro ABAP
    -command reference
    hope this helps.
    Reward points for useful Answers

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