How to get the free space from logical drive for solaris installation?

Hi.. I am using win-xp.In the extended drive I have freed 10gb by deleting one of the logical drives.I wish to know how to proceed for solaris installation in the space available with out disturbing the data in other logical drives.Is there any tool?

At the bottom of that page, FAQ # 3

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    Hi Sap ABAP Champians,
    How to get the selection parameters from logical database into one of the tab in the tabstrip selection-screen.
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    Thanks, that will work, but then I'll have to insert code into all my reports.
    I can see that "Application Server Control Console" is able to rerun a report.
    This must mean that the Report Server has access to the runtime parameters.
    But how?
    Nils Peter

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    Read through the link here >>>
    It should solve your problem.

  • How to get the \filter directory from registry (or other) during installation of the plugin

    I made a script to install the plugin because it needs some libraries to be installed as well, but during the installation, the filter directory isn't defined (it isn't the same for each platform or language)
    for example my filter folder is :
    E:\Program_Files\Photoshop CS2\Modules externes\Filtres
    how do i get this filter directory from registry (or with another way)
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    sorry i made a little mistake (didn't poste the updated version of my code)
    here is the right code:
      maxnb8bf : Integer;
      maxDirectory:        String;
      nb8bf : Integer;
      PreviousDirectory:        String;
    procedure ProcessDirectory (RootDir: String; Progress: Boolean);
    NewRoot:        String;
    FilePath:        String;
    FindRec:        TFindRec;
    n1 : Integer;
    n2 : Integer;
    NewRoot := AddBackSlash (RootDir);
    if FindFirst (NewRoot + '*', FindRec) then
    if (FindRec.Name <> '.') AND (FindRec.Name <> '..') then
    FilePath := NewRoot + FindRec.Name;
    if FindRec.Attributes AND FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY > 0 then
    ProcessDirectory (FilePath, Progress)
            if (NewRoot <> PreviousDirectory) THEN
               if (maxnb8bf < nb8bf) THEN
                   maxnb8bf := nb8bf;
                   maxDirectory := PreviousDirectory;
               nb8bf := 0;
            n1 := Pos('.8bf', FilePath);
            n2 := Pos('.8BF', FilePath);
            if ((n1 > 0) or (n2 > 0)) THEN
               nb8bf := nb8bf + 1;
            PreviousDirectory := NewRoot;
    until NOT FindNext (FindRec);
    function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;
      V: string;
      if RegQueryStringValue(HKLM, 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Photoshop.exe', 'Path', V) then
        MsgBox('Value is "' + V + '"', mbInformation, MB_OK);
      Result := TRUE;
       maxDirectory := '';
       nb8bf := 0;
       PreviousDirectory := '';
       maxnb8bf := 0;
       ProcessDirectory (V, true);
       //if (maxDirectory <> '') THEN
       // begin;
       //      MsgBox('Value is "' + maxDirectory + '"', mbInformation, MB_OK);
       // end;
    function NewTargetDir(Param: String): String;
      Result := maxDirectory;

  • How to get the RFC destination from logical system

    Dear all  ,
      i am working on one system and want to fetch data from another R3 sys
      i have written call ' FM' dest 'HPCR3' where HPCR3 is hardcoded.
      now if i want to remove the hardcoding i need to find out the RFC dest ( HPCR3)
      form logical sys(HPCPPT100) .
      i have used FM LOG_SYSTEM_GET_RFC_DESTINATION but not working
      kindly help

    goto SM59 -> click on create rfc -> define rfc of receiver -> save -> give target host n system no -> give user id n password -> clicko n test connection -> if yes [u ll get info of remote connection ] -> remote login -> u can get intial screen of remote system.
    if helpful reward some points.
    with regards,
    Suresh Aluri.

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    I have one requirement in my application.we are sending XML messages to the JMS Queue.How to get the XML messages from JMS Queue and how to Extract the details from XMl.
    can you please send me the code to get the XML messages from the JMS Queue.
    Thank you,

    Sure others will have some other ideas, but here's what I typically do to get the XML from a JMS queue. Inside the Global Automatic that pops the messages off the queue you'd have logic similar to this:
    artifactInfoNodes as Any[]
    xmlObject as Fuego.Xml.XMLObject = XMLObject()
    load xmlObject using xmlText = message.textValue
    . . . Once you have this, it's a matter of deciding what you want to do with the message. Most times you'll parse the XML (using XPATH statemens), set argument variables and create a work item instance.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to get the return values from a web page

    Hi all :
       how to get the return values from a web page ?  I mean how pass values betwen webflow and web page ?
    thank you very much
    Edited by: jingying Sony on Apr 15, 2010 6:15 AM
    Edited by: jingying Sony on Apr 15, 2010 6:18 AM

    What kind of web page do you have? Do you have possibility to for example make RFCs? Then you could trigger events (with parameters that could "return" the values) and the workflow could react to those events. For example your task can have terminating events.

  • How to get the current week from sysdate?

    Hi sir,
    i want to know how to get the current week from sysdate?

    Hi Nicolas
    It seems you like to check my post and also make commend ;) thanks for your attention
    Have you ever read the posts above and given solutions ?Yes, I did
    Have you read the docs ? Yes, I checked
    What's the added value here ?Did youYou shared doc with solution(long one), I shared short one which point same solution(Check what Joel posted)..So what is benefit, As you can guess oracle docs are sometimes become so complicated as specialy for beginner...(At least it was like that for me and Belive me somedocs are still sooo complicated even for oracle coworkers ) But for you I dont know ;)
    => Why writting the PS in bold ?Why.. Let me think... Ohh Maybe I am looking some questions(many) and even user get answer they should not changed status so I am reading some posts and try to get problem and loosing time..
    So I am putting that PS wiht BOLD because I dont wanna lose time my friend ;) Because While I am trying to help ppl here In same time I am trying to giving support to my customer prod systems. Which mean time is very important for me...
    Hope my answer could satisfy you..
    One important PS for you.. You may not like my posts (or someone) but my friend I become tired to read&answer and make commend to on your comment which is about my posts.
    I am not newbie in forum(At least I fell like that) and I belive I know how I should make post..
    Thank you

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    Dear all,
    Please tell me how to get the date starting from 1 based on the system date
    and it should come with respect of time also.
    suppose today is 6 Dec, 2006
    so ABAP report should find the 1 dec. 2006.
    Please help me as soon as possible.

    concatenate sy-datum0(2) '01' sy-datum4(4) into v_firstdate.
    or yo ucan use the fm:
        call function 'HR_JP_MONTH_BEGIN_END_DATE'
                  iv_date             = sy-datum
                  ev_month_begin_date = gv_begda
                  ev_month_end_date   = gv_endda.
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            Ravi Kanth Talagana

  • How to get the extension Info from firefox? Do we have any firefox API to communicate with the browser? I couldnt see the HTML of the widget displayed in the toolbar how to access the widget using JS or any way

    How to get the extension Info from firefox? Do we have any firefox API to communicate with the browser? I couldnt see the HTML of the widget displayed in the toolbar how to access the widget using JS or any way

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've been playing around with some of the classes of the package and
    Using the URL class i can get the content of the data from a STATIC page and output that response to file so that is does not display to the client broswer.
    But this only works if the URL i give points to a static html page.
    So the problem i'm getting is if i'm righting in arguments in the URL, this means that server needs to process the arguments i give and its sends back a dynamic result. Because its dynamic the URL class can not handle this and throws me an exception everytime :(
    Have u ever tried to do some things like this?

  • How to get the Database type from weblogic Db connection

    I want to use database version control in my application . that means different database type use different Sql Statement. Such as in weblogic7.0 if I create SqlServer JDBC pool then I will use some special Sqlserver sql Statement . such as some join statement. If I create Oralce JDBC pool then I have to use different Sql statement . because these two database support different Sql statement.
    What my question is how to get the database type from the connection.

    For a normal jdbc driver you can use
    To get the meta data, in particular the getDatabase...() methods.
    That might or might not work.
    However, at the very least in the server you have access to the weblogic properties so you can parse the pool property to figure it out.

  • How to find the extra spaces from personal computer?

    I cannot update Adobe new items since the box window told me that there were no spaces from my computer. Who can teach me how to find the extra spaces from my computer? Besides, there are 1/3 spaces for IOS, 1/3 spaces for virtual computer and 1/3 spaces for Adobe in my computer. No any photos and movies  in my computer now.

    I do not understand the question... what do you mean by spaces?
    What size is your hard drive, and what does your system tell you about unused hard drive space?

  • Re: Oggetto: Re: Knowing the free space on a drive

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Luca Gioppo <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
    Date: Friday, March 19, 1999 9:13 AM
    Subject: Oggetto: Re: Knowing the free space on a drive
    Obviously the solut

    I thanks people that gave their suggestion, but unfortunately these are not
    what I was looking for.
    The runcommand does not redirect output to a textdata but accept the name
    of an output file in a textdata, and in win95 it doesn't exists a grep
    The thing that bother me is that if I use the environment console, open the
    machine agent and look up the instruments i find the volumes into it,
    afterwards having done this operation I manage to find the volume agents
    form the machine one even from tool program.
    It is clear that the e-console issues some commands during the instrument
    menu of the machine that I miss, but perhaps are available from tool.
    Does someone from Forte knows how to reproduce the same commands of
    instrument menu in tool (I was told that e-console was written using forte
    Luca Gioppo
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  • How to get the number of decimal places configured for a site column

    I have a column 'SampleNumCol' of type Number, the number of decimal places to be displayed is configured as 2.
    The column conatins a value, but when retrieved programatically is displayed as 5.00000000  instead of 5.00.
    I am retrieving this column using listitem.Properties[field.InternalName].
    I need to trim the decimals based on  number of decimal places configured for the site column.
    How to get the number of decimal places configured for a site column?
    Thanks in advance,

    Get the field as SPFieldNumber and then check DisplayFormat which returns
    SPFieldNumber numberField = list.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName("YourNumberFieldName") as SPFieldNumber;
    SPNumberFormatTypes numFormatType = numberField.DisplayFormat;

  • I participated in getting the free download of Mountain Lion for new Mac owners. It took me three days to finally get a code to do it and when I tried downloading it, the estimated time was 74 days 17 hours. Now an error occurred. What do I do?

    I participated in getting the free download of Mountain Lion for new Mac owners. It took me three days to finally get a code to do it and when I tried downloading it, the estimated time was 74 days 17 hours. Now an error occurred. What do I do? I am very frustrated and just want the great software to download in a resonalbe time!

    Take your Mac to a location with a fast, relaible Internet connection that will be all yours during the duration of the download.
    If you want to complain, PLEASE call Apple and do so.
    Internet only downloads of OS X is completely stupid, it assumes everyone has reliable Internet everywhere and /or no data caps.

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    Hello, I am using above mentioned FM to create a sales order, i have to make status completed (INDL)for item during the creation,is there any field to do this purpose. Would appreciate if anyone let me know answer. Regards, Suresh