How to get the keys for a field in the dropdown list?

The dropdown list of payment terms on an account is unfortunately very big, containing al lot of different values, in our system and therefore very confusing for the user working with Web UI version 5.2 to pick the right one. The keys (code like e.i Z077 or ZO23) are not stated in the list available for user. Is there any way in the system to flag if the different fields should show boths the keys(codes) and the description of the values in the field as Payment terms, etc.
In the ERP SAP Gui it is possible to activate if you want the keys should be shown in all drop down list.
If this is not possible for all the fields at one time, what can be a solution to have the keys in the drop down lists, any suggestion will be very valuable for us.
Kindly regards

HI Joost
No it is not that simple, that is not a solution for us. The fields are maintained i our backend system and replicated to CRM, and these fields descriptions are also printed at Order confirmations and invoices, and we do not want the keys that do not give any meaning  to be visible to customers.

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  • How to get change log for z-fields in VBAk(Sales order)

    Hi All,
    Please help me in this.
    My requirement is get the change log for z-fields in sales order.
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    In this we have z-fields, if we change any of the field value, it is accepting the same and updating in data base as well.
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    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jaya,
    For this you need to do some coding. Here is a link which tells you, step by step procedure how to activate Change log for the Z tables.
    THe Object that you need to use for Sales Document   is VERKBELEG
    Hope this helps..
    This is Primarily a Technical Consultant Job. Take his help before you make any changes.

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    Hi Tomas,
    which iView templates are offerd within the iView creation wizard is determined by SystemAdmin -- Permissions -- Portal Permissions -- Applications.
    Normally, you will have to have SuperAdminRole to see/change these settings.
    Hope it helps
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    Hi all,
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    Refer Below Blog Step By Step For fill data in dropdownlist Getting Data From SAP BI Systems.
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    Go Through Above Links
    Points Are Welcome
    SubbaRao Chinta

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    Icebreaker wrote:
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    ask your network administrator. He may have one.
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    1. How to get the available subnet list.(we might use two or more ethernet also. how to get that list).ask your network administrator.
    2. How to get the ip address of the conneted systems via that subnets?ask your network administrator.
    There's no automated way to do that that's failsafe and won't get people extremely angry at you for flooding the network with traffic.

  • How to get the material list displayed in CU50 transaction into ABAP report

    How to get the 'KMAT" type material list displayed in CU50 transaction into ABAP report?
    I am getting the entire BOM when i am using the FM CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2 in to the table in the report.
    But I want only the material list displayed in CU50.

    Could you please tell us how you found a solution to your problem?
    Thanks & regards

  • How to get master key for strong composition detail

    Hi all,
    My Offline Database Diagram that I have drawn with JDeveloper uses the cascading delete option in foreign keys. When the master will be deleted, its details should be deleted as well. This has resulted in strong composition relationships between master and details.
    These relationships are covered by ADF BC Entity Associations and View Links.
    But what strikes me is that both AppModule tester and the JHeadstart first-cut application are not able to insert a new detail? They respond with:
    JBO-25030: Failed to find or invalidate owning entity
    I found an article of Steve Muench discussing this topic with a bare BC4J Java sample. How do I get this in my master/details Entity Impl's context? How can I get the key of the selected master in the create() method of the detail (Steve Muench selects the first row in the table)?
    I can't get rid of the strong association relationship in the Entity Association. It is automatically switched on when I switched it off.
    Anyone to help?
    thanks in advance,
    Martijn Peters

    Hi Markus,
    Thanks for your reply. Your hints describe how to manually set up a master-detail relationship at the View Objects level.
    Does this also work for master-detail entity objects that have a strong composition through CASCADE DELETE on the foreign keys in the database?
    What surprises me is that the BC4J wizard uses different approaches for creating a master with details with or without CASCADE DELETE.
    I would not expect different behavior for the create() operation in BC4J. I would only expect different behavior for remove() operations.
    Moreover it is strange that the generated View Objects can not be altered and that we depend on a workaround you described.
    Is their no risk for BC4J corruption when the master is deleted with the BC4J tester and that the database CASCADE deletes the details?
    JDeveloper 10.1.2 provides a pretty tool for designing and maintaining a database schema though an Offline Database Diagram.
    It shows the CASCADE DELETE option on foreign keys as a strong composition in an object oriented fashion.
    The ADF BC wizard is very powerful in making an object oriented abstraction of the database schema.
    However it seems to me that ADF BC does not seamlessly fit regarding compositions.
    Switching on CASCADE DELETE in the database causes master-details pages in JHeadstart to disfunction.
    Need this be improved in BC4J or am I wrong in the implied concepts?
    What Java code can I add in the create() methods of my Entity Object subclasses to get the same behavior of regular master-detail objects creation?
    Martijn Peters

  • How to get an count for a fields in fields

    Hai All
    I have created a table and the table contains three fields code,date,time and now i need to count that how many times the time come for a day
    for example in this table is calculated for daily attendance
    Code Date Time
    001 01-02-10 0815
    001 01-02-10 1115
    001 01-02-10 1145
    001 01-02-10 1645
    002 01-02-10 0815
    002 01-02-10 1200
    002 01-02-10 1230
    002 01-02-10 1715
    003 01-02-10 0815
    003 01-02-10 1655
    here the example table is there so now i need to count that no times the time count is there for a day
    for eg code 001 has 4, and 002 has 4 and 003 has 2
    I have tried
    select count(*) as ct,barcode from temp_attendance
    group by barcode
    order by barcode
    Like this and works fine with only barcode field and while we give other fields in group by function and it calculate for each time.
    while i using this in cursor i need to all the variable displayed and i need the count the count that code has
    no of time.
    Thanks & Regards

    Nikhil seems to be correct
      ( SELECT '001' barcode, '01-02-10' bar_date, '0815' Systime FROM dual
       SELECT '001' barcode, '01-02-10' bar_date, '1145' Systime FROM dual
       SELECT '002' barcode, '01-02-10' bar_date, '0815' Systime FROM dual
    SELECT barcode,systime,
      COUNT(*) over  (partition  by barcode,bar_date order  by  barcode)
      from  t;Thanks and regards
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  • How to get the host list in the wifi on mobile devices?

    My AIR app need work on both Android and iOS.
    ServerSocket and DatagramSocket are neither supported on mobile device. So how can I get the IP of other hosts in my wifi?
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    Thank you Saumitra Bhave. I download some samples and read some articles for how to use native functions.
    But many things are sitll not clear to me, so I failed. Let me describe my flow:
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    2. create some functions to call the .jar with flash.external.ExtensionContext.
    3. create a extension.xml to describe the path.
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    then I can use this .ane file in any my AS project, right?
    BTW, I'm using Flash Profassional, no Flash Builder 4.6.

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    When I Click on some of the bookmark folders I do get a dropdown list of sites but not always all of the sites that were bookmarked. If I copy a nonresponding folder, the new copy can be accessed but apparently does not contain all of the sites. If I rightclick on a nonresponding folder and use 'open all tabs' Firefox will tell me the number of sites in the folder and ask if I really want to open so many.

    Sounds like a corrupted places.sqlite file.

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    I have got instance for ABAP on HANA development system.
    But while creating new program it is asking me for Access key, since I do not have user id pwd for service market place I couldnt able to create the access key.
    Can any one suggest the way to create ACCESS KEY??

    Dear Ram,
    it seems that you need to follow the chapter 6.1 in the documentation...:
    Kind regards, Stephan

  • How to Get the required List Item values by using Where Clause

    I have two tables named "TAX_RULES","BILL"
    1. " Tax_Rules" (Sub_Head_Code,Tax_ID,Tax_Percentage)
    { While "Sub_Head_Code" field is unique,
    Tax_ID describes that there are two kinds of Tax_IDs based on Tax_percentage which is 6% for some Sub_Head_Codes and 3.5% for the remainng Sub_Head_Codes. I have given Tax_ID 1 for 6% and Tax_ID 2 for Sub_Head_codes having 3.5%. }
    2. "BILL" (Bill_ID,Sub_Head_Code,Tax_ID,Bill_Amount)
    {While "Bill_ID" describes unique Bill Identification Number,
    Sub_Head_Code and Tax_ID are behaving like composite foreign key from Tax_Rules table}
    I have design form for both tables.
    In BILL form i am trying to get values of Tax_ID from Tax_Rules table at run-time by using WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE.
    For this whenever i select a Sub_Head_Code in Bill Form, all the Tax_IDs that i have recorded against each Sub_Head_Code which is either 1 or 2 against 6% and 3.5% respectively.
    But I want that whenever i select a "Sub_Head_Code", Only that Tax_ID which is associated with that Sub_Head_Code ahould come in the LIST ITEM.
    I have used WHERE clause but that is useless.
    Following is the Code that i have applied in the WHE-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE Trigger at FORM LEVEL
         rg_n1 VARCHAR2(40) :='TAX_ID';
         rg_idn1 RecordGroup;
         gc_idn1 GroupColumn;
         errcode NUMBER;
         rg_idn1 := Find_Group(rg_n1);
    IF      Id_Null(rg_idn1) then
              rg_idn1 := Create_Group(rg_n1);
         gc_idn1 := Add_Group_Column(rg_idn1,'EXPLAIN',CHAR_COLUMN,60);     
              gc_idn1 := Add_Group_Column(rg_idn1,'TAX_ID',CHAR_COLUMN,3);
         END IF;
         errcode := Populate_Group_With_Query(rg_idn1,'select TAX_ID,TAX_ID from TAX_RULES');

    In the Tax Rules table, you state:
    "Sub_Head_Code" field is unique
    In the Bill table, you state:
    Sub_Head_Code and Tax_ID are behaving like composite foreign key from Tax_Rules table
    If the Sub_Head_Code is unique, then it's acting as a primary key, so Sub_Head_Code and Tax_ID in the Bill table are not behaving like a composite foreign key. The Sub_Head_Code is a foreign key, and the Tax_ID is irrelevant as far as keys are concerned.
    It is not clear what it is you want to do.
    If you want to display the Tax_IDs from the Bill table when you select a Sub_Head_Code from the Tax_Rules table, then change your query to:
    select TAX_ID, TAX_ID from BILL where Sub_Head_Code = :Tax_Rules.Sub_Head_Code
    If you want to display the Tax_IDs from the Tax_Rules table when you select a Sub_Head_Code from the Bill table, then change your query to:
    select TAX_ID, TAX_ID from TAX_RULES where Sub_Head_Code = :Bill.Sub_Head_Code
    If this is not what you want, then clarify what it is you want to do. Don't say:
    "I want that whenever i select a "Sub_Head_Code", Only that Tax_ID which is associated with that Sub_Head_Code"
    because it is not clear what tables you are referring to.

  • How to get the user list under role

    Hi Gurus,
    in mdm console, if you select a role, you will see the users who are assigned to this role.
    how can I get this user list through java api.
    Ouser server is  MDM7.1SP5
    Best regards,

    Hello John
    you cann't get users list.
    you can get user roles information since SAP MDM 7.1 SP3: GetUserRoles Command
    A command to retrieve the array of roles for the specified user
    more about api  you can read here(What's New in MDM Java and .NET API - part):
    Kanstantsin Chernichenka
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  • How to get the sorted Groups in Adminstration Portal

    after adding a Child Group to the parent Group the Child Groups are not sorted.So
    how to get the sorted list when any child group is added to a parent group.In
    which class we have to make the changes to get the sorted group.

    Hi  Manorama,
    1) If you have already created a portal system as mentioned in following blog
    2) If not, then try to create the same. Do not forgot to give the Alias name .
    3) After creating a system, log on to the VC, Create one iView.
    4) Now Click on "Find Data" button from the list which you can view in right side to Visual composer screen.
    5) After clicking on "Find Data" button, it will ask for System. If you have created your system correctly and Alias name is given properly, then your mentioned Alias name is appeared in that list.
    6) Select your system Alias name and perform search.
    7) It will display all the BAPIs and RFCs in your systems.
    8) Select required BAPI and develop the VC application.
    Please let me know if you any further problems.
    Do reward points for useful answers.

  • Get the file list of a given directory

    does anyone know how to get the file list of a given directory? I tried "list"/"filelist" but the class not found.

    What made you assume that there exist classes called list or filelist etc.
    Do you read API documentation etc ?
    Anyways, here is a hint

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    Hi there I downloaded two albums on an iPhone 4S using iTunes. When syncing with iTunes on my Macbook Pro, I find that the files on the iPhone are now listed as "stream" for their size. What is going on? How do I make these local files? Thanks.