How to get the sent date in Adapter Module

How to get Sent Date in Adapter Module. I have used message.getSentTime(). But i am getting in 1179051733406 format is there any way to change this format.
Is there any other way to get the date when file sending.?
Is it possible to get Soap Header data Run Time xml file elements (<SAP:Date>) in SXMB_MONI into my Adapter Module.
Please Help Me
Best Regards
Ravi Shankar B

Is it possible to get Soap Header data Run Time xml file elements (<SAP:Date>) in SXMB_MONI into my Adapter Module.?
Hi ravi, if you enable Adapter specific Message Attributes in your Adapter CC,(Source File TimeStamp), you can access the same in your ADapter code as a dynamic configuration

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    With the use of set table for 1st display i got the  ALV report   but not with actual data, (some junk value is showing) , So can any 1 suggest me how to get  the  actual data in ALV report, With the use of  Any Function Module or with Coding,
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    Hi Saravana
    I am sure you must be getting the values in tables of table parameters from every FM.
    consolidate the values from tables of all FMs in one table and built ALV for that table only.
    I hope this way you can show the actual data in ALV.

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    1. Create a  New Formula in Key Figures structure
    2. Give tech name and description and Select "New variable" option
    3. Next screen will launch Variable Wizard -> create a new variable with replacement path as processing type
    4. in next screene  select the date characteristic that represents the first date to use in the calculation (From Date)
    5. In the next  screen select Key in the Replace Variable with field. Leave all the other options as they are
    6. In the next Currencies and Units screen select Date as the Dimension ID.
    6. Save variable
    repeate the Above steps to create another variable (To Date)
    and now you can use these two new replacement path variables in your new formula.

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    Here is how we did it, hope it helps
    <defvar name='locCalendar'>
    <new class='java.util.GregorianCalendar'/>
    <defvar name='dateFormat'>
    <new class='java.text.SimpleDateFormat'>
    <defvar name='formatedDate'>
         <invoke name='getTime'>
    <invoke name='format'>

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    Than u for the reply. But i am getting one error.
    as u said, I tried to do so.........
    but, i am getting one error.
    Calendar cald=(Calendar.getInstance.getTime());
    error message
    validate$ Attempt to reference method getInstance in class java.util.Calendar as an instance variable.
    Calendar cald=(Calendar.getInstance.getTime());
    1 error
         at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.compile(
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    Please Refer this link.
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    Enter your serial number here:
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    I am trying to write a plug-in that will crop and scale the image, edit the selection in the image document based on image data. For this purpose I need the pixel data of the image. How to get the image data as different pixels and what is the data structure used to store this data?
    Assumption: No layers i.e., only background
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Ilya,
    Thank you for your post. In the plugin architecture you propose (automation + filter), do you have an idea about how to share the pixel data between the two plugins? I have found a post that gives details about how to get pixel data and show it using ADM components
    Matthew Hollingworth, "ADM Color Managed Preview?" #1, 22 Oct 2007 11:53 pm but it supposes that you have a filter plug-in.
    Again, does anyone knows how to preview the current image in a AUTOMATION plug in? This seems impossible.
    Thank you all for your help

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    Hi Michel,
    how to get the creation date of an event/meeting?When you use the calendar sdk to fetch a meeting there is an Icalendar( property called CREATED with the creation time in UTC.
    For example:
    - the booking cannot be accepted if the meeting start
    date is less than 2 hours ahead
    at 3:00 PM I can book the conference room for a
    meeting starting at 5:05PM
    but not for a meeting starting at 4:55PM
    You would want to implement these rules with with the sdk? That would implie that users connecting to the calendar server with any other client than the calendar sdk could still book these resources whenever they want.
    Or you would want to go an validate all the meetings once they are already created?

  • The dates my photos were taken are now incorrect.  Any suggestions on how to get the correct dates back?

    The dates my photos were taken are not incorrect.  Any suggestions on how to get the correct dates back?

    Thank you Winston.  This works and I can adjust several photos at the same time.

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    I have a problem in BPS.   I am selecting the data from cube based on Month org details but I want to see the latest data.   How can i get this data into planning cube.
    Tran           cal month            org               amt
    1                 jan                        a                  100
    1                 feb                        a                   200
    if i want to read based on Tran org as input values I shoud get the below data but I am getting the previous data.   
    Tran           cal month            org               amt
    1                 feb                        a                   200
    Kindly help me in this regard

        Are yo having issue when you save something in the layout, the data doesn't appear in the listcube ? Or do you have issue that the latest data you see in the cube doesn't appear in the layout ?
    For the former issue, please look at your selections of listcube and for the second issue, please check your planning level definition, make sure all the restrictions you have applied are valid for this latest data to be presented in the layout.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to get the complete data from Webdynpro using a RFC

    hi guys,
    A form is created in the webdynpro, when that pdf form is called the user have to provide the key field ie the employee number in the form and then when he press the 'go' button a rfc is called and it gives all the details of the employee in the form. Then the user have to input some fields in the form and he have press the submit button. My problem is here, when the user is going to press the submit button that form will be converted to a stream (binary) of data and it is sent to one of the import parameter used in the RFC.
    I have created a RFC and created a import parameter of data type XSTRING, since i want to see what exactly R3 is receiving from web dynpro i am writing this contant in the sever as a text file. When i saw that text file i cant see the complete data.
    And when i searched in R3 the capacity of xstring is 1024 CHAR, so i dont know how to capture the entire data from webdynpro into my R3.
    I give the code what i worte please tell me am i missing anything in my code, or is there any data type which can hold more than 500kb of data which is coming from webdynpro.
    ""Local Interface:
    *"  TABLES
    Data Declaration
      DATA: gd_cnt TYPE i,
          gd_sent_all(1) TYPE c,
          gd_error TYPE sy-subrc,
          tab_lines LIKE sy-tabix.
    Structure Declaration
      DATA : BEGIN OF it_file OCCURS 0,
             END OF it_file.
      DATA : BEGIN OF i_split OCCURS 0,
      END OF i_split.
    Internal Table Declaration
      data : it_receivers like table of SOMLRECI1 with header line."occurs 0.
      DATA : it_packing_list LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
      data : wa_receiver like table of SOMLRECI1 with header line.
      data : it_receiver like table of SOMLRECI1 with header line.
      data : v_bin_data like SOLISTI1 occurs 0 with header line.
      DATA : gd_doc_data LIKE sodocchgi1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    *data bin_data1 like table of solix with header line.
      REFRESH : objbin, it_packing_list, it_receivers, wa_receiver.
      CLEAR   : objbin, it_packing_list, wa_receiver, it_receivers.
      gd_doc_data-doc_size = ( tab_lines - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( it_message ).
      gd_doc_data-obj_langu = sy-langu.
      gd_doc_data-obj_name = 'SENDFILE'.
      gd_doc_data-obj_descr = v_subject.
      gd_doc_data-sensitivty = 'O'.
    Appending The Internal Table it_packing_list
      it_packing_list-head_start = 1.
      it_packing_list-head_num = 0.
      it_packing_list-body_start = 1.
      it_packing_list-doc_type = 'RAW'.
      it_packing_list-body_num = tab_lines.
      APPEND it_packing_list.
    *filename = V_FILE_PATH
    *filetype = 'BIN'
    *data_tab = BIN_DATA.
      move bin_data to v_bin_data.
      append v_bin_data.
    *move soli to bin_data.
      LOOP AT V_BIN_DATA into objbin.
    MOVE v_bin_data TO objbin-line.
        APPEND objbin.
      CLEAR it_packing_list.
      DESCRIBE TABLE objbin LINES tab_lines.
      it_packing_list-transf_bin = 'X'.
      it_packing_list-head_start = 1.
      it_packing_list-head_num = 1.
      it_packing_list-body_start = 1.
      it_packing_list-doc_type = 'PDF'.
      it_packing_list-body_num = tab_lines.
      it_packing_list-doc_size = tab_lines * 255.
      APPEND it_packing_list.
    data file(255) value '/tmp/bali.txt'.
    *Appending The Internal Table it_receivers
    close dataset '/tmp/bali.txt'.
    open dataset '/tmp/bali.txt' for output in text mode encoding default.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    loop at objbin.
    transfer objbin to '/tmp/bali.txt'.
    write 'hi'.
    close dataset '/tmp/bali.txt'.
      it_receiver-receiver = '[email protected]'.
      it_receiver-rec_type = 'U'.
      it_receiver-com_type = 'INT'.
    APPEND wa_receiver.
    move wa_receiver[] to it_receiver[].
      append it_receiver.
    *Move wa_receiver[] to it_receivers[].
    Clear it_receivers.
    if i_OUT_PLACE_LEVEL NE 0.
    loop at it_receivers into wa_receiver.
       loop at it_receivers into wa_receiver.
    **Function Module To Post The Message To Externa Mail
             document_data              = gd_doc_data
             put_in_outbox              = 'X'
             commit_work                = 'X'
             packing_list               = it_packing_list
             CONTENTS_TXT               = objbin
             receivers                  = it_receivers
             too_many_receivers         = 1
             document_not_sent          = 2
             document_type_not_exist    = 3
             operation_no_authorization = 4
             parameter_error            = 5
             x_error                    = 6
             enqueue_error              = 7
             OTHERS                     = 8.
         clear wa_receiver.

    You have to convert your long string to a table of shorter strings.
    There may be other ways, but one possibility is to use a loop to process you string.
    while (there is something left)
       put the next e.g. 1024 characters in a new row of your table
    If you need to reconstruct your string from the table, don't use simple concatenation since it will remove blanks at the end of lines. Believe me (from experience) sooner or later this will happen.
    Instead you need to either set the subsections of your long string, or insert from the end of your table and keep shifting the contents (probably less efficient) right

  • How to get the Delivery date in PO line Item in SAPScript

    Hi Gurus,
    I am working on PO Script (MEDRUCK). I copied the Standard to a Z form. ZMM_MEDRUCK, Now I need to print the the Header text at the end of MAIN window.  I put Iem number along with the other line Item informmation like stanadrd PO Script MEDRUCK. I also want to show the delivey date with line Item, so Itried to use EKET-EINDT but it is returning the delivery date of last line item, means while printing the first line and other information it is showing the delivery date of the last line item, I tried with the  PEKPO-EINDT it is also not working.
    Can any body suggest me how i can get the delivery date for the respective line Item  ?

    actually your are picking up the correct data from Table EKET (EKET-EINDT) but your are printing that in item data loop for EKET might have already executed in your script and the header of that internal table consist the last entry of the table so for that. Fetch the delivery date explicite from the Table EKET when your in item level processing and print that.
    For Example u can use this code.
    To print you have write the this code in Script item level printing window "MAIN" window
    Following perform is called to get the line item delivery date in PO
    {* Dellivery date &DEL_DATE& }
    write the below code in the Z program "ZPerform_prog"
    { FORM get_del_date  TABLES in_par STRUCTURE itcsy
                             out_par STRUCTURE itcsy.
      CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
      $_po_no = in_par-value.
      CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
      $_po_line = in_par-value.
      SELECT *
      FROM eket UP TO 1 ROWS WHERE ebeln EQ $_po_no AND ebelp EQ $_po_line.
        $_del_date = eket-eindt.
            date_internal            = eket-eindt
            date_external            = $_del_date
            date_internal_is_invalid = 1
            OTHERS                   = 2.
        READ TABLE out_par WITH KEY 'DEL_DATE'.
        CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
        out_par-value = $_del_date.
        MODIFY out_par
                    INDEX sy-tabix.
        CLEAR : $_po_no , $_po_line ,$_del_date.
    ENDFORM.                    "GET_DEL_DATE }

  • How to get the Current Date in webdynpro java

    Hi Experts,
                 In my project i have two date input fields called
                        1)Start Date
                      2)End Date   
    and one Absence type input field is there. The user wants to set the start Date ,End date and absence type.
    How to get the user set values in my project.i.e how to get the user inputs and the started date must be current date of the system and end date must be after the 3 months.
    Can any body send code regarding this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Venkat5939 on Jan 11, 2011 4:46 PM

    Hello Venkat,
    Current Date:
    Date date = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis());
    For getting the date after three months refer the following threads:
    Set date in a date field
    Date Function
    date format
    Hope it helps.
    Nizamudeen SM

  • How to get the current date and compare dates

    does anyone know how you would get the current date?
    furthermore, how to compare the current date with a past date to see how many days or months have past since then?

    have a look at the Date class. new Date() creates an object containing the exact date and time at creation time. (Date).getTime() might be useful for comparing two dates. GregorianCalendar might be useful, too.

Maybe you are looking for

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